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Bg’s Xmas Wish list Part 1 | November 28, 2012

You know the song, and the line “He’s making a list and he’s checking it twice, going to find out

Who’s naughty or nice.”  Well, I’m pretty sure I know what category I fall under and I decided to make my own xmas wish list, it’s rather incomplete but I can update it before xmas, so here goes:

1. Less Kardashians it’s how you’ll achieve peace on earth

2. The end of all that is Twilight – if anyone can pull this off, surely it’s the big guy!

3. For K-Stew to be ripped apart by a werewolf

4. For R-Patz to turn into said werewolf and rip K-Stew apart

5. For tickets to the public viewing of said werewolf ripping apart to be made available to moi (see no 3,4 &5 for clarification)

6. For women to realise that 50 shades of grey is incredibly LAME and appreciate the men they have got!

7. The death of Anastasia Steele. Preferably by Patrick Bateman – now that, would be worth reading! (see no 6 for clarification)

8. For teenwolf to make sense again. Please.

9. Stiles. Gift-wrapped on my front door on xmas day.

10. If Stiles from Teenwolf can not be obtained, please feel free to substitute with Dyson from Lost Girl (see no 9 for clarification).

11. A werewolf Lego fighter figurine. Awesome.

12. A blue suit like the one in “Gangam style” video clip. I could so rock that.

13. The destruction of reality TV shows and the dead heads who put themselves on them

14. Firefly back on TV as a continuing TV series

15. More Brad Pitt endorsing Chanel Perfume advertising. It’s a public service we say thank you Mister Pitt

16. Hurricanes to fuck right off

17. Politicians to lock their fucking egos up and just do their jobs

18. For people who do the whole “Like this if you believe in this dude / if you don’t like this you have no heart” on facebook to be raptured off the face of the earth and transported to a poorly performed star trek convention for the rest of their natural lives

19. No more Bieber / One direction records to be played anywhere near my ears. EVER AGAIN.

20. No more pop stars as movie stars movies (YOU ARE NOT ACTORS JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN IN A MUSIC VIDEO!)



  1. LIKE very much, BG 🙂 I need to make up my own list. Signed PN

    Comment by novatwitman — November 29, 2012 @ 7:05 am

  2. Ohhh, by the way the werewolf Lego rocks! 🙂

    Comment by novatwitman — November 29, 2012 @ 7:07 am

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