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Werewolves on TV

October 25, 2012
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Werewolves on TV. Seems to be a thing now. 

Who’d have thought it would be so damn mainstream for werewolves to

appear on TV like it ain’t no thing? Not me.  Good thing I don’t really get to watch that much TV, too busy living my you know, werewolf lifestyle and all.

Watch out peeps, the werewolves are everywhere! Invading a TV screen near you. 

Well, they beat watching reality TV human bullshit all the time.

Wild ones

April 10, 2010

What is is with you humans and your thought process?

That seems to think, werewolves and vampires are closely connected to one another. No, not like that.

I seem to be attracting people to me that want to find some sort of connection between the two. Well, news for you – in case you didn’t read the title of my blog – its at the top of the page – I’m a werewolf. WERE-WOLF. Weirwolf, werwulf.

My life revolves around wolves. Werewolves and they’re antics and association in my life. I don’t know about the vamps and what they’re up to, and I’ve only ever met them through twitter. So who knows what that means?

Probably the same thing in means for today’s contemporary werewolves. We like to be social, we like to be a part of the world, but we’re not without being totally cautious about who we are.

But I am a werewolf first and foremost and I can tell you things that you humans aren’t necessarily aware of happening in your own world,because of me and my kind.

I have enough werewolves in my life to keep me on my toes. There are different personalities and temperaments. I have an ex boyfriend and a new boyfriend who are about as extreme polar opposites as you can get. I come from a leading pack family, that is nothing like the matriarchal family of my boyfriend.

Once a month my world goes animalistic and I have to deal with shape shifting to my tribal form and making that work in my everyday life amongst you humans. There are issues to contend with like losing control, keeping routine, getting into fights, and knowing where your place is and in which pack when you’re really certain anymore of your standing.

I’ll let you know if I run into any other truly interesting people, creatures or beings. Mostly, those that call themselves vampires are well, Wannabe’s. Fake. At least the ones I’ve met have been.

My life is pretty interesting, because of who I am. Because of what I am. A werewolf. You just got to get to know us, to find that out. So, you know, stick around, and hold on tight. My world is a wild ride for the wild ones. Fang bait boy-girls, need not apply.


April 5, 2010
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New York has a very historical gang history to it.
You can probably find a history like this in most cultures I would think. Where there are those that are rich, there are always those that are disadvantaged too, which often leads to a gang culture.

The formation of gangs normally seems to spring from a sense of underclass, and ghetto or slum like areas of lower economic status. Infrastructure that gets left behind because it’s inhabitants are deemed “to hard to handle” or “not worth the effort”.

Eons ago in the same places that exist now, but of a different time, there was Five Points, which is now today mostly the Financial District and Columbus Park in Manhattan, which was one of the most notorious slum areas and some historical records would have you believe, contained the highest murder rate, at one point, in all of New York.

Of course, gangs come from all over; The Bronx in the 1970’s was a hard place to live in, probably why it developed the saying “nothing soft comes out of the Bronx.” Even today, there are still affected areas that need assistance rather than condemnation for the poor and disaffected in rough neighbourhoods in NYC.

So where do the werewolves fit in to the gang mentality?

After all we live as a pack and some people, ill advised, uneducated, naively stupid people – would argue that a pack is nothing more than a polite name, for a gang.

But I would say that they are wrong.

A werewolf pack is essentially, community based and always at the heart of it’s structure, is a sense of survival for it’s wolves.

Originally, gangs were formations of strength, with it seemed a united goal for bettering circumstances of communities. But through much of the seventies and the eighties, that image seems to be quite lost and the idea of gangs have taken on another reinvention.

Werewolf packs do not initiate people into our pack, we do not haze them and they do not get harmed if they leave the pack.

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually leave a werewolf pack. Because you are born a werewolf it does not mean, you can not live your own life, within a pack or not.

However if you choose to leave a pack, you can expect little assistance or advantages that come from being a pack wolf.

Werewolf packs will live in certain areas, as a group. Whilst we hold ideals for all wolves to be governed and guided by, we think very much as individuals and we do not rule the lives of those within our pack with violence or weaponry. That is not our objective or aim. It is not what we the werewolf want.

If anything, werewolves try not to start the fights – at least with external beings outside of the werewolf world.

Werewolf packs were an idea that formed out of a sense for survival, in a time of need.

The Breukelen in some form or another, originally came from Breukelen, Holland, in the 1600’s. This much we know is true.

The Breukelen, are in a sense, part of one big pack that makes up the now present five werewolf packs of New York City. Best it can be told with too much information missing, and not enough salvageable historical documents, back in the 1600’s the European werewolves, did not live so united together. They lived as smaller families and individuals. Looking only after themselves.

However, there is a behavior that seems quite common to most werewolves, we end up seeking one another out, eventually.

So townships, villages and the like would probably ended up with a greater werewolf population than they may have started out with. Werewolves, seek one another out, slowly, banding together. forming, what we’ve come to know as packs.

So in essence, the Breukelen were a large, powerful pack.

In today’s thinking, by the governing werewolf bodies like the tri-state council and the like, most packs aren’t allowed to grow to big in numbers. Which as it turns out, isn’t much of a problem with low and getting lower birth numbers every year.

Something about it getting unruly and hard to handle. But back in the past, this was how the Breukelen and indeed other packs, it seemed may have started out.

I’ve spoken a few times to one of the Breukelen elders, and been told that The werewolf prosecution trials of the 1600s Europe kicked in, that’s when the paranoia started making it unsafe for werewolves. When the idea of packs, was really thought about and challenged.

Religious furor had kept the wars of the 1600s alive but as it seemed peace was yet to completely come upon the low countries of Europe. A new fear washed the land. Man and beast, werewolves.

The werewolves of Europe were escaping an era that was built for bad things to happen. For fear to rule the people of the land and for unexplained differences, to be thought of as evil, and not tolerated. So they fled and went to ground, scattering across the lands.

Those from Breukelen Holland split up. Safety it seemed in numbers, now just signaled you out like a beacon, to be drawn to and investigated. So they split into smaller groups, to survive, to blend in more to society.

They moved to the land of America and settled in to Brooklyn in 1609.

Eventually the other wolves from the pack would gradually join the new life in America.

As they had left scattered, the arrived the same, some landing in different areas. But those that found each other, banded together again to form a pack. Only now, instead of one large werewolf pack, there were five. It was believed, that this was strategically the best way for werewolf packs to form.

Kind of like giving the werewolf what they wanted – other werewolves, but also being smart about it and not keeping all werewolves, in one place. So all werewolves could not be wiped out in one hit. Survival of the packs.

Survival was ensured and the other werewolf packs, could be called upon if need be for help in fighting enemies. So they formed their packs, the Breukelen, the Brown Wolves, the Braganza, Manhattan Maen and Jersey packs.

All the packs were ruled by different werewolves, all taking a different approach to their survival. And so, it has been since then.

So I think the difference between werewolf packs and gangs are quite different. Gang’s seem to have a certain, negative connotation around them. Packs, whilst essentially looking the same in layout, I guess you could say, are not negative.

We are not selfish and we look at the bigger picture and our place in it. Werewolf packs aim to integrate into society, not be a part from it, or stand out above it.

Not seeking retribution or compensation or anything that is owed to them for a hardship of a life.

Werewolf packs, are formed because of the hardship of life, to get through life, with one another, rather than not.

I’d like to think it’s part of the reasoning behind my pack’s motto – Altijd BreukelenAlways Breukelen.

Strength, unity, history, loyalty, love and resilience are words that come to mind from that motto and are instilled in me as I say it, as I live it and live by it.

I’m in a wolf pack with…

February 18, 2010
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Oh where to begin?

You know how it feels when everything is good and then it just gets better? Well that’s where I’m beginning.

I like being a werewolf, I love my pack, the Breukelen of Brooklyn, New York. I’m in love with my Alpha from the Manhattan Maen pack.

So it’s all good.

But even I a werewolf, or any half blood, half breed, person of more than one culture, will find, there lives are always forever entwined in a balancing act of expectation and social norms.

Who to please, how to please. What you’re allowed to say and not. Do you hide the werewolf side of you, the wolf culture you’ve grown up in and can help others understand (I think you’ll gather by my blog I’ve chosen my answer as – NO) or do you try to make a difference, create understanding and tolerance towards that difference. At least, what the other side of you, the non werewolf side sees as difference? (uh, hello see above comment about this blog)

So it brightens my smile, makes my day and warms my heart all in one, when I find out that on Facebook, there is a petition to make “I’m in a wolf pack with….” an official facebook relationship status update.

It’s about time werewolves were given this right to freely acknowledge one another without rebuke. It’s time the humans got to understand what it means to us, to be able to say this statement, publicly. It also means, I guess, also, there are those humans who want in too, on werewolf life, on pack. So maybe it’s a nice little thing for them to have also Even though there is a twilight disclaimer on there.

Yes the wolfpack that socially networks together, stays together. Well, I don’t know if that’s actually true, but it sounds cool. Sounds like it could be.

If you don’t get the concept of a wolf pack, it’s really quite simple. In a sense, it is a relationship, much like a family or friendship. It’s about being with something more than yourself. Something bigger and with ultimately a greater meaning. It gives your life for lack of a better word, purpose.

My wolf pack status is kind of confusing.

The pack I grew up in is the Breukelen, they are my family, my neighbours, my friends and life. They are what I know, they are my familiarity, my safety guard and my understanding of what it means to be pack. They are my influence and history.

But now it’s all getting a little curved, cause I’m dating an Alpha. Well not just an Alpha, but the Alpha from the Manhattan Maen pack, Paris. So my home pack is the Breukelen- Altijd– but I kind of get, I guess, special privileges, protection if you want to call it that, from the Manhattan pack too, because I’m his packmate.

But I don’t get a say in Manhattan pack business, even if it affects me. Because I’m not that pack. But if something of Breukelen business happens in Manhattan Maen pack territory, then I get speak up. I get to take action if required as a representative of my pack, the Breukelen.

So yeah, I’m in a wolf pack with the Breukelen and the Manhattan Maen, but I never said my status wasn’t complicated.

Vampires versus Werewolves

February 14, 2010
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So with the release of the new werewolf movie, The Wolfman, the interest in it seems to return to this mythic battle of can werewolves topple vampires for popularity in pop culture.

All because of Twilight.

I growl and groan inwardly at the thought of this.

What is it with popularity that even the werewolves are supposed to achieve?

Twilight is not rocket science, it worked because it has a massive tween/teen audience and it’s not so much about Vampires and mortal beings and other supernatural’s as it is about Love. The big first love of your life. The passion of being consumed by love. Please, tell me what teenager doesn’t at one point have a little dream and happy thought about that? Add to the mix pretty looking people and hello-cha-ching! Start counting your money, no matter how ludicrously weak the story line is.

The rivalry between vampires and werewolves, if you want to call it that is easy to break down. I’ve said it before, Vampires are considered romantic leads. Fans of vampires will look past their undead nature, what it means to lack a soul, a conscience and their manipulative habits. Because the myth of the vampire is ingrained in passion and at some point, they play that passion and that becomes all the fans of the vampire see or want. Add to that the whole, immortality thing and the idea of permanently being with the one you love and being loved for forever in return and that’s all that’s ever needed to sustain the vampire’s popularity. Lovers and fans of vampires can overlook everything else, including the bloodshed and blood thirsty nature of their servitude for survival.

Werewolves on the other hand, have never it would seem, overcome their ruthless beast like nature, their animal self.

They’ve never been given a chance to be imagined as romantic leads (in movies). Sure, Underworld; Rise of the Lycans tried, but ultimately failed, really the story wasn’t about the Lycans so much as it was about the history of the Vampires. As most movies would have you believe werewolf movies are made for terrorizing people, for showing violence, and bloodshed. They’re not designed for showing the wolf as a soft being of feeling.

It’s kind of like the reverse thing with the vampire.

Fans of the werewolf might be able to see all sides to the complexities of being a werewolf, but ultimately the film makers, only see the rough stuff, the exterior, everything but the ability for a werewolf to love or be loved and shown in a romantic light. Although OZ on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sure did do a good job of that with his Willow relationship.

It’s been said that Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula created the intricate relationship of vampire and werewolf together. So maybe we can just blame the dead man for our standing as always being seen as second in this “relationship”.

Because it seems ever since then, in popular culture at least, both werewolves and vampires have been linked, hopelessly together and yet, so completely far apart and opposite from one another. If this is to be believed, then we can also blame Stoker for making werewolves, underlings.

After all, it was he who referred to werewolves as “Children”. One could take that as a slight.

“Listen to them, the children of the night, what music they make.”- Dracula, from Bram Stoker’s novel. Whilst having a vampire, Count Dracula to be exact, was the story of his novel. Which is hugely, gothically, romantic in nature.

Ah, the romance of the vampire is born.

Although I do not see werewolves in popular culture being second place to Vampires, I guess I just see us as being more subtle. Vampires are all about themselves, and being seen, because they arrogantly seem to think, they have enough power of their fans ie. Humans that they are therefore above them in the life-long scale of things.

Werewolves understand the nature of co-existing, by comparison and the why and how for. So you could say, reality is, we’re actually smarter than the vamps, so in terms of longevity, and popularity, who cares?

I guess it depends what you want out of your life. I can tell you what I don’t want. I don’t want someone who doesn’t have a heart beat, can’t feel warm against me, drinking my blood. Ewww.

Besides, popular culture, doesn’t actually represent what those of us of a “animal nature” or “blood thirsty” habit, know to necessarily be true. I sure know that! Read back through my blog and you’ll see that.

Lunar Week

January 16, 2010

Lunar Week, it’s a special time in a werewolf’s life. Okay it’s not special, special, it’s more like, let the games begin and hope shit doesn’t get….too crazy to handle.

It’s kind of like a stupid game you play with yourself. Like temptation.
Can you survive it?
Do you want to?

So what is lunar week to us werewolves?

It’s the week leading up to the full moon. Yes, I know the moon is out and about all year, but there is one particular week, each month, that affects us more so than any other time of the month.

And if you think I’m talking about “female” stuff, think again.

Lunar week, affects ALL werewolves, male and female.

So by affect, what do I mean?

Appetite: You’re always hungry. I mean, mega hungry. And I’m not talking about junk food or candy or gourmet meals. It’s about the body wanting meat. Bloody meat, raw meat, animal off the bone. No lean meat here please, I want all the flavours of it dripping down my chin and juicing up my mouth.

The werewolf inside is hungry for what it’s been raised to hunt down – meat. So we stock up leading up to lunar week.

Butchers love werewolves for this reason alone.
I think one of the ones in Brooklyn even has a bumper sticker on his car that says that!

Sex:Werewolves are very sexual creatures. We love sexuality and indulging in it. It’s just part and parcel of the mixture that makes us up, all ways has been. So our interest in sex is like almost all we can think about, when we’re not thinking about eating more meat.

Sex drives are like weapons used against us and given to us to lure others in so we can get what we want. What the human half of us craves. Touch, touch, touch. Werewolves are all about skin contact, familiar contact of pack.

So all day you day-dream about sex during lunar week. Can I tell you how bad that is when you have to work during lunar week? Work colleagues suddenly become imaginary candidates for furry fun, even the ugly ones. Which is unsettling to say the least.

You think about it so much, that you get to the point where you need to just go lock yourself away in a room somewhere and find out exactly how many y times you can “fan the fur” or “play couch hockey for one.”

It’s insane. The driving urge.

I usually end up crunching ice-cubes in my mouth all day long. Drive people nuts. But it’s a diverting technique I’ve found works for me. Which in cold weather, is very distracting, since all you can think about is how freezing it is. But it means I don’t think of warmth. Heat, things that mean SEX to a werewolf on a lunar week when working with Nons!

Of course, if you choose to make your situation worse, by not “pressing the escape button”, there’s always the cover of night time to seriously, let loose. Which I think, gathering by the number of werewolves in the clubs at night, is what the majority of us, decided to do.

It’s a safety net, playground and release all in one.

Abilities: Everything about us is affected in lunar week, not just the sex drive and hunger pains. No, it’s so much more than that. It’s like our strengths and weakness can ten fold all at once. So we can be mega strong. Super fast, and yet if we get injured or somehow, traumatized it’s like fifty times the pain factor, which affects shape shifting. It makes it difficult to focus and concentrate on and if you can somehow manage that when you’re injured, then the shape shift itself is going to be like hell all over in terms of agony.

Shape shifting: Shape shifting is usually a very natural thing to do during lunar week. I mean we have to. No say in that matter. Beta werewolves usually feel the pull of the moon more easily than Alpha werewolves and therefore, can not hold out or as long as Alpha werewolves can. We have to shape shift, usually sooner than they do. Alpha’s only have to do it on the night of the full moon is my understanding. It’s part of what makes them different, better I guess, than us beta wolves.

Lunar Week, it’s a lot to handle and look forward to at the same time, but then that’s what it’s like in werewolf world.

Worse than Punishment

September 21, 2009
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Okay, so now 3 people know about the mugging and the possibility of me having turned a Non into a Lycan.

I told Aimee, so now she, Conall and Bodil know. Which should mean, by rights, you’d think, that I’d have the guts to speak to my father, the Breukelen leading Alpha about the whole incident.

Yer Right.

What’s worse than making your parents angry?
Disappointing them.

Seeing the look of disappointment in their face back at you.

My father does silent and moody very well, but his face is far more expressive than he realises. He wouldn’t even need to say the words; I’d just see it there on his face, looking right back at me. Un missible, unmistakable and totally hurtful. It’s just, well, there are still some things that are hard to say to my father, even as an adult. It’s like a magical hold that a parent has over their kid. Invisible barrier that just sits there. I know it’s irrational and stupid and I should just get this over with. But I’m hoping that I can sort it out, figure it out, without having to possibly involve him.

I know, it’s wishful thinking. But I should keep thinking positive; after all, it could be worse.

It could always be worse.
Have to keep that in mind.

I should be happy that I live in these “times”. Because in ancient European lore, Armenian women would be condemned to spend seven years in werewolf form if they were found guilty of “deadly sins”.

Not sure how that works. I mean, it’s either slightly exaggerated history lesson to scare the bejesus out of young girls into doing the right thing – a bit like the whole “little red riding hood” fable (keep your virginity girls! lest ye be tempted to stray into bed with a werewolf in utter lust!). Because as far as I know, only Alpha werewolf’s can hold their wolf form for as long as they require.

Beta wolves like me, have to shape-shift during lunar week. We can bring on a shift during non-lunar week time to go to werewolf form at will. But the form only holds for so long. Usually a around five to seven hours, after that, the shift will automatically start in order to revert us back to our human selves. It’s just how it works. One body’s way of coping I guess.

Alpha’s get far more say in the matter. They have greater control and command from what I’ve seen.

Or of course, it could be even worse than that.

I could end up at Plum Island Animal Disease Centre. I mean, I’m sure my father wouldn’t send me there. I’m sure. I’m sure. I’m sure. I’m fairly sure.

Okay I think I’m getting a little paranoid about this whole telling my father business thing now. I mean, everybody knows Plum Island doesn’t deal with….our kind.

Well, okay, I don’t know that for certain.

I mean there are always rumours about that place. Seriously, scary, rumours, that I’ve heard ever since I was a kid. Which kind of make that place, something of an urban legend.

The kind of rumours that just don’t ever go away. So it makes you wonder how much of it is true.

Like the one about how bounty hunters are asked to capture werewolves for secret government testing over there. Or what about how werewolves of a ‘certain nature’ (read lycan or lone wolves) are put in there for the lab coats to figure out how much of threat we are to the humans and finding out all about our biology, the weakness, how it all works.

Or the scariest rumour I’ve heard is the one that never seems to go away.

That Plum Island is the place were werewolves are disposed of, and I don’t mean like it’s a jail.

Most pack wolves believe, that if you go to Plum Island, you never come back.

Above all else

September 1, 2009
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The Tibetan Book Of The Dead believes that in moments of great transition, there is a spiritual moment of potential.

A combination of death and re-birth. It’s called Bardo, a state of apparently suspended reality in which those transforming, can recognise the true nature of reality.

I like the sound of this Bardo, it sounds similar to shape shifting, and what the werewolf must experience when it comes to, from within my body. In a sense, My human side dies and the werewolf is born.

Werewolves have been called many things, like Loup-Garou, Varcolac’s, Wulvurs, Berserker, ulfhendar, lycan, but mostly we are called monsters, because people fear a lot easier than they trust. First reaction is normally to fear unknown.

There’s so many myths around werewolves its hard to know what’s right and what’s just fiction. Romanians believe werewolves can swallow the moon and sun and are responsible for eclipses.

I can tell you right now, that despite having no memory of my time as a werewolf, I’m fairly certain, that my werewolf can’t either A) leap that high in the sky /space, or b) dislocate her jaw that wide.

And if she can, then damn!

We’re primal animals from a long line of heritage. But essentially it’s all baser evolution re-evolving with the times.

But I’m getting off track here.

What my point to this post was about was about recognition of reality, seeing things for what they are. No matter who you are. I can be me and see people for who they are, and I can be a werewolf and know people and animals for what they are.

Insight into these relationships, is a bonus. Trust in any relationship is essential.

It’s a foundation to hand yourself over to someone else. So it’s no different with Conall and me. If the trust isn’t there, then neither are we as a couple. Kind of reminds me of the Brooklyn motto “Een Draght Maakt Maght” translated means, “In Unity there is strength.” which is kind of like the Breukelen pack motto
“Ältijd Breukelen” – Always Breukelen. It a sense of who you are. Of having something. Because there’s strength there, in knowing who you are.
Without knowledge of self, what are you but lost?
The same thing is true of a couple in a relationship.

Things have been weird lately, so strained is a word I’ve come to understand a lot of lately. Insecurity with Conall suprisingly, is not something I’ve had to deal with before. It’s the one thing, he doesn’t make me feel. Well, hand’t, until now.

But then I saw what I needed to see, the other day. That gave me the truth of my paranoid thoughts and shut down any fears I may have been developing.

I saw it in Conall’s face, I understood it with the slow exploration of fingers and lips, read it through his body language reacting to mine, as we moved together. I heard it in his words.

You know you’re being played when you loose site of what you do know. I know that now. Conall knows that now. We’re both aware of the situation.

Working a head trip, that’s got you in a spin, at a vulnerable time. You become vulnerable to negativity and believing what you would not otherwise consider. It’s how manipulation gets done. Set up two people, tell them each something different, stand back and let the show begin!

When you get separated from what is truth, from what holds your beliefs together, when you can literally no longer see it. When the game playing involves using people as a project for personal purpose.

But then Conall came for me, and reminded me, through words and touch, that It’s all about trust with us.
It always has been.
It’s what we’ve always had between us.

As he said to me last night, like the first time we got together so many years ago, his words dancing across my lips, before we kissed.

“Above all else there is us.”

We go clubbing

July 30, 2009
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I told you it was on the first of what’s likely to be forever.


Obviously there is a lot to talk about, mucho ground to cover.

Aimee want’s to be informed so she can understand where I’m coming from.

I am truly lucky that Aimee’s my friend and she chose to be understanding to get over her initial reaction of anger and hurt and realize there was more to it than the simple fact I’d been keeping my secret from her.

I did say that to her too.

She’s already asking me about Lunar week, the how, the why, the me and Conall sitch, can she meet him?

Can she join me at one of the wolf clubs?


As if.

No way I’d let her near a wolf club.

Why wouldn’t I let her near a club you ask? Simple.

It’s freak her the shit out.

Seriously, it’d freak most Non-’s out.  I don’t know what I was thinking the first time I invited her out. Clearly, I wasn’t. It’s not the smartest move, ever.

Hell, sometimes it can freak me out (depending on which club we end up in, they can be so very, very, different).  The clubs are our safe havens and we’re free to express and explore.  To enjoy and indulge.

It’s not that the clubs suddenly turn into sex clubs or the like. But they’re a lot more liberating for urban were-wolves than you’d suspect. It was an ingenious idea that got crafted a long time ago.  A way for urban were-wolves to deal with the moon heat, moon madness and lunar week.

All three things can individually affect us and are by their names alone, very different.

See, if you’re a country wolf, or you can get time out of your real life for a week, every month of the year, you can plan to go country and deal that way.  It’s easier for our country counterparts.  There’s open land to run around in, lush landscapes to roam and get lost in.  The country’s a very ideal place to be. A hell of a lot less chance of being seen, although by comparison, risk of getting hunted, can be higher.

So as the were-wolf population of generations past, grew and moved further into cities, matter’s had to be dealt with in a whole new light.

Hence, lunar week at the nightclubs.

The various wew-wolf “friendly” clubs set up around New York, make a killing, let me tell you.  Figuratively speaking. We spend all our spare time in these clubs because we can, because we need to, because it’s safe, it’s secluded and it beneficial. It helps us out. We’re highly sexed creatures.

Like I said before, there are rules that govern packs.

You can’t just go around shape shifting in public, in the open where someone can see you, for a few reasons, but the biggest one being, when we shift, we loose ourselves.

So you’d want to hope the wolf is in control when it comes too. That it’s been satisfied and sated accordingly.  You don’t want an upset angry were-wolf, with emotions of badass, transmorphing tenfold. It’s likely to lead to an attack on a human.

You can’t have one way out of control and out of their mind were-wolf, running around screwing stuff up for the rest of us.

Especially when the rest of us have worked so hard to fit in, have a normal a life as possible.

So we go clubbing.  Burn up the energy, sate the mind, and fill the senses. It helps with the shifting that we have to face as the moon get’s fuller each night of the lunar week.

Because it’s tribal

July 29, 2009

Lunar week is approaching, so I’ve spoken to Aimee and told her why I do my little routine, so she understands something about me.

That is to say I avoid her and my non friends and I go native, with just the Breukelen. We hit the clubs because it’s tribal and gives us a sense of freedom if we’re amongst our own.

We’re asked to deal with this thing put upon us, from birth and this is how we deal.

It’s evolved into us all creating this amazing atmosphere in the clubs for a week. It’s not always about sex, but it is about feeling.  A communal sense of who we are and it’s something, let me tell you, its hot, sweaty, sticky and sweet and rough.

It’s soaking and contagious and wanting and filled with desire.

It’s amazing, to say the least.

Get a room full of were-wolves in heat and you can’t help but be affected!  It’s sexy, sensual and essential to the core of what you need, want and lust for.

Try to imagine that when Lunar weeks happen, the moon affects everything in our physical, psychological make up. EVERYTHING.

Feelings are doubled amped up. Sensations are quadrupled. Especially at night when we’re affected the most.

Think of it like this, if you can. You’re horny, you’re feeling desperate for release. Now imagine that feeling maxed out for a good twelve hours or more but you have to go to your job and do whatever it is you do in real life.

In the day time,  we’re still affected, imagine you have to concentrate on not letting waves of pleasure shake you. Imagine you have to pretend, everything is fine and normal, because life goes on around you and expects you to behave!

But most of us have been taught ways to cope.

To concentrate on keeping everything, under control. But at night, it’s a different story. The night is ours  and we embrace it.

We play in it’s moonlight and we cave in to whatever we crave before the animal inside us, tears its way out of our skin, no longer content to sit back and let the human it wears, drive us.

Utter release, true freedom, with a howl.

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