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Teeth, Claws and a Werewolf Heart

September 1, 2014
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“You can’t win a fight against me Bg, you know that.” Paris says not even slightly phased by my partial shape shift.

As if I’m a threat to him!

My claws are just itching to slash at his skin, because I am so damn pissed at him.

There was no reason to make me having a wet dream into an issue. Only he sees it as cheating. That I’ve cheated on him with another wolf, because it wasn’t his name I called out. Because it was a lycan who was making love to me in a dream, I don’t even remember.

Because that lycan is our friend, Booker Parish and Booker and I once upon a time, long time ago, dated and were in love.
Or so we thought.

“Oh I can win a fight against you Paris D’arenberg. Just not a physical one!” I growl at him. “I’m not the one who wants to fight here. I’m the one who woke up in the middle of a fight with you that she didn’t know she was even having! All because of some stupid, subconscious dream.”

“The subconscious doesn’t make that which matters to us any less real. You were clearly having sex with Booker in your dream. You orgasmed because of him, not me!”

Learning control over my orgasms is something we’ve been working on the whole time we’ve been together. It’s not like Paris and I lack a decent and active sex life. Far from it. And only when I am truly being punished do I not get to come.

But this wet dream with Booker Parish, that I don’t even remember the slightest detail from, is something else.

“Are you still in love with him?” Paris sounds more unhappy than angry as he asks me this. “is that it?”

I feel a breath leave me and my shoulders relax, the blood is rushing around through my veins pounding in my ears, deafening me. My claws retract painfully and shift back to my hands and I gulp for air as my teeth shift back to my human teeth.

Paris sees the small shape shifts and I wonder if my eyes have changed back. I can’t tell without looking at a mirror.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He mutters beginning to pace.

I honestly have no idea how to answer. So I do the only logical thing I can do.

“No, of course not.” I reply and he looks over at me and tilts his head.

“You seem to forget little wolf, I can practically taste it when you’re lying.” He looks away again, before saying “You’ve still got werewolf eyes.” Which is another way of saying, I’m still on edge, ready to fight, because my werewolf self, is still emotionally wound up and invested in this thing beating in my heart with confusion.

“I’m not lying. I’m in love with you, I want to be with you. I’ve no desire to be with Booker again.”
Paris walks over to me slowly.

“Maybe that’s what is. What I can taste on you.” He says still keeping a bit of distance from me.


“You might be in love with me, but on some level, you desire him.”

My mouth opens to retort something back, but I find myself speechless. Because it makes sense what he says. Booker and I may have not been a long term relationship. But he was my first love, and my first lover.

We’ve lived around each other ever since. We’ve watched each other have partners, pack mates, boyfriends, girlfriends and still when we look at each other.

We spark and we’ve both known better than to let any of our friends, see that.

And then I had to go betray that, by having a wet dream about him. And I don’t even know why.

I haven’t seen booker in something like a month. It’s not like we interact with each other every time I’m in Brooklyn or doing something for the Breukelen.

We have different placing’s in our pack and this means we move in different circles. Sometimes they cross.

“You should uh, go.” Paris says softly backing away from me.

“What?” I can feel tears welling in my eyes.

“I had no idea you felt this way about anyone, let alone Booker.” Paris says.

“I don’t feel this way, whatever way, about anyone else, just you.” I implore. My fucking werewolf head, such a trouble maker if ever there was one.

“I want to believe that Bg, but…” Paris sighs. Oh he is really messed up about this. And I don’t know how to fix this, to fix us. “I get that we’re similar looking, the physique, and maybe I’m just a substitute for him, that’s why you were attracted to me.”

“No, no, no.” I rush out. Although maybe, subconsciously it was why I initially liked him.

“I think over the weekend, you should go back to Brooklyn and really ask yourself if it’s me you want or deep down, it’s Booker. And at the end of the weekend, tell me your choice, so we can move past this, however we need.”

Continued in… Breukelen Heart Beats

Red White and Werewolf Podcast out now!

July 25, 2014
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The Red White and Werewolf podcast series is out now and can be found on Sticher Radio, iTunes and Talk Shoe radio!

RWW Podcast Episode 4 poster

Wolves Love

April 11, 2014
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Wolves Love

Werewolves and lycans aren’t known for getting along.

You could argue that hostility and hatred of the lycans can’t be faulted. Given, to be a lycan, means as a human you were attacked by a werewolf and survived, only to turn into one of them.

Tatum Lee only knows this existence all too well as a new lycan. It’s only been a few months since she turned and has found herself in a relationship, with of all creatures, a werewolf, Wiatt D’arenberg. But loving Wiatt means, Tatum has to live by the rules of Wiatt’s pack , and it means there’s not much living in it when the Bronx lycan community find out exactly who Tatum is.

She’s either one of them, or she’s not welcome, just like werewolves in the Bronx aren’t welcome. Tatum’s relationship with Wiatt becomes strained as she battles to find her place in her new wolf life, with Wiatt and amongst all the wolves of New York City.

Wiatt finds his thinking pushed as he must confront the reality of the werewolf culture and his own personal happiness with a lycan for his lover. Can Wiatt and Tatum find a way to make a relationship between two very different types of wolves work? Or will they simply be torn apart, by each other and every other wolf that wants to hurt them?

Available at www.smashwords.com in July

Bleeding Hearts

December 30, 2012
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Bleeding Hearts

Blood will be shed and life will be lost. Hearts will be tested, but will they be broken or ripped out of chests? What does it mean to be a werewolf? What if you can’t be the werewolf you are meant to be? What does that make you?

Doll and Jeremy are “strays”, werewolves without a pack. But they are also survivors. After a year of being held in captivity by an all alpha werewolf pack, they find themselves in Seattle. Amongst another werewolf pack the Seattle Alki.

Get a view of the werewolf world which lives amongst the humans of Seattle. Not all werewolves are the same. There are alpha werewolves who live responsibly through their inherit leadership qualities and abilities. There are alpha werewolves who indulge in abusing those inherit abilities on lesser werewolves. Beta werewolves, are not as highly skilled as alpha werewolves and those without a pack can find themselves likely to be targeted by those stronger, faster, more vicious and cunning than them.

The mentality of pack werewolves versus the mentality of stray werewolves, is through the story of Doll and Jeremy and their struggle to readjust to life with other werewolves again.

Can you they trust the Seattle Alki pack? Do they have a choice? Will trusting the Seattle Alki, alpha Luke Charleston, mean Doll looses Jeremy in the process?

How far will Doll go to compromise herself in order for her and Jeremy to survive? Do either Jeremy or Doll have enough strength in them, to fight the biggest battle of their lives that is coming their way? Can they trust that the Seattle Alki and Luke truly have their backs or is it a case of history repeating, and beating the weaker, lesser beta werewolves?

To find out, check out Bleeding Hearts by Breukelen Girl at Smashwords.com

MotherF*cking Snakes on Teen Wolf

July 24, 2012
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Teen Wolf, Episode 7.

Huzzah, I made it this far.

So we start of the episode with the kanima (lizard monster ) killing the husband of a couple who are living in a trailer in the woods. We can see that there is indeed another mysterious figure somehow involved in controlling the kanama

But then if this kanima is killing people, how can it be Jackson? Because Jackson is at the police station looking smug as Stiles and Scott are getting served, a restraining order against them for kidnapping and locking up Jackson in the last twenty four hours.

So maybe it is Lydia who is also a kanima, and that’s why she passed the previous poisoning test. Because at this point in time, we don’t know where Lydia is, unless we believe the writers are sticking to the last episode, which means she’s at her house getting harassed by strange new boy.

But why would we believe the writers of this show?

Scott’s Mum is ripping Scott a new one and it’s well past time for that. It was getting very hard to believe that she didn’t have a freaking clue about what her son has been up to so late at night and failing so badly at school.

Cut to Derek and his pack of newbie werewolves who are itching to go after the Argents rather than be locked up for the upcoming full moon. Yes, apparently we’re back on a full moon, even though there was one a few episodes ago. I’m not getting the time line in this show, the episodes appear to connect based on a daily dealings but then to say a month has passed because the next full moon is coming…ahhhh.

Derek argues with Issac about how they HAVE TO FIND THE KANIMA. Blah, blah, blah, tenuous link and reasoning why.

You’re werewolves mother fuckers, you don’t have to do shit! And Derek seems more and more like a whimp than an alpha when he talks about the kaiama or the Argents – what a waste.

And now it appears it’s the next day and Allison is passing secret messages to Scott and Stiles in the Library and surprise, surprise, we’re being led onto the path of the kanama is supposed to be a werewolf but it can’t be until it’s past issues are resolved. And what if that has something to do with Jackson’s biological parents??

Well the writers will probably let us know it’s an “either or thing” in an episode of two from now.

Cut to man of the hour and Jackson is in the science lab and looking at various creepy crawlies in a large glass display. But he seems particularly fascinated with the one housing the snakes. And here’s were shit gets interesting, Jackson opens up the lid of the glass display and picks up a snake.

Watching in fascination as it slides over his arm and and around his neck and up into Jackson’s mouth. Jackson closes his eyes as the snake goes completely into his mouth! If you’ve ever had a dirty desire to know what Jackson might look like giving fellatio, this is the scene to pay attention to.

Just as he finishes swallowing the live snake whole, a teacher walks into the room and asks Jackson if he wants to discuss his paper. Jackson appears to be a little stunned. I’m guessing cause he feels overly full or he’s secretly a vegetarian who’s just broken his food vow.

Scott’s taking up a make up test at school and his mum is “cleaning” aka raiding his room at home for clues on why her son is in so much trouble with the law and school. Mum finds something she wasn’t expecting. A 12 pack of ribbed condoms. Only one is left. So that answers the virginity question from the previous episode. Cherry – Popped.

And we’re back on Allison who is tracking Jackson, who walks into the boys locker room. Allison is about to go in there when camera boy who is obsessed with her walks out and starts immediately flirting with way too much ease at her. Clearly not reading the “She’s just not that into you signals” Allison is giving him with one her one word answers and looking anywhere but at him looks. She agrees to go on some sort of date with him on Friday night just to shut him up and get him away from her.

Allison walks into the boys locker room upon hearing an awkward sound made by Jackson. She calls out to him and he responds. Allison walks around in the locker room and walks in on a naked Jackson showering. She blushes and turns away. Jackson seems fine with it. More than fine as he goes into predator mode and comes over to her and insists they talk then and there.

As Jackson continues to intimidate Allison, he heartbeat races and Jackson can hear it and so it appears, can Scott from between who knows how many walls and bits of structure in the highschool between the science lab and the boys locker room.

As Scott bursts in Allison tries to tell him, she’s okay but Scott is not having any of it and finally we get to see something interesting, a fight between Scott and Jackson as they beat the crap out of each other and the boys locker room. As they spill out into the corridor, Erica restrains Jackson and Stiles restrains Scott. But not before Scott’s teacher from the make up test, busts them all.

As they’re getting busted, camera obsessed with Allison boy notices someone’s backpack spilled open on the floor and clearly feeling the need to riffle, picks up the tablet that is exposed from the back pack and starts to turn it on and view whatever is on it.

REALLY? we’re going with this tenious link? EVERYBODY FACE PALM NOW!

Of course he reads the info about the kanama that Allison has on there and of course, downloads it to email for himself. Invasion of privacy much? Before handing it back but the teacher grabs it off him. Everyone then gets detention.

Scott’s mum rocks up to the school and talks to Allison’s mum about their kids. Allison’s creepy mum delivers a great line about a girl with low standards going after Scott.

Back in the library Stiles is theorizing that Camera boy is Jackson’s controlling kanama master. When Jackson’s suddenly gets up needing to go to the bathroom, because he seems to have some pain from behind his eye.

As he goes to the little boys room, we watch as a snake, pushes it way out of Jackson’s eye socket spurting blood everywhere and horrifying Jackson who’s very much aware and awake of the whole thing happening! yay!! Scott is called to the principles office. But quite frankly I don’t care for the end of the episode, because it’s delivered far more in this episode than it has so far in the whole season, that’s been well worth watching.

I shall however, continue to finish the rest of the episode, in my next post 😉


July 14, 2011
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I smelt the blood before I even saw it on Paris‘s face. My head shot up and I looked over at my boyfriend as he walked into the room I was in. He dropped the sports bag heavily to the ground and my eyes zeroed in on the blood under his nose and around his mouth. Blood sports and werewolves, what a freak’n turn on.

He walked around to me, pulling his sweat stained t-shirt up over his head and off. Discarding it without care. I stayed still, where I was, at the end of the table, watching in anticipation as he walked around to me. Watching the way his body moved with the way he held himself, inhaling the sweat and blood he’d worked up and gotten from his boxing session. Yeah, he doesn’t box with gloves and protective gear. Alpha male, pack leader, likes to keep his skills sharp.

My eyes keep zeroing in on the mess around his otherwise pretty mouth. My nose keeps flaring as I enjoy the smell of his blood on his sweat covered, skin. He hones in on me and lifts me like I weigh nothing, up onto the table. Pushing apart my legs so he can stand between them. His hard groin meeting my moist heat at the edge.

I can hear his breathing is controlled and stilled like him. But that’s just a ruse. The heart beat racing under neath all that toned skin, is a give away to what he wants. There is a heat flaring up inside at me at the look of the predator before me. I can’t help it, it’s always like this with him.

One look up at those dark blue eyes and that’s all he get’s before I lunge at the swollen and bloodied mouth. He doesn’t wince at the action of my mouth devouring his brings. Paris merely responds, his arms pulling me in closer to him. His mouth matching mine, allowing my tongue to go where it will, over the blood trail over him.

Hands push my skirt up my legs and I feel his fingers, pull aside my underwear and feel the press of his hardened cock before he pushes into me tightly. I can’t moan because my mouth is too busy obsessing over the swollen bloody mess of his mouth and licking at it eagerly. He lifts my legs to wrap them around his hips, dragging me across the table towards him, so we can start this unleashing.

Blood sports and werewolves, what a turn on. I think Paris fights deliberately without protective gear so he can get bloodied and come home and do this with me. Fighting makes him hungry and not necessarily for food.

Our rhythm is fast and bumpy and all I can do is hold onto Paris as we let the sensation of blood, sweat and sex coat us and fill our senses with each other.


November 12, 2010

In the darkness of Brooklyn’s night, we arrive. We’ve barely spoken to each other and that pains me. I don’t want this. Like this. We sit in his car, outside my house.

“You could always stay for awhile with me.”
Paris offers a half smile at me softly. “No I couldn’t and we both know that. But thanks all the same.”
Of course not. There’s work to be done. A werewolf pack to maintain. Punishment to be dealt out, Gabby to be found.
“It’s… I just don’t want you to think that…”
“We revert to what we know.” He says cutting me off and shrugs his shoulders quickly. “It’s what we know in who we are. It’s a safety net. Even us werewolves have them.”
I sigh heavily.
“Yeah, the human side of the werewolf has it. I should be more than…” I wave a hand up and down the front of me trying to figure out what I’m saying. “this.”
His eyes widen and he stares at me, his mouth agape.
“No, don’t do this. Don’t you dare think you’re somehow responsible for what Gabby did.” He says putting my face in his hands. “She knew, damn her, exactly what she was doing to you. And I like you for you. The way you are.”

His lips press into mine and we kiss. It’s like being swept up in moment of escape. And makes me lean into him, cling to him. We part for air and Paris rests his head on my forehead. His eyes closed.

“I hope you like me because I can be strong for you, for us. You don’t have to go after her.” I state somewhat hopelessly. When what I should say is he doesn’t have to go through whatever he’s feeling, thinking of doing, alone. I should be there with him.

I don’t want him to have to go after her. Not because I don’t want Gabby to be reprimanded or punished or called out for what she did to me. But because every time Paris, has to do things like this, in his leadership capacity of the Manhattan Maen, I loose a bit of him. To a very dark place.

I don’t think even he likes going to the darkness that is somewhere, situated in the depths of the wolf’s soul. Darkness is not just an absence of light in the world we live in. I can tell that Paris resigns himself to the fact that he has to at some point. That he will go there.

For us.

For me.

All Kinds of Trouble Pt1.

September 23, 2010

You could say Aaron was one of the reasons I cut ties with my human friends last year, because, well, he along with my friend Aimee (who I’ve been told – and I quote “Please don’t write about me on your blog without my permission.”) – I’m not allowed to mention on here, except in this context, showed me, that at that point in my life, my two worlds just didn’t mix. It was all getting a bit to complicated for me to handle. That and the fact that Aaron stopped looking at me when we were out with our friends, and then stopped talking to me, after he saw me at Ultra with Conall.

Yeah, that went down well, so well, that night.

But here he is again, this human male, back in my life. Entering into my world. Werewolf world. He shouldn’t be here, but he is. Paris has got his crew asking a few pointed questions about Midnight Blue. It’s supposed to be a kind of safe haven for werewolves on lunar week. That’s not to say humans aren’t allowed, but really, if there’s going to be humans there, you’re only ever likely to see a handful, like three, five maximum. When we were at Midnight Blue, and ran into Aaron, there was more than that, at least half the club was full of nons and werewolves. Which is asking for all kinds of trouble. Especially since the Manhattan Alpha, hasn’t decreed this is acceptable behavior to operate in his territory.

Part of what makes Paris a great Pack Leader, he’s smart, really smart when it comes to werewolf needs and pack behavior. He’s more flexible than most pack leaders would be willing to be and he’s more open minded. But if you take liberty of this attributes, without following his rules, like Midnight Blue seem to have been doing, then you can expect to get found out and dealt with.

So I find myself back in Midnight Blue as Paris’s pack lieutenants, Addison, Jules, Gabby and Wiatt start doing there thing at the club. And who shows up for a second night in a row, but Aaron. Now I’m suspicious. You see, from what I do know of Aaron, he’s a nice boy. A conservative, nice, polite, regular guy. I find it hard to believe he’d venture this far over to the wild side of life. But then again, maybe he doesn’t know, just how wild it gets in these places. And for his own benefit, more than mine, I should at least give him a heads up to get out, before Paris and his crew do something, that might end up endangering him. Or exposing his human mind to things he probably doesn’t know about, or would rather not see or believe.

He starts laughing as I walk towards him. Shaking his head. The blonde he was with the other night is nowhere in sight. He’s alone, or at least, I think he is, there’s a few humans standing at the bar not so far behind him. Could be friends.

“So you don’t come to sex clubs like this? But here you are two nights in a row. Man, I really didn’t have a clue about you did I?” He says to me, hands on his hips.

Oh you still don’t you ungrateful, rude, prick.

“It’s not a sex club. It’s a nightclub and I never said I hadn’t been here before. Keep up and pay attention Aaron or you’ll get left behind.” I zing back at him.

His arms drop off his hips.

“Yeah right, then why wouldn’t they stop people from stripping off out of their clothes and having four ways on the dance floor?”

I so can not explain this to him.

“I don’t know why you’re here or how you got in..”

“Some of us of heard about this place, apparently there are others, but this was the only one me and Daniel could get into. We had to bribe the doorman with like two hundred and fifty bucks each to let us in last night and again tonight.”

My eyebrows shot up at this news. Weak security detail on a wolf club. Not good. Paris will not be amused either.

“It was a dare of sorts.”

This guy was so not the same Aaron I thought I knew last year. What a shame.

“So the real question is,” He asked stepping forward, closer to me. “Why are you here, in this sex club that you’ve been to, more than once before?”

My finger nails start tapping out an angry rhythm on my thigh as I glare at him.

“I’m here with my boyfriend, remember the hulking guy who wanted to rip your head off from your shoulders last night, because you were in my face?”

He looked shocked for a second and looked around us.

“You sure do know how to pick ‘em. First that Colin guy…”

Conall. His name is Conall.”

“Whatever. You like the asshole type, and sex clubs, and you wonder why we never got together?” His eyes run up and down my outfit. “Well it’s because bitch whores have never been my type. Guess I figured that out in time, for once.”

I straighten up and feel the tension in my body elevate.
“Bitch whore.” I repeat slowly and punch him in the face, before I even realize I’ve made a fist.

Aaron cried out and stumbled backwards with the force of the blow, falling down on the ground, onto his backside. His hands going up to his face.

“Aww that fucking hurt!”

I shrugged my shoulders as he cupped his nose. “You hurt my feelings.” I replied.

The scent of blood tinged the air near me and I know before he’d even removed his hands from his nose, that there is blood gushing from his nose. I watch him now more curiously, the animal inside taking it’s time to assess through human eyes. Aaron looked at the blood on his hands and his brown eyes darted back over to mine. Holding my gaze.

The smell of fresh blood has my heart beat racing. I lick my lips. My skin is itching with a need to go primal on the prey in front of me. On Aaron.

Seems like an opportune time to let the werewolf in me, out.

Dumb fighting

August 4, 2010
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Questions from formspringme:

KEvil09 asks: What is something dumb u seen people fight about or over?


Girl fight bullshit

Or have you been in a fight that was over sumthing dumb?




My right to party


Half truths will not get you anywhere safe

July 30, 2010
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“So, um…about that wolf I hit the other night.”

Paris smiled slowly at me.


I blinked quickly and looked over at Paris. “I feel bad, about what I did. I mean. I kind of panicked back there and well, you know how panic excites wolves and the blood and me looking mangled and…”

Paris kissed my temple.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I frowned back at him.  “How can I not worry about what I did to him? I hit him until his face was a bloody mess.  He was just going out for the night, lunar week fun and some psycho female wolf goes all kinds of crazy on him. Messes up his face and his night, infront of his fellow…”

Paris held up a hand.  “I’ve already spoken to Bohm. He’s fine by the way. Shape shifted and is fine.  But he’s good.  He understood the situation and what it called for.”

Briefly I let the music of the club fill a gap of silence between us. Only because my mouth was gaping open and I looked at Paris like he was talking another language to me. So nonchalant and okay with what I’d done.  Playing pack wolf politics, has never been a strong point of mine because, well, I’ve never had to understand that side of things. I’m a beta wolf, I do as I’m told and that’s about it.

“He took the fall?”

“Completely. Like a good pack wolf should, when they know their job.  Bohm figured it out quickly enough.  By the way, he says, you leave yourself open a little when you do you’re left cross.”

I understand the fighting, the meaning behind it, the reasoning of it, and why it happens. But I’m still not sure, I’ll ever really like it. The violence that remains with me, after it.  I don’t know.  Maybe the other night was just different.  Because, I’ve never done that before, never had to do that before.  Make a stand amongst wolves for fear of being torn apart in chunky meaty bits.  Which don’t get me wrong, is totally possible to happen.  Hell I’ve felt the threat from within my own pack before, not quite to that degree, but similar.

Slightest slip of control, too much temptation with the blood.  If their Alpha, his hierarchy hadn’t been on hand to ensure, the pack towed the line. It might have been a different story.

“I owe Bohm a favour, that’s all it comes down to.”

I picked up my champagne and downed a quick mouthful.

“Great, so I’ve done what exactly, put you in debit to a lesser wolf?  That can’t look good for an Alpha of your standing.”

Paris shrugged his shoulders. He looked out over our surroundings, watching the wolves and the humans mingle together.

“Doesn’t matter, just means, if I can, I help Bohm in some way when the time arises, I should. That’s all.  Nothing solid, more like a privileged courtesy. That’s all.”

“He’s a beta wolf!” I said, my voice raising significantly at his calmness.

Ranking in a wolf pack, is highly regarded and adhered to. It’s kind of the whole point to pack structure, other than the purpose of survival.  There are certain traits, and behaviours that make a Alpha, a leading pack Alpha and not just a fighter.  Paris had always been trained up to take over the leadership of his Pack from their old leader.  It’d been a planned and unchallenged succession.  His leadership of the Manhattan Maen, worked.  It worked very well from what I’d seen of it.  But that didn’t excuse him from bestowing his favours to just any wolf in the pack.  Let alone one that had come to his girlfriend’s rescue (in a sense).

My fighting, was causing all kinds of potential looming trouble. And not much of it, it seemed, was for me. Rather, the ramifications of any fall out for my fighting with Gabby, would be impacting on Paris.

“I uh, I want to apologise to him.”

“It’s not necessary, Bohm’s good.”  I looked at Paris and wondered how to say what I was feeling, what I knew was going on behind the scenes with Gabby. That Addison was keeping away from him.  If Addison hadn’t told him about Gabby’s game playing, then it really wasn’t my place to either, I’d just create more trouble. And I didn’t want that.  But I couldn’t let Paris go on thinking, everything would be okay and good with his leadership if my fighting, either Gabby or Bohm, was the beginning of his undoing, in his own pack.

I so didn’t want to be responsible for that.

Like ever.

“I know it’s not necessary to Bohm because he was, is, being a good pack soldier.  But I think appearances in pack, are necessary.  As much as my display of standing up to Gabby was necessary.  I’d hate for any of these wolves to think, I was your weakness and that made you fair game for leadership challenges.”

Paris turned his head to look at me slowly. His eyes narrowed slightly.

“Who said that to you?”

I felt my eyes widen. No use trying to hide the truth from this wolf.  Half truths will not get you anywhere safe.

“I’m just saying.  I don’t want to cause unrest with your pack.  I’m a guest amongst these wolves. I have no rights here in Manhattan.  I’m a Breukelen wolf.”

Paris leaned in, closer to me. His voice was low and serious.

“You’re more than a guest here, more than that to me. Don’t let anyone, not even Gabby let you think otherwise.”

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