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Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode Pack it up, pack it in. | July 14, 2012

Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 2.

Pack it up, pack it in, let us begin…

Open to random school kid – Issac who was attacked in episode one, at home with Dad around family dinner table.  Given that we are barely introduced to Isacc in first episode, this is not the most stimulating of opening scenes.  But the purpose of it soon becomes clear.

Dad is an abusive asshole and Issac is hopeless.  Until a bit of glasses is thrown in his face just under his eye socket.  His father says “it’s your own fault you know.” And it’s after this that we see Issac’s wound miracously heal right before our eyes.

Issac freaks out and runs away with dad following close behind. Jackson is Issac’s neighbour and succinctly sums up my feeling on this when he says “freaks”.

Enter a dark alley to find Issac’s bike abandoned in the middle of it.  Dad calls out Issac’s name a few times.  After a while we see a shape. Presumably a transformed Issac, comes charging straight at his dad. Or is it?

A-hole dad runs for his car and locks himself in, but what’s a car to a supernatural who can rip the door of it’s hinges? Nothing that’s what.   The door flys off the car and bastard dad is then gruesomely killed. Excellent, he had it coming.

Open to sexy credits.

Cut back to Scott and Allison, they  are leaving coded messages on her car window by writing on the window and blowing on it to reveal what is written.  They continue to date in secret working on the “are you sure you weren’t followed principle” as a sure fire way that this romance isn’t doomed from the start. Teens, they are so smart.

Cut to the highschool principal leaving the school very late at night (when everything happens) and we see him bundled into a car to face Allison’s red headed mother and brunette hunting father with goons.  She insists in a direct way of torture, with some sort of electic shocking device that he step down from his job. The Principle’s scream means he concurs.

Next day – Stiles whilst relegated to absoultety being a nobody in first episode is back to being the sidekick in this episode delivering some of the best lines of  humour.  When asked what the problem with Scott is – when he is extreme tackling team mates in lacrosse practice, Stiles answer their coach with “He’s (Scott) failing two grades, he’s socially awkward and if you look at his jaw closely it’s kind of uneven”.

Thank you Stiles for providing me with laughs and something worth watching in this TV show.  What Scott is actually trying to do is scent out the new werewolf he can smell who we all know is Issac. Two werewolf lacrosse players at the same highschool. Awkward.

Lydia returns to school and steps through the school door to find the entire student body has stopped moving and is staring at her.  I mean, everyone. Only in the movies, does this bullshit of an entire student body do this.  The fakeness of the scene and the drawn out wide out looks from Lydia, trying to regain her sense of self are just way over done and takes longer than necessary for viewers to get the point to the scene.

Werewolf politics start entering into the episode when Issac the newly turned werewolf is hauled off to the police station after being informed of the death of his father.  Scott and Derek have a little chat with Derek stating what I’ve been saying all along about his doomed romance.  “You’re going to loose her anyway.”  Scott states “I’m not part of your pack. But I want him (Issac) out.”  Yeah that’ll work, making a demand on an Alpha werewolf. Good luck with that Scott.

During the school day Scott and Stiles deliberately get themselves sent to the principles office to check up on Issac.  This is when shock we find out that Colonel Tai, Allison’s militant werewolf hating grand dad is now the principal of the school. And he’s aware of who Scott is. Oh no.

As the evening approaches, Jackson hires a video camera of newly introduced freakazoid camera student who secretly seems to have a thing for Allison.  What is with this chick? Is she dipped in honey? It’s not like it’s an all boys school.  Jackson sets up his video camera to point at his bed, as he waits the night of the full moon to see himself transform.

It’s night fall when Derek and Stiles go to the police office to rescue Issac before the hunters can kill him with Wolf’s Bane.   In the car as they plot how they will infiltrate the police station, you can see that the writers had a moment of wanting to play with the need to create homosexual jokes again between Derek and Stiles.  Since they delivered once so beautfilly in the first season.  But they fail to live up to the hype and it falls flat.

Stiles is found out by a fellow cop who has half an arrow, that Allison shot into his leg when trying to delay the cop from getting to the police station.  Yeah I know. There is just so much of this crap to get through.

When Stiles tries to rescue Issac and is dragged kicking and screaming towards the cells were Issac is being held.  But Issac’s cell door is open and he is wolfing out.  Issac attacks the cop but not long before Derek goes all Alpha on his ass.  Letting rip a howl that not only makes Issac cower in shame but totally un-wolfs him turning him back into issac again.

Where is Scott aka Teen Wolf when all this is going down? Why he’s at Issac’s house being locked into a deep freezer to stop him from wolfing out and rampaging on the night of the full moon.  As if.  Well he seems to think he needs the control.

Allison is locking him up with chains in the freezer.  Once he’s snugly locked in, Allison then wonders off into the house, only to be scared by some growling thing that has glowing eyes and likes to hide in the shadows.  Oh yay, a monster.

The mysterious growler makers her scream whilst picking up a kitchen knife “Come on then!”

Scott trapped in the freezer, upon hearing Allison’s screams goes into a frenzy and breaks out of it come and rescue her. So what was the point to be locked up and chained in again? and why did you think a freezer would hold you when you knew you could break it apart like kindling?

He runs into the kitchen and they look at the mysterious growler and we find some sort of reptilian looking ace on a furry body that scrambles up the wall and onto the roof.  I’d take a guess and say it’s Allison’s grand dad who’s the monster – because there is a brief scene, where we see that he takes some sort of medicine.  And what’s the point to that?

Regardless, I’ don’t really care because by the end of the episode I was left with a sense of how completely over done it was. It’s like the creators of the show were trying far too hard to introduce to many elements into the series.  It came across as how much can you pack in in an episode and what is the purpose of that again?


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