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Crest the night

September 25, 2010

There’s a Santana song playing somewhere near us, throughout the night, I recognize it, even as I’m distracted by Paris who’s just as eager as I am, that there’s no softness. No slow teasing and delaying now. Not tonight.

“I really thought you wanted Aaron’s blood.”

We’re under a moonlight night sky, the only place I feel I belong in this world without question, under a moonlight night and in Paris’s embrace.

“I did.” My hands slide up his chest. Committing the touch of him to memory.
“But I was practicing that thing, what’s the word for it…” I pretend to think about this as my lips race over his neck. “Control.”

Paris laughs lightly and my hands keep skimming over his chest. “When you asked me what I wanted to do to him, what I told you, was exactly what I wanted to do to him.” Paris flicks my hair out of the way and kisses me hard and breaks apart, panting heavily.

“I was letting you, you know.”

I know he was. I know that, but my wolf doesn’t. She wants out of me, has made me restless, angsty and frustrated since being denied the opportunity to let loose on Aaron. As much as my wolf side wanted the blood. I’d have hated myself afterwards. That guy was rude. It’d be like having a regretful one night stand I’d be unable to wash out of my mind. That was why I didn’t take the pass Paris was giving me.

Paris pulls me to him.

His mouth on mine and we’re shutting out the rest of the world. Whatever there is of it outside under the night sky. We belong here, together, with each other, for each other. We’re good together, real good. His arms lift me so he can guide me onto him.

That craving for blood and flesh is still there, I still flash back and recall the scent of it. With delightful ease. It’s like having a craving. Wanting candy and not acting on it, but wanting it all the same. I’ve been running an obsessive replay of it like play of the day in my head, over and over again. Lunar week and when a thought as erotic as allowing my true werewolf self to be out and about, doing primal stuff like licking up human blood is in there, it’s hard to think about much else. Kind of fuels my stupid restlessness.

Paris is helping me build a rhythm between us and all I want is harder, deeper and faster. As I try to eradicate that sensory overload of blood fuelling my brain’s memory. My wolf’s need. There’s a Feeling like I’m being turned inside out with sanity. Want to ride this night out, till I’m completely weak and sated of every bit of energy I’ve got coursing under my skin. To my mind grey’s out.

Paris’s hands move from my hips, to my ass and he groans deep in the back of his throat. We move with desperation, urgency. Driving need to touch, be touched, to enjoy and reach heights of passion that are there to be indulged in and not drawn out. Now is not the time for control. Time to let it go, give it up and forget about it, to really find the release this werewolf is craving as the moon heightens every fibrous being inside and out of me. Survival by any means necessary when the sensors are overloading me and my passion is swamping me.

Heat. Lust. Love. Blood. Sex. Moonlight. Rush, rush rush. Crest the night, hold tight.

I throw back my head, my hair flying out behind me and slapping down my back as I howl myself into the night air along with Paris’s underneath me. And the echo of our howling, lingers on the air before we relax, into each other.

Heated panting, heart beats drumming, as the temperature around us simmers from our body heat and I close my eyes, my mind preparing to shape shift so the werewolf in me, can come out and play.

All Kinds of Trouble (Got that) Pt 2.

September 24, 2010
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Blood, the air is tainted with the crisp scent of it and I lift my nose and inhale. Which of course, for a werewolf on a lunar night, is the wrong thing to do. It’s like tempting an addict or something. It makes my wolf senses want to really kick in to effect. Want me to shape shift to my tribal form so I could tear apart the prey before me that is down and bleeding.

Aaron, once a sweet boy, now a regular bitter asshole who thinks he can talk shit to me because we’d never eventuated when there’d been a chance of dating. Not my fault. But he seems to harbor somewhat of grudge to me.

He’s slightly dazed by the punch I’ve thrown so quickly. His head snapped back like whiplash with the impact from my stellar right hook.

I jump down on top of him, landing above him, on my hands and toes, my shoes pointed sharply into the floor, balancing me precariously, so I don’t actually touch him. But lay, above him, effectively trapping him.

“Do you have any idea, how turned on I am right now?” I mutter in a low, husky voice. Watching Aaron’s eyes widen as they dart across my own face. “Why I’m so turned on?”

His eyes kept staring back at me amazed. I dip my face towards his and inhale the scent of his blood filling my nostrils again. Stronger this time. My stomach gurgles, like it’s hungry. My pulse races, I feel the temples in my head throb, like I’m dizzy with exertion from moving to fast. I dig my fingers into the floor, arching them into a claw like position. Gripping at nothing and feeling them cramp up with the strain I’m putting on them.

“Uh, everyone’s looking at us.” Aaron says in a low voice, sounding once again like the nervous guy of old, I knew.

I glance to the side of us. Of course the crowd are staring at us. Half of them, the werewolf half can smell the blood as good as if they are where I am. The other half, the nons, are looking at us because I look like a woman, primed to fuck the brains out of the gun underneath me.

“No, they’re looking at you Aaron.” I reply, still holding my position above him. Resisting the urge to lick the blood smeared on his face. “They’re looking at you because you’re bleeding and they’re hungry.”
His eyes slide to the right of us again, looking at the crowd there, before looking back at me.

“You’re making them, hungry and horny. Bleeding so invitingly in the open for them.”

“You hit me!” He whines in a hushed whisper. I can hear the approaching footsteps of three people and know one of them isParis, coming towards me.

“You had it coming.”

A pair of shoes stop beside me and I recognize Paris’s shoes immediately. He squats down beside us. Looking from Aaron to me.

“What do we have here?”

“A bleeding non.” I reply simply as my arms start to twitch a little with the strain of holding myself off him so cautiously.

Paris looks at me. “And what do you want to do to him?” He asks me playfully. Werewolves, we’re just like any other animal, that wants to play with their food.

My mouth drops open and I look at Paris as my arms shake harder. “I want to lick that blood off him, maybe tear him apart a little, so my teeth can sink into soft flesh. Feel the blood flow up to my gums.”

Werewolf Speak, it’s not about conceding desire, it’s allowing yourself to be honest about it. Paris appears to think about this for a moment and looks back at Aaron, still laying on his back, trapped underneath me. His eyes wide, his expression one of puzzlement.

“You can lick the blood of him, but that’s it.”

I tilt my head back to look at Aaron like he’s an appetizer. Goody.

“Do you understand me?” Paris asks me, somewhat patiently.


“Good.” Paris stands up.

“What?” Aaron looks back at me, not understanding at thing that is going on. Except that maybe, he might be in a bad situation, I can litterally feel the sense of fear in him.

I lower my body onto his. My breasts crushing into his chest, my hips against his, separated by a couple of layers of clothing. Sex and Blood, a werewolf favorite thing in life. Specially on a lunar night. It’s like tenfold. Better and better than anything you’d think of.

“What’s a matter Aaron, don’t you want me?” I ask as his hands automatically reached for my ass, gripping my skirt. I can feel him getting harder underneath me. His eyes dart about me quickly. A Feeling like white noise is filling my head, I can feel the sweat dripping down the back of my shoulder blades.

My wolf wants her fill.

I blink, relax my hands and pushed off to one side suddenly. Aaron lets out a huge sigh of relief.

“It’s not your kind of place.” I say squatting before standing and offering him a hand up. He hesitates, briefly, looking around at the crowd that has gathered around us. “You need to leave.” I pull him upright to his feet and drop his hand as Paris slides his arm around my waist.

“Can I at least ask,”

“No.” I cut him off. “You don’t want trouble Aaron, that includes this place, me and him.” I say pointing to Paris. “Stay away.”

“Got that.” Aaron mutters in a low voice, gingerly touching the blood underneath his nose again. Momentairly reminding me of the old Aaron.

“Jules, make sure he gets cleaned up and out of here safely.” Paris instructes the other Alpha male wolf. “Put him a cab.” Jules nods his head silently and steps forward towards Aaron. Who looks back over at me.

“You’re a weird one.” He says softly, glancing from me to Paris and back at me, shaking his head.

“Better than being a bitch whore.” I reply, as he starts to move towards Jules.

“About that, I shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry. I had no right.”

I nod my head at him.

“Got that.”

All Kinds of Trouble Pt1.

September 23, 2010

You could say Aaron was one of the reasons I cut ties with my human friends last year, because, well, he along with my friend Aimee (who I’ve been told – and I quote “Please don’t write about me on your blog without my permission.”) – I’m not allowed to mention on here, except in this context, showed me, that at that point in my life, my two worlds just didn’t mix. It was all getting a bit to complicated for me to handle. That and the fact that Aaron stopped looking at me when we were out with our friends, and then stopped talking to me, after he saw me at Ultra with Conall.

Yeah, that went down well, so well, that night.

But here he is again, this human male, back in my life. Entering into my world. Werewolf world. He shouldn’t be here, but he is. Paris has got his crew asking a few pointed questions about Midnight Blue. It’s supposed to be a kind of safe haven for werewolves on lunar week. That’s not to say humans aren’t allowed, but really, if there’s going to be humans there, you’re only ever likely to see a handful, like three, five maximum. When we were at Midnight Blue, and ran into Aaron, there was more than that, at least half the club was full of nons and werewolves. Which is asking for all kinds of trouble. Especially since the Manhattan Alpha, hasn’t decreed this is acceptable behavior to operate in his territory.

Part of what makes Paris a great Pack Leader, he’s smart, really smart when it comes to werewolf needs and pack behavior. He’s more flexible than most pack leaders would be willing to be and he’s more open minded. But if you take liberty of this attributes, without following his rules, like Midnight Blue seem to have been doing, then you can expect to get found out and dealt with.

So I find myself back in Midnight Blue as Paris’s pack lieutenants, Addison, Jules, Gabby and Wiatt start doing there thing at the club. And who shows up for a second night in a row, but Aaron. Now I’m suspicious. You see, from what I do know of Aaron, he’s a nice boy. A conservative, nice, polite, regular guy. I find it hard to believe he’d venture this far over to the wild side of life. But then again, maybe he doesn’t know, just how wild it gets in these places. And for his own benefit, more than mine, I should at least give him a heads up to get out, before Paris and his crew do something, that might end up endangering him. Or exposing his human mind to things he probably doesn’t know about, or would rather not see or believe.

He starts laughing as I walk towards him. Shaking his head. The blonde he was with the other night is nowhere in sight. He’s alone, or at least, I think he is, there’s a few humans standing at the bar not so far behind him. Could be friends.

“So you don’t come to sex clubs like this? But here you are two nights in a row. Man, I really didn’t have a clue about you did I?” He says to me, hands on his hips.

Oh you still don’t you ungrateful, rude, prick.

“It’s not a sex club. It’s a nightclub and I never said I hadn’t been here before. Keep up and pay attention Aaron or you’ll get left behind.” I zing back at him.

His arms drop off his hips.

“Yeah right, then why wouldn’t they stop people from stripping off out of their clothes and having four ways on the dance floor?”

I so can not explain this to him.

“I don’t know why you’re here or how you got in..”

“Some of us of heard about this place, apparently there are others, but this was the only one me and Daniel could get into. We had to bribe the doorman with like two hundred and fifty bucks each to let us in last night and again tonight.”

My eyebrows shot up at this news. Weak security detail on a wolf club. Not good. Paris will not be amused either.

“It was a dare of sorts.”

This guy was so not the same Aaron I thought I knew last year. What a shame.

“So the real question is,” He asked stepping forward, closer to me. “Why are you here, in this sex club that you’ve been to, more than once before?”

My finger nails start tapping out an angry rhythm on my thigh as I glare at him.

“I’m here with my boyfriend, remember the hulking guy who wanted to rip your head off from your shoulders last night, because you were in my face?”

He looked shocked for a second and looked around us.

“You sure do know how to pick ‘em. First that Colin guy…”

Conall. His name is Conall.”

“Whatever. You like the asshole type, and sex clubs, and you wonder why we never got together?” His eyes run up and down my outfit. “Well it’s because bitch whores have never been my type. Guess I figured that out in time, for once.”

I straighten up and feel the tension in my body elevate.
“Bitch whore.” I repeat slowly and punch him in the face, before I even realize I’ve made a fist.

Aaron cried out and stumbled backwards with the force of the blow, falling down on the ground, onto his backside. His hands going up to his face.

“Aww that fucking hurt!”

I shrugged my shoulders as he cupped his nose. “You hurt my feelings.” I replied.

The scent of blood tinged the air near me and I know before he’d even removed his hands from his nose, that there is blood gushing from his nose. I watch him now more curiously, the animal inside taking it’s time to assess through human eyes. Aaron looked at the blood on his hands and his brown eyes darted back over to mine. Holding my gaze.

The smell of fresh blood has my heart beat racing. I lick my lips. My skin is itching with a need to go primal on the prey in front of me. On Aaron.

Seems like an opportune time to let the werewolf in me, out.

Cool Fire

September 22, 2010

His kisses burn my skin and make me gasp for cool air and moan in delight. I want to drown in this feeling. The heightened sensation that Paris just keeps keeping me on edge, rather skillfully. Or I want to howl. Maybe drown howling as I crash through myself and into him with the cool fire he’s wracking me in. I’m getting needy.

That talented mouth, leaves my skin and Paris looks up at me, and starts crawling over me, his hands either side of me as he skims just above my body, ever towards me.

“So now, are you going to tell me who that Non was?” He asks softly.

I sigh heavily. This is his idea of asking nicely. I’d been avoiding telling him about Aaron at Midnight Blue. Paris isn’t so different to any other guy I’ve been involved with in one respect. He hates to think of me ever being with another guy before him. Yet he asks for info.

“Why’s it important to know?” I hate talking about ex’s, or past flings or guys that don’t matter to me anymore when I’m with someone that does matter. Like my packmate.

Paris dips his mouth to ear.

“If you tell me, I promise to let you finish what I just started.” His tongue flicks out and starts playing with the join of my ear to my neck. Seriously ticklish and more.

“I think…you..want to finish this as much as I want you too anyway.” I reply defiantly.
His teeth grace along my jaw, nipping it, as his naked chest grazes against my breasts, pushing down into them, till my nipples harden into him. I fist the sheets under my hands into a bunch.

“That’s true.” He murmurs, kissing down under my throat softly. “But doesn’t mean I’m going to let you, at least, not any time soon. We got all night long, wolf.”

I laugh, my breasts rumbling into him as he holds himself over me. “You wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t I?” He answers me without skipping a beat. But I can hear the smile in his voice.

“I thought you liked watching me when I,”

“I do.” Paris laughs lightly, his breath tickling it’s way across my heated skin.

“But I’m curious, want to know who the non that upset you was.” I’m beginning to wonder if he’s going to do something to Aaron. Doubtful, but, well…no, he wouldn’t. I mean, nothing really happened right? Other than the guy insulted me and mine. Well, Conall. But Paris is curious. An Alpha with curiosity. Yeah, he’s not going to let this go any time soon.

I push up onto my elbows and look down at the top of his head, as his mouth latches on to my breast.

“You wouldn’t be so mean. Couldn’t be.”

“Me and my werewolf influence, can do anything sweetheart, especially with a beta wolf whose worked up at my will. Easy.”

I tense up slightly. Influence. Hadn’t thought of that. Damn Alpha werewolf abilities. Of course, he could tease me to the point of almost reaching orgasm and then, hold my will at bay continously. Stop me from that moment of release. Then start it up again and do it again. But that would just be cruel. Really, really, cruel. Even playing around with the idea is cruel.

Those blue eyes look up at me as he continues to suck and lick at my breast.

“Okay you win.” I reply quickly. It’s lunar week, being horny and denied on a lunar week when my body is craving nothing more than sex, meat and nightfall, is just not on. I mean, it’d be like scratching an itch that was never going to go away. It’d be like trying to cool down in the middle of an inferno. The body, the werewolf knows what it wants to keep it’s calm, to be under control, in control. To feel the balance of me and the wolf together. It’s wants’ Paris to make me come.

“Aaron. His name’s Aaron.” I reply quickly, flopping back on the bed’s pillows and his teeth graze my breast, hungrily. “He’s just a guy I once knew.”

“And you dated?” Paris asks, lifting his mouth long enough to ask the question before travelling across to my other breast.

“No, it never got to that.”

Paris seems content with my answer as he lavishes his skilled mouth, teeth and tongue on my breast. I try to remember to breathe evenly.

“Well then, after we’re done here, which consequently won’t be for quite some time yet, since you’re not even close to needing to shape shift soon,”

“But you said!”

“I said I’d let you finish. Didn’t say I’d be quick about it.” Paris smirks back at me, as he starts on my stomach. His tongue following the grooves on the skin.

“Then, I’ll find out what the deal is with Midnight Blue and your ex Non-Non boyfriend.”

Midnight Blue

September 21, 2010
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You might think, that after being born a werewolf, growing up a werewolf and living in this world, that I’d be used to all things werewolf. Especially coming from the werewolf culture it’s self. But let me tell you, I’m a avid learner. Seems like there’s still plenty of surprises in this life, in the wolf culture, for me to continuously learn about. Like ex boyfriends. Well, not really Ex, because we never really did get around to hooking up and going out on a proper date together.

But maybe, would be Ex boyfriend is a better way to sum up Aaron.

I really shouldn’t be surprised, given my appalling track record with dating the male species. Especially when it comes to Nons. Yes, I’ve dated a few. And let me tell you, the reason it’s only a few, less than a handful is because of that appalling track record when it comes to love and dating. Takes forever to figure stuff out when you’re dating. You just make the same mistakes, the same choices, over and over again. Then you add the element of werewolf into the mix, and shit, it’s just a brain bust trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing, with a non.

So Aaron, I met Aaron, a human, through mutual friends– yes human friends, and I kind of developed, a crush on him. He seemed to reciprocate, but nothing ever happened. The boy never asked me out and ditto me to him.

So it’s all null and void right?

Incase you haven’t noticed, it’s lunar week this week. So I’m off doing my thing, being immersed in my werewolf nature, in werewolf world. Which means, some nights of the weeks, I’m in a sweatbox club, drinking in, drowning and soaking in the atmosphere of werewolf pheromones getting heightened for and by, love, sex, and shape shifting. I walked into Midnight Blue the other night, said I’d meet Paris there. The place was packed. I think almost every werewolf in Manhattan must’ve had the same thought about where to go that night. Because the crowd seemed huge.

I was looking around the club and walking towards Paris’s side of the main room, when a guy steps out suddenly and cuts me off. I was about say what the hell, when I look up and see, Aaron.

Aaron, the non in a designated werewolf club on a lunar night.

The odds of this supposedly happening, should be like zero to none. See, the whole point to the club scene for werewolves, is a form of control. So we don’t go all baser and rampage through the streets attacking people. And that means, on lunar weeks, the amount of humans allowed into a wolf club, are like a handful, if that. There’s all these waivers tey have to sign and costs involved and they have to be vouched for…hassle.

I’d already spotted Paris and the boys and they had already notice my entrance too.

“Hey,” He says smiling at me brightly. “You look great.”

Of course I look great, I just spent two and a half hours getting ready for my boyfriend to lust over me.

Smooth skin, shiny black hair, red lipstick, black eyeliner, killer red heels with ribbon wound around my feet, short black skirt, and black sleeveless top that dips, greatly at the back, to expose most of my back. Fun, flirty and fully ready for action. It only took me like an hour of throwing out half my clothes in my wardrobe and whining “I have nothing to wear” to myself repeatedly, to come up with the look.

So I fumble for a reply and smile brightly back at him.
“Uh hi.”

“I didn’t you knew about this place? I haven’t seen you here before.”

I shake my head and blink. The whole, he’s bordering on entering into my world on a lunar week has kind of thrown me. This boy knows absolutely nothing about me. And he sure as hell doesn’t know about werewolves in New York. Let alone that he’s smiling back at one, who’s starting to sweat.

“Um, not frequently.” I mutter back.

“Wow,” He laughs lightly. “I haven’t seen you in ages, you don’t really hang with the gang anymore.”

I just keep looking slightly, whatever I’m looking like at him.

“Was it me?” He laughs jokingly.

I avoid replying but yes, he was one of the catalysts for me breaking distance from my group of human friends, last year.

“Well, have a great night, I’m meeting someone here,” I start and go to walk around him. Aaron jumps across in one long stride in front of me.

What is it with this guy? Does he have ADD? Or is he looking for a fight?
Paris, Addison and Jules are moving now, towards us. They probably think I’m being hassled. Which is not a good thing for Aaron. Disrespecting an Alpha Werewolf’s pack mate is asking to be put through hell, for the fun of it.

“Who are you meeting? That Colin guy that I saw you with last time. Man, you could do so much better than him. He was an Asshole.”

I can’t help it, my eyes widen. I can not believe, I’m about to do what I do next. Seems unthinkable, me defending Conall. But once a werewolf…always a werewolf. We defend, play and stick together.

I step up close to Aaron. Making my voice as acidic as I can.

“You don’t get to call Conall, an Asshole when you don’t even know him. Or me.”

Aaron takes a step back.

“I remember him being mighty territorial about you, I’m surprised he hasn’t marked this place his territory if you’re in it.”

The boys are getting closer. A petite blonde girl is walking over towards Aaron also.

“Look who’s being an asshole now.” I fire back at him. The blonde walks up to his side and says his name. He glances at her.

“Wow, I am so glad we never hooked up.” He says back at me, flippantly, slipping a hand into the blonde girls hand.

“Who are you?” She asks me blankly.

“This is that girl I was telling you about.”

I frown, what the hell is that statement supposed to mean?

Paris and the boys are right behind Aaron when he says it, Jules and Addison literally shove both Aaron the blonde apart and aside from me. The blonde whines.

“You okay?” Paris asks, putting both his hands on my arms, looking down at me, as he steps through the space they’ve just created for him.

I nod my head.

“Can we get out of here, go somewhere else, no Nons allowed?” I mutter in a low voice at him.

He looks over at Aaron with a look that would normally be accompanied by a growl. But he’s silent, it’s just the presence of him, the look of anger in it, that makes Aaron shrink back into Addison, who’s already holding him back by his arms.
Addison chuckles.

“Yeah, let’s go find out own little world.”

It Plays on my mind

July 20, 2009
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So in the midst of my avoidance issues, I remember someone I wasn’t avoiding or hiding out from.  And yet, our last time together if you could call it that, wasn’t good either. I seem to be developing a track record for bad relationships. I remember our last meeting and I still cringe.


We haven’t seen each other or spoken to each other since the run in with Conall and our crew at Ultra during lunar week. Crazy time during the lunar cycle. How to explain it to those that don’t have to go through it…some other time. When everything in my life, isn’t  playing on my mind.

Not that right now I mind it. I mean, between Conall and Aimee and life in general, the world is moving fast enough for me to try and keep up with.

But it plays on my mind every now and then, when I relax enough to let it creep in there. I mean, we weren’t tight or whatever you want to call it.  But…

I THOUGHT we had something.


Such a lame word. Something could be anything Breukelen Girl and still not enough to fit your definition of a relationship.

Why are boys so freak’n hard to figure out? Anyway, Aaron issues on top of my other shit right now would be, well enough to make me loose it with everyone. So maybe it’s a good thing we haven’t caught up.

Maybe that’s all it is.

Not he hates me now and doesn’t want to know me.


Probably not.

Stop kidding yourself BG, you dellusional looser!  You’re history and he ‘s no longer interested. Shit, deal and move on. Nothing else to do. Besides there is still the constant issue of Conall in your life and now that Aaron knows about him, well not ‘about him’ or why im ‘with him’. ugh.

Dating nons ain’t worth this much headache, surely. It’s supposed to be easier, because of the normal life factor.  But I guess that’s all relative right? what’s normal anyway? Not that pack is proving different either.

Males. One and same, wether they embrace their animal side or not. Hassle hassle and heart-ache.

Collar and Cuff

July 2, 2009
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Conall and I had dinner last night, a barbeque at his place.

Red wine, porter house stakes, hamburgers and lamb shanks kept us all happily fed and content. All our friends came over and we had a big dinner together, before hitting the Reflex for some letting loose.   It was good to be back on familiar turf, after the whole Aaron run in. Not that there’s anything in that. I mean, Aaron and I are just friends, well acquaintances really.

So what’s there to feel bad about?

I was technically on a date with Conall and just because Aaron doesn’t know about Conall or that I have a life outside of him, well, that’s just too bad and how it all is.  If he really liked me, he’d do something about it instead of making me think he likes me but isn’t game enough to really ask me out.

There are time limits on silent expectation, you know.

Or I could stop being completely gutless about asking him out, too I guess.

Reflex was fun.  Reflex is always fun.

Conall kept me very close to him the whole time we were there. Which wasn’t all that long for us, normally we hang with our friends for a couple of hours before we split. Most of them stay and get rooms at the clubs.  But it was hot, sweaty, pulsating all around us the other night. Sometimes, that’s all he needs.

Boys are so visual in their pleasure.  Luckily for me.

Conall has decided to steal some of my jewellery. When I was trying to locate all the leather bands and bangles I had on he found one of them on the bed and put on his wrist proclaiming it was his.

I said “or does that mean I own you?”

That made him raise his eyebrows with a smile.

“Are you trying to collar me?”

“Collar and cuff you?”

We didn’t use handcuffs last night, but it I had to say it just to see his reaction.

“You don’t strike me as the type to want a dog collar.”

He just laughed at me shaking his head.

If I was trying to collar you Conall, believe me, you’d know about it.

men trouble

June 22, 2009
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Must be a thing in our family, the women having men trouble.

Let’s see theirs Annabeth, Dad’s love interest and partner for the last thirty or so years.  They met one another some time after my sister Bodil’s mother died.

Annabeth and dad adopted me. So Annabeth’s the only mother I’ve ever known. Which is fine by me, she’s a great mother, and a wonderful woman.

But growing up was weird in our house.

I mean it’s still an odd arrangement that somehow works and that we’ve all gotten used too.

Annabeth lives separately to us.  Totally independent from dad.  Weirder still, is that dad and Annabeth have a child together, the youngest of us all, Joss. He lives with Annabeth.

Yet she helped dad raise, Markus and Aksel and my sister Bodil.  I can see how we might look like a complex family.  But I think it’s only logistics that make it so rather than heritage and parentage.

Annabeth and dad have never married.

I have no idea why.

All us kids like to guess that Annabeth lives separately in her own place to teach my dad a lesson or something. We like to rag on him and keep telling him to produce the goods, a big, chunky shiny rocking ring, which usually elicits a serious growl of disapproval from him.

So this is where I think the men trouble in our family starts.

Then if you go down the line in terms of females and men trouble,  Bodil and her issues would come next.

She doesn’t get involved with guys all that often, sorry let me correct that, relationships, she doesn’t get involved with all that often.  I’m not sure when she started having her troubles.

It’s always been either, commitment phobic or totally overload the plate with what you want, with her.

She IS the girlfriend from hell.  Seems to me like she’s always like this, doesn’t seem like there’s never anyone who doesn’t want to know her on some level.

But that’s the thing about Bodil.

She attracts people to her, she’s one of those types of people that seem to radiate a certain energy that drawers people in.  Maybe that’s part of the trouble with her. After all, she has a close knit circle of friends, half of them male and I’m fairly certain at some point in time she’s dated or made out with each of them.

Well maybe not Gabe.

And I’m not sure about Booker either, but he is hot, so why wouldn’t you?

Unless he’s got a girlfriend, which I’m not sure about.  Come to think of it, I don’t really know all that much about her friends.

Only Nick and Boden I guess.

They’re always hanging around wherever Bodil is, when ever a pow-wow is called.

Which is where I suspect the trouble comes in.

Boden’s been Bodil’s childhood friend. They grew up together, have known each other their whole lives.  So you’d think that maybe they’d be more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend.  They act cool around each other. But half the time I think they’re putting on a show for one another and holding back.

I don’t know why.

Boden’s a great guy, understands lore, understands my sister, worships the ground she walks on and it doesn’t hurt that he’s fine eye candy either.

Might be because of Nick.

I think back in the day of long past now, Nick and Bodil might have dated for awhile. They’re not together now, but they’re still friends, so you have to assume the break-up wasn’t so terrible.

Unless they’re pretending.

Which now that I think about, seems like my sister and her friends maybe do that, a lot with one another.  You observe them enough, you pick up on stuff.

But I’m not one to talk either. Except, I guess through this blog – LOL!

As if figuring out “men” wasn’t enough, then add  another one and you get my problems, with Aaron versus Conall.  Sounds like a new reality TV show doesn’t it?

I’ve kind of got a crush on Aaron. I met him through a different group of mutual friends than my regular friends and every time I see him, I think we get a little closer, get to know each other a little better.

Which is nice and kind of scary at the same time.

Enter Conall.

We’ve known each other for a few years and we’ve been known to hook up. Most of my friends are Conall’s friends. Half the time I think I’m only accepted because I’m with Conall. He doesn’t like Aaron. Says I shouldn’t date him. NOT that I’m dating him!

Hell I haven’t even kissed him yet! Talk about jumping the gun!


Think they know everything.

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