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BG’s Top 5 Xmas movies list | December 19, 2012

Some of my favourite Xmas movies that aren’t really xmas movies, or aren’t all about xmas but feature to some extent, xmas in their theme. Get ’em into your movie collections…

An honorable mention has to go to Love Actually. A rom com disguised as a Xmas movie or vice versa. But it only gets an honorable mention as it is far more Christmassy than the other movies mentioned.

1. Die Hard

“Come out to the coast, we’ll have some laughs, have a few drinks…” blow up a building and kill some terrorists. Ho ho ho, indeed. Bruce Willis at his best. And Alan Rickman is just a bonus.


2. Elf

Will Farrell is adorable in this. Not a phrase you’re likely to hear often associated with his name. Some great lines in this movie and Will delivers them all with absoulte child like innocence, its why it’s so great.


3. Ground Hog Day

Talk about having a bad day. Bill Murray shows us this is the ultimate movie in having a bad day. Over and over again. Hilarious stuff.

ground hog day

4. Gremlins

It’s real simple people. Rules exist for a reason. The rules are simple:

Don’t feed them after midnight. Don’t get them wet. Never Expose them to bright light.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a horror movie if young Billy stuck to the rules now, would it? Mayhem for the holidays!



5. Trading Places

When Eddie Murphy was hot, he was red hot. Like Santa suit red hot. A bit like when Dan Ackroyd was skinny. He was actually, skinny. This is a funny 1980s movie that these two comedians play well against each other in.



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  1. I love reading werewolves and vampires novels!

    Comment by Elora Lee — December 18, 2012 @ 7:10 pm

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