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Werewolf Thunderdome | August 24, 2013

“Is this whole be optimistic in the face of disaster thing a part of a be a better Scott McCall Program?” – Stiles, Episode 2, Season 3 Teen Wolf

Stiles still brings the funny in this episode. But funny is no longer saving this TV show for me. There’s just so much going on and it seems like a lot of it isn’t actually happening to our main characters rather it’s happening to those around them. And I find myself not liking that.

Kind of finding it pointless, as a way of giving our intrepid gang of high school heroes – Alison, Lydia, Scott, Stiles and Isaac, something to do, to be connected to.

I find watching this episode very visually pretty – the scene with Issac and the ice bath and the warehouse were all the werewolves meet, it’s visually appealing but the actual storyline and episode, seems so not engaging for the viewer, my concentration is skewed.

Of course, Teen Wolf opens with a mysterious thing happening to a pretty blonde bimbo, who Stiles is trying to get laid with. But it’s one of those things that doesn’t make any kind of sense and is designed to intrigue me but honestly just makes me go WTF? Instead and then not care.

As usual there is a lot going on, honestly I think the writers should just narrow their focus more and make the show more intense rather than have several characters doing several things.
But the most interesting part of the episode for me comes when it becomes Alison versus Derek. Oh yeah, feel the awkward and the potential bitch fight coming. Finally, something that seems like substance in this otherwise vapid show.

Just when I think it’s going to get interesting with Alison standing up to Derek and saying she’s there to help Scott not him, and he makes some remark unto her dead mother, the scene ends.
And again, my interest goes.

The ice bath scene with Isaac is interesting for two reasons – One; they’re fucking painful _ i should know. So kudos for doing one and staying down.

Two; I’m pretty sure we just got our first swear word on Teen Wolf. As Isaac pops up out of the bath he says “It’s a vault, it’s a XXXing vault!” of course it’s hard to imagine Teen Wolf allowing swearing on their show, given their young audience and also it gets censored over by some screeching music/metal edited sound effect.

Apart from this, there is not much else that is worth watching.
Stiles makes some remark about two werewolves entering into the place that Scott and Derek have to go to rescue someone from, there’s always someone who needs rescuing! And he comes up with the phrase – Werewolf Thunder dome. Nice.

There’s things happening but I just don’t care enough to really pay attention to. Other than Alison and Lydia trying to figure out what they’re bruise symbol means. Eventually around the same time Scott and Derek and Isaac figure it out in another scene, I see that the only reason Alison is given this task of figuring it out, is to just put her in trouble and therefore in Scott’s path for rescuing and awkward, tragic romancing.

The episode ends rather suddenly and I find myself dragging my feet to want to watch episode 3.


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