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August 24, 2010
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Full moon night and I’m sitting at a table in a club, surrounded by Alpha Werewolves.

We’re drinking shots and they’re playing a sexual game of temptation. They’re trying to push each other’s buttons, not because they want one another.  They’re just doing it for amusement.

As the night goes on, the moon rises higher in the night sky. And as it gets closer to full moon, when the moon is completely full and at it’s highest point in the sky, us werewolves become more affected.

So what’s that like?

Well, I’m a Beta wolf so I guess you could say I feel things easier than the Alpha’s.  I’m more sensitive by full moon night as it were.  I’m already sweating, continuously just from the heat radiating from their bodies around me.  Also from being surrounded by so many Alpha pheromones in the air.

I’m roasting in my own body heat and my hormones are  making me squirm.  I’m constantly needing to touch, rub, or press some part of me against my packmate, Paris.

Another round of shots and the laughing starts again and it becomes  Jules turn to do whatever he can to get the pack’s thoughts racing and their libido’s amped up as we all watch each other to see who will react to whatever he does.

Dirty jokes, flashing body parts, suggestive imagery, and asking other wolves, those dancing, those not attached to those at these tables, to do things, put on a show or two for us.

I’m already out of this game. Paris is still in, but he’s got it extra hard, no pun intended because I keep crawling into his lap, or kissing him, or putting my hand up his shirt.   The others at the table don’t have partners on top of them, with them, doing what I’m doing. But then Paris is the Alpha pack leader, so they all expect to him to put in a damn strong showing in this weird little game they’re all playing.

So me pestering him, is considered average.  No different as it were to them without the extra pressure of a horny packmate trying to distract them.

Temptation is all about getting a reaction, an honest, unstoppable reaction out of fellow wolves.   There comes a point where something appeals to us, to the baser nature of our sexual beasts and eventually a spike in temperature, a facial tic, a pick up in heart beat, that continues on, gives away to each of us, who has just reached their peak of patience.

And still Paris holds out, even as he’s dared to bite me.  Not hard, not like I’m food, but  with his werewolf fangs all the same.  Each of them seem to think I’m going to be his undoing. They each keep trying to use me to get to him.

But while I’m doing things to him, and enjoying them. I’m deliberately doing it in a way that gives better views to someone else at the table, or I share a look with one of the others.   Kind of using what they’re trying to get me to do to him, to them.

We all hear the instant heart beat pick up and sense a spike in reaction as I arch backwards, my throat full exposed, my head dropping back, giving the boys opposite me,  a full view of the mounds of my breasts.

There’s a heavy sigh.  All eyes fall on Wiatt. He bows his head.

“I’m out.” He says softly, before making his way out from around the table and heading straight towards the dance floor, scouring for an available wolf.

Addison looks at us, and back out at Wiatt as he’s suddenly surrounded on the dance floor by near naked wolves.

“Oh screw this, or rather, I’d like to screw them.” He mutters at us a, downs his shot and heads out to the dance floor for some real play before we all have to shape shift.

Jules looks out at us and back at the semi naked bodies, writhing and dancing and looking joyous in their abandonment of clothing and sexual liberation.

“Oh to hell with this.”

Paris and I smirk at him, and he’s gone and we’re left alone and together.

“Paris for the win.” I mutter kissing him, and running my hands through his hair.

“Pack animals, sometimes they need to remember why I’m the Pack Alpha here.  I’ll never let anyone use you against me. Ever.” He says softly before we kiss.


Perspective & Patience

August 15, 2010
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There was a recent survey done on New Yorkers that found out the things that annoy them the most.  Among them were stupid things, that probably annoy most people I would think, like people parking their cars over two spaces, subway hogs – people who stand in the doorways of trains etc.  Fairly normal stuff, and yet the list made us seem like we couldn’t appreciate anything.  Even tourists got a roast, even though they bring in money to our cities.  Go figure. Whatever. It’s New York man, it is what it is and New Yorkers are rather proud of that and themselves.  No need to change. 

This got me thinking about the things in my life that annoy me.  So here, to give you some perspective on things that are possibly worth, being annoyed about, is my list of 3 things.

*Werewolf pack politics – It’s not just the New York packs, The Manhattan Maen where Paris is from or the Breukelen where I’m from. I mean ALL werewolf pack politics. I don’t really know enough about it, but the more I get glimpses into, and end up being involved in, the more I hate it.  It’s really all about petty grievances and who has control and expectations placed upon you, just because you’re a werewolf. It sucks.

*My Birthday – Yes, my birthday is coming up soon and what’s so bad about that? Well you see in the past, I used to do a joint birthday party, with my ex boyfriend Conall.  His birthday is like two days after mine.  We used to have these massive pack parties in our honour.  Kind of made us feel like kings, being so exuberantly celebrated, by our fellow werewolves.  But this year will be my first birthday in about five years that I won’t have done with Conall. I’m not upset over that.  But it does remind me of how vast a gap exists now between me, and a lot of my pack, because I dumped Conall and started dating a Manhattan Alpha Werewolf.  Kind of like Pack Politics come into play – see point number one, above. Werewolves, sometimes I think they’re so fucking immature.

*Ex Boyfriend – Conall Wakely. Ex Boyfriend. Former packmate.  Now all around regular reminder of pain. Not literally but…messy break up, anger management issues, moving on issues, hatred towards me on sight when he sees me with Paris, new boyfriend…do I need to keep painting this picture? 

Anyway, I’ve moved on from our break up.  I’m involved with another werewolf, Paris, from the Manhattan Maen pack.  And yet, as fate would have it, there are times in my life, when Conall Wakely, keeps popping up into.  And the odd time or two, that I actually need him too.  Sigh.  Like when taking care of pack business – because we’re from the same pack.  When these little moments happen, they ignite a resilient flare of hope in Conall, that he and I will somehow suddenly get back together again.  Even though I keep making it clear, that is not going to happen.  I mention this now on my list of petty annoyances because, well, see point two about my birthday, Conall’s is coming up two days after mine and he’s started sending me text messages about our birthdays. First he was hinting at stuff, now he’s started to make suggestions.

This is a problem, a big one. I would have thought that after ten months of being apart, and me being with someone else, that Conall would take a clue and get on with his life, without me. But this isn’t the case.  I know this from the text message he sent me the other night.  It’s a hard play he’s going for. It means, this werewolf is in for a long haul, at trying to keep himself connected to me.

The message:

“Above all else, there is us.”

He used to say that to me with meaning. I used to think, at times when we were going through rocky patches, it had meaning.  But I was naive and wrong.  But in Conall’s werewolf mind, it’s a war cry of sorts.  Something has made him decided to continue on with trying to be with me.  Me being with an Alpha werewolf, isn’t something that would make him back down and leave me alone.  As most beta wolves would.  No, for Conall, that’s a red flag to actually challenge an Alpha and get me.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I keep thinking he thinks if he somehow proves himself better than Paris – an Alpha werewolf, that he’ll be worthy and I’ll go to him. But that just ain’t going to happen.  Besides, if he out rightly attacks Paris, for no legitimate reason, it’s like a declaration of death.  

Suicide by werewolf, if you will.

So you see, people, there are things worth being annoyed about, other than someone blocking the doorway on a subway train.  Or a tourist walking slowly in front of you.  It’s all about perspective and patience and being able to place yourself, where you want to be in relation to these annoyances.  Knowing how to handle them, see through them or ignore them all together. 

Haven’t quite decided on which tactic I’m going to take with mine, yet. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

Have we met? I’m a werewolf-WERE-WOLF.

July 28, 2010
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I was lounging around Paris’s house sipping on champagne and biting into a strawberry when Addison said “You and Gabby, it’s got to stop.”  I looked through my sunglasses at him and back towards the the deeper interior of the house, Paris was inside.

“You’re going to get him in trouble, if you don’t make peace with her.”  He continued, in a rather serious voice at me.

“She started it! She always starts it!” I hissed at him, finishing off the strawberry.

Addison downed a mouthful of beer and looked back at me. “So do the right thing, and just don’t bait her.  Don’t accelerate her temper.  Just let it go.”

My eyebrows shot up so high, I think they almost flew off my head.   I pushed my sunglasses up onto my head.

“And let her walk all over me? Insult me in front of my packmate and his pack? Let her punch me and kick me till I’m down? I’m sorry have we actually met? Because you know, I could swear that would be some kind of bullshit Dr Phil human behaviour you, an Alpha, were talking about, to a WEREWOLF. I’m a fucking Werewolf. I don’t roll over and play dead like a domestic fucking dog on a leash!”  My voice was hushed but getting louder.  We both looked back, in to the house, towards where Paris had disappeared.

“You don’t understand.  After the other night’s altercation, Gabby’s been talking about having the right to fight you for real.”  Addison commented far, too calmly.  My heart on the other hand, just started racing.  “She’s talking about a sanctioned fight.”

I sat upright.


Addison nodded his head and drank more beer.

Paris doesn’t know, yet.  But that’s only because between, Wiatt, Jules and me, we’re keeping her at bay.  Not letting her anywhere near him.”

“You think if she got his ear, he’d actually let her fight me?” I asked suddenly feeling slight anxious.  Surely my packmate wouldn’t back that bitch over me. Surely.  But then again, I wasn’t pack, was I? I wasn’t his pack.  Did he have the right?

“No I don’t think he would, which would make even more trouble for him.”

I put my champagne down.

“What do you mean?”

“Technically, according to pack law, Gabby has every right to fight you.”

“Why, because I hurt her ego? Are you kidding me? She’d wipe the floor with me. I can’t compete against her! It’s not even a fair match up! An Alpha against a Beta wolf!”

Addison shrugged his shoulders.  “Doesn’t have to be fair. Publically, it looks like you, another pack wolf, started a fight, with an Alpha from our pack on a lunar week. I mean, talk about breaking the rules of civility and peace. Besides, the other night, to me and everyone else, it looked like you could handle her. That you bested her.  That makes you the perfect candidate for a fight. If she doesn’t calm down and let the idea of fighting you for some sort of honour go, then she could cause waves for Paris’s leadership.”  Addison said raising the beer bottle to his lips again.

I felt the blood pale from my face. I suddenly felt ill. I’d never thought about what my bitching with Gabby could or did mean, beyond the superficial girl stuff.  I was the Manhattan Maen’s packmate. Of course there were rules and expectations I had to adhere to.  What pack wolf didn’t have a place and a role to play?

“She could start talking to others, trying to undermine his leadership, out of nothing more than spite for you. Because she can’t get her shot at you.”

My mouth dropped open.

“You’re saying I could be responsible for usurping the leading Alpha of the Manhattan Maen pack?”

“It’s just a theory, but it’s my job to this pack, to Paris to be the thinker on things like this. To try and strategize on Gabby’s next move, if she makes it.  We both know what she’s like and I just wouldn’t put it past her. To do something like that.”

“But other than to get at me.  What purpose would it serve for you guys to loose the best leading Alpha you’ve ever had?”

Addison shrugged his shoulders again and I picked up my champagne and sculled it down in one fluid motion.  My mind was whirling.  Being physical action wolf I could handle, for the most part.

Being played, never worked for me. Ever.

“You think she’d really do that? Go after the leadership of the Pack? But how?”

Addison put the beer bottle on the nearest table.  “There’s only two ways to become leading pack Alpha.  It either gets handed over to you, or you make a challenge for it and fight, till the death for it.  I don’t think Gabby’s ever going to fight him for it, she wouldn’t win and she knows that.  But she might encourage others to make a play for it.  Maybe not even from within the pack.  She’s plenty bitter that she could consider trying to start something from outside the pack.”

I clutched my stomach.  I felt like I was going to be sick hearing his words.  It was my doing. Putting Paris’s leadership in jeopardy, giving Gabby the ammunition she needed, to question it, if she wanted to.  To make him appear, less than adequate as the pack leader, because of his favouritism and bias to me, over her.  His own pack.

This was not good.

“What do we, what do I do?  I can’t fight her. I can’t take her in a fight and I don’t think I could take the beating she’d dish on me either.”

Addison looked back of his shoulder, as if looking to see whether Paris was coming back in.

“Just cool it for now with her okay. Pretend you’re on a truce, even if she’s not.  The boys and I will monitor her moves and see if she’s going to let it go or not.”  We both turned our heads, hearing the floor boards moving as Paris approached the room again.

“We’ll figure the rest out later.”

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