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Kanima got your tongue? | July 25, 2012

As I go back into episode 7 and re watch the opening “previously on teen wolf” recap, I realise the flower that strange boy gave to Lydia in the previous episode was in fact “wolf’s bane.” Hmmm….and now I’m watching Scott report to the Principle’s off, presumably for a smack down of the verbally threatening kind with Mommy Dearest.

Mommy Dearest, aka Allison’s mom goes in for the kill shot with “Are you having sex with my daughter?” Talk about direct and awkward.  Scott lies outright to her face that he is not.    There is a bit of silent joke made at Scott’s manly expense with Mrs Scary Argent mom sharpening a pencil till it’s a very sharp pricked pencil that is very, very small.

Back on the Lydia storyline and in the harsh light of day, Lydia can see, the back of her backyard gate.  It looks like all dead tumbleweeds and overgrown dead pants back there.  And from the looks on Lydia’s face, she’s never ventured out there into her own back yard before.  She wanders through the gate and into the property behind her house.

Which turns out to be a big freakn mansion! Like so big, you can not miss it, big.

She walks over to the property and opens the door, and we can see that there is dirt and leaves inside the house, which means….it’s an abandoned house or strange boy is a ghost of some kind. Ha ha!

As we return to the school we see Mr. nasty schoolteacher who gave our Teen Wolf gang detention getting into his car. He turns to look in his rear view mirror and looks surprised/shocked/slack jawed – all of the above. Why? We are not shown. As the camera shot then goes to the outside of the car, down low and we are greeted with a bumper sticker on his car that has one of my favourite quotes on it.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  – Albert Einstein.

Ohhh…we’re getting fed bread crumbs…ohhhh…wine…

Back with our gang of misfits at School in the library and they are all restocking the library bookshelves, Stiles and Scott having got information out of Erica about Jackson’s biological parents.  Turns out Erica’s dad was the insurance investigator on Jackson’s parent’s accidental death by car.  It’s impressive that

Erica even has a dad in the universe, because all we ever see is of her with Derek and the wolf pack.  And so we have no idea what’s become of her life outside of this. Not that it’s important, but it’ always  weird when a character is created out of normal circumstance and their normal life, like what how her parents react is not even included in the explaining of them.

As they’re stacking the shelves, Jackson flips out and half shifts, going berserk in the library tearing it up and attacking everyone. At one point, stopping to write on the blackbird in the library – but not before I notice the words “Short Story” in the library scene and realise that’s what Jackson’s message is.

He writes “Stay away from me or I’ll kill all of you.” See. Short, sweet, to the point. End of story.  Ohh. Ominous.  Not really, just weird.

Then Jackson-kanima escapes from the library.  Erica starts having a seizure on the floor.  And for some reason, as Stiles and Scott debate whether to take Erica to the hospital or back to Derek for help, Allison gets all…stupid.

A scene is forced between Scott and Allison that really to me, doesn’t make sense at all. The deep and emotional piano music starts up slowly and Scott starts going on about how “it doesn’t feel right.” Whatever “it is.”

Allison gets all weepy going on about how “It’s” okay.  I assume they’re talking about Scott helping out his fellow werewolf Erica and saving her life. Which of course, means leaving Allison’s side to do that.  It’s so over played it’s stupid and annoying!

Where’s my wine glass again? Oh there it is. Drink!!!!!

Back onto the Lydia storyline and strange weird boy is in the mansion and tells Lydia if she doesn’t have the flower he gave her, then he’ll have to kiss her. Lydia sucks much face with weird boy and then – presto-changeo she’s not in Beacon Hills anymore.

Welcome to Oz….also known as your own disturbing nightmare slash post traumatic stress episode.  Lydia finds herself in the burnt out house that Derek used to frequent and that strange weird boy is in fact, the alpha who attacked her and was burnt in the fire of that house. Or something. We go from dance music to deeply dramatic music and Lydia screams.

Erica is taken to Derek and he breaks her arm to trigger the healing process.  Oh yeah and her seizures have stopped.  Erica turns to Stiles and says sweetly “Stiles, you make a good batman.” Timing Erica, Timing.

Scott then tells Derek, that they can team up together and catch Jackson-kanima but they will do it, Scott’s way! I’d like to say this was some sort of put your foot down and stand up for yourself moment. But really, it lacked a lot of conviction and belief. The close up camera work also made it feel rather soap opera like too.

Now we’re at the hospital and the woman who witnessed her husband getting murdered by the kanama is trying to tell Scott’s mum that the bad people are after her.  Of course, she’s ignored.  And pretty much as soon as Scott’s mum leaves her patient alone,  the controller of the kanima comes in and proceeds to suffocate her.

Back on Lydia’s head trip and the burnt to a crisp alpha/ghost is telling Lydia that her immunity to the werewolf bite makes her the perfect plan b to do exactly one thing.  Of course, he doesn’t tell her /us what that one thing is.  But then we are treated to a weird series of flashbacks where the burnt to a crisp/alpha-is-strange-weird boy is taken out of each scene.  Until we see Lydia standing at the trophy cabinet at school looking at a photograph of strange weird boy, called wait for it…..Peter Hale.

So maybe her one perfect thing is remember him? Hahaha. I seriously doubt that’s the case.  Here’s hoping she’s out to fuck shit up for Derek.

End of overdone, try hard episode seven and drink!


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