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Attribution Theory

September 6, 2010

I got sent this werewolves motivational poster.

I like the message.

Being Werewolf vs Being Human

August 28, 2010

It’s a stupid question, but do you ever get tired of being a werewolf? Don’t you ever want to be a normal human?

Actually I think that’s an interesting question.

But on the same hand it is a bit like me asking a non/human if they’re sick of being human. It’s kind of like all you know, right? I mean, I’m born a werewolf, and so I grow up a werewolf. Being a werewolf means you’ve always got these two sides to you.

My short answer is no.

My more involved answer would be this:

Being a werewolf offers you perspective. I mean, you get to see things, the world what have you from the human point of view and from the animal side too. I think, at least in terms of me personally, it makes me a more balanced person.

Gives me greater understanding about life and what it can offer. It shows you how to be tolerant, to be the best you can be, when people mostly only think the worst of you.

Besides, I got to say, for all the fear and hatred that does get thrown at you, there’s also good responses to you being a werewolf too. And that makes me feel kind of special each time.

Having grown up a werewolf from birth, I think now if I could magically become “just a normal human” I’d say no. I mean, it’d be like taking away my identity and part of my soul or something. And what would that make me? Other than untrue to myself?

I like my world.

Sure the wolf culture is complex and more often than not involved, and you can struggle to find your way around in it, but ultimately, I feel like I belong in it.

That being a werewolf is indeed a very good thing, for me.

Hiding in plain sight

July 20, 2010
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Why can’t the werewolves one day reveal themselves to the people (Humans)?

So far, human history has suggested to the werewolf that not being completely out in the open is the safest form of survival for werewolves.  Past history has shown us that if you get a fanatical personality involved they can whip up a mob mentality that doesn’t seem to think straight or see reason.  Or want to, when dealing with something they don’t fully understand. 

There are instances (like every now and then) when you’ll find a werewolf comes clean and tells a human about themself.  Some of us get to a point where you find you have to, like if your trying to be in a relationship (human and werewolf) with one.  But it’s not encouraged, because not only are you asking the human to comprehend something that they’d probably never thought possible, and thus upsetting their thought process of what is what and can be.  But you’re also asking them to accept werewolves as they are and then to keep that a secret too.

Then there’s rammifications.  If you do reveal werewolves amongst humans, you risk the reaction turning out badly and endangering not only yourself, but others, like your pack and other packs.  You get the whole, ripple in the pond effect.

Won’t one day people just get use to it and you guys won’t have to hide?

I’d like to think so.

But humans are a delicate bunch.  They often fear what they don’t know.  And they fear as a first reaction too.  Not everyone embraces change, or difference.   When humans can get to the stage of more temperament for more than one religious train of thought, all human rights, equal pay, sexuality being being more than one ideal, maybe then it’ll happen.

The Reviews are in

June 21, 2010
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What are people saying about A Werewolf Blog in Brooklyn’s first zine?
Read the reviews to find out.

” great blog and cool zine…love the composition paper look.” – @youngwerewolves

“awesome work on the zine. Love it! Is that you on the cover? if it is, yer hawt” – @Ozwonderdog

“you made me want to start a zine again.” – Alison Nastasi

“my fav werewolf many thanks for the pdf darling… looking awesome.” – @HazyBlueNights

Download Zine 1 for your own free copy of A Werewolf Blog In Brooklyn.

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3 Ewoks and Death Star t-shirt

June 4, 2010
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You know, I love it when fans of my blog just send me stuff that I can use it for a blog post.

Werewolves are becoming very popular in today’s culture, after all, we have them in the latest movies – wolfman, twilight and on tv – True Blood, soon to be Teen Wolf, and even on powerfully, accessible, everyday clothing – 3 wolves and moon t shirt.

The 3 moon and wolf t shirt in fact is such a magnet for power and the prowess it gives the wear of it’s haute couture, that it has sparked off several cheap imitations. But this should be applauded, after all, isn’t copycat-ism the sincerest form of flattery – by jealousy??

Like the 3 cat and piano t shirt – totally cheap and not even remotely stylish.

Then there was the “my what busey teeth you have” version with Gary Busey in it. Which I do have to pay some homage to, since Mr Busey, was actually in a decent werewolf movie – Silver Bullet.

But by far the best knock off of the 3 wolf and moon t shirt of awesome has to be this one.
The star wars version with “Ewoks.”

3 Ewok and Death Star t-shirt

Yes, it reminds me of when teddy bears attack and then pose. Who knows the ewoks might be long lost, twice removed, never spoken about at the family reunion cousins to the werewolf.

Then again…I think not.

Although I have to say, Chewbecca from Star Wars is somewhat of an icon for us. I know plenty of werewolves who have a Chewy t-shirt, poster or toy of some kind, of the giant wookie furball. Chewy is my homeboy.

Bray Road Beast

April 11, 2010

Okay Formspringme is playing up, so I’m answering this question here and posting it on twitter also.

What’s your take on the Bray Road Beast? 😉 – Blackredbluefire

Werewolves, they’re not just for Halloween anymore.

Great tagline, ripped off from said beast’s website.

Sounds like it could be a ferral Alpha werewolf. Or a what we’d call a wild werewolf, one without a pack
that’s gone native. Though, you’ve got to ask yourself why it’s decided to show it’s face in Wisconsin.
Maybe it likes the cheese.

fan poetry

January 12, 2010
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One of my twitter fans wrote this to me, when I was having a bad day:

We live in a world of the natural
We rub shoulders with the physical
day after day
until the unseen realm
seems unreal

by 1967_Mustang

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Abuse of werewolf power

November 22, 2009
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A Fan of my blog sent this in to me.
It made me chuckle.
Wonder if I was ever like this when I was pup?

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