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September 7, 2016
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It’s been a bad week for me, I feel as though I’ve had my quota of bad luck and ugliness that the universe has decided to throw all my way. I try to shrug off the memory that’s been plaguing me all week, as I hear the crunch of a footstep on loose dirt and compact gravel. But when someone’s ingrained into your soul, its hard to let go of all that emotion.

Looking over my shoulder to see Addison Harrington, striding my way. I actually begin to smile a little. Addison’s my associate from the Manhattan Maen pack. There’s only one reason he’d be out here in the back of the Bronx. He trains at this gym so he can spar with some decent fighters. I’ve sparred with him at the gym before, from time to time, but I missed him in there today. There’s nothing better I tend to find then beating the shit out of a boxing bag to exhaust you of all your empty, angry, emotions.

“Hey man,” I greet him and turn back to my car, putting my car key into the door. “I missed you in there today.” It’s when Addison doesn’t respond that I start to turn around and look back at him. Addison isn’t the type to be deliberately rude to me. But as I look at him now, I notice something very off about him.

I can feel the pressure build up in the air. His hands are fisting, still in their boxing wraps. I drag my eyes up his form. He’s a muscular, athletic build, not too big, not skinny. Fucking perfectly proportioned. The kind of body perfection, men strive for that is depicted in those male health magazines. Me, I’m big. Thick neck, big muscles, I try to keep myself well proportioned and not work to hard on just one area. But I’m in no way perfect like Addison.

My line of sight lands on his face, he’s clenching his jaw so damn tight, the definition on his jaw line alone could cut you. Veins are pulsing under his skin, I’m trying to figure out what is wrong when I see his eyes and get it. They’ve shifted to animal’s eyes, werewolf eyes. Oh fuck. He has murderous intent in his eyes which are as angry as the deepest rage can be. It’s been a bad week and by the look of it, only getting worse. There’s a storm coming. And it’s all male anger. I have a split second, or at least it feels that way, to recognize that it’s directed at me as Addison’s arms start to pull back, tightening up as he gathers himself together.

– Excerpt from Lycan by Breukelen Girl



Claw Marks

January 22, 2016
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Claw Marks now on Smashwords! Cheers Bg XO.

<claw marks cover

Claw Marks

Jules Teehlan’s job is specific but not necessarily simple. Keep the pack mate of the Manhattan Maen werewolf leader safe. That’s it. But becoming overly familiar with Bg Sommers, the pack mate in question, means Jules is going to get more than the riot act. It mean’s a scarring that goes beyond the physical and borders on breaking an assumed trust. For him and another werewolf.

Biting 2013

January 4, 2013
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Werewolf Bites is the first publication  off the presses for 2013, happy new year!

A short collection of werewolf erotica for your pleasure.  Be warned adult themes! adult themes! adult themes!

If you’ve ever read my blog, you’ll understand that 🙂

Werewolf bites_cover5

A short story collection of Werewolf erotica from various pack wolves.

Doll and Luke werewolves from the Seattle Alki sort out some relationship issues, through a bit of sexual game role playing.

Lycan Booker Parish wants  his human girlfriend, Torrens Vez over his knee to discipline her at work.

Bodil Sommers finds gift giving, after a shopping spree to her pack mates,  highly pleasurable.

Jules Teehlan is an alpha werewolf from the Manhattan Maen and more than happy to do his bit for his pack when he is invted to a party where sex is played with power.

Addison Harrington finds his hands, mouth and body full when he attends a party of power and privelage on pack business.

She didn’t, He did.

November 30, 2012
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“She didn’t, he did.” Addison stated glancing away from the couple across the room quickly.

The main room of the mansion was packed with bustling bodies, music that was too loud and drinks that were being served continuously. A wild party; full of wild things, in other words it was a fairly regular Saturday night out.

“She looked like she did. Are you sure?” Jules asked Addison handing over five dollars as they looked at the couple they’d both been watching through the moving wall of bodies in front of them. “How can you tell?”

They both looked back at the clearly passionate couple. The woman stood in front of her male partner her arms touching the top of the sofa in front of her. Her hips and below hidden from their sight. The male, stood up against the back of her. His hands barely visible at the top of her hips. He was kissing the dark haired woman’s neck. They weren’t the only couple in the room to be having sex. But they had been more subtle about it than some others.

He watched the male, run his nose along the woman’s skin. His hands, looked like they were adjusting himself, back into his jeans. Behind her backside as her hands smoothed her red tartan mini skirt down again at the sides.

Addison downed a mouthful of beer looking around the room before turning to staring at his friend, Jules. “Are you kidding me?”

Jules frowned and shrugged his shoulders loosely. “No?”

“It’s basic werewolf one-o-one stuff. Listen for the pick-up in her heartbeat. There’s a pick up at the start then it kind of hits a pace and then when they’re about to..…finish, there’s an escalation point. Distinctly different in rhythm of the heartbeat. If you can’t hear that then wait till she holds her breath for a second before she breathes again. Dead give-away.” Addison stated polishing off his beer and placing it on a nearby over crowded table.

Jules looked from his friend and then back at the couple they’d been watching, as their pack leader Paris and his pack mate, walked through the mass of bodies in the room slowly.

Between them and the two males there was all manner of things that made noise. A massive stereo; the noisy chatter of people, the sounds of movement were constant. “You can hear that, from here? Over all this noise?” Jules asked pointing around them at the crowded room.

“What? Can’t you?” Addison stated looking around the room bored. Of course he could hear it if he was trying to, if he focussed. Which was how he won the bet with Jules.

He was beginning to think he’d done this scene one to many times. The party was packed, wall to wall. But he felt like he either knew most of the party goers there, or that there wasn’t enough difference at this party from the last party for him to appreciate the good times that appeared to be having had by all, including his best friend, Paris.

“Uh, no hotshot, I can’t.” Jules stated looking back at Addison dumbfounded. Not all werewolves, it appeared were created equal, even when born an alpha as both Jules and Addison were.

Both males had the alpha werewolf gene from birth, but as with anything, skills and abilities, varied from werewolf to werewolf. Addison had always made a habit, of honing whatever his skills were, so he was the best at everything.

They were both tall and of medium builds, both Jules and Addison were strong and fast. But that was about where the similarities ended. Being of the same pack, did not mean they were of the same skill levels. Addison forgot that sometimes. That he did have a far more superior skill range to most of the werewolves in his pack. It was why he and Paris had originally been singled out for the pack leadership role.

Addison glanced back towards his best friend and pack leader, Paris, who tilted his head his head towards the stairway nearby.

“Come on.” Addison muttered at Jules brushing past him quickly, towards Paris and taking the lead heading up the stairway before the alpha leader of the Manhattan Maen werewolf pack.

To read more go to Wild Life

Wild Life

November 3, 2012
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Meet Addison, he’s my pack mate’s best friend and second in command of the Manhattan Maen werewolf pack.

Out now at Smashwords.com

Coming soon in November: Wild Life

October 26, 2012
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Wild Life

A Manhattan Maen werewolf pack novel

Addison Harrington is used to leading a pretty wild life.  After all, you don’t get to be a werewolf and be normal, as such.  As an alpha werewolf and second in command of the Manhattan Maen werewolf pack, he’s very much used to living the werewolf way of life.  He’s up to his neck in werewolves, daily, nightly and at all times.

So when he finds himself face to face with Cassidy Owens, a non-werewolf female at a pack party, he becomes a little intrigued in the human species. Even if he is somewhat unsure of what to do, other than have some fun.  But can he have fun with a human woman? His version of fun? After all, Addison’s never been one for human companions, or relations as such.

As the lunar week approaches, Addison finds himself drawn to Cassidy. But his werewolf lifestyle could spell trouble, for the both of them. Before Addison can figure out how to break it off with Cassidy, she is dragged, kicking and screaming into the werewolf world at large.  Addison finds he must save Cassidy as much as he must save himself by confronting his own feelings for a human. Feelings he thought he’d never have.

Soon to be available on Smashwords 

No Hay Igual (there is no equal)

November 8, 2010

Gabby’s gone Awol.” Addison mutters softly to Paris. “Her apartment’s barely been touched. Scent faded once it lead out into the street.”

But I still hear it and automatically put a hand to my hip, rubbing my thumb over the small area covered by clothing as I look over at him.

“She’s not getting anywhere near you, again.” He says determinedly looking me straight in the eyes. Trying to reassure me.

“Not a chance in hell.” Addison, another Alpha werewolf says backing him up and looking at me.

I just drink my water and look at them silently. I’m surrounded by Alpha wolves. The biggest, strongest, fiercest, smartest werewolves to be. They dominate my life, it seems. No Hay Igual like it that is so good and bad at the same time.

I come from a family that has three Alpha’s in it. A leading pack family no less. I think maybe part of me thought, when I started dating Paris and commuting to Manhattan that I’d maybe, escaped a bit of their dominance in my life. But it doesn’t matter if I’m in Manhattan, or Brooklyn. There are werewolves everywhere I go. And as opposed to other wolves of my pack, there are the Alpha’s. I’ve been accepted into their inner sanctum because I’m dating the Manhattan Maen pack leader.

I should feel safe. I should feel overly protected. I’m surrounded by males who are willing to protect me, fight for me.

Alpha werewolves who make the best possible body guards you could want on your side. Hell, even Bohm is here, the beta werewolf that said it was okay for me to use him for standing purposes when putting on a show in his own pack. He’s here with us now, in Paris’s house, the place that’s always been a sanctuary to me. But now, I just feel scrutinized, unsure. My comfort zone’s been invaded because he’s called an emergency get together from those werewolves he knows he can trust.

But once you’ve been personally attacked, physically attacked, kind of shatters that illusion. I don’t want to be skittish. But I’m a little jumpy at present.

Gabby Colton has turned from my enemy into my bogey-man. Something worth being afraid of. She’s become a big bad Alpha werewolf, that nobody saw coming. Only, I’m a werewolf and we’re not supposed to know fear.

Which is a thought that prompts me to say “I can handle Gabby.”
Which of course is naivety speaking. After all, she did manage to knife me. Quite literally.

Things have changed.

The simmering hate-hate relationship that Gabby and I have, has gone from bitchy to potentially fatal. I don’t know if she doesn’t actually want me dead now. The thought never occurred to me, prior to her deciding to take a knife to my hip. Maybe it never occurred to me, because werewolves aren’t well known for using weapons when they fight. They fight as the weapon. Using their bodies abilities against their enemies. Maybe that’s why I’m a little spaced still about the attack.
She acted more human than werewolf in that instant she grabbed the knife.

Because she thought to use it.
On me.

It seems more shocking to me, to be attacked by another werewolf, than it does by a lycan or a human. Especially one that you’ve been in the midst of for quite some time.

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to, ever again.” Paris replies. “One of the boys will be with you at all times if I can’t be. You won’t go anywhere without an escort.”
“Gabby’s not that big a threat, that you need to waste everyone’s time by putting them on personal wolf detail.” I reply looking at Addison, Jules, Wiatt and Bohm who has been called in.
“She stabbed you, in front of a room full of pack werewolves, who did nothing to stop her, when none of my guys were around. She stabbed you, and then subsequently kidnapped you and force fed you silver.”

I tilt my head and raise my eyebrows. He kind of has a point.

“Guess, I’m not as welcome here as I thought.”
Paris slides his hand across onto mine. I sit up a little straighter in bed.

“I suspect I know where she’s gone. But she’ll be back. Gabby is a pack werewolf through and through. She only knows the life of one and for all her false bravado and massive ego, and outwardly confidence, I don’t think she’s got it in her to truly break ties with her life here and all that she knows.” He picks up my hand and warps his around it. “And if she does, there are no boundaries that will stop me from making her accountable for this.”

“Maybe you don’t know Gabby as well as you think you do. I mean, if you thought I would ever be in danger in her company, would you have let me be somewhere without you there?”
I see the hurt flicker across his face. I’m not trying to take a swipe at him, I’m just trying to make a point. Nobody thought Gabby actually hated me enough to go beyond our regular bitch fight squabbles we’d had. We all thought, she’d make some sort of political play for Paris’s leadership by trying to manipulate me and him apart. Nobody thought she’d pick up a knife and stab me.

“You’ve got to trust me on this. We’re going to take care of this. You’re pack, whether she likes it or not. And you’re mine. I do not take kindly to what she’s tried to do to us, by hurting you.

“Paris, and eye for an eye and the world goes blind.” I hold his gaze. I have no idea how they’re going to handle Gabby. But there’s enough violence in werewolf world, that we don’t need to keep it rolling on, constantly.

“My battle.” I state at him as he sighs heavily and leans back, against his seat. Still looking at me. I’m a werewolf, I don’t sit around and have no say or control in my life.

I’m not forgiving her for what she did.

But if anyone deserves a shot at dishing out the punishment, saying something to her, or whatever it is, they think needs to be done to Gabby, than it’s this Breukelen beta wolf who’s going to be doing it.

Midnight Blue

September 21, 2010
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You might think, that after being born a werewolf, growing up a werewolf and living in this world, that I’d be used to all things werewolf. Especially coming from the werewolf culture it’s self. But let me tell you, I’m a avid learner. Seems like there’s still plenty of surprises in this life, in the wolf culture, for me to continuously learn about. Like ex boyfriends. Well, not really Ex, because we never really did get around to hooking up and going out on a proper date together.

But maybe, would be Ex boyfriend is a better way to sum up Aaron.

I really shouldn’t be surprised, given my appalling track record with dating the male species. Especially when it comes to Nons. Yes, I’ve dated a few. And let me tell you, the reason it’s only a few, less than a handful is because of that appalling track record when it comes to love and dating. Takes forever to figure stuff out when you’re dating. You just make the same mistakes, the same choices, over and over again. Then you add the element of werewolf into the mix, and shit, it’s just a brain bust trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing, with a non.

So Aaron, I met Aaron, a human, through mutual friends– yes human friends, and I kind of developed, a crush on him. He seemed to reciprocate, but nothing ever happened. The boy never asked me out and ditto me to him.

So it’s all null and void right?

Incase you haven’t noticed, it’s lunar week this week. So I’m off doing my thing, being immersed in my werewolf nature, in werewolf world. Which means, some nights of the weeks, I’m in a sweatbox club, drinking in, drowning and soaking in the atmosphere of werewolf pheromones getting heightened for and by, love, sex, and shape shifting. I walked into Midnight Blue the other night, said I’d meet Paris there. The place was packed. I think almost every werewolf in Manhattan must’ve had the same thought about where to go that night. Because the crowd seemed huge.

I was looking around the club and walking towards Paris’s side of the main room, when a guy steps out suddenly and cuts me off. I was about say what the hell, when I look up and see, Aaron.

Aaron, the non in a designated werewolf club on a lunar night.

The odds of this supposedly happening, should be like zero to none. See, the whole point to the club scene for werewolves, is a form of control. So we don’t go all baser and rampage through the streets attacking people. And that means, on lunar weeks, the amount of humans allowed into a wolf club, are like a handful, if that. There’s all these waivers tey have to sign and costs involved and they have to be vouched for…hassle.

I’d already spotted Paris and the boys and they had already notice my entrance too.

“Hey,” He says smiling at me brightly. “You look great.”

Of course I look great, I just spent two and a half hours getting ready for my boyfriend to lust over me.

Smooth skin, shiny black hair, red lipstick, black eyeliner, killer red heels with ribbon wound around my feet, short black skirt, and black sleeveless top that dips, greatly at the back, to expose most of my back. Fun, flirty and fully ready for action. It only took me like an hour of throwing out half my clothes in my wardrobe and whining “I have nothing to wear” to myself repeatedly, to come up with the look.

So I fumble for a reply and smile brightly back at him.
“Uh hi.”

“I didn’t you knew about this place? I haven’t seen you here before.”

I shake my head and blink. The whole, he’s bordering on entering into my world on a lunar week has kind of thrown me. This boy knows absolutely nothing about me. And he sure as hell doesn’t know about werewolves in New York. Let alone that he’s smiling back at one, who’s starting to sweat.

“Um, not frequently.” I mutter back.

“Wow,” He laughs lightly. “I haven’t seen you in ages, you don’t really hang with the gang anymore.”

I just keep looking slightly, whatever I’m looking like at him.

“Was it me?” He laughs jokingly.

I avoid replying but yes, he was one of the catalysts for me breaking distance from my group of human friends, last year.

“Well, have a great night, I’m meeting someone here,” I start and go to walk around him. Aaron jumps across in one long stride in front of me.

What is it with this guy? Does he have ADD? Or is he looking for a fight?
Paris, Addison and Jules are moving now, towards us. They probably think I’m being hassled. Which is not a good thing for Aaron. Disrespecting an Alpha Werewolf’s pack mate is asking to be put through hell, for the fun of it.

“Who are you meeting? That Colin guy that I saw you with last time. Man, you could do so much better than him. He was an Asshole.”

I can’t help it, my eyes widen. I can not believe, I’m about to do what I do next. Seems unthinkable, me defending Conall. But once a werewolf…always a werewolf. We defend, play and stick together.

I step up close to Aaron. Making my voice as acidic as I can.

“You don’t get to call Conall, an Asshole when you don’t even know him. Or me.”

Aaron takes a step back.

“I remember him being mighty territorial about you, I’m surprised he hasn’t marked this place his territory if you’re in it.”

The boys are getting closer. A petite blonde girl is walking over towards Aaron also.

“Look who’s being an asshole now.” I fire back at him. The blonde walks up to his side and says his name. He glances at her.

“Wow, I am so glad we never hooked up.” He says back at me, flippantly, slipping a hand into the blonde girls hand.

“Who are you?” She asks me blankly.

“This is that girl I was telling you about.”

I frown, what the hell is that statement supposed to mean?

Paris and the boys are right behind Aaron when he says it, Jules and Addison literally shove both Aaron the blonde apart and aside from me. The blonde whines.

“You okay?” Paris asks, putting both his hands on my arms, looking down at me, as he steps through the space they’ve just created for him.

I nod my head.

“Can we get out of here, go somewhere else, no Nons allowed?” I mutter in a low voice at him.

He looks over at Aaron with a look that would normally be accompanied by a growl. But he’s silent, it’s just the presence of him, the look of anger in it, that makes Aaron shrink back into Addison, who’s already holding him back by his arms.
Addison chuckles.

“Yeah, let’s go find out own little world.”

Pack Animals

August 24, 2010
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Full moon night and I’m sitting at a table in a club, surrounded by Alpha Werewolves.

We’re drinking shots and they’re playing a sexual game of temptation. They’re trying to push each other’s buttons, not because they want one another.  They’re just doing it for amusement.

As the night goes on, the moon rises higher in the night sky. And as it gets closer to full moon, when the moon is completely full and at it’s highest point in the sky, us werewolves become more affected.

So what’s that like?

Well, I’m a Beta wolf so I guess you could say I feel things easier than the Alpha’s.  I’m more sensitive by full moon night as it were.  I’m already sweating, continuously just from the heat radiating from their bodies around me.  Also from being surrounded by so many Alpha pheromones in the air.

I’m roasting in my own body heat and my hormones are  making me squirm.  I’m constantly needing to touch, rub, or press some part of me against my packmate, Paris.

Another round of shots and the laughing starts again and it becomes  Jules turn to do whatever he can to get the pack’s thoughts racing and their libido’s amped up as we all watch each other to see who will react to whatever he does.

Dirty jokes, flashing body parts, suggestive imagery, and asking other wolves, those dancing, those not attached to those at these tables, to do things, put on a show or two for us.

I’m already out of this game. Paris is still in, but he’s got it extra hard, no pun intended because I keep crawling into his lap, or kissing him, or putting my hand up his shirt.   The others at the table don’t have partners on top of them, with them, doing what I’m doing. But then Paris is the Alpha pack leader, so they all expect to him to put in a damn strong showing in this weird little game they’re all playing.

So me pestering him, is considered average.  No different as it were to them without the extra pressure of a horny packmate trying to distract them.

Temptation is all about getting a reaction, an honest, unstoppable reaction out of fellow wolves.   There comes a point where something appeals to us, to the baser nature of our sexual beasts and eventually a spike in temperature, a facial tic, a pick up in heart beat, that continues on, gives away to each of us, who has just reached their peak of patience.

And still Paris holds out, even as he’s dared to bite me.  Not hard, not like I’m food, but  with his werewolf fangs all the same.  Each of them seem to think I’m going to be his undoing. They each keep trying to use me to get to him.

But while I’m doing things to him, and enjoying them. I’m deliberately doing it in a way that gives better views to someone else at the table, or I share a look with one of the others.   Kind of using what they’re trying to get me to do to him, to them.

We all hear the instant heart beat pick up and sense a spike in reaction as I arch backwards, my throat full exposed, my head dropping back, giving the boys opposite me,  a full view of the mounds of my breasts.

There’s a heavy sigh.  All eyes fall on Wiatt. He bows his head.

“I’m out.” He says softly, before making his way out from around the table and heading straight towards the dance floor, scouring for an available wolf.

Addison looks at us, and back out at Wiatt as he’s suddenly surrounded on the dance floor by near naked wolves.

“Oh screw this, or rather, I’d like to screw them.” He mutters at us a, downs his shot and heads out to the dance floor for some real play before we all have to shape shift.

Jules looks out at us and back at the semi naked bodies, writhing and dancing and looking joyous in their abandonment of clothing and sexual liberation.

“Oh to hell with this.”

Paris and I smirk at him, and he’s gone and we’re left alone and together.

“Paris for the win.” I mutter kissing him, and running my hands through his hair.

“Pack animals, sometimes they need to remember why I’m the Pack Alpha here.  I’ll never let anyone use you against me. Ever.” He says softly before we kiss.

Wicked wolf

August 22, 2010

Werewolves are not known to be prudes when it comes to nudity, or when having sex around other werewolves. But Alpha Werewolves, do tend to get mighty possessive at times, like say when they’re about to be interrupted in the throws of sex with their packmate.

Enter Addison.

“Fuck, make some noise or something next time, would you?”

And yes, it never occurred to him, to knock first.

Addison literally walked into the room we were in, when both Paris and I looked up at him, neither of us stopping the movement of our bodies.  But Paris’s hands slipped around my breasts, gripping them, covering them.  It’s not like Addison hasn’t seen them before, he’s seen them at least two times before that I can think of.  But that’s not really the point.

Paris kept thrusting and started growling at Addison. He doesn’t get annoyed all that often that I’ve seen. I think I just looked a little surprised by the intrusion.

“People were asking.” Addison said shaking his head as Paris’s growl grew louder.  His actions even harder. Faster.

I bit my lip.

Addison turned around and walked back out again.

It’s lunar week and we’re normally busily doing each other every night, but this week is different, it’s my birthday week and Paris and I have been all over each other, day and night.

“Now would be the time to remind you what happens if you make noise.” Paris’s throaty voice sounded slightly strained. He’d been hammering me for awhile.  Hence why Addison had come looking for us.  “If you cry out or groan or even ever so lightly sigh, I’ll be forced to keep this up, even longer.  Keep you exactly where I want you, make those knees get friction burns on them while I ride this out.”

Paris was having a hard day of wanting, he’d told me earlier on.  It’s what happens during lunar week.  The sexual energy around us, in us, it just about explodes.  Drives you wild.

We’d had plans, things to do, but he said every time he looked at me, he found himself wanting me. We’d come close to finding a lane way in the city and fucking behind a dumpster, he wanted me so badly.  Instead, we managed to scramble to the party we were invitead to and nearby too, and get into it. Snuck off, found a room and he’d actually torn my clothing off me, because, he claims, I wasn’t moving fast enough for him.

Impatient Alpha.

What the hell was I supposed to wear out of there?

Things to figure out later, I guess, I could get through the now. My lip started to hurt from my teeth cutting into it. Even that act, made my lip start to sting, as the skin started to become cut.  Blood would swell up from it soon.  The thought of which would, only fuel our current round of dealing with our sexual needs, to make the party we were at, more than likely send out a search party for us. Blood, sex and werewolves are a wicked combination.  Seriously wicked enjoyment.

As a beta wolf, I’m even more affected by lunar week’s sensations than Paris is and I knew, I couldn’t hold out.  Part of me, didn’t want to.

I groaned, deep in my throat. Paris chuckled.

“Poor little wolf.”

I kept groaning. It felt just as good to be able to make noise as it was to be loved by my pack mate. The door to the room opened again and Gabby stumbled in, and stood watching us for a moment.  My eyes went to hers and I held contact with them, Paris as before, didn’t stop.

“This wolf, and room is taken.” He panted at her.

Again, I ask myself, what is with the lack of knocking from these werewolves? Alpha’s, I guess they’re not used to being told to wait or what have you.

Gabby blinked slowly.  Recognition or something, dawning across her face.  She turned around and walked back out, without comment, bumping into another body we could half see through the slightly ajar door.  Something was mumbled and the door was closed.

“Oh you wicked, wolf.” I grunted quickly.  It was all I could get out, for I was too busy focusing on the sensation of Paris within me to care about anything else.

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