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Alpha girl

February 22, 2013
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Life is hard at the best of times. Imagine being a werewolf and single no less. Doesn’t help if you’re the leading pack alpha’s daughter and every werewolf in the tri-state area wants a piece of you. And not necessarily in a good way.

New York, leave it to the wolves.

Bodil Sommers has never been one for attention, but as the lunar week approaches and the moon rises high in the night sky, she’s going to get a lot of it, from various werewolf males. Two of the males pursuing her are from her own pack. Nick Olsen an alpha and Boden Jennings a beta werewolf who are always fighting one another. They’re supposed to be the better option, than giving herself over to another pack’s alpha male or having to win her right to date, through dominance fighting.

But Bodil finds her paws full when neither male will back down and she can’t figure out what she wants, let alone who she wants, as well as having to stop an impending turf war with another werewolf pack, all before full moon.

Who new dating was so complicated?

Alpha will be published on Smashwords in March!


men trouble

June 22, 2009
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Must be a thing in our family, the women having men trouble.

Let’s see theirs Annabeth, Dad’s love interest and partner for the last thirty or so years.  They met one another some time after my sister Bodil’s mother died.

Annabeth and dad adopted me. So Annabeth’s the only mother I’ve ever known. Which is fine by me, she’s a great mother, and a wonderful woman.

But growing up was weird in our house.

I mean it’s still an odd arrangement that somehow works and that we’ve all gotten used too.

Annabeth lives separately to us.  Totally independent from dad.  Weirder still, is that dad and Annabeth have a child together, the youngest of us all, Joss. He lives with Annabeth.

Yet she helped dad raise, Markus and Aksel and my sister Bodil.  I can see how we might look like a complex family.  But I think it’s only logistics that make it so rather than heritage and parentage.

Annabeth and dad have never married.

I have no idea why.

All us kids like to guess that Annabeth lives separately in her own place to teach my dad a lesson or something. We like to rag on him and keep telling him to produce the goods, a big, chunky shiny rocking ring, which usually elicits a serious growl of disapproval from him.

So this is where I think the men trouble in our family starts.

Then if you go down the line in terms of females and men trouble,  Bodil and her issues would come next.

She doesn’t get involved with guys all that often, sorry let me correct that, relationships, she doesn’t get involved with all that often.  I’m not sure when she started having her troubles.

It’s always been either, commitment phobic or totally overload the plate with what you want, with her.

She IS the girlfriend from hell.  Seems to me like she’s always like this, doesn’t seem like there’s never anyone who doesn’t want to know her on some level.

But that’s the thing about Bodil.

She attracts people to her, she’s one of those types of people that seem to radiate a certain energy that drawers people in.  Maybe that’s part of the trouble with her. After all, she has a close knit circle of friends, half of them male and I’m fairly certain at some point in time she’s dated or made out with each of them.

Well maybe not Gabe.

And I’m not sure about Booker either, but he is hot, so why wouldn’t you?

Unless he’s got a girlfriend, which I’m not sure about.  Come to think of it, I don’t really know all that much about her friends.

Only Nick and Boden I guess.

They’re always hanging around wherever Bodil is, when ever a pow-wow is called.

Which is where I suspect the trouble comes in.

Boden’s been Bodil’s childhood friend. They grew up together, have known each other their whole lives.  So you’d think that maybe they’d be more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend.  They act cool around each other. But half the time I think they’re putting on a show for one another and holding back.

I don’t know why.

Boden’s a great guy, understands lore, understands my sister, worships the ground she walks on and it doesn’t hurt that he’s fine eye candy either.

Might be because of Nick.

I think back in the day of long past now, Nick and Bodil might have dated for awhile. They’re not together now, but they’re still friends, so you have to assume the break-up wasn’t so terrible.

Unless they’re pretending.

Which now that I think about, seems like my sister and her friends maybe do that, a lot with one another.  You observe them enough, you pick up on stuff.

But I’m not one to talk either. Except, I guess through this blog – LOL!

As if figuring out “men” wasn’t enough, then add  another one and you get my problems, with Aaron versus Conall.  Sounds like a new reality TV show doesn’t it?

I’ve kind of got a crush on Aaron. I met him through a different group of mutual friends than my regular friends and every time I see him, I think we get a little closer, get to know each other a little better.

Which is nice and kind of scary at the same time.

Enter Conall.

We’ve known each other for a few years and we’ve been known to hook up. Most of my friends are Conall’s friends. Half the time I think I’m only accepted because I’m with Conall. He doesn’t like Aaron. Says I shouldn’t date him. NOT that I’m dating him!

Hell I haven’t even kissed him yet! Talk about jumping the gun!


Think they know everything.

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