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The Lone Ranger; Werewolf hunter. | January 24, 2014

I read an article the other day that had the thought that Silver was an agent for truth and justice.

It was basically an article in the pro stance of the idea, of silver bullets. The article harped on about how silver bullets, were about purification, and honesty and about triumphing good over evil.

This was the basis of the article on why silver bullets should
be used and used more constantly. By law enforcement, by hunters, by anyone who shot a gun. Silver bullets it premised, showed the user, the true reality of what they were dealing with, that no other spin doctoring could cover up.

It made it sound like the writer of the article, had somehow had a run in of the unexplainable kind with my kind. A werewolf. And obviously, not taken to well to the whole experience. Which is generally why the talk of silver bullets starts coming into play.

The writer cited a good old american folklore hero, The Lone Ranger as using silver bullets and clearly that was meant to instill the sense of patriotism and righteousness that this person felt was needed in order to get the public cheering for silver bullets to be used.

He even used the line that “All things change but truth alone lives forever.” Which made me wonder if the writer was being cryptic in saying something else. Werewolves might be supernatural beings in a very human dominated world, but I’ve yet to meet an immortal one or hear of one who is utterly invinciable.

Now if you go down the path of the vampire, well then, that is a different story right?
I don’t think vampires are real but hollywood persists and pumping them out on us and
the public lap it up because for some reason, they want to. But isn’t silver a Vampire thing too?

The writer stated that there was some truth in the mythos associated with the mystical silver bullet perpetrated throughout man, a folk and fairy tale of the gothic monster kind. But using the Lone Ranger as a symbol for werewolf killing, got a little lost on me.

After all, like all good guys and heros, the ranger subscribes to a moral and ethical code. Apparently one part of that code is that at some point in our lives, we must make peace and accept what we have taken from this world. In other words, get your punishment for being a self centred bastard who’s used this earth as their playground. Yeah, death is death no matter how you put it. And if you think going around using guns and killing things is the done thing, then I’d say you’re death is going to be a brutally painful one. You shouldn’t expect anything less.

Karma right? What goes around comes around.

Threatening to cull werewolves through an online article, paper thin disguised as a journalistic article on silver bullets, just puts you a top of the pile of come-uppence. Most people would take the approach of “if it aint broke, then don’t fix it.” and the world is big enough for all of us to live in it comfortably. The Ranger himself subscribes to the belief that everyone has the power to make said world a better place.

Going off that, then surely this includes all other things in this world too, like animals, critters, creatures, and even werwolves

And by the way, werewolves, like me, we’re not always in our wolf form, so you know, watch you back. You won’t know what you’re looking for or how to look for us. We’re not like Vampires who don’t show in mirrors.

We could be your neighbour, your work colleague, your news reader, your editor. The guy down the street who sells the newspapers. We are those noises that you can’t explain in the dark of night, we are what you think nightmares are made of, we are legion and we read newspapers, we exist amongst you and your kind and we hide in plain sight because it is so easy to do and it amuses us so.

It’s our world too. So watch your back.


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