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Coming soon in November: Wild Life

October 26, 2012
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Wild Life

A Manhattan Maen werewolf pack novel

Addison Harrington is used to leading a pretty wild life.  After all, you don’t get to be a werewolf and be normal, as such.  As an alpha werewolf and second in command of the Manhattan Maen werewolf pack, he’s very much used to living the werewolf way of life.  He’s up to his neck in werewolves, daily, nightly and at all times.

So when he finds himself face to face with Cassidy Owens, a non-werewolf female at a pack party, he becomes a little intrigued in the human species. Even if he is somewhat unsure of what to do, other than have some fun.  But can he have fun with a human woman? His version of fun? After all, Addison’s never been one for human companions, or relations as such.

As the lunar week approaches, Addison finds himself drawn to Cassidy. But his werewolf lifestyle could spell trouble, for the both of them. Before Addison can figure out how to break it off with Cassidy, she is dragged, kicking and screaming into the werewolf world at large.  Addison finds he must save Cassidy as much as he must save himself by confronting his own feelings for a human. Feelings he thought he’d never have.

Soon to be available on Smashwords 

War Games

July 18, 2011
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He comes home all bloodied and bruised with claw marks like deep red river gouges fully up one arm. It looks vicious and like it would hurt. I’m sure it does. But the reality is it’s nothing that can’t be shape shifted away. The beauty of the beast with in, it can heal us, repeatedly from almost anything. If it’s not permanent.

Part of me thinks he deliberately gets battle scars. To turn me on of course. I mean without them, clean shaven and all, he’s magnificent on the eyes, with them, he’s just…edgier. What can I say? Does it for me just as much as the clean cut version in the corporate suit look.

As an Alpha whether male or werewolf, he’s been trained to get through the pain and ignore it. It’s from his new training regime. War games. That’s what Paris calls them.

These skirmishes he goes off on with a select group of Manhattan Maen werewolves to some secret location I’m not privy to knowing about. War games that are played out with one team in full tribal, werewolf mode, the other team in full human werewolf mode. He says it’s to tighten up their fighting skills, to hone their warrior wolves. To be alert and ready for any attacks that could come against the pack. It’s smart I guess.

My eyes lazily take in the claw mark up that exposed arm and I make a remark about why doesn’t he put these war games to use with another sparing pack as partners like the Breukelen. I thought it was a logical thing to say. Strength in arms, love your neighbour and all that. Except of course, werewolf packs are very much about themselves. A long time ago before they came to New Amsterdam (New York circa 1600) werewolf packs worked together for survival. But that mentality shifted when the packs did decades ago.

I received a surprised look. Which kind of surprises me. Paris’s expressions are usually very controlled and hidden.

“We don’t want to give our enemy’s a heads up.” My eyes drop away from that claw mark suddenly.

It was my turn for my eyes to go wide.
“Since when are the Breukelen your enemy?” Suddenly not horny anymore.

Werewolves against werewolves. It’s like in house fighting to me. Hardly ever makes sense, when there are other greater enemies to be on guard for. But you’ll never see them coming if you’re not actually looking for them.

“I didn’t say say that!” He’s moving towards me as I’m crossing my arms over my chest. “I didnt’, you’re twisting my words.”

I guess I had a niggling thought buried down inside me that I fucked something up in December. Wether it was us or our pack’s potential alliance, was just a matter of time till I figured it out.

“I’m a Breukelen first and foremost.”

“I know that.” Paris reaches me, his voice softening, his arms on mine. It’s like he accidently let something slip that he wasn’t supposed to.

“So am I included in that we? Because I’m not your enemy unless you make me so.”


April 5, 2010
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New York has a very historical gang history to it.
You can probably find a history like this in most cultures I would think. Where there are those that are rich, there are always those that are disadvantaged too, which often leads to a gang culture.

The formation of gangs normally seems to spring from a sense of underclass, and ghetto or slum like areas of lower economic status. Infrastructure that gets left behind because it’s inhabitants are deemed “to hard to handle” or “not worth the effort”.

Eons ago in the same places that exist now, but of a different time, there was Five Points, which is now today mostly the Financial District and Columbus Park in Manhattan, which was one of the most notorious slum areas and some historical records would have you believe, contained the highest murder rate, at one point, in all of New York.

Of course, gangs come from all over; The Bronx in the 1970’s was a hard place to live in, probably why it developed the saying “nothing soft comes out of the Bronx.” Even today, there are still affected areas that need assistance rather than condemnation for the poor and disaffected in rough neighbourhoods in NYC.

So where do the werewolves fit in to the gang mentality?

After all we live as a pack and some people, ill advised, uneducated, naively stupid people – would argue that a pack is nothing more than a polite name, for a gang.

But I would say that they are wrong.

A werewolf pack is essentially, community based and always at the heart of it’s structure, is a sense of survival for it’s wolves.

Originally, gangs were formations of strength, with it seemed a united goal for bettering circumstances of communities. But through much of the seventies and the eighties, that image seems to be quite lost and the idea of gangs have taken on another reinvention.

Werewolf packs do not initiate people into our pack, we do not haze them and they do not get harmed if they leave the pack.

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually leave a werewolf pack. Because you are born a werewolf it does not mean, you can not live your own life, within a pack or not.

However if you choose to leave a pack, you can expect little assistance or advantages that come from being a pack wolf.

Werewolf packs will live in certain areas, as a group. Whilst we hold ideals for all wolves to be governed and guided by, we think very much as individuals and we do not rule the lives of those within our pack with violence or weaponry. That is not our objective or aim. It is not what we the werewolf want.

If anything, werewolves try not to start the fights – at least with external beings outside of the werewolf world.

Werewolf packs were an idea that formed out of a sense for survival, in a time of need.

The Breukelen in some form or another, originally came from Breukelen, Holland, in the 1600’s. This much we know is true.

The Breukelen, are in a sense, part of one big pack that makes up the now present five werewolf packs of New York City. Best it can be told with too much information missing, and not enough salvageable historical documents, back in the 1600’s the European werewolves, did not live so united together. They lived as smaller families and individuals. Looking only after themselves.

However, there is a behavior that seems quite common to most werewolves, we end up seeking one another out, eventually.

So townships, villages and the like would probably ended up with a greater werewolf population than they may have started out with. Werewolves, seek one another out, slowly, banding together. forming, what we’ve come to know as packs.

So in essence, the Breukelen were a large, powerful pack.

In today’s thinking, by the governing werewolf bodies like the tri-state council and the like, most packs aren’t allowed to grow to big in numbers. Which as it turns out, isn’t much of a problem with low and getting lower birth numbers every year.

Something about it getting unruly and hard to handle. But back in the past, this was how the Breukelen and indeed other packs, it seemed may have started out.

I’ve spoken a few times to one of the Breukelen elders, and been told that The werewolf prosecution trials of the 1600s Europe kicked in, that’s when the paranoia started making it unsafe for werewolves. When the idea of packs, was really thought about and challenged.

Religious furor had kept the wars of the 1600s alive but as it seemed peace was yet to completely come upon the low countries of Europe. A new fear washed the land. Man and beast, werewolves.

The werewolves of Europe were escaping an era that was built for bad things to happen. For fear to rule the people of the land and for unexplained differences, to be thought of as evil, and not tolerated. So they fled and went to ground, scattering across the lands.

Those from Breukelen Holland split up. Safety it seemed in numbers, now just signaled you out like a beacon, to be drawn to and investigated. So they split into smaller groups, to survive, to blend in more to society.

They moved to the land of America and settled in to Brooklyn in 1609.

Eventually the other wolves from the pack would gradually join the new life in America.

As they had left scattered, the arrived the same, some landing in different areas. But those that found each other, banded together again to form a pack. Only now, instead of one large werewolf pack, there were five. It was believed, that this was strategically the best way for werewolf packs to form.

Kind of like giving the werewolf what they wanted – other werewolves, but also being smart about it and not keeping all werewolves, in one place. So all werewolves could not be wiped out in one hit. Survival of the packs.

Survival was ensured and the other werewolf packs, could be called upon if need be for help in fighting enemies. So they formed their packs, the Breukelen, the Brown Wolves, the Braganza, Manhattan Maen and Jersey packs.

All the packs were ruled by different werewolves, all taking a different approach to their survival. And so, it has been since then.

So I think the difference between werewolf packs and gangs are quite different. Gang’s seem to have a certain, negative connotation around them. Packs, whilst essentially looking the same in layout, I guess you could say, are not negative.

We are not selfish and we look at the bigger picture and our place in it. Werewolf packs aim to integrate into society, not be a part from it, or stand out above it.

Not seeking retribution or compensation or anything that is owed to them for a hardship of a life.

Werewolf packs, are formed because of the hardship of life, to get through life, with one another, rather than not.

I’d like to think it’s part of the reasoning behind my pack’s motto – Altijd BreukelenAlways Breukelen.

Strength, unity, history, loyalty, love and resilience are words that come to mind from that motto and are instilled in me as I say it, as I live it and live by it.

I’m in a wolf pack with…

February 18, 2010
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Oh where to begin?

You know how it feels when everything is good and then it just gets better? Well that’s where I’m beginning.

I like being a werewolf, I love my pack, the Breukelen of Brooklyn, New York. I’m in love with my Alpha from the Manhattan Maen pack.

So it’s all good.

But even I a werewolf, or any half blood, half breed, person of more than one culture, will find, there lives are always forever entwined in a balancing act of expectation and social norms.

Who to please, how to please. What you’re allowed to say and not. Do you hide the werewolf side of you, the wolf culture you’ve grown up in and can help others understand (I think you’ll gather by my blog I’ve chosen my answer as – NO) or do you try to make a difference, create understanding and tolerance towards that difference. At least, what the other side of you, the non werewolf side sees as difference? (uh, hello see above comment about this blog)

So it brightens my smile, makes my day and warms my heart all in one, when I find out that on Facebook, there is a petition to make “I’m in a wolf pack with….” an official facebook relationship status update.

It’s about time werewolves were given this right to freely acknowledge one another without rebuke. It’s time the humans got to understand what it means to us, to be able to say this statement, publicly. It also means, I guess, also, there are those humans who want in too, on werewolf life, on pack. So maybe it’s a nice little thing for them to have also Even though there is a twilight disclaimer on there.

Yes the wolfpack that socially networks together, stays together. Well, I don’t know if that’s actually true, but it sounds cool. Sounds like it could be.

If you don’t get the concept of a wolf pack, it’s really quite simple. In a sense, it is a relationship, much like a family or friendship. It’s about being with something more than yourself. Something bigger and with ultimately a greater meaning. It gives your life for lack of a better word, purpose.

My wolf pack status is kind of confusing.

The pack I grew up in is the Breukelen, they are my family, my neighbours, my friends and life. They are what I know, they are my familiarity, my safety guard and my understanding of what it means to be pack. They are my influence and history.

But now it’s all getting a little curved, cause I’m dating an Alpha. Well not just an Alpha, but the Alpha from the Manhattan Maen pack, Paris. So my home pack is the Breukelen- Altijd– but I kind of get, I guess, special privileges, protection if you want to call it that, from the Manhattan pack too, because I’m his packmate.

But I don’t get a say in Manhattan pack business, even if it affects me. Because I’m not that pack. But if something of Breukelen business happens in Manhattan Maen pack territory, then I get speak up. I get to take action if required as a representative of my pack, the Breukelen.

So yeah, I’m in a wolf pack with the Breukelen and the Manhattan Maen, but I never said my status wasn’t complicated.

Werewolf instinct

January 13, 2010
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After hearing “Werewolves instinctively go after that which they love the most” The other day, this statement got me thinking about what that meant or could mean.

Of course, it was said by humans who were in no way inclined to be werewolves themselves. I didn’t get lupine in their scent. So the statement coming from those that aren’t what they talk about, could be seen to be ignorant. Kind of like, you know, you can’t say that’s the truth of the matter, unless you’ve lived the truth of the matter.

At first, I took this statement to mean, that werewolves will ‘attack’ those they love the most. As in your loved ones, boyfriends, girlfriends, family and anyone who means anything to them.
As if that makes sense!
Hurting the ones you love the most to show what? That you care? Care enough to rip their throats out?
Please. A little dignity.

I took this statement to mean, that it was a rouge werewolf, one who could not control itself under moonlight, and in it’s loss of control it some how only sees or targets people it loves (ie recognizes) to attack and kill.

It could be said that this is type of reaction is indeed a reflection of who we truly are. That’s of course, complete bullshit, unless you buy into the old time marketing campagain of the werewolf image that has long, ‘dog’ed us.

We do not project the monster from within, even after taking wolf form, because it’s not a reflection of who we are. We have needs, baser needs when in werewolf form, but that doesn’t make us all that different to the rest of the animal kingdom and just because you’re labelled “a predatory animal” that doesn’t make you a monster. It just means we won’t be stood on or roll over for anybody. Werewolves, know how to survive.

Nobody truly reflects who they are to the outside world right? I mean, if they did, then why use make up, cosmetic surgery?

But people, we’ve come along way from the dark ages of werewolf persecution and scalping trials of the 1600’s. But the werewolf image is still more monster than any other supernatural being since.

So then I thought, what if they mean this statement in a good way?

Go with me here, let’s just assume those speaking were playing nice and tolerantly to my kind.
Because it’d sure make a change of pace.

Anyway, so what if this statement meant, that werewolves, instinctively go after that which they love the most, in a protective sense. I mean, you’d be hard pressed to find too many random attacks from werewolves these days. We aren’t mindless animals you know. When we shape shift, we still have a mind, an animal’s mind as much as we still have the instinct of our wolf shape and the predatory hunt.

And most creatures know, who’s top of the food chain and automatically who not to fuck with. I’m happy to say werewolves command respect in that sense. Do not fuck with the werewolves and they will not kill you. Simple really.

Werewolves are pack animals, they do not live alone. They do not work alone, they do not isolate themselves on lunar weeks or full moon nights. We instinctively go to what we know. We work with familiarity and routine. We adapt to circumstance. We protect those that we love and we will fight to the death, to ensure our pack survives.

Now if these people, had known that, their statement might make a lick of sense. But I’m guessing, they didn’t know that. Or they really just don’t have a clue about modern werewolves. Which got me thinking, they’ve heard to many kids stories. Like the most famous of them all, Little Red Riding Hood.

That ‘fairy tale’ has been told so many times, and changed, that nobodies really sure who started it or why or weather it’s got truth to it or it’s pure fiction.

There are a few popular versions that the Breukelen tell it as. Apparently they all have different meanings, that’s why there’s so many versions.

But I’m going to tell you a version, I was told of that fairy tale, only the Breukelen don’t call it Little Red Riding Hood.

We werewolves call it The Ravening Red Wolf. So stayed tuned for Part 2 of this post.

Werewolves are not pets

November 12, 2009
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Okay I need to clarify something I’ve said before in various posts on this blog.

Werewolves are not monsters.

When I say we – werewolves are not monsters, I mean to say, we’re not mindless and without reason.

As many a movie might have you believe. It’s odd, the movies seem to go for the scare factor, make us the big scary, fury, thing that will not just go bump into the night into you, but will bite you as well. Novels however, in more recent times, seem to put us in a more genuine light, whilst focusing it might seem, on our animal nature and issues of romantic entanglement.
Hands up who hasn’t been there.

Notice how both my hands are down?
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and wrote the postcard back home.

So when I say werewolves are not mindless monsters, that’s not to say we’re completely cute and furry either.

You can’t just walk up to us and pet us when we’re in our tribal form. Most likely cause we’ll react like any animal – suspiciously, if not defensively and probably bite your hand right off. Yep, through the bone and then we’ll probably drink the blood, bury our snout in it, while you run around screaming the last of your breath out.

Werewolves are not pets, you don’t get to have us for the holiday season then dump as at the pound after that. You can not control us. You can not take us home with you and train to do circus tricks.

We are beasts, animals, at least in part.

So please, for the love of Loki, don’t believe the hype when the latest version of those twilight things come out. I mean, they’re only make believe. And they make me believe that whoever was doing the so called special effects on that film, didn’t have a fucking clue when it came to werewolves.

We are a proud race, no matter what pack you find yourself from.
Our heritage is distinguished and our culture is ancient.
We are absolute warriors when in a fight for blood and life.

Just ask the Braganza Pack who recently tried a thing or two on Breukelen turf and got handed their furry butts back to themselves on stretchers for the animal hospital rescue squad.

Even not in werewolf form, I could still smack down most things, if I was any good as a fighter.

But in werewolf form, I am damn near unstoppable, and fairly, it has to be said, indestructible.
But that isn’t to say I am without thought or reason.

I may not retain my memories of my time in my tribal form. But I have been around others when they are in werewolf form. I’ve seen the way they think. The way the werewolf sizes up it’s prey, their surroundings. You can see the werewolf calculating, going on their survival instinct on what they need to do for whatever reason.

So whilst we can be the fiercest fighting machines in the uber-animal kingdom, we are not just wildly rampaging the cityscape, attacking people.

At least, not without true purpose.
There’s always some dumb reason to fight.

Two for one

September 27, 2009
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There is a duality involved in being me.
Two lives lived at once by the one and same person.That is a constant for me and now, I’ve possibly made it the same for Vargr. Like some kind of stupid, irreversible, two for one deal.

I don’t mean like all those freaks on twitter. I mean, there’s a constant struggle of being me, and who I am to those around me.

I’m supposed to be the golden child of the family. The caring one. But I haven’t spoken to my father, the Alpha, about Vargr. I don’t know how to and now, it seems worse because time has elapsed. So not very golden of me.

I’m supposed to be a responsible Breukelen pack wolf. But my actions could be considered the opposite of that.

Perhaps there is a duality in all of us really. I mean, I know people who would say they are a different type of person when in their work environment, then when at home. It’s what’s required of them. It’s just how it is.

But for me it’s a little more involved than that. For a few days each month, I’m asked, to accept, major differences in me. Differences that are driven by a powerful force within me, that doesn’t want to listen or adhere to the human side of me.

This is the thought that runs through my head as I gear up for another lunar week, fast approaching and I find myself in the company and bed of my pack partner Conall Wakely, again, on most nights. With my mind wondering occasionally to a boy called Paris and the mugger Vargr who I bit.

There is a security in knowing who you are.
There is an unshakable certainty if you have the self-belief and the knowledge to accept all there is about you.

I grew up a werewolf. I always knew I was a werewolf. My loving parents explained it to me as soon as I could speak. So it got ingrained me, and I grew up knowing with certainty that this is what I am. So when my first shift took place, I understood why it was happening to me.

But what I am, does it make me who I am? I think that’s debatable, after all, Vargr mugged me. Is a criminal, a mugger but that doesn’t help me figure out any less who he is, his name or who he is as a person.

I have nothing to go on, other than he was in my neighborhood and he didn’t know I was a werewolf. Otherwise, I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t have picked on me. Still, maybe he thought he’d risk it. No, I’m pretty sure he’s just a criminal who saw a prize catch in the chance to rip me off.

It’s not like the police record would necessarily have him on file either. I mean mugging, seems petty and small time doesn’t it? Doesn’t mean he’s been caught before.

So that’s all I have to go on. I mean, it was dark, and I didn’t get a good look at him and there was nothing distinguishing about him. I remember the direction he ran off in. But there’s nothing around there to indicate where he would have gone or why. I have no trail on Vargr’s where-abouts, no clue as to who he is.

So how can I prepare him for who he might become, or more correctly, what – a Lycan.

The upcoming lunar cycle, will bring about the first lot of symptoms in his body, if I infected him with my bite. From what information I can gather, it takes roughly two lunar cycles before a shift will kick in for a Lycan. Before they go full moon furry.

Being born a werewolf, it’s a little different. The body has to adjust to grow into it’s form, so shape shifting usually hits us around puberty. Like getting through puberty itself isn’t enough to deal with and high school on top of all that…Sheesh.

So Vargr can expect to feel all manner of odd next week. But that still doesn’t help me find out where he is, or who he is. I mean, it’s unlikely this guy would go to a hospital to check himself out and if he did, well let’s just say it’d be a bad move.

Werewolves don’t really need healthcare most of the time, but when we do require medical treatment, we don’t just go to normal hospitals or clinics for obvious reasons.

Besides, the symptoms that Vargr is likely to experience, which will feel quite extreme in itself, wouldn’t be something he alone couldn’t get through, if he knew how to remain calm and not fight them.

If he knew what to expect, and had someone with him, to help his transition.

Which would be my responsibility to do if I was going to be responsible Breukelen werewolf and try and make things as right as can be, considering what’s happened already.

The spirit of things…

September 9, 2009
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Okay, here’s my party schedule for Brooklyn-Breukelen’s 400 year celebrations.

Yes my father, in his role as Breukelen Alpha has “encouraged” the pack to show their Breukelen spirit and appreciation for their life here in Brooklyn by getting involved in all the various goings on. As his golden child, and most loveable daughter, he has of course, “Volunteered me” to various events, as well as “allowed” me to create my own schedule to show other pack members, what it means to be part of a community spirit!

Represent. Yo. Grrr.

Monday 7thTaking a group of youngsters (pups) on Art tour over to the Museum of the City of New York for the “Dutch Seen” Exhibition & MoMa Tuesday 8th Checking out the Flying Dutchman sailboat race and having a few Heinekens while doing that. Wednesday 9th A Breukelen group walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge (and seeing who is the first to find the one and only Breukelen paw print in the brickwork there).
Prize is chocolate if you can spot it.

Thursday 10th Free day. Then – We like to party, we like to get down. House party in Brooklyn Heights. Free booze. Loud Music. Bring a plate. Don’t tell the neighbors, less they freak out.

Friday 11th Friday night drinkies at Hotel Le Bleu Then party at Pauly’s house. Before moving on to party at Bethany’s place. Must have cab fare for that one.

Saturday 12th I’ve been roped in to helping “organize” (Read take over and run) a Breukelen pack treasure hunt throughout the forgotten laneways of New York. Then, I’m doing the free bike tour ride around Brooklyn with some friends. Better wear comfy shoes and gear for that three and half hours of my life.

Sunday 13th. Ending with me and my brother Joss going to New York Harbour Day where I will be going to festivities at either The Battery or Hudson River Park.

I heart Brooklyn

September 8, 2009
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Love should make the world go round.

But gravity pulls things down and into the circular motion that sweeps us along. Gravity is like love’s reality. Heavy, hard and slow. Progress can seem inevitable and yet, predictable once you figure it out, or have enough vision to see ahead of you.

You see, after awhile, to survive or progress through life, most people will figure out, that you need to band together with like-minded others. Even if one of them is a werewolf and the other is a human.

I think that’s the real reason the Breukelen should celebrate Brooklyn’s birthday this week. It must be comforting to be surrounded by what you want. Your beliefs reassured, your ways accepted, no wonder there are so many “gods” to do things in the name of or blame things on.

It’s all rather convenient isn’t it?

It’s a bit like why we seek out soul mates, pack partners and others to love. No matter what type of creature you are, we all have the same basic id drives. It’s how you’re made.Some of us are just furrier than others. The Breukelen pack are a mixed pack, we have half breeds, who have one parent from different pack lines, but they align themselves with the Breukelen.

Of course, you might think this is a natural progression from how things used to be. The ways of old, the only information I could find about the old ways of the Breukelen indicated that. The Breukelen of long ago thought to band together with the other packs and travel to New York with and live amongst the humans of New Breucklyn back in 1609.

So maybe hiding in plain sight, together, meant mixing up partnerships from the various packs for the purpose of survival of the species and all that. However, it looks like the other four packs, for some unknown reason, didn’t remain together in New Brecklyn, America. It’s not clear why the packs disbanded and went their separate ways.

Maybe the religious furor that had reigned over everyone in Europe for so long, was still around, even on this new land called New York. I mean back then, in the 1600’s the mentality of those seeking to convert all others to their one religion, and take over their land and rule people accordingly, was not so good. It was a kind of a “It’s better to burn the shit out of everything and destroy, than forgive or forget any kind of mistake.”

You can probably figure out what werewolves would have been considered to be in that world of limitations. Mistakes of man-kind! Abominations of god! The wicked creatures of the devil rising up! Rah, rah, rah!

Problem is, I can’t find any real information on that.

But I can tell you the old Breukelen would become the foundation for the current Breukelen pack.

And we’re still here.

Beloved wolf

August 24, 2009
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Aimme asked me what my wolf was called.

Noticed that I spoke of the werewolf part of me like ‘she’ is a second person.  I told her, the wolf isn’t so much a second person as another aspect of me. Part of my personality, not really, more like part of my genetic biology.  You know, that part of you that you can’t fight, never get a say in, that makes you up into who you are.

Yes my wolf, does have a name, it’s a Breukelen name that was given to me when I first shape shifted.

My wolf’s name means Beloved. I was given my name for obvious reasons, mum and dad wanted me to know above all else that I was loved, even if I wasn’t from their tribal lines.

Everyone in my family has  a Breukelen name.

We all get names given to us upon the first time we shape shift.

Some were-wolves are able to shape shift from birth. In particular Alpha’s. They end up knowing no different because it’s so inherent in them.  So second nature to them, even as pups.

But Beta were-wolves like me tend to shape shift some time in the first five years of our birth.   Sometimes, it can even take as long as puberty before the whole ability really kicks in and gets sorted out.

Just depends I guess.

Being a were wolf isn’t exactly an exact thing.

We are tactile in our being and instinctual in our behaviour.

We have no say in being a were-wolf when the lunar week hits.  Any other time, we can at least feel like we have a sense of control and understanding of what we’ve been lumped with.

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