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Teen Wolf should be called Dumb Ass | July 26, 2012

You know I’m so deep into bad TV viewing land of Teen Wolf now….I just can’t stop.  It’s become some what of an addiction.

So strap in and get ready for  whatever comes next.  Because I am prepared to ride this thing out. So strap yourselves in, cause here we go onto episode 8 of season 2.

Opening scene is with Jackson in class receiving a text message to his cell phone, his eyes widen, he looks at it a little strangely, but then appears to just get up and leave class, taking off in his car in daylight – but arriving at a warehouse at night time. Oh no, really?  Okay, whatever, he’s walking into the building rather robotically zombie like.  Very peculiar, no real reason given, but hey on Teen Wolf, you don’t actually need reasons for things. His whole opening scene appearances is done without Jackson actually speaking.

We cut to Stiles and his dad the sheriff.  It’s a cute little scene, where Stiles starts asking his dad about the Kanima murders. His dad goes on to say he can’t share confidential information with a teenager.  But then Stiles notices the noticeboard behind his dad with all the clues and information on it…well most of it.

And so we get given another bread crumb about this whole season’s weird kanima storyline.

All the murder victims are /were twenty four years of age.  All the murder victims are from surprise surprise, Beacon Hills – how insane is that? A show set in Beacon Hills where everything happens in Beacon Hills from a tonne of murders to werewolves and they were all in the same class at high school together at Beacon hills. I’m so surprised. Oh and Also, as well as being the same class, they all had the same teacher – Mr nasty teacher who gave all our teens detention.

But I suspect this is just a red hearing the writers want us to follow, so they can do a big reveal on who the Kanima controller is. But you know, could be an “either or thing”. Depending when the writers of this show will decide to make up their minds.

As Stiles and his dad go through the 2006 Beacon Hills year book to look for the Kanima’s next victim, they come across a pretty picture of a black woman.  Cut back to the warehouse and Jackson is silently purchasing a ticket from that same woman for an underground rave party.

Onto Allison next and she’s visiting the morgue with her dad.  Wow, real parent-child bonding moment.  Daddy is angry about the victims they are looking at and interrogates Allison about what she knows about the Kanima.

Dad Argent – “The price of greatness is responsibility.  Personally I think it’s more about knowledge.  What we know of the truth, we know the world….”Angry, dramatic.  “Are you starting to get it?”

Yep, you’re trying to link back to the  bumper sticker we saw in the last episode. Of course, dad thinks Allison actually knows who controls the Kanima.

Got news for you dad Argent.  We’re not likely till find that out until the end of season. I mean, that’s the storyline right? Derek, Issac and Scott are at the Vet’s who is enlisted in helping the werewolves.  He gives them  mountain ash, bad for werewolves and Kanima masters.

There’s a lot of theorizing and explaining shit to us the viewer about the Kanima master and trapping both the monster and the master.

High school – these kids actually attend it, there’s a little locker room thuggery for some underground rave tickets and then Allison and Scott making out in one of the classrooms when no one is around.

Scott tries to tell Allison that her mom knows about their sex life and stuffs it up by including “the pencils” speech.  He then turns into a stupid ass by suggesting to protect themselves, they should be seen dating other people.

Scott you are stupid beyond stupid belief.

Allison then explains to Scott that she’s kind of like, already, like, got a date planned with Matt – camera weird boy.  Scott is very enthusiastic about this happening.

Allison like any sane girl dating a boy she likes a lot, is confused by this.  Scott even encourages Allison to kiss Matt. Allison “Really kiss him?” Scott “What do you mean, really kiss him?”  Allison then demonstrates a “real kiss.” Scott.  “Don’t do that.” She leaves the classroom and Scott calls out to her “I love you.” To which Allison mutters “yeah.” Or something lame that is not “I love you” back.

Oh no. SCOTT. SCOTT. YOU ARE A SERIOUS DUMB ASS. Doesn’t help your cause that Mommy Dearest Argent witnessed you kissing her daughter either.

To be continued 


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