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Love Should be Free | February 14, 2016

I wrote this a few years ago for a short story challenge based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo &Juliet. Part of me thinks I should write the full story. The other part of me thinks, doing this as a shakespearian theme love story would be just enough to kill me. Anyway, I thought I’d share this with my readers. One for the lovers! Only Available for Valentines Day..Read and enjoy (the free) Love Should Be Free.



Love should be free- cover 2

“Romeo,” Juliet asked panting. Her skin felt like it was still on fire, that her breast bone could barely contain the beating heart underneath it’s interior. She wondered if he had abandoned her while she caught her breath. “Romeo?” she tried again, and hearing movement in the leaves next to her on the ground. Sighing contently, she turnw her head to face him. “Am I dead yet?”

“I don’t feel dead.” Romeo replied breathlessly looking at the moon gleaming down on them from the star encrusted Verona night sky. “Do we come from fatal loins that we would die so quickly?” He said thinking out loud.

….Continued in Love Should Be Free

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