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Thriller Vs Teen Wolf Pt 2 | July 20, 2012

Continuing on from My last post on Teen Wolf

Antics ensue in the science classroom as Erica and Issac attempt to get near Lydia in order to kill her.  Erica slides her slutty hand up Scott’s thigh trying to either seduce Scott or make Allison jealous.  Or neither, just mess with him.

The class have to constantly swap around lab partners, so Scott and Stiles and Allison attempt to protect Lydia and keep the two nasty beta werewolves away from her.

Of course, one of them ends up with her and secretly tests her by feeding her the venomous poison on a crystal, that was the science experiment in the class.  Lydia, unlike Jackson, passes the test and does not fall to the ground paralysed.

Lydia visits the guidance councellor again and finds herself subject to inkblot tests.

Yes actual inkblot tests. What is the purpose of these on a highschool student? I have no idea.

Lydia bored with the inkblot tests and her guidance counceller by the looks of it insists that every picture looks like a butterfly, until the councellor puts the last image down on her desk and says “Funny, I would’ve said that one looked like a wolf.”

Of course, what the writers might be hinting at by having Lydia answer Butterfly for everything is the damn obvious.  Butterfly’s are symbols for “Transformation”.

Ohhh, does the guidance councellor know something she’s pretending she doesn’t? Unless the guidenece coucellor is secretly a hunter, than no. The inkblot does in fact look like wolf’s head.

Cut to our intrepid trio who are trying to figure out how to save Lydia who doesn’t know she needs this kind of saving, since overly square jawed and intese staring eyed, Derek Hale has it set that Lydia must be killed.

Scott, Stiles and Allison want to prove Lydia isn’t a monster to Derek. Allison produces a small, single handed cross bow from her school bag.  A melodramatic moment passes between Scott and Allison.

What’s the point to a single action crossbow if you can only take one shot and have to re-load? Not very efficient for when you’re in a bind and lets face it, Allison, you’re bound to be in a bind.  You’ve had monster chasing you for fucksakes.   It’s Allison who suggests they might find proof of Lydia’s none monster-ness in the beast book her family keeps.

We next see her go to the guidenece concellor seeking a translation on a latin page from the book on the monster.  How she knows the guidance councellor can translate latin, is again, not explained. We’re just supposed to think that all French-candians can do this as the guience councellor is French-candadian.

As the guidance counciller starts reading the page and stop starting, Allison asks as weird and nervous as can be for someone attempting to not act weird and nervous. Insisting mysteriously that the gudience councellor translate it all then and there.

Turns out the message is, on a full moon the  monster is at its peak and like a werewolf it too hunts for company.


Scott goes to seek out Derek to stop him from going ahead with his plans to kill Lydia.  But it’s Derek who reveals what we the viewers and Scott and Stiles already know – Derek’s not going to be the one to kill her. The beta wolves – Erica and Issac are.  Scott looks on completely shocked! Even though he along with Stiles got the idea that Erica and Issac were going to kill Lydia back in sciene class.  Or what was all the chair hopping to protect Lydia about in the classroom?

Not to bright Scotty boy.

Scott has a fight with Jacob who is standing protectively by Derek’s side on the Lacrosse field.  Derek starts mentioning the word “Shape Shifter” in reference to himself and the other werewolves instead of calling them werewolves.


Derek then drops the bombshell that perhaps the monster is Lydia because sometimes when you’re a shape shifter, the shape reveals “who you really are”.  Ohhh, so Lydia’s ugly on the inside is that what we’re saying?

At this point, I’m beginning to think it’s not her.  Mainly because Lydia acts superficial on purpose, but I don’t think she has an ugly soul.

Dramatic music plays quickly and loudly in the this scene as Derek and Scott have a very verbal disagreement. But I’m too distracted by the mole on Scott’s pointy chin to pay much attention to it.

Jackson, Allison and Lydia and Stiles go to Scott’s house in an attempt to protect Lydia from Erica, Issac, Jacob and Derek.

Weird photography student s now friends with Jackson and Danny (the openly gay guy at school). They are in the library and Danny is going over the footage of Jackson, the three of them are trying to figure out who edited and looped the footage of Jackson.

Who had access to his house to do that?

Photography boy is also intrigued to find photos taken of Scott on the Lacrosse field are messed up because the flash reflects of Scott’s eyes.  Later on in school he suprises scott by snapping a photo of him and finding out even without the flash, the same thing happens.

Like really? Do we need this added into the show, what is the purpose of what we already know having been shown it before in another episode?  As Scott runs through the school he is accosted by the Lacrosse coach who wants to know why the protective padding they wear is ripped up.  Scott finds out it’s Danny’s padding and finds him the library.

Meanwhile Jackson pulls Lydia aside demanding the key back to his house. Lydia lies and says she doesn’t have it.   Scott confronts Danny about the Lacrosse pads and Danny says someone else who was wearing them, owes him new ones.  But before we can find out who that someone is, Scott is told to get to his house pronto. Out the front, readying for the kill, are Derek’s pack.  As Danny looks at the Lacrosse pads, he missed the footage on the computer screen of  Jackson that shows him sitting up in bed with eyes glowing.

“Cause this is THRILLER, THRILLER IN THE NIGHTTTTTT, and no ones going to save you from the beast that’s about to strike…” Oh wait I’m watching Teen Wolf. Right, back to the show.

Turns out Lydia wasn’t lying about not having the key, has no clue about the video tape that Jackson thinks she edited.   Lydia is upset as only a girl can be when she reveals that she’s wearing the key around her neck and hands it back to Jackson.

Symbology people – it’s the key to her heart! AWWWW. She then cries and says “I hate you, I hate you so much” to Jackson. Downstairs Allison and Stiles are wondering what to do.  Allison is on the verge of calling her dad to come rescue them, but that will mean revaling where she is!

Oh no, that would give away to her dad what he already suspects, that she’s dating Scott!  Tense, drama!  Upstairs, Jackson kisses Lydia and as she sweeps her hand across his neck, we see – dunt dad a darrr…reptilian monster skin pulsating.

So  then really, it was Jackson who made Lydia immune! Jackson killed issac’s dad because he knew how he picked on Issac and the other lacrosse player/mechanic, I have no idea about.

Downstairs, Issac breaks into the house and a fight with Stiles and Allison ensues. Upstairs, Lydia runs out into the hallway just as it looks like Jackson is shape shifting.  Allison runs up to inform a niave Lydia – who is the only person in this scene, who doesn’t have a clue that werewolves exist, to stay put.  Lydia runs back into the room she was in with Jackson- Surprise, he’s not there! But the window is open.  Lydia runs to another room and does THE MOST SENSIBLE thing anyone under these conditions can do.

She rings the police.

Meanwhile, Allison is facing off against Erica. Who is trying to taunt her about going after Scott.  Allison holds her laser sighted crossbow out at Erica, and fires at her.  Erica catches the crossbow and says “You didn’t really think that would work did you?” To which we reveal, a big Allison smirk and she says “Actually I did.” The arrow Erica caught is covered in the reptilian poison. Erica falls to the ground.

Cut to Erica and Issac being thrown out of Scott’s house and we’re about at the end of the episode. Oh wait, no there’s more.   Derek does a s speech about how Scott is the Alpha of his own pack (Stiles, Allison and his friends) and then the reptlian monster is seen crawling over the roof.  Lydia comes out of the house and says “Will someone please tell me what is going on!”

And I endorse her fucking right to know because this show has gone weird. Officially.  I mean, it’s supposed to be about Teen Wolf but the central story of this episode was not about Teen Wolf and barely in fact had him in most of the episode.  This season so far has been anything about actually being about Teen Wolf.

So I’m with Lydia on this one.

To which Scott mutters “It’s Jackson.” The reptilian monster thing, in case you can’t keep up.  So the whole venom test thing – was just a fake out on the audience.  Done deliberately to make us think it was Lydia not Jackson when in fact it was the other way around. It’s not explained, but at this point. I really don’t want it to be.  Because that would take far to much time out of my life, that I’m clearly not getting back from watching this crap.

Reptilian Jackson scampers up to a parked car and puts his claw on the window, and is met by a gloved hand in response.  Reptilian Jackson seems to be horrified by this, he scampers off and the car drives away.

Leaving us with the big message “TO BE CONTINUED…”

Really? Why?

Why put to be continued up there, when we know there will be a sixth episode?



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