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Flying Sharks vs Werewolves

August 15, 2013
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You know how that one time, I broke up with a TV show called Teen Wolf?

Yeah, well, a.w.k.w.a.r.d… I watched Episode 1 of Season 3 the other night.
Why would I do this to myself you may ask when I so clearly lost my shit with Teen Wolf in the first place and decided so Vehemently not to support it? The reasons are two fold, I shall admit.

Reason 1:
There really isn’t many interesting shows on TV at the moment.
There! I’ve said it! Go ahead, suggest TV shows I should be paying attention to and trying to figure out and getting sucked into the character storylines of. Do it! I dare you!

Yeah I’ve watched the fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal shows, falling skies, yeah I’ve watch revolution and am not a fan of J-J Abrahams’s so called genisus, Lost Girl – which just turns into hate watching EVERY SINGLE TIME past season 1. I may have to start a Hate Watching tv blog at this rate. For god sakes people, I sat through Sharknado!! Of course, I wasn’t sober for it, so that did help, a great deal, even as I yelled at Ian Zeiring for recklessly endangering his group of survivors by stopping to help and save a bus load of school kids.
And for having the name “Fin.” In a Shark movie.
Good one.

I’m actually not big on watching a lot of TV, probably because there just lacks a great deal of quality, interesting stuff on it most of the time. But I like most fan girls and boys, want a TV show I can hook into and use like religion.

I’ve watched Alphas, and admit…this hasn’t lost me completely, yet, but I haven’t exactly been racing to keep up with it. The same goes for Once Upon a Time. I took to reading the graphic novel series Fables, and have to say, I think Once Upon a Time ripped it off massively and then took great liberty with it so as to avoid copyright infringement. But hey, that’s just my opinion, FABLES creator, Bill Willingham, doesn’t think so. So that’s what counts!

Reason 2:
And here is the main reason, really. A friend of mine challenged me to watch Teen Wolf again. She said I could literally forget Season 2 ever happened and pick up from Season 3 like it made complete sense to Season 1.

She knows how to bait a line my friends, I was intrigued by this. Could Teen Wolf be so bad in writing that it really was this simple to forget Season 2 ever happened? Did I want to go into Season 3 given I knew the hot dude who played Jackson wasn’t even going to be in the show?
The more I thought about it, the more I thought “Stiles” and well, we all know how in love with that dude I am, so really…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I shall post my review of Episode 1 up here, later.

Till then peeps,
Embrace Bad TV cause it is everywhere like a god damn sharknado (although flying sharks are pretty frickn cool).
Maybe they could make a sequel – Flying Sharks vs Werewolves. Now I’d pay to watch that!


Abuse of werewolf power

November 22, 2009
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A Fan of my blog sent this in to me.
It made me chuckle.
Wonder if I was ever like this when I was pup?

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