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Flying Sharks vs Werewolves

August 15, 2013
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You know how that one time, I broke up with a TV show called Teen Wolf?

Yeah, well, a.w.k.w.a.r.d… I watched Episode 1 of Season 3 the other night.
Why would I do this to myself you may ask when I so clearly lost my shit with Teen Wolf in the first place and decided so Vehemently not to support it? The reasons are two fold, I shall admit.

Reason 1:
There really isn’t many interesting shows on TV at the moment.
There! I’ve said it! Go ahead, suggest TV shows I should be paying attention to and trying to figure out and getting sucked into the character storylines of. Do it! I dare you!

Yeah I’ve watched the fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal shows, falling skies, yeah I’ve watch revolution and am not a fan of J-J Abrahams’s so called genisus, Lost Girl – which just turns into hate watching EVERY SINGLE TIME past season 1. I may have to start a Hate Watching tv blog at this rate. For god sakes people, I sat through Sharknado!! Of course, I wasn’t sober for it, so that did help, a great deal, even as I yelled at Ian Zeiring for recklessly endangering his group of survivors by stopping to help and save a bus load of school kids.
And for having the name “Fin.” In a Shark movie.
Good one.

I’m actually not big on watching a lot of TV, probably because there just lacks a great deal of quality, interesting stuff on it most of the time. But I like most fan girls and boys, want a TV show I can hook into and use like religion.

I’ve watched Alphas, and admit…this hasn’t lost me completely, yet, but I haven’t exactly been racing to keep up with it. The same goes for Once Upon a Time. I took to reading the graphic novel series Fables, and have to say, I think Once Upon a Time ripped it off massively and then took great liberty with it so as to avoid copyright infringement. But hey, that’s just my opinion, FABLES creator, Bill Willingham, doesn’t think so. So that’s what counts!

Reason 2:
And here is the main reason, really. A friend of mine challenged me to watch Teen Wolf again. She said I could literally forget Season 2 ever happened and pick up from Season 3 like it made complete sense to Season 1.

She knows how to bait a line my friends, I was intrigued by this. Could Teen Wolf be so bad in writing that it really was this simple to forget Season 2 ever happened? Did I want to go into Season 3 given I knew the hot dude who played Jackson wasn’t even going to be in the show?
The more I thought about it, the more I thought “Stiles” and well, we all know how in love with that dude I am, so really…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I shall post my review of Episode 1 up here, later.

Till then peeps,
Embrace Bad TV cause it is everywhere like a god damn sharknado (although flying sharks are pretty frickn cool).
Maybe they could make a sequel – Flying Sharks vs Werewolves. Now I’d pay to watch that!

Vogue Sandy, you’re in fashion.

January 18, 2013

New York is a busy city of bright lights, big dreams, and unlimited glamour. It is a city that is known for it’s fashion, it has it’s own iconic t-shirt – you know the one, it says I heart NY. It’s got iconic shopping stores that are sought out, like Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdoff Goodman. It’s become a TV fashion icon through shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.

So how is it, that doing a Vogue, fashion shoot in New York City, could be considered “offensive” as suggested by the Guardian Newspaper, or“incongruous” as described by the Huffington Post? Because Vogue magazine have decided to do a high end fashion shoot based around Hurricane Sandy.

Let’s try to remember that the New York Marathon that has been running for over forty two years, decided to not to go ahead after Hurricane Sandy. Out of respect, for those affected by it. As the Marathon, traditionally runs through all five boroughs.

So is it a problem that pretty people, want to appear to be paying homage to the style icon of a city, through demonstrating their creativity the only way they know how? By wearing high end fashion and looking beautiful against the non glamorous side of life in New York?

The Vogue photo shoot incorporates models in fashion, from designers like Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, in ball gowns positioned with industrial workers and first responders, like the coast guard and the fire department.

The apparent intention of the editorial fashion shoot was to pay homage to New York’s unsung heroes, and those that are clearly a backbone, to a city that is dependent on people like them. The intention of the photo shoot is clear, as each page that features a photo, features a quote form a first responder worker and it is aiming to raise funds for the Hurricane Sandy relief.

The juxtoposition that seems to create the offense is putting something pretty against the memory of something horrible. It’s there that there is something that creates the idea of insensitivity. Because hardship is not pretty, and survival is barely glamorous. Exploitation is easy to cash in on and hard to justify. So the question is where the line into offense stands or why Vogue had to do a photo shoot like this.

Renowned Photographer Annie Lebowitz who shot the photos is hardly known for doing ordinary photos, and big things are expected of her, each time she does her stuff. The photos themselves, do not appear to be offensive in a traditional sense of the word. But the concept of the photo shoot, is what is at question.

But if you’ve ever watched an episode of America’s next top model, you’d know that the fashion industry is in general, nuts. They do all manner of weird shit to make themselves relevant, to get noticed, to give themselves a sense of artistic merit and justification for showing the world what clothes look like. Because in the end, when you take away all the metaphors and adjectives and the like, it really is just a form of catalogue advertising for clothes. But it’s clothes that most of the general population, can’t afford or won’t wear.
Ballgowns worth thousand of dollars, are not what one dresses in to go and pick up a paper, most of the time.

The people most affected by Hurricane Sandy are unlikely to be the prime target audience for these photos to be seen by, yet these photos are in a way representative of them and what they have seen and gone through. So does that mean Vogue has a right to come into their world?

I’ll admit the more I think about the photo shoot idea, the more weird it gets. It wouldn’t be any better a concept if they’d put non models in the fashion and did the shoot. It would be more compelling but draw just as much cynisism. Which leads me to again, like most of the media question why they had to do it.

Because when I think of why someone would do this and then pass it off as an homage of sorts, and see the name Vogue, all it makes me think of is people, who live in a bubble of a world that isn’t anywhere nearly as involved in the extra’s who played background to the models and their poses in the fashion shoot.

A world of existence that isn’t remotely real or connected to the true emotion and heart of what a disaster like Sandy means and feels to those affected by it. A world that is representive of excess and luxury, everything Hurricane Sandy, isn’t.

Kind of like, the shoe thing. You know, they were high heeled shoes but the rest of us walk in trainers or boots, so how could you walk in anyone who lived through Sandy and was affected by it’s shoes? Not that it’s what they’re trying to do. No Vogue isn’t actually trying to do photo journalism. So again my thoughts fall to why? Their argument would likely be, they’re trying to help out the only way they know how, or the best way they can.

The oddity of the photo shoot has garnered it plenty of attention which should in fact, work in favor of fund raising. The idea that it is Vogue who have done this, makes me at least, think of cashing in on a situation with a notion to be current.

It doesn’t make me think it’s sincere in it’s efforts, so much as just trying to make their February issue, important and therefore, high in circulation. It’s not the first time Vogue have tried to somehow be current affairs credible and it’s unlikely to be the last.

But the idea of something as insensitive as fashion, that isn’t marketed at the general masses, that is in fact, about as elitist as can be from it’s Haute Cotoure designer labels and price tags, being linked to the everyday person, is where the divide and the disgust in this idea lies.

The fashion industry and fashion itself, is quite often a big slap in particular to women and the image of them and that’s not new. So Vogue shouldn’t be so damn shocked that people are feeling that slap from the concept of their photo shoot. Got to wonder what Carrie Bradshaw would make of it.

I for one, agree that it’s in bad taste, wether you’re Vogue or not. An online dictionary definition of Vouge states “the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time: “the vogue is realism” – freedictionary.com/vogue.

That definition makes Vouge seem like their photo shoot idea, is every kind of wrong and lacks a fair amount of cultural sensitivity as well as realisim in the reality of this situation.

A Werewolf’s Xmas sale

December 12, 2012

All Breukelen Girl novels are the same price from 12/12/12 – 21/12/12!  on Smashwords.

Wild LifeLunar Night StandLunar Night StandOf Wolf and MaleReasons

     The Pack RevengePerception growing up werewolf Lycan La Vida Loca

Bg’s Xmas Wish list Part 1

November 28, 2012

You know the song, and the line “He’s making a list and he’s checking it twice, going to find out

Who’s naughty or nice.”  Well, I’m pretty sure I know what category I fall under and I decided to make my own xmas wish list, it’s rather incomplete but I can update it before xmas, so here goes:

1. Less Kardashians it’s how you’ll achieve peace on earth

2. The end of all that is Twilight – if anyone can pull this off, surely it’s the big guy!

3. For K-Stew to be ripped apart by a werewolf

4. For R-Patz to turn into said werewolf and rip K-Stew apart

5. For tickets to the public viewing of said werewolf ripping apart to be made available to moi (see no 3,4 &5 for clarification)

6. For women to realise that 50 shades of grey is incredibly LAME and appreciate the men they have got!

7. The death of Anastasia Steele. Preferably by Patrick Bateman – now that, would be worth reading! (see no 6 for clarification)

8. For teenwolf to make sense again. Please.

9. Stiles. Gift-wrapped on my front door on xmas day.

10. If Stiles from Teenwolf can not be obtained, please feel free to substitute with Dyson from Lost Girl (see no 9 for clarification).

11. A werewolf Lego fighter figurine. Awesome.

12. A blue suit like the one in “Gangam style” video clip. I could so rock that.

13. The destruction of reality TV shows and the dead heads who put themselves on them

14. Firefly back on TV as a continuing TV series

15. More Brad Pitt endorsing Chanel Perfume advertising. It’s a public service we say thank you Mister Pitt

16. Hurricanes to fuck right off

17. Politicians to lock their fucking egos up and just do their jobs

18. For people who do the whole “Like this if you believe in this dude / if you don’t like this you have no heart” on facebook to be raptured off the face of the earth and transported to a poorly performed star trek convention for the rest of their natural lives

19. No more Bieber / One direction records to be played anywhere near my ears. EVER AGAIN.

20. No more pop stars as movie stars movies (YOU ARE NOT ACTORS JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN IN A MUSIC VIDEO!)

Werewolves on TV

October 25, 2012
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Werewolves on TV. Seems to be a thing now. 

Who’d have thought it would be so damn mainstream for werewolves to

appear on TV like it ain’t no thing? Not me.  Good thing I don’t really get to watch that much TV, too busy living my you know, werewolf lifestyle and all.

Watch out peeps, the werewolves are everywhere! Invading a TV screen near you. 

Well, they beat watching reality TV human bullshit all the time.

Breaking up with Teen Wolf

August 23, 2012

Dear Teen Wolf,
It was bound to happen sooner or later, the signs were there from the start of season 2. I ‘m just not that into you anymore.

So our relationship break up really if you think about it, was inevitable. Because truthfully there is only so much crap one werewolf can deal with in a one sided relationship, like ours had.

You just kept on ignoring pretty much everything I was trying to tell you to make you a better tv show. And worst of all Teen Wolf, you neglected my needs.You went dark side but it was off in the realms of weirdville. Quite frankly Teen Wolf, you got selfish. You indulged in this fantasy bullshit about the Kanima, and you forgot, almost entirely what you were about.  You weren’t true to yourself and in not doing that, you lost my interest too.

But you haven’t only affected /neglected me, it’s worse than that. You hurt others too. Other viewers and even characters on your show were put into emotional warfare.

You became obsessed with your nemesis Jackson. And for what? I still haven’t figured that out yet. You wasted your own potential and you expected your best friend Stiles to save the scene/day with his sharp wit and perfect timing. And more than that, Stiles came through, time and time again.

You kept ensuring you were still involved with Derek Hale, but honestly, how could you not see you’d surpassed his Alpha-ness? You neglected your studies to the point that your mother started paying more attention to you, when really, your all about being a secretive soul. Also a stupid one. You were smarter than this in Season one.  Or at least, you seemed so.

You let your school friends follow your lead and go down the wrong path with Derek. Dragging them into an under world they weren’t ready for or fully aware of. Nor we’re you, so it was a bit like the stupid leading the stupid. And your choice in girlfriend, where do I start on her? How about she over acts for one thing. When she’s not over acting, she’s turned into this big eyed watery, overly emotional clingy girl who like you isn’t too smart when it comes to dealing with and dodging parents.

Haven’t either of you figured it out yet? You live in an adult world. Your just teenagers, even though you don’t really act like teenagers a lot of the time.

But despite the tenuous hold you had on me for eight episodes, you finally did it. You gave me a reason to break ties with you completely in episode 9. And quite frankly, I think we both knew, it was about time.

Do you even now what you did to me?

You insulted me. You offended me. You turned me off you. You insulted females.  Do you know how you did it?  The opening scene of episode 9 with Lydia.

All of season two you’ve turned a vapid pretend airhead who’s actually a terribly smart girl, Lydia, into a complete fucking loon. But I dealt with that.  You’re efforts to make her unstable have been shitting me for a long time. Because despite all the other crap that was thrown into season two, and whilst I was in fact being turned off most of the main characters in this show (save Stiles) I was beginning to like Lydia. A lot. And beginning to feel that you weren’t giving her character a fair chance to prove how completely fucking misunderstood and over looked she is by all.

I could see the silent steely strength in her, so why couldn’t you?

You attract a certain type of crowd Teen Wolf and I think it’s fair to say that they’re probably teenagers and I’d take a guess and say a lot of them are female. given the amount of pretty and eye candy on your show.

So I doubt I’m the only female who tuned in to episode 9 and whose first reaction to the opening scene of Lydia in the shower, that then became Lydia in a dream at high school, where all her peers watched and cheered for Lydia, who was then attacked and by the alpha (Peter Hale), was internal horror.

I switched my TV off, that’s how I reacted to this scene.  I couldn’t make it through this scene and as a result I can’t watch you anymore.  There was never love there for you Teen Wolf, but now whatever small amount of like there was, that’s gone too.  The thing is it’s not that Lydia is a character on a TV show getting attacked and harassed by an alpha male.  You’re scene implied much more than that. It implied rape. It kind of  implied gang rape,  with the crowd just watching as only one woman in the otherwise mass, cheering crowd that where chanting Lydia’s name, sobbed  away in the crowd while Lydia was dragged literally through the mud screaming.

You’ve put me off you.  I thought maybe you could be better than this, but you’ve proven you’re not.  And quite frankly Teen Wolf, I’ve more than given you a chance to get your shit together and  I’m better than you and that means, I don’t need to watch you. I don’t need to know what’s going on in your world.  I don’t need to know these characters.  Or to watch you destroy them.

And if I’m being perfectly honest with you  Teen Wolf, I was only doing it for my blog posts. Yeah, that’s right, I was using you.

Please stop giving werewolves everywhere a bad name by making us as pathetic as anything that comes out of the world of Twilight. Just stop. You really need to.

So it’s over, you’ll go on apparently to what looks like season 3 and I’ll find something else to watch on TV, that’s likely to be better than you ever will be.

Teen Wolf Season 2, episode Yawn.

July 12, 2012
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You know I had such hopes for Teen Wolf the TV series.

And now, as Season 2 starts up and I resume my watching, I can’t help but feel the disappointment coming on.  And I felt that after watching the first episode!

Have the writers changed? Has the vision in the overall story arc changes? What is with falling into predictable patterns and characters and trying to turn others into something out of a J. J Abrahams unsatisfying TV show? Hmmm?

My review of Season one was a good one, because I thought the way the movie version of characters had been adapted to the small screen was very well done with some all out great casting.  But now it seems, that the tv show has fallen on it’s laurels and gone into the regular mythos surrounding werewolves, which isn’t necessarily true, but hey, each to their own. Rehash, rehash, some people will buy it.

The show returns with a beautiful opening scene of Jackson (the school lacrosse captain and  jock and bully) who last season, we were left wondering if he would be ripped apart by Derek (the new alpha werewolf) and killed or transformed into the next werewolf and what that would mean for Scott (teen wolf) if he was.

We were never actually show the next step.  So the opening scene is a little odd for us to suddenly clutch onto. Especially since it doesn’t take off, where our season left us.  Well it does, but know exactly how it left us. Again the viewer is left to wonder for a moment, where we are in the teen wolf verse and what has happened.

A beautiful moon light night in the wilderness draws us in as Jackson suddenly appears breaking the surface of the river’s water dramatically, as he surges upwards out of the water, we see the very big,  werewolf bite on his side.  Whilst we are able to tell that Derek has decided to turn him into a werewolf, I’m still left wondering what that has to do with Jackson surfacing like an Olympic champion coming up for air after a 9.0 dive.   It’s iconic imagery alright, but it’s also irrelevant at all to the story we know. So why put it in there? Did Derek throw him in the water? Did they decide to go for a midnight swim? and by the way, why aren’t the parents of these kids aware that they’re kids are out so freakn late at night?

Cut to the hospital and we’re updated on Lydia (smart school girl playing mean girl previously dating school jock Jackson) and we’re not learning anything new on her that we don’t already know.  She was attacked by another alpha werewolf and was taken to hospital to recover.  Teen Wolf and Stiles have been keeping an eye on her, to see if she turns into a werewolf.

Yeah I know, this whole “turning into a werewolf” theme is becoming, well, repetitive and I’m only on episode 1 at this stage.  Granted this is a TV show about a “werewolf”. Still, there is more to being a werewolf than turning people into them.  Or you know, maybe in Teen Wolf world, there really isn’t.

Lydia is awake and freaking out about visions of odd, creepy things that aren’t actually happening in reality.  Dirty shower water, loosing hair, creepy hands and claws…So no change from Season 1.  She flees the hospital and is later found, nude and wondering the woods. Yawn.

No explanation as to what she “is” other than, alive.  Lydia’s visions, whilst unexplained are left for us to think that they are merely a side affect of her werewolf attack that she must suffer through and us with her and her derangements.  So Lydia has been turned into a zimbo (I like to think of it as a combination of zombie and bimbo). Boring.

Meanwhile our two teenage love birds – Allison and Teen Wolf are secretly romeo and julieting and sneaking around behind their parents backs still dating one another – they were banned in Season one, Scott pretty much threatened with death if he continued to see Allison the daughter of the local pissed off werewolf hunter.  They’re love is so great now that they’ve progressed to frotting with  one another – you know, rubbing up against each other in just their underwear.  Blah!

Whilst our teenage lovers keep the home fires hot and heavy, the werewolf world looks sure to burst open any time soon with Allison’s uncle coming to town.  He’s some sort of highly scary and respected figure in her family that everyone seems to be on edge about.  Oh that’s because Colonel Tai from Battlestar Galatica is Allison’s dead Aunt’s (from season 1) father!  And he is not happy as we can tell from the funeral that is held for his dead daughter.  In fact he leads a hunting party out at night looking for werewolves.

The hunting party has started setting up various traps around the forests of whatever town it is, that Teen Wolf and everyone reside in.  And they manage to capture not only Teen Wolf at one stage, but also another werewolf we’re introduced to as The Omega.  Colonel Tai explains “An omega is a lone wolf, one who has left or been banished from it’s pack.”   The hunters proceed to kill the omega wolf who has done them no wrong, but since he is a werewolf he must be killed.  Despite Allison’s father saying “we have a code.”

Because you know, its an us or them world in Teen Wolf.


There’s something about some other random highschool person who was attacked by what we don’t know but assume is a werewolf  that is most likely Derek, but really – who cares? I don’t. I was pretty much over this by the end of the episode.

I survived a werewolf game show

August 25, 2011
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So I’ve started working on editing the second Breukelen Girl novella. As I ponder about novel titles to use I thought I’d run some discarded titles, based on reality tv shows by you.

The Amazong Race – of werewolves

Survivor – Werewolf

Who wants to be a werewolf?

So you think you can werewolf

The biggest werewolf

16 & werewolf

Keeping up with the werewolves

Swamp werewolves

The real werewolves of new jersey

Jon & Kate plus 8 werewolves

Laugana beach: werewolves

Pimp my werewolf ( a personal fave.)

Beauty and the werewolf

America’s next top werewolf

Teen Wolf : A werewolf’s review

August 7, 2011
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I started watching the new Teen wolf series. But then my life took over from me and I haven’t had all that much time for television since then. I think I got about four episodes in and decided I liked it, however formulaic it was. So here’s the start of my review on it, at least it’s characters.

Suprisingly, the best part of the new teen wolf television series for me is probably what was the worst part of the original teenwolf movie of which this show is based on.


Scott aka teen wolf’s best friend. In the movie, he’s too cheesy, too over the top, and quite frankly about as annoying as can be. However, Dylan O’Brien who plays Stiles in the series, is spot on perfect. I find him to be the right combination of humour and anxious teenager. I actually think he steals pretty much every scene he’s in because his acting is so seamlessly part of the character. Shockingly, I love this new styles character.

Teen wolf himself Tyler Posey, is doing a fairly good job of holding up his own as a confused, teenage beta wolf. Having been there (so to speak) and done that myself, I’d have to say I can relate to a lot of what he’s going through. Growing up is usually like navigating a gauntlet course of life, throw in the mix growing up werewolf and it just doubles the danger of the gauntlet and ups the stress and pressure on the teen to cope with being a werewolf.

Lunar nights become a whole new world to us. As Scott /teen wolf is finding out when he wakes up thinking he’s gone on a killing spree and finding out about the whole structure of the Alpha male and pack to him.

Yes we all have our little issues to sort through growing up, but being a teenwolf is a wee bit different to the average teenager in normal life.

The annoyances for me in this show are the popular kids. Clichéd to the hilt and barely worth believing as characters. I know the role of popular kids in teenage social structures is to be beautiful, athletic and mean. But the characters in this, like Lydia, bring a whole new meaning to the word shallow. Like, cardboard cut-out empty, shallow.

Also, can somebody answer this for me, the opening shot of the school says class of 1985 – clearly an homage to the original film, but then all the kids in this series seem to have technology and fashion from our time. So am I watching an alternate 1985 timeline? Or is that something?

Tyler Hoechlin who plays Derek Hale is a new element into the teen wolf world but an obviously needed one when adpting this film premise into a tv show. He reminds me a lot of Angel from Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as he first appeared. Moody and chiseled within an inch of his life. Mysteriously appearing, brooding and then disappearing again only to cryptically menace teen wolf later.

I’ll try and review more of the series and give you a werewolf’s perspective on a werewolf tv show. When I have some more time!

January werewolves

January 29, 2011

I noticed one of the serch terms for my blog was “what happens to werewolves in january?” – which got me wondering why, anyone would be looking for that? Unless of course they love my blog so much they’re missing that I haven’t posted that much in January. Which I suspect is the case, because how could you not love this blog? So to stop the tears and crying, I’m going to tell you what happens to werewolves in January.


Nothing out of the ordinary unless extraordinary circumstances are put on us. Nothing unusual from our normal routines. Nothing any more odd than the usual turning furry once a month trick. Nothing that warrants a search on the internet.

You see, werewolves, are in a sense, just like humans. Wait, hear me out on this. Today’s werewolves, are a hybrid mix of human and wolf right? And as such we have to balance the two parts of who we are – the nature of the wolf and it’s needs, shape shifting, hunting, scenting, urges, all that stuff. But by the same token standard, we have to look after the human side of us too. You neglect one side and the whole “being” part of being a werewolf, goes out of whack.

Controlling the balance of our identity is crucial. Favour one side of who we are too much, and then you risk becoming more and more that side of you. I mean, it’s not so different to humans. For example, there are humans who are killers, but they are capable of knowing right from wrong, but they engage in the wrong more and more, and so it becomes the normal for them. So they become what’s wrong about them.

Werewolf sitch is similar. If we take on the wolf form too much engage in only werewolf behaviour, whilst ignoring our human psychology’s needs, then we’re more likely to become some sort of feral werewolf, that doesn’t respond to all the systems and rules we’ve put in place for werewolves of today. And that only means bad things for humans, trust me.

We’ve developed our habits and routines for dealing with being a werewolf, and so like humans, we go through our motions, and do our daily routines, and go about our lives as best we can.

For me, January has been a bit about dealing with the various bits of fall out from the bitch fight in December. Cause it turns out, whilst dealing with the Gabby problem first hand, that doesn’t mean things stop. Gabby has been dealt with and I haven’t seen her since, but my actions, well, it turns out there are consequences to what I did, like a ripple in the pond kind of thing.

If I ever thought I wasn’t important in the werewolf culture, well that thought’s flow out of my head now. All the crap that comes back on me from what happened in December, has shown me, that’s not the case, to a lot of wolves.

Oh and also, in January, another reason for my lack of posts to the blog – working on the manuscript for the first Breukelen werewolf book.

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