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The Teen Wolf Drinking game | July 22, 2012

Okay so I’m back on episode six of teen wolf and I’ve been drinking. Consider it your only warning. I’ll be drinking every time this show gets lame and annoys me.

Here’s hoping Prada the handbag dog (ha – see what I did there?) turns into a super duper aggressive werewolf terrier from hell. Fingers crossed.

Oh back in the night club and nobody seems to notice a lizard like Jackson amongst the dance floor or the fact that he just slayed several guys including his own friend, Danny. Nobody also seems to notice Derek and his werewolf face and glowing red eyes other than Teen Wolf Scott himself.


Jackson then disappears and Scott follows his bloody trail to the car park where, surprise, surprise, Jackson has shape shifted to his human self. And is naked and out could and red and scaly looking and OH MY GOD HOW MUCH DO I NOT CARE?!

Okay, BG, you can do it. You can focus on this lame ass show and get through the episode. Focus.

Right, back onto Lydia who I’m starting to like, even with the Angelina Jolie over done beestung lips. Seriously, where’s my drink again? Ok, Fo-cus.

Dog loving strange boy is in her backyard talking to her and turns out he’s from her high school- oh my god how much do I not care? Focusing, again. He’s asking her how she is and then he’s stepping forwards uninvited into her personal space. Lydia steps back.

Strange new boy “Why did you do that?”

Lydia “You stepped forward”

Strange new boy “Well maybe I wanted to kiss you.”

Lydia “ Well maybe I don’t want you to kiss me.”

Strange new boy “So could I kiss you now then?”

Lydia “Only if you want to get punched in the throat.”

I think I’m developing a girl crush on Lydia. The strong female character is not yet dead. Thank fuck for that. Wait…wait…oh my god, why do the writers have to go and ruin a moment? Strange new boy picks her a flower that involves him pulling a “move” by putting his hand out, straight over her shoulder to get it.

Lydia takes the flower.

UGH. Quick, everybody drink! This show might make sense then.

Continuing on….and now we’re back onto Stiles and Scott and Danny and oh my god the Stiles jokes start flowing freely. It’s Brillant!

Scott and Stiles are in Stiles Jeep and have moved the naked Jackson in there and covered him (boo) with a blanket. Stiles turns to Scott and says they have to get out of there, because the paralysed guys who Jackson attacked in the club are being carted off in ambulances. Stiles then says “oh my god, oh my god could it get any worse?”

Jackson then groans loudly from the backseat. To which Stiles, yells at Jackson “It was rhetorical!”

Stilinkski, you scene stealing ace. Stiles is forced to talk to his dad the Sheriff in order to get him and Scott out of there without suspicion being thrown on them being at yes, yet another crime scene. Stiles attempts to lie to his dad about being gay.

Stiles to his dad “Well dad there’s a conversation we need to have.”

Stiles dad “You’re not gay!”

Stiles” I could be.”

Stiles Dad, glances him over. “Not dressed like that you couldn’t.”

They get away without being implicated in anything.

Then there is surprisingly a very nice transition from that scene to the Argent hunters. Finally there is suspicion being thrown on Grandpa Argent as Allison’s dad wonders out loud to him how he could stand so still while the reptile (who they do not know is Jackson) circled him. Grandpa fobs him off with some lame excuse.


Jackson wakes up locked in the back of a police van. Shackled and with pants on which Stiles put on him Jackson tells Stiles his parents will be looking for him. Stiles shows Jackson the message that he sent to his parents mobile to indicate he was fine. Unfortunately for Stiles, there is something in the message that gives away that Jackson is the exact opposite of fine. Because not once in eleven years has Jackson said “I love you” to his parents. And Stiles included that in the sent text.


Back to School and Allison is in the office with her creepy Grandpa. Who’s creepily going on about Jackson being missing and asking Allison if she knows about it. Of course, everything on Allison’s face tightens up giving away a pretty fucking obvious tell.

SERIOUSLY. Drink. Now. Stat!

Grandpa is still talking creepily and then says to Allison he wants to ask her some questions and her to answer them. But not before he stands behind her, pulls her hair back and says he’s not going to hurt her, he just wants to check her pulse while she answers him.

CREEPY! Inappropriate touching! Drink!

And that’s a bout it. As much as I can handle. I’ve turned the Tv off again. I’m not sure I can actually make it through this episode. Drink!



  1. Less than a half dozen drinks for about 15 minutes? You are very generous, I’ll say.

    Oh and just a forewaning: Keep that shot glass and bottle for the next three episodes. You may need it to flush out the bad images you may see. And when I say bad…

    Comment by agentbj09 — July 22, 2012 @ 4:54 pm

    • What can I say re the 15 mins or so…I can hold my own.
      I shall be prepared! If I can ever get through the rest of the annoyance of episode 6…

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — July 22, 2012 @ 6:48 pm

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