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This Lycan and I | September 25, 2014

Booker and I are fixated on one another.
Or more correctly, our wolf selves, are.

So how do I know if what I feel for this other wolf is real then? Maybe it’s just a trick the wolf inside tricking the human plaything’s emoitions. Who’s controlling who here?

We’re bound together in something that isn’t seen, can’t been made tangible and yet, seems unbreakable. This Lycan and I.

I don’t even know who bound who. It probably doesn’t matter.

So if I can’t break this attraction, this thing between us because our wolves won’t let it happen, then how the hell do I manage it?

Booker runs his hands up my jean covered legs, up to my thighs before I push his hands off me entirely.

“Don’t.” It’s all I can mutter as he let’s his hands fall off me onto the kitchen bench top either side of me and leans forward.

“Book, you have a girlfriend, doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“It does.” He says softly. “Problem is, you mean more to me than that. Always have.”

I begin to lean away from him. “You don’t get to say that now, after all this time when it was you who pushed me away. I wanted to be with you!”

“So let’s make it right now, let’s be together.” He husks and I see his eyes darken with desire, and realise I am almost flat on the kitchen bench top with him over me.

“Let me up wolf.” I utter. “Now!” I growl loudly and Booker straightens up and retreats back to the sink.

He looks distressed again. Shit. Do you know how much that hurts to see a big, strong guy like him, crumple?

“We’re connected,somehow. I’m not sure how it happened.” I say at him. “So I don’t know how to break it. But I know we can be control of it. We always have been.” I say at him. “We broke up went our own ways, but stayed, on the edges of one another’s lives. I mean, you’re friend’s with Paris and I’m,”

And that’s when another realization hits me.

“You’re friends with Paris.” I repeat. “You always told me you knew him before you became a Breukelen.”

I slip off the kitchen bench top till I’m standing with it at my back. “Is that true or have you been lying to me, all this time? I mean, that’s some connection isn’t it? You know my future pack mate before we date, and then after we date and end, eventually I find out you’re friends with my packmate. Are you keeping up with me here Book?”

Booker’s not making eye contact with me.
He can’t.
Oh shit, say it ain’t so.
Tell me he’s not a worse manipulator than Conall Wakely.
Not Booker.

Continued in…Manhattan Wolf


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