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Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 4 – Get to the point. | July 18, 2012

“It’s a long story” says the vet when Scott asks him about how he knows about werewolves.

Yeah well that’s alright because clearly the produces of this TV show think they’re going to have a long run with this show.

When the vet tells Scott to find the documentation the Argent’s his girlfriend’s hunting family have on everything they’ve ever found, I think we just found out how monster of the week this show is going to go.

“In fact, killing may be its only purpose.” Really? A bit like this show. Killing my appreciation of what was a nice first season.

Cut to Stiles at the garage where his car is being fixed and we find a young, buff mechanic about to be stalked by the reptilian monster. But not before we find out that the mechanic used to play Lacrosse on the same team, Stiles now does.  As Stiles leaves the room, he puts his hand on a sticky clear substance on the door handle only to find out it’s the reptile monster’s way of paralysing his victims.

Stiles falls to the ground and the reptile monster thing, crawls down from his car to attack the mechanic. The monster disables the hydraulics holding the car up and as the mechanic falls on his back to the ground, the car hydraulics cause it to come down and crush the mechanic to death.  Right about the time Stiles manages to place a call to 911.

“What is your emergency?”

My emergency is the baneness of sitting through this.


A scene of Derek letting his little beta wolf pack run a gauntlet in training.  He advises the beta’s to trying not being completely predictable as they keep getting smacked down. So Erica jumps him and starts kissing him madly.  Derek responds and then throws her down stating “That’s the last time you do that.”

Erica “Why?”

Derek “Because I’ve got someone else in mind for you.” That’s right sweetie, you’re being pimped out.  Welcome to your stupid decision to hook up with Derek Hale.

It turns out that Derek is not teaching the naive beta wolves skills to survive as he mysteriously intones, without saying it, that he might night be around much longer. Ohhhh. Seriously doubt that Derek, you’re too hot an annoying to die.

Next we move on to Lydia who doesn’t want to get out of bed, well haven’t we had one of those days?

Her mum rips the covers off her and we find her bed covers decorated in blood.  It appears Lydia, unknowingly has punched her fist into the mirror in her bedroom. Her knuckles and hand are all raw and bloody.

Her mum sends her off to the guidance counsellor at School who turns out to be Kendra from Buffy with very shiny, long hair and no Jamaican/Barbados accent. Boo. I loved the accent and I love Kendra!

More Scott and Stiles at school and stiles delivering the classic line “Because you know, you’re my best friend and a creature of the night.”

Praise be to Stiles. You keep me wanting more.

Stiles has been turned into a human messenger and he runs messages between our tragic romance duo Edward Scott and Bella Allison, back and forth until.  At one point paying homage to the great TV show The Wire by stating “You know, drug dealers have been successfully using burner phones for years.” In an effort to get her to use her cell phone to contact Scott instead of running Stiles into the ground.

Meanwhile Jackson is talking to his gay friend and insists for no apparent reason to us the viewer, that his friend watch the video tape he made of himself in his bedroom in the last episode.  This is the video tape that didn’t show him turning into a werewolf.

His friend replies “You want me, to watch a tape of you in your bedroom?”

Jackson “Yeah”

Friend “Remember all those times I told you weren’t my type.”  This gets Jackson upset. He wants to be a pretty boy.  He steps into his friends personal space and up close says “For your information, I am everybody’s type.”

Don’t worry Jackson, I’d do you badass self, even if the gay guy won’t.  Come to BG.

Turns out our Scooby doo trio – Stiles, Allison and Scott are trying to locate the mysterious book of beasts that they believe that, Allison’s intergalactic grandfather has.  A plan is put into motion. Allison will get the keys and distract her grand dad by taking him to a Lacrosse game.

Now we’re onto the Lacrosse game which is held, wow, how unusual, late a night on an almost pitch black field.  Jackson’s friend is there with the random photographer kid from their school who has the secret hots for Allison.

We discover that the tape of Jackson sleeping in his bed is missing two hours of footage because there is an editing loop on it.  Ohhh. Intriguing. WTF?

The opposition Lacrosse team have one player who is high tackling a lot of the guys on the Beacon Hills team and knocking them senselessly to the ground.

Jackson insists that Scott in all his teen wolf capacity go and take the guy out. To which our whipped Teen Wolf replies “I can’t, not in front of Allison’s grand dad.”

At which point I scream out “Pussy!”

Scott’s mum talks to the photograph kid and asks if he is the High school Yearbook photographer. He’s not.  He states he just takes pictures of “things that capture his eye” as he then scrolls through his stalker shots of Allison sitting in the stand at the Lacrosse game.

Allison gets the keys to her Grandfather’s office at the school and palms them off to Stiles, who as he is walking out to through the car park finds Lydia crying in her car.  He stops to ask her if she’s okay.

Lydia then says “Go away I don’t need for anyone to see me crying.”  Which then makes me wonder why the fuck is she in her car at the school car park with the interior car light on? Not that smart a girl after all.  And as it turns out – we don’t see her again for the remainder of the episode. So who fucking cares anyway?

Back on the Lacrosse field and the smack downs by “The Abomination” player continue.  The coach turns to the belchers and asks for anyone to step in and play as he is a player short.  Even though in our previous shot we saw two players sitting on the bench.  It’s just an excuse for the writers to bring back into play  our newly made beta werewolf Jacob.

Jacob gears up and goes onto the field and throws the abomination now extremely hard.  The crowd, not concerned at all for the welfare of what appears to be an unconscious player on the field, cheer wildly.  Jacob takes off his helmet and shows his werewolf glowing yellow eyes.

As the game continues Scott tries to tell Jacob he needs to stop because his werewolf eyes are showing and someone will see.

We all ignore the fact as do the editors of the show, that prior to him saying this, he had taken his helmet of and all but been exposed to showing the world those eyes.

Jacob plays on. What a shock, not.   Doesn’t matter anyway as Scott steals the ball off him and ends up doing what he is supposed to do as a normal lacrosse player, and scores the winning goal,  not using his Teen Wolf abilities at all.

I’m beginning to wonder what the point to being Teen Wolf is.

After the goal is scored, The opposition players bump Scott heavily and he fly’s backward awkwardly.  A loud crunch is heard as his leg angles backwards and is very clearly broken.

The crowd goes quiet and people run towards him.  Allison kneels of Scott as he tells her “I’m healing” but it’s not really fast enough as by the time he’s standing on his leg, the crowd is around him staring in disbelief.

Meanwhile all this is happening, Stiles is being dragged into the school pool area by Erica and interrogated by Derek on the reptilian monster.   Of course, there is no reason for Derek to be so hostile towards Stiles regarding this, or any reason for Derek to really be interested in this monster, other than it just poses as another threat in the world.  But that’s a fairly lame excuse really.

But talking about monsters of course, makes them appear. Yawn.  The reptilian monster goes after them all. Derek gets stung in the neck with the paralyser goo and falls into the pool.

Stiles, yet again paired with Derek, dives into the pool and again, saves Derek from a certain death by drowning.

It goes on for quite a while, but basically Stiles and Derek are trapped constantly in the pool the whole time Scott is on the Lacrosse field and then having been invited by Allison’s grandfather to dinner at her family house, much to the displeasure of her parents.

Eventually we discover that the thing the actual episode is about,  – finding the monster book that tells us what the reptilian monster is on a usb stick the grandfather has which is on a set of keys that Stiles, which are at, you guessed, it, the School.  Where Stiles is attempting to keep himself and Derek afloat in the pool while the reptilian monster circles them constantly from the poolside.

Yeah, all that for just this point.  After Stiles and everyone get the usb and look at it, we discover that Derek, actually has known all along what the monster is and that its basically and “abomination” of whatever the hell it’s meant to be.  Queue Derek being moody and his exit from the episode.

Yeah that’s right, Derek is now done with any actual purpose and with harassing either Stiles or Scott and so he walks off.

Cut to Scott outside his mother’s car at the hospital and suddenly Allison’s grandfather is there, shoving a knife into Scott’s gut and leaning in on it, telling him that he knows about him and that he has no problem pretending to be a nice man one moment and stabbing him the next.

Our end shots sees Scott’s mum on the opposite side of the car, unaware of Scott’s stabbing.  Scott replies “I’m fine.” And we watch blood drops fall and fall until a lot of blood fills our screen.  Fade to Red.

The amount of crap that is getting put into each episode seems like they’re trying to make this all rather epic but it’s just like having to sort through junk before you get to the actual point of the episode and the things you want to see in this show.



  1. What else makes Scott a pussy? He doesn’t call out to his mother when he’s being threatened with a freaking knife. And then, hospitals usually have security guards, or police, in the building.

    Manufactured tension, anyone?

    And then Jacob…Really? They went there? Certainly answers the question of what really is influencing this season. Well, at least he does something and acts bad-ass, so there’s that.

    Comment by Adam G. (@AgentBJ09) — July 19, 2012 @ 2:43 am

    • Yeah what is it with the whole – literally everyone knows scotts a werewolf but his mum and how can he be stabbed opposite her and bleed out without her noticing. Surely he didn’t heal in time to get into the car at the end there?

      And Jacob. Agreed. So uneccessary as is most of the shit that’s turning into this show. So not happy with how Teen Wolf is going. And they’re first season was stunning.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — July 19, 2012 @ 7:40 am

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