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Monsters & Virgins | July 23, 2012

Back on Episode six of Teen Wolf, drink in hand, here’s hoping I can finish this damn episode this time.

There is a new Jackson storyline developing, and it’s not about how perky his nipples are when he’s topless. We’re being dropped hints.  About Jackson’s adoption.   After all he’s never said I love you to his parents in eleven years.    Grandpa Argent seems to have a “connection” to Jackson’s monster beast.  And we’re given another pertinent camera shot of Grandpa Argent taking his medication.  Anyone thinking, Grandpa’s a monster too? And the medication helps keep the monster at bay?


Oh and now, Alison’s mum has infiltrated the school as a teacher. Creepy, annoying and I am so drinking.  Mommy dearest, your hair and pale skin is just freaking me out…and the fact that you just threatened your daughter by saying “as long as your strong we won’t have to kill a sixteen year old boy.”

Nothing like parental guidance…..and death threats.

Oh and now Allison is quoting the Art of War. A book I really, really like. I’d like her to stop quoting it now.  Right NOW.  I beginning to like Allison, less and less.  A tear escapes down Jackson’s face as he’s still locked in the back of Sherriff’s van that Stiles has him in.

Oh my god, now the product placement in the show has begun. Scott and Allison in a car, snuggled together and Allison asks Scott to put on the Radio and use “Pandora.” Where’s the rest of my drink? Damn I’ve already finished it.   She just needs to turn to the camera and say how much a month it is for useage. Snicker.

Our Romeo and Juliet lovebirds are talking about being together longer than high school and meanwhile as they’re making out in the car, Jackson is shifting in the van.  Music is getting more and more dramatic and suddenly, Jackson is free and Allison is no longer quite so….virginal and neither is Scott.  I think.

Monsters and virgins, how very gothic indeed. Almost like a proper Horror homage in a way….

Stiles busts out sleeping love struck in the back of  their car and our intrepid trio of Allison, Stiles and Scott then decide it is time to tell their parents about the shit that is going on.  Because it is getting beyond their control.  Who knew teenagers felt so much responsibility?

But of course, I doubt that will actually happen. Still, here we go, Stiles is about to tell him his dad and oh no….there’s Jackson and his dad and his dad is a lawyer and Stiles dad is pissed.

Blah! How god damn boring.

Oh and we’re on Allison and Lydia now and Allison is doing what she does best and ignoring the needs of her best friend.  But hey, at least her best friend gives her what she needs instead. One way relationship much? It turns out Lydia can translate archaic latin and Allison wants those book pages from the beast book the Argents have, translated.  That guidance councellor got it wrong (or did she? ) when she said the Jackson monster seeks a friend – the word is master.   Allison looks up the camera all big brown eyes and says(about Jackson) “he’s being controlled.”

The end of the episode.  Seriously is this whole season going to be about Jackson even though it’s called Teen Wolf?  Finally, I have made it to the end of episode 6.  That was an epic.  Not the episode, the annoyance factor.  I don’t even know if I have it in me to see the rest of the season out.



  1. I applaud your strength and resolve to continue watching this series…. 🙂

    Comment by Matt Farmer (@ozwonderdog) — July 23, 2012 @ 8:51 pm

    • So strong.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — July 23, 2012 @ 9:39 pm

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