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Wolves Love

April 11, 2014
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Wolves Love

Werewolves and lycans aren’t known for getting along.

You could argue that hostility and hatred of the lycans can’t be faulted. Given, to be a lycan, means as a human you were attacked by a werewolf and survived, only to turn into one of them.

Tatum Lee only knows this existence all too well as a new lycan. It’s only been a few months since she turned and has found herself in a relationship, with of all creatures, a werewolf, Wiatt D’arenberg. But loving Wiatt means, Tatum has to live by the rules of Wiatt’s pack , and it means there’s not much living in it when the Bronx lycan community find out exactly who Tatum is.

She’s either one of them, or she’s not welcome, just like werewolves in the Bronx aren’t welcome. Tatum’s relationship with Wiatt becomes strained as she battles to find her place in her new wolf life, with Wiatt and amongst all the wolves of New York City.

Wiatt finds his thinking pushed as he must confront the reality of the werewolf culture and his own personal happiness with a lycan for his lover. Can Wiatt and Tatum find a way to make a relationship between two very different types of wolves work? Or will they simply be torn apart, by each other and every other wolf that wants to hurt them?

Available at www.smashwords.com in July

Lunar Night Stand

September 20, 2012
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So who’s been a bad boy then? Or should that be girl? Ahem!

How much do you love to hate your enemy?

Do werewolves have souls?

December 14, 2009
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Someone once asked “Don’t you believe wolves have souls?” and it made me wonder what they themselves were made of.

Made me think about how they feel on a full moon night.

You know it’s like common place and knowledge that people, not necessarily my people as it were, Nons, go a little bit crazy and looney – as in lunar, on a full moon night.

A study was conducted recently in some medical journal to see what the link between full moon nights and human behavior changes was. Turns out, humans get just as tropical on the full moon nights, as us werewolves. If not more so.

So hold your judgment on my kind if you will please until you take a good, hard look at your own kind.

I think it comes down to humans not being able to handle the power of the full moon and that’s why there’s a sudden increase in ‘extreme’ behavior if you want to call it that. That leads to violence, and medical mishaps. Maybe we’re all connected to the moon’s mythical force of power over us. But Werewolves have gotten the better deal. We’ve been given what we need to deal with the full moon and lunar weeks. We can shape-shift, change form and feel, for all intents and purposes, free.

Freedom can come in many forms, but I don’t think crazy lunatic is one of them.
But then having never gone the full crazy lunatic mode, I guess I might not
Be the authority on this ‘sensation’.

So is it the werewolf soul that sates us (werewolf’s) on full moon nights, when the humans start going weird? I’d like to think so. That’s our soul being answered, assured and spoken to. That our souls are being noticed and we are being given a sense of love, purpose and fulfillment that perhaps, Nons, lack on such times.

It’s a bit of us versus them and it’s one of those times, on these times, that the police gear up for extra activity on the streets, that health care workers groan knowing they’re in for a heavy duty night of non stop work at the hands of human beings, that makes me glad I’m a werewolf. That I’m different and that I know the essence of my soul.

Our souls celebrate the full moon’s release on us. Rather than release us to the full moon, like humans
who go all out trouble mode on these nights.

So whilst we might all be connected – humans and werewolves, in the big scheme of things, we’re part human too and like the non’s we live amongst, are connected to the moon, there are those of us more privileged than others.

Like, say, werewolves.

Two for one

September 27, 2009
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There is a duality involved in being me.
Two lives lived at once by the one and same person.That is a constant for me and now, I’ve possibly made it the same for Vargr. Like some kind of stupid, irreversible, two for one deal.

I don’t mean like all those freaks on twitter. I mean, there’s a constant struggle of being me, and who I am to those around me.

I’m supposed to be the golden child of the family. The caring one. But I haven’t spoken to my father, the Alpha, about Vargr. I don’t know how to and now, it seems worse because time has elapsed. So not very golden of me.

I’m supposed to be a responsible Breukelen pack wolf. But my actions could be considered the opposite of that.

Perhaps there is a duality in all of us really. I mean, I know people who would say they are a different type of person when in their work environment, then when at home. It’s what’s required of them. It’s just how it is.

But for me it’s a little more involved than that. For a few days each month, I’m asked, to accept, major differences in me. Differences that are driven by a powerful force within me, that doesn’t want to listen or adhere to the human side of me.

This is the thought that runs through my head as I gear up for another lunar week, fast approaching and I find myself in the company and bed of my pack partner Conall Wakely, again, on most nights. With my mind wondering occasionally to a boy called Paris and the mugger Vargr who I bit.

There is a security in knowing who you are.
There is an unshakable certainty if you have the self-belief and the knowledge to accept all there is about you.

I grew up a werewolf. I always knew I was a werewolf. My loving parents explained it to me as soon as I could speak. So it got ingrained me, and I grew up knowing with certainty that this is what I am. So when my first shift took place, I understood why it was happening to me.

But what I am, does it make me who I am? I think that’s debatable, after all, Vargr mugged me. Is a criminal, a mugger but that doesn’t help me figure out any less who he is, his name or who he is as a person.

I have nothing to go on, other than he was in my neighborhood and he didn’t know I was a werewolf. Otherwise, I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t have picked on me. Still, maybe he thought he’d risk it. No, I’m pretty sure he’s just a criminal who saw a prize catch in the chance to rip me off.

It’s not like the police record would necessarily have him on file either. I mean mugging, seems petty and small time doesn’t it? Doesn’t mean he’s been caught before.

So that’s all I have to go on. I mean, it was dark, and I didn’t get a good look at him and there was nothing distinguishing about him. I remember the direction he ran off in. But there’s nothing around there to indicate where he would have gone or why. I have no trail on Vargr’s where-abouts, no clue as to who he is.

So how can I prepare him for who he might become, or more correctly, what – a Lycan.

The upcoming lunar cycle, will bring about the first lot of symptoms in his body, if I infected him with my bite. From what information I can gather, it takes roughly two lunar cycles before a shift will kick in for a Lycan. Before they go full moon furry.

Being born a werewolf, it’s a little different. The body has to adjust to grow into it’s form, so shape shifting usually hits us around puberty. Like getting through puberty itself isn’t enough to deal with and high school on top of all that…Sheesh.

So Vargr can expect to feel all manner of odd next week. But that still doesn’t help me find out where he is, or who he is. I mean, it’s unlikely this guy would go to a hospital to check himself out and if he did, well let’s just say it’d be a bad move.

Werewolves don’t really need healthcare most of the time, but when we do require medical treatment, we don’t just go to normal hospitals or clinics for obvious reasons.

Besides, the symptoms that Vargr is likely to experience, which will feel quite extreme in itself, wouldn’t be something he alone couldn’t get through, if he knew how to remain calm and not fight them.

If he knew what to expect, and had someone with him, to help his transition.

Which would be my responsibility to do if I was going to be responsible Breukelen werewolf and try and make things as right as can be, considering what’s happened already.

I don’t remember

July 5, 2009
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I don’t really remember last night.

Blurry than my vision when I’m crying.


Memory doesn’t work when I feel this emotional.

Add to that lunar effects going on in my body and it’s not a wonder I can’t remember anything. Most of the time, these types of black outs don’t happen.   But when highly, distressed or I guess emotional, and I do mean highly, I’ve heard this could happen. It’s like been wiped clean. Waking up with no knowledge other than common things.  Took me two hours to recognize everything in my bedroom .  Who the people in the photos were, who the text messages on my phone were from. Names and faces that took me two hours to remember.

But I remember them now.

But I don’t know about last night.

Why did I end up at home, alone, and not at Conall’s place? I don’t even know how I got here.

My body aches.

My head hurts

And my mouth is disgusting, seriously no amount of brushing my teeth is getting rid of whatever that smell is.

But I’m not hurt.

I’m not hungry

And I’m safe.


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