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Werewolf Storm | March 31, 2013


I guess you could say I was having the day from hell.
Well, it didn’t exactly start out that way, and I may have caused a little of the trouble myself, when I managed to ditch the protective detail of werewolf bodyguards who were assigned to me. But beyond that, the rest of my day, was well and truly outside of my control. Which was a bit like my life as a Breukelen pack werewolf.

Meeting shape shifting doctor, Megan Marisini from the Neiwe Teme Pack in New Jersey, New York, kind of blew my mind well and truly open. Nothing like discovery you’re not who you thought you were for your whole life, to change your day. That and say a super storm. I didn’t know about the warnings and couldn’t evacuate in time to before the storm hit and tilted my world on an axis I never saw coming.

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