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Teen Wolf: Episode Switch | July 21, 2012

Teenwolf Season 2, episode 6

We’re barely through the opening sequence of events when I feel like this episode is not going to redeem the Teen Wolf season so far, in fact it’s more than likely to continue to descend into bad tv viewing hell.

We were left with Scott in the previous episode taunting Derek saying “I can hold you off to the cops come.”

We open with Derek on the run, his wolf pack nowhere to be seen.  No cops in pursuit.  Allison is dropping Lydia off home.  No police Escort.  No police at all.

I’m fairly certain you get into trouble for calling the cops out to your place and then not being there when they show up.  Kind of like punking them. Never a good idea.

Allison talks to Lydia in the car saying she has to keep everything she’s seen secret.  Poor Lydia is looking at her wide eyed and saying she has no idea what she’s just seen.  Which is fair enough, without the context of the sub world she exists in, how the fuck is she meant to know anything about anything?

Allison goes on though and then proceeds to turn the conversation into an “it’s about her” conversation saying how Scott and her aren’t meant to be dating.  She asks again, that Lydia keep it to herself so she doesn’t get found out.  Lydia, clearly shell shocked and uncertain snipes she’ll keep the information that Allison has a boyfriend to herself.

Allison then proceeds to ask Lydia if she remembers what that first big romance is like with someone.  She bleats on and on and the music that plays is supposed to make me emote for the whimsical Allison.  But it actually, strangely drawers me closer to Lydia who I feel is being massively overlooked in terms of emotional welfare in this closed conversation from her so called friend.

Meanwhile Derek is on the run, Stiles and Scott are after him in Stiles Jeep.  Reptilian Jackson is also on the run, after Derek.  Derek and Jackson monster fight in the shadows.  Unfortunately not as well  as a 1980s dance movie fight scene.  And what I’m left thinking is I hope the producers paid attention to Alien – the less full body you see of the monster, the more believable, scary and better off it’s received.

But no, they have not.  There is shitty CG too. Ahhh. Already hating this episode.

Then car lights appear,  and a gun sounds out, shooting monster Jackson repeatedly.  Monster bleeds and falls to the ground, Derek disappears, his saviour it appears for no apparent reason, is Allison’s hunter father.  Oh yay, he’s turned up.  Cause that’s what he does, turns up and scowls.  The monster gets back up on its feets, and throws Hunter dad into a wall, giving him a semi-concussion.

As he attempts to look at the monster, the car lights of his vehicle blind out that the monster appears to have calmed down and been almost communicating silently with a mysterious figure.

Then Scott appears throwing the monster away from the mysterious figure which turns out to be…..Allison’s grandfather. Aha!

Scott continues to search for Jackson and Stiles joins him, saying a few sarcastic things and then being meet with a great look by Scott.  Stiles yet again, deliver the brilliant line “Scott, come on, 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones, sarcasm is my only defence.”

I just love you more and more Stilinski.

And no later had I typed the above sentence then I hear Stiles tell Scott “Jackson passed Derek’s test right? Derek said a snake couldn’t be poisoned by its own venom right?”

Writer FLAW. Big one.  Derek did indeed say this.  To Jackson who was surrounded by only Erica and Issac at the time. Not Stiles or Scott.  We never see Derek actually say this to either male.  Of Fuck, this is going to be a painful episode to view and get through if I’m picking this shit up this early into it!

Of course this is explained to the tv viewer by Stiles saying “maybe it’s an either or thing.” Like that actually explains anything at all!

Turns out Jackson monster has crept into a nightclub.  Scott then declares he knows who Jackson is after.  Stiles asks him how he knows, if he picked up on some special scent or something.

Scott replies “Yeah, Armani.” And the camera pans to Danny, Jackson’s friend.  Scott and Stiles break into the nightclub which it turns out to be a gay bar.  Less than five seconds inside and Stiles, bless him, is totally accosted by drag queens and gay boys.  Scott being a bit slow on the uptake says “I think we’re in a gay club.”

As the boys go to the bar to try and score drinks, another gay joke is made at Stiles expense.  A boy has bought him his soft drink.  Awww.  To which his replies to Scott “Shut up.”

I secretly pray for a scene where Stiles has to hit on Danny and hilarity ensues as a result.  I am not to be rewarded with this.

Cut to Lydia at home. She puts her dog named after a designer label “Prada” out to do it’s business.  As Parada takes her sweet time, Lydia calls out to her and then goes looking for her.  As she nears the gate where Prada ran off through, a young guy I feel I should know but do not, turns up carrying Prada and says “loose something.”

Yep my sense of liking for this show.

I feel another character introduction coming on and I feel the need to switch this show the fuck off.  So I do.


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