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Payback’s a werewolf | August 7, 2012

Welcome back to Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 8…how to be a dumb ass like Scott Mc Call aka Teen Wolf.

So when I last left you, Scott and Allison were all smoochy and yet, headed into fuckupville because Scott is a boy who DOESN’T GET IT.

You don’t tell the girl you like to go date another boy. I would’ve thought that was dating 101.  But Teen Wolf is too worried about Teen Wolf to figure out the intricate of dating and relationships.

We then flick back to the VET who knows all about the world Scott lives in and the Argent werewolf hunters.  The Vet gives Scott Ketamine to drug Jackson the Kanima before the Werewolf hunters can get to him and kill him.  Stiles is given an important but mysterious job of spreading mountain ash around.

The Argent hunters, are forming their own plan to capture and kill Jackson.  We are given another meaningful or meaningless shot of Grandpa Argent popping a pill.  Everyone’s plan revolves around a rave party happening at a warehouse later that night and someone getting to Jackson first.  Yeah, lets wait a couple of hours for no real reason.

Stiles dad the Sherriff is forced to take a break from his job because of Stiles interference and involvement in his various activities in Teen Wolf world that seem to intermingle greatly with his Dad’s work.  Stiles finds out he is to blame and rather than having any time to himself to think through what’s happened, he has to start the Teen Wolf-capture-Kanima plan as the two werewolves, Issac and Erica appear earlier than expected to also, go after Jackson.

Allison is at the rave party with Matt the photography kid, and turns out are on a date at the warehouse were everything is going down.  Scott sees Allison and Allison overacts in the scene where Scott asks her what she’s doing there. “I trust you, more than anyone!” She cries at him passionately.  Blah blah blah, the basic idea is everyone is after Jackson and everyone is going to hit the warehouse in trying to get to Jackson first.

Outside, Stiles is pouring a barrier of Mountain Ash around the warehouse, the idea being it will trap the Kanima and master in the place and at the same time, separate them.

The Argent Hunters appear outside the warehouse.

Chris Argent / hunter – “Derek, back off”

Derek “I got to be honest with you Chris, I was really expecting more from the big bad veteran werewolf hunter.”

Chris Argent/hunter – “How about, didn’t anyone ever tell you not to bring claws to a gun fight?”

Inside the warehouse, Erica and Issac are tracking Jackson and getting intimate with him to get close to shoot him with the ketamine. Outside Derek is fighting the hunters and Stiles is pouring the mountain ash barrier.  Inside, Jackson escapes Erica and Isaac enough to get away, but not fast enough as Isaac manages to deliver the ketamine shot and drag Jackson out of there.  Outside Stiles has run out of mountain ash and can not complete the barrier that is needed. Somewhere else outside Scott is standing outside – for no apparent reason and a car comes along and hits him at full speed. Sending Scott flying unconscious to the ground.

Out steps mommy Argent dearest.  Who drags Scott off to some random room that happens to be around and proceeds to attempt to kill Scott by vaporizer – which is actually more ingenious than you think. You see she’s vaporizing wolf’s bane in the air so he can’t breathe, let alone do anything else.

Then in another warehouse room at the same time, Isaac and Eric and Stiles meet up, they have Jackson drugged out.  Jackson then proceeds to get all creepy and speak in a spooky voice telling the trio that his master is there with them.

There’s an odd moment inside the warehouse where the Teacher from School is busted with a young blonde girl by Allison.  He turns around and responds with “She’s twenty one!” before moving on.  As Derek and Jacob attempt to heal from gun shots fired at them by the hunters, Stiles, Erica and Isaac loose Jackson who busts out of their room.  But not before the weird spooky voice Jackson tells them that all the people’s he’s killed are murders who cryptically, killed him.

Outside again, Grandpa Argent puts his hand over the mountain ash Barrier and pulls it back. Ohhh are we actually being told something or being mislead?  Allison’s date is sucking because she’s not into the guy and she knows shit is going down.

Inside, the warehouse the Kanima gets in and kills the girl who put the rave warehouse party on. Outside, Derek goes looking for Scott.  But he can not get into the warehouse because of the mountain ash barrier.   Mommy Argent, like any good villain, monologues too long and gives Scott an idea when she tells him, he is a lone wolf.  To which Scott howls loudly and alerts Derek to where he is.

Derek finds Scott and fights with mommy dearest, saving Scott as mommy Argent runs away.  Allison is then met by her gloating Grandfather who seems happy for what appears to the viewer as an unknown reason.    The cops appear on the scene quickly and Stiles Dad is brought in to assist.  Scott is taken to the vet to get heal.  We then get to see the guidance councillor with the Vet talking mysteriously about leaving “it” all up to these kids…oh stop with the cryptic already.

But the best bit of this episode is when Mommy Argent staggers into her husbands arms to reveal….she’s been bitten!  Fuck yeah, payback’s a werewolf!

This was probably the most interesting episode of the season. But it’s so late into the season and it’s still overlay complicated and layered far more than it seems it needs to be.  This is still a series about anything but the supposed main character of Teen Wolf.


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