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MotherF*cking Snakes on Teen Wolf | July 24, 2012

Teen Wolf, Episode 7.

Huzzah, I made it this far.

So we start of the episode with the kanima (lizard monster ) killing the husband of a couple who are living in a trailer in the woods. We can see that there is indeed another mysterious figure somehow involved in controlling the kanama

But then if this kanima is killing people, how can it be Jackson? Because Jackson is at the police station looking smug as Stiles and Scott are getting served, a restraining order against them for kidnapping and locking up Jackson in the last twenty four hours.

So maybe it is Lydia who is also a kanima, and that’s why she passed the previous poisoning test. Because at this point in time, we don’t know where Lydia is, unless we believe the writers are sticking to the last episode, which means she’s at her house getting harassed by strange new boy.

But why would we believe the writers of this show?

Scott’s Mum is ripping Scott a new one and it’s well past time for that. It was getting very hard to believe that she didn’t have a freaking clue about what her son has been up to so late at night and failing so badly at school.

Cut to Derek and his pack of newbie werewolves who are itching to go after the Argents rather than be locked up for the upcoming full moon. Yes, apparently we’re back on a full moon, even though there was one a few episodes ago. I’m not getting the time line in this show, the episodes appear to connect based on a daily dealings but then to say a month has passed because the next full moon is coming…ahhhh.

Derek argues with Issac about how they HAVE TO FIND THE KANIMA. Blah, blah, blah, tenuous link and reasoning why.

You’re werewolves mother fuckers, you don’t have to do shit! And Derek seems more and more like a whimp than an alpha when he talks about the kaiama or the Argents – what a waste.

And now it appears it’s the next day and Allison is passing secret messages to Scott and Stiles in the Library and surprise, surprise, we’re being led onto the path of the kanama is supposed to be a werewolf but it can’t be until it’s past issues are resolved. And what if that has something to do with Jackson’s biological parents??

Well the writers will probably let us know it’s an “either or thing” in an episode of two from now.

Cut to man of the hour and Jackson is in the science lab and looking at various creepy crawlies in a large glass display. But he seems particularly fascinated with the one housing the snakes. And here’s were shit gets interesting, Jackson opens up the lid of the glass display and picks up a snake.

Watching in fascination as it slides over his arm and and around his neck and up into Jackson’s mouth. Jackson closes his eyes as the snake goes completely into his mouth! If you’ve ever had a dirty desire to know what Jackson might look like giving fellatio, this is the scene to pay attention to.

Just as he finishes swallowing the live snake whole, a teacher walks into the room and asks Jackson if he wants to discuss his paper. Jackson appears to be a little stunned. I’m guessing cause he feels overly full or he’s secretly a vegetarian who’s just broken his food vow.

Scott’s taking up a make up test at school and his mum is “cleaning” aka raiding his room at home for clues on why her son is in so much trouble with the law and school. Mum finds something she wasn’t expecting. A 12 pack of ribbed condoms. Only one is left. So that answers the virginity question from the previous episode. Cherry – Popped.

And we’re back on Allison who is tracking Jackson, who walks into the boys locker room. Allison is about to go in there when camera boy who is obsessed with her walks out and starts immediately flirting with way too much ease at her. Clearly not reading the “She’s just not that into you signals” Allison is giving him with one her one word answers and looking anywhere but at him looks. She agrees to go on some sort of date with him on Friday night just to shut him up and get him away from her.

Allison walks into the boys locker room upon hearing an awkward sound made by Jackson. She calls out to him and he responds. Allison walks around in the locker room and walks in on a naked Jackson showering. She blushes and turns away. Jackson seems fine with it. More than fine as he goes into predator mode and comes over to her and insists they talk then and there.

As Jackson continues to intimidate Allison, he heartbeat races and Jackson can hear it and so it appears, can Scott from between who knows how many walls and bits of structure in the highschool between the science lab and the boys locker room.

As Scott bursts in Allison tries to tell him, she’s okay but Scott is not having any of it and finally we get to see something interesting, a fight between Scott and Jackson as they beat the crap out of each other and the boys locker room. As they spill out into the corridor, Erica restrains Jackson and Stiles restrains Scott. But not before Scott’s teacher from the make up test, busts them all.

As they’re getting busted, camera obsessed with Allison boy notices someone’s backpack spilled open on the floor and clearly feeling the need to riffle, picks up the tablet that is exposed from the back pack and starts to turn it on and view whatever is on it.

REALLY? we’re going with this tenious link? EVERYBODY FACE PALM NOW!

Of course he reads the info about the kanama that Allison has on there and of course, downloads it to email for himself. Invasion of privacy much? Before handing it back but the teacher grabs it off him. Everyone then gets detention.

Scott’s mum rocks up to the school and talks to Allison’s mum about their kids. Allison’s creepy mum delivers a great line about a girl with low standards going after Scott.

Back in the library Stiles is theorizing that Camera boy is Jackson’s controlling kanama master. When Jackson’s suddenly gets up needing to go to the bathroom, because he seems to have some pain from behind his eye.

As he goes to the little boys room, we watch as a snake, pushes it way out of Jackson’s eye socket spurting blood everywhere and horrifying Jackson who’s very much aware and awake of the whole thing happening! yay!! Scott is called to the principles office. But quite frankly I don’t care for the end of the episode, because it’s delivered far more in this episode than it has so far in the whole season, that’s been well worth watching.

I shall however, continue to finish the rest of the episode, in my next post 😉


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