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The Horror of Horror movies

November 3, 2010

Another formspring question: Which horror movie would you hate to experience the most in real life?

Ohhh what a messed up question.
Now I have to think of all the great horror movies that are out there and which ones I’ve seen.

The Shining – What’s worse, Jack Nicholson loosing his freakn marbles of the twins on the bikes? Yeah, Jack, every time. Especially when he comes after you with an Axe – Here’s Johnny style, in a secluded far away from everything and everyone type of help situation. But I could dance with that devil in the pale moonlight, so not that one.

Still thinking….

Halloween – Okay this movie has a good scare factor in that the bad guy essentially is faceless (you know if you don’t consider the hockey mask) and he’s rather relentless once he has a target in sight. It’s like he has an on switch but no off switch. I mean if I’m going to be fighting someone for my life, seeing who they are, is some sort of psychological advantage for sure. But I’d take the lead of the scream queen herself in this movie, Jamie-Lee and kick Michael’s ass big time. Probably by ripping that god damn mask off his face!!

Okay, let’s see if I can narrow the field down a little. Here are the ones that are more hardcore because of the realism factor:

Silence of the Lambs – yeah, that pretty much narrows it down straight away doesn’t it?

It’s very realistic in the fact that people get kidnapped and held against their will. The fact that the victims are put in a well that shows the blood finger prints of those before them is a major head trip. That the victims are cut up and skinned is horrifying a thought and that dude, the bad guy. His voice is completely creepy!!! I can’t tell you how much I dread hearing the line “She puts the lotion in the basket.” You’d never think such a simple sentence could mean immanent death and doom.

Hostel II Eli Roth is a twisted fuck. The scenario of backpackers being kidnapped and torturted in exotic lands because they don’t keep in contact and they fit a “type” for the demented people who pay to kill them, yeah, that’s sending chills down my spine. Especially the girls in those films – the one that gets hacked apart by a scythe while she’s hanging upside down, bound and conscious. That’s fucked up and horrid. The girl that gets her head drilled because her hair gets caught in the machinery. Enough to make me throw up.

But the winner would have to be:

Saw – any freaking number. Take your pick.

These movies make everything looked twisted and horrible and painful and inevitable. Nobody stands a chance at anything in these movies. And that’s kind of the point isn’t it?

The creative genius of the traps, requires little to no reaction when you find yourself in one, and you have to think before panic in these situations and that in itself is almost impossible to do when you realize you’re about to become sushi brain matter.

So yeah, this would win.

I mean it’s one thing to be trapped in a room with no way out, it’s another to be trapped in a room /house and tied down, strapped, bound or caged. I’d hate the loss of freedom of movement. I’d hate to be in a situation where there is just no way out, no better alternative, no chance of survival and not a shot in hell of stopping the madness from ever coming after me again or repeating continuously after me, if I was gone.

Head explosions

September 8, 2010
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From formspring I present the latest question thrown at me.
What would your life be like if Conall wasn’t in it? Would you even want him out of your life? 😛


I feel like if I answer this honestly, the paranoid part of me says word will get back to Conall on how I “feel” and he’ll think he’s still got reason to try again with me.


Okay, here’s the thing. Conall and me, have been around each other for a long time. I mean, we’ve been in and out of each other’s lives for years and years. We’re in the same pack, so we’d see each other at pack gatherings, we’d know the same friends, I guess you could say it’s not that I hate him. He pisses me off and makes me angry and is a regular pain in the butt. But he’s male, so that’s to be expected. But it wasn’t always bad between us. The ending of us was bad. But not the whole time we were together.

So….what would my life be like without Conall in it?

Well, if Conall had never come along I might’ve ended up with someone else, initially at least. I might’ve had the guts to pursue that person. But that’s a lot of “might’s” Or I might be just dating randomly and partying all the time. Or I might just be who I am but without half the stress that Conall seems to bring with him and us. Sometimes I think we’re so corrosive on one another. Other times, I think we used to make a good team, him and I, when we were strong.

Would I even want him out of my life?


Hindsight is fucking useless except to remind you to remember shit you’d rather forget. Most of the time, I think yes. But overall, in the personal history of me, I guess I’d say no. Oh I don’t fucking know okay? I tend to believe things happen in your life for a reason, that things shape you for reasons like helping make you who you should be. Mistakes included. Conall included.


Are we done with the Dr Phil Introspection now?

Being Werewolf vs Being Human

August 28, 2010

It’s a stupid question, but do you ever get tired of being a werewolf? Don’t you ever want to be a normal human?

Actually I think that’s an interesting question.

But on the same hand it is a bit like me asking a non/human if they’re sick of being human. It’s kind of like all you know, right? I mean, I’m born a werewolf, and so I grow up a werewolf. Being a werewolf means you’ve always got these two sides to you.

My short answer is no.

My more involved answer would be this:

Being a werewolf offers you perspective. I mean, you get to see things, the world what have you from the human point of view and from the animal side too. I think, at least in terms of me personally, it makes me a more balanced person.

Gives me greater understanding about life and what it can offer. It shows you how to be tolerant, to be the best you can be, when people mostly only think the worst of you.

Besides, I got to say, for all the fear and hatred that does get thrown at you, there’s also good responses to you being a werewolf too. And that makes me feel kind of special each time.

Having grown up a werewolf from birth, I think now if I could magically become “just a normal human” I’d say no. I mean, it’d be like taking away my identity and part of my soul or something. And what would that make me? Other than untrue to myself?

I like my world.

Sure the wolf culture is complex and more often than not involved, and you can struggle to find your way around in it, but ultimately, I feel like I belong in it.

That being a werewolf is indeed a very good thing, for me.

Dumb fighting

August 4, 2010
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Questions from formspringme:

KEvil09 asks: What is something dumb u seen people fight about or over?


Girl fight bullshit

Or have you been in a fight that was over sumthing dumb?




My right to party


Hiding in plain sight

July 20, 2010
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Why can’t the werewolves one day reveal themselves to the people (Humans)?

So far, human history has suggested to the werewolf that not being completely out in the open is the safest form of survival for werewolves.  Past history has shown us that if you get a fanatical personality involved they can whip up a mob mentality that doesn’t seem to think straight or see reason.  Or want to, when dealing with something they don’t fully understand. 

There are instances (like every now and then) when you’ll find a werewolf comes clean and tells a human about themself.  Some of us get to a point where you find you have to, like if your trying to be in a relationship (human and werewolf) with one.  But it’s not encouraged, because not only are you asking the human to comprehend something that they’d probably never thought possible, and thus upsetting their thought process of what is what and can be.  But you’re also asking them to accept werewolves as they are and then to keep that a secret too.

Then there’s rammifications.  If you do reveal werewolves amongst humans, you risk the reaction turning out badly and endangering not only yourself, but others, like your pack and other packs.  You get the whole, ripple in the pond effect.

Won’t one day people just get use to it and you guys won’t have to hide?

I’d like to think so.

But humans are a delicate bunch.  They often fear what they don’t know.  And they fear as a first reaction too.  Not everyone embraces change, or difference.   When humans can get to the stage of more temperament for more than one religious train of thought, all human rights, equal pay, sexuality being being more than one ideal, maybe then it’ll happen.

The human element

May 15, 2010
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Another formspringme set of questions:

Q) What happens to human’s who are posing as werewolves? Calling themselves an Alpha and all that? Are they left Alone as long as they pose no threat? What if they do?

First of all, I’m not sure how a human could pose as a werewolf. I mean if all they did was go around saying ” I’m the great and powerful Werewolf of New York, you will bow down to me blah blah blah..” I think they’d find out soon enough that most people, whether human, werewolf or supernatural in anyway, just don’t tolerate that kind of bullshit behaviour. Especially in New York!
Hello! have you met us NU Yawkers?!! We’re cool and all, but dude, cross a Bronx person….well, nothing soft comes out of the Bronx.

So I would think that just saying you’re a werewolf and hoping to intimidate people or get by on your word of mouth reputation alone, would get blown open and found out pretty damn quickly.

I mean naive, the werewolf is not. We’ve been having to work on survival and how to balance the human element of life with the wolf element, for a very long time. We are a lineage after all.

But if a human were going around pretending or posing, as you put it, somehow as an Alpha werewolf I think they would’ve just about signed up to be beaten to death.

Most Alpha wolves would considered a grave insult. A slight against them and werewolves in general and a tarnishing on their reputation and pack. Alpha’s do not like to be considered weak, or easy or dumb. Part of the whole, they’re more “superior” in genetic make up than us, that comes through as well in their behaviour patterns.

I’m not sure I can truthfully tell you what would happen to the human going around posing as a werewolf. Again, it would depend on the leading Alpha in question who would of course get to have the final say and ruling on what should be done if it at all.

Some Alpha’s are very old school in their way of thinking. Very traditional without much flexibility on anything. They’d take the highest form of punishment available for a slight like this. Then again, other’s from different packs, I’d like to think NYC’s would probably let it slide. Maybe spook the human into behaving or something without having to do all that much.

It’s kind of like you said, it would depend on whether they were a threat of some kind to a pack or wolf or whether they were just a crazy human and how much pride and sensibility was involved on the Alpha werewolf’s part.

I guess you could say it’s kind of a way to define who’s a really good pack leader and not, when they don’t sweat the small stuff and know just what to do with the big problems in life.

How would the Alpha find a lone wolf?

May 14, 2010
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A question I was asked on formspringme was:

Q) How would the Alpha find a lone wolf?

Depends by what you mean.

After all, if you’re talking about lone wolves in the sense that they are just without pack because they left it and then they wanted back in the pack for the feeling of family, security, safety etc – an Alpha wouldn’t go looking for this type of wolf.

This kind of werewolf behaviour would most likely be construed as weakness or stupidity. Possibly both. Neither is a obviously good element to introduce to a pack structure.

Also this kind of ‘task’ would most likely be considered mundane and beneath the level of an Alpha to do. It’d be passed off onto a beta wolf or a second in command, not the leader of the pack.

However if you mean an Alpha needed to go looking for a lone wolf for a more meaningful purpose, like rescuing another packmate or stopping a lone wolf from escaping with something detrimental to the pack, then yes, an Alpha Wolf would go after a lone wolf for this type of behaviour or ‘task’.

Alpha werewolves are quite superior in their skills and attributes. They are extremely excellent trackers, who can track human and most animals for days without losing scent or the trail. There are some that are quite legendary at it. But as with most things, it’s a honed skill based on a an extremely talented natural ability. The more you practice the better you’re likely to be.

Depending on the Alpha werewolf, they could be rather stubborn and headstrong and take on this task alone. But they might take a small scouting party of wolves with them too for the job. Wether they’d do this is human form or animal form I can’t say for sure. Because I think it would depend on the leading Alpha’s personality and way of thinking.

But the basic answer would be – we track, through scent.


February 21, 2010
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