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Manhattan Wolf

September 27, 2014
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I feel the shaking again and I clench my fingers into the palms of my hands tightly, pressing them into me. Hoping to bleed.

I need to feel something very real right now, so I don’t let anger consume or cloud what I’m trying to figure out here, how and why Booker Parish and I are like….this.

I have to figure it out, because it’s about to jeopardise the best relationship I’ve ever been in and I don’t fucking want that!
Being a werewolf in this world, is hard enough, thank you.

Being a werewolf female trapped between two wolves in her life, is a complication I do not need to add to my life in general. Been there before, done that. Really not looking to do it again.

“I knew Paris, around the same time I met you, actually, a little time after, about six weeks after the attack.” Booker finally gets out and I find myself letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

Six weeks after the attack, seems….specific? Signficant?

“But how? You’d already joined the Breukelen by then, right?” I ask trying to figure out what he’s getting at here. Male wolves and they’re fucking loop de loops on talking.

He lifts his head and brushes brown hair out of his eyes. “Paris uh, tracked me down through the Breukelen. He’d been trying to sort things out with his pack leader.”

I frown. “I’m not following.”

“He was trying to bring me and my brother some sort of closure on the attack.”

“But he’d only do that if either, he was responsible for your lycanthropy, or if he knew who was.” I mutter slowly.

I don’t know how much more of this kind of talk my body can take. I feel like I’m wound tight here and need to hit things. Violently hit them. With a side of yelling and screaming thrown in.

“What are you saying Booker?” I mutter softly.

“I know who attacked me and my brother.”
We hold each other’s gaze. This is a new development.

“You always told me you couldn’t remember the attack or anything about it.” I say back at him.

“And I couldn’t. I still can’t really. It’s a block to me, I’ve only ever managed to recall the night, the surroundings, some blurred colour. Then nothing. I mean, there’s no detail in that.” Booker says opening up to me.

“My brother’s the same, he couldn’t recall it beyond the feeling of being ripped into and having his body savaged with pain, and the feeling of rain on his skin.”

I cross my arms over my chest and will him to go on. If he says Paris is responsible for his attack, I’ll go him. So fucking hard, he really won’t know what hit him.

“Paris figured out it was some Manhattan Maen werewolves, he found out because my brother and I weren’t the only ones attacked that night. Paris and Addison were patrolling and they came across another victim, Damon.”

Damon, I know a Damon.
Damon the lycan.

He lives in a garage in Manhattan Maen territory, he’s a nervous wreck. A hermit. Paris has always said he was under his protection, but never explained why.

“Whoa.” I press back against the bench for something solid to feel.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before now?”
Booker shrugs those large shoulders of him and it looks effortlessly casual. “I don’t know, why revisit it?”

“Because it was, is, important to you.” I state looking at him and see something flitted across his face. “Because I’ve been there for you with this, I was there for you when this started!” I am practically yelling.

Booker is no match for masking his emotions with me as Paris is.

“Was. Past tense.” He says and leaves the words hanging for me to taking in.

“Book, what do you mean, by that little statement.”

“Cadey, I’ve moved on from it, you should too.”

Okay, you see, if he’d called me by my pack nickname of Bg or even his name for me, Baby Girl, I’d have let that comment slide. But he used my real name. There are only a few times when people ever, use my real name. And they’re all genuinely serious reasons for using it.

Booker’s a serious kind of guy, not a light hearted personality. Another sort of trait he shares with Paris.

“Why, would I move on from something that is important to you Booker? I didn’t back down with my father, and I won’t back down now. I’m a werewolf, we don’t back down. We fight. Tell me, everything Booker Parish or so help me god, we’re done here, for good, damn the fucking consequences!”

It’s horribly manipulative to pull that line on him, but it works. Booker doesn’t want to be apart from me. Not forever.

“We uh, dealt with the culprits.” Booker says in a low voice, unlike him at all. “Eventually.”

My eyebrows arch up in horror and surprise. “Paris helped me.”

He nods his head and we fall into strained silence.

Continued in Torrid Little Life

Claws and effect

June 14, 2010
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Karma is a concept of cause and effect. But perhaps in my case, that should be claws and effect. In layman’s turns, most people will say to you, when speaking of karma “What goes around, comes around.” In otherwords, you’ll get what’s coming to you in the end. It usually implies all manner of bad behaviour and doom and gloom. And it never specifies the timeline for your karmic retribuition to be layed down upon you.

In other words, karma, my friends, is a bitch.

If you don’t live your life well and good and treat your fellow beings with the same respect you show unto yourself, or would like show unto you, then you’re screwed sunshine.

I got a phone call from all people, my ex boyfriend – Conall. Yes, I know I should have deleted his sorry name from the existence of my cell phone. But I haven’t. I guess I forgot. I should have put a block on it also. But I guess I forgot to do that too.

Although now, after the phone call I received, I think I’m rather glad I didn’t block his number.

Don’t get me wrong, pack, is pack and always will be, with us Breukelen werewolves. But Conall and I will never be together again. However, despite our differences, you could say, we still look out for one another, because we’re of the same kind. Werewolves, Breukelen werewolves.

The point to pack, is this. Protecting one another. I guess that’s why he called me.

It was a shock to my system to get his call. After all the stuff that’s gone down lately, and just when Paris and I seem to be closing the gap on our own little spat together. We couldn’t be more solid, especially since Paris told me he wants to help me find out who the lycan hunter was. He’s promised to help me, look into that lycan.

Then I get this voicemail from Conall.

“I know you’re going to be tempted to erase this message when you hear my voice. But you need to call me. This isn’t about me, It’s related to Vargr.”

You know how people will describe having something like chills run through their body at the sound of bad news or having a sinking feeling about some approaching badness? Yeah well, Vargr is my bad thing. My doing.

When Conall said that word, the hair at the back of my neck stood to attention and pulled, like a screaming child, fighting the hand that holds it still.

I swear I felt my wolf, kick me with her claws, internally. Bile rose in my throat. Not a normal reaction to a phone call, Conall or bad news for me.

But that’s because Vargr is my doing. I still carry the shame of biting a non around with me. I couldn’t come up with a solution to the problem of me possibly infecting this human with lycanthropy that didn’t involve time travel.

What was done, was done. Even if it was in self defense. Still, that’s hardly an excuse for a werewolf. We have to be in more control than some sort of reaction state.

I bit vargr in human form. So I hoped like hell, that the lycanthropy wouldn’t carry through to his bloodstream. Although, I probably broke his skin, with my supposedly “human” teeth. I bit down so hard, I hit bone and chipped my tooth.

I’ve never known any werewolf to pass on lycanthropy to a non in human form. As far as I am aware, you have to be in your tribal werewolf form to do that.

But who knows? Not me.
So I called Conall.

“I uh, got your message. How do you know it’s vargr?” I asked him nervously.

I was alone when I was mugged. So how could Conall know who vargr was?

“His scent, it had something familiar in it. Like the lightest trace of you.” Conall replied back at me. “I’d know you’re scent anywhere. You know that.”

Of course I knew that.

Werewolves can lock scents into their systems, human or animal, for their whole life and recall, the memory associated with it.

Then again, Conall and I did go out for a long time also. So I guess you could say he knew me well.

“Shit.” I decided panicking was in order.

My mind raced. So vargr, the mugger, I had initially bitten in self defense had survived the lycanthropy. But I’d created a lycan. Seriously bad news.

“I’m following him now.”

“Where are you now?”

“Headed into Greenwood Cemetary.”

No wonder I hadn’t been able to find vargr when I’d tried tracing his where about after the mugging. I’d never thought to look in a cemetery.

Why would I?

“I’ll hop on the subway, and meet you there. Just keep your distance following him. We don’t want to spook him.”

“Sure, but what are you going to do once you’re here? With him?”

“I don’t know.”

And the thing was, I didn’t. I’m not the strategist in my family, that’s my sister Bodil. She’s got the smarts for that.

“Alright, keep you posted. Get here soon.”

“On my way.” I disconnected the call looking at the phone stupefied. My mind awhirl of mixed emotions.

What’ve I done?

A werewolf at the movies

February 13, 2010
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Okay let’s get the warning out of the way now:

Even a man who is pure of heart
and says his prayers by night
may become a wolf
when the wolfbane blooms
in the autumn moon is bright.

That ought to cover it. Oh and *SPOLER*SPOILER*SPOILER* ahead.

This is a werewolf’s review of the 2010 Wolfman movie.

The new Wolfman movie is not so much a remake of the 1941 original with Lon Chaney Jnr (yes he that was immortalized in the Warren Levon song – Werewolves of London).

Rather it’s a bit of a re-telling.

Either way, it’s still pretty good.

A lot of the original elements are included in the movie.

Larry Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) returns to his father’s (Sir Anthony Hopkins) home – Talbolt Hall, upon the death of his brother. In doing so he meets Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt) the grieving fiancé of his brother. Larry vows to Gwen to find out all he can about the brutally savage and unexpected death / murder of his brother, that everyone in the village of Blackmoor, England says was at the hands of a lunatic or a beast.

In the process of investigating his brother’s death, Larry gets attacked by the beast and thus, becomes the wolfman, under full moonlight.

First of all, I have to say, the fight scene in the gypsy camp, well it kind of had me wound up, in a good way.

Cheering for the werewolf. And to say I got…how shall I put this? Excited?

When the werewolf’s claw, was shown straight through the mouth of a victim, was a major turn on and victory for the werewolf within and onscreen.

I say that it was a victory because, it’s good to see a serious werewolf depiction on screen. A hardcore one you know? None of this light and fluffy, teenage twilight, emo stuff. And none of this poorly produced CGI crap, like in Underworld Rise of the Lycans.

This is the crux of being a beast as any were-creature might tell you.

It’s a duality you struggle with and eventually something’s got to give. Loss of control is usually the element depicted in movies. In the case of the wolfman, I don’t think it’s a loss of control. Poor Larry Talbot isn’t even aware of what has happened to him truly until it’s too late, a sentiment shared with the original movie.

But there is no one to school him or really help him better the wolfman, or understand the wolfman’s needs. So the wolfman has all the instincts of the wolf and hunter thrust upon him. Which once you survive the trauma of the initial attack that made him (a Lycan) and then the shape shift that he goes through, is to be expected.

As his father, Sir John Talbot says to him that is only rules that separate them from being beasts. And he should know.

The urge to hunt and seek prey and blood, resides in all predatory animals.

For a human to carry that, it must like be admitting acceptance to those parts of the soul that make some humans killers rather than all of us. It’s something that just can’t be culled out. Biological make up is what it is, it’s part of the pattern of being something you’re not normally.

In Larry’s case perhaps, of something he’s not meant to be.

He becomes the wolfman (and the make up is BRILLANT) and still retains the semblance of man or human by running around his bloody and torn clothes. Hence the title – WolfMAN not WereWOLF. He’s a humanoid wolf figure who can also run around on all fours when required, like a wolf. So it’s a mixture of beast and man combined.

The Wolfman incorporates elements of the duality in that sense. But it never seeks to struggle or understand either side of it. It’s purely black and white.

Larry wakes up a man in bedraggled clothing with blood on his face and hands, and he roams the forests of Blackmoor as Wolfman, only seeking to kill, with no true reasoning behind it. There is no pattern in his victims, there is no reason given as to why, other than, the power of the full moon.

Yes, the moon is powerful to us werewolves. Of that there is no doubt. But we’ve come along way from being without all control or thought. Which is only glimpsed at the end of the wolfman movie when Gwen is being pursed by the Wolfman and begging it, by calling it Larry to not kill her.

The duality and intricacies of the Wolfman are not the true story here in this film. Which is a shame. There’s far more of a psychological element argued and gone over, in the original 1941 black and white film.

The gore in the film, is gory and I loved it. It’s a very pretty gothic film with some seriously great, iconic images in it. I think that’s why I liked it so much. That and furry Benicio. Mmmm.

And I do have to say, that watching Benicio as the Wolfman turned me on, a hell of a lot more than watching him as the simpering, reserved, held back in his place, Larry Talbot to his exasperating father, Sir John.

This smack down, drag ’em out, knockout fight between elder and younger Talbot is one that will have kids everywhere who’ve ever held a little bit of animosity towards their parents, cheering on. He had it coming.

But which one?

I’m also impressed that the word werewolf was only used twice or so in the film but the references to Lycanthropy – being bit by a werewolf were far stronger, since essentially that is what really happened to Larry Talbot .

The wolfman is a lycan, so there are differences between these two beasts. In why he was so mindless and after bloodshed. As a Lycan, he’s bound to feel a reoccurring sense of rage and bloodshed. It’s quite common for those with Lycanthropy, to act this way.

Larry’s wolfman is not a true werewolf.

I have to say that Benicio makes a great Wolfman. Therefore, I’m happy to honorary baptize him a werewolf in my eyes. You can howl at the Brooklyn moon with me anytime Benicio. ANYTIME. Just say the word.

What’s the word?

Of course.

Truth of the time

December 9, 2009
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So the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn has it’s own little place on Facebook now.

Well, if you’re a canal it’s weird.

But I guess the purpose is good. It’s just another way of the Environmental Protection Agency to communicate with it’s public audience. They list basic information about the canal that has been made into what’s called a “superfund”. Something about cleaning up all the toxins blah blah blah with more money than I could ever imagine holding in my lifetime.

It’s all fairly tame and boring, the information on the face book page etc.
You won’t find much gossip on this facebook page.

Like how last month, two warrior werewolves, let’s just call them Freki and Geri, seemed to use the Gowanus Canal as a means of hiding out whilst terrorizing the boroughs.

If you didn’t hear about this, then that’s a good thing. Believe me. It means for the most part that between the NYPD and the Breukelen Pack, they managed to contain things, you know, to an acceptable level of…loss? Control? as it were.

But it shouldn’t be all that surprising that I think about it, that Freki and Geri used the Gowanus Canal. Given how ‘particular’ those two hell hounds really are.

They’re not like regular werewolves. Hell no.
They’re more like, well I guess you would call them, pure breeds. The closest thing to the real deal and they’re, let’s just say, not “from around here”.
They’re old, like ancient old.
Stuff of legend, that none of us Breukelen even knew about.

I guess sometimes history gets buried as much as some of it gets reported. Brooklyn has a lot of history, that sure makes for an interesting read if you can get your hands on the ‘real’ version of events. Or if you know the right elders who still remember what the truth of the time was.
Whoever controls the information, has the power and all that.

That’s why it was so damn hard to find anything on these uber-werewolves, when my brother Aksel asked me to.

There just wasn’t any.
But somebody knew something, enough to bring them to my hood.

Yes people, there was a time before the internet and even, the written word.
Makes you wonder what that was like doesn’t it?

It’s all a bit Montauk Monster-ish really and gives me the wiggins.
But hey if a Canal can be social networking on Facebook, anything is possible.

She Wolf

October 19, 2009
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S.O.S. she’s in disguise
There’s a she wolf in disguise
Coming out, coming out, coming out
A domesticated girl that’s all you ask of me
Darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy – She Wolf, Shakira.

I saw a website that said “what’s hotter than werewolves”?
Fair question, after all, we are damn hot if I do say so myself.

The answer was “Shakira werewolves.”

As in the Colombian pop singer, Shakira. Yes she of the odd little pop songs with such lines as “my breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains, or my hips don’t lie.”
Catchy songs, odd lyrics.
Shakira is hot.
I’d add her to my girl crush collection.

But I doubt she’s a werewolf who’s so openly, singing about werewolves in her song She Wolf.
Although maybe she’s taking the hide in plain sight approach rather than deny everything. But I doubt it.

After all, I watched the video clip which is a vague attempt at some sort of female, empowerment song. Possibly through what else but ‘female sexuality'(is that all the female video pop race ever has to offer us??). The video is something like madonna’s hung up video mashed up with Beyonce’s single ladies leotard and throw in a go go cage for good measure.

First of all She Wolf Shakira, we – female she wolfs, do not cage ourselves. At least I don’t. Especially during full moon or >lunar week .

Werewolves generally only tend to cage themselves if they feel they may loose control of a shift and turn feral when they hit wolf form. Or if they’re being punished by the pack for something. See the whole nightclub scene helps with the shape shifting atmosphere, we find ourselves immersed in, kind of take care of that process. Keeps us calm as it were.

Certain clubs, have rooms, places that are a bit like a hotel as it were, that are available for the werewolf crowd during lunar weeks. These places are not luxury hotel rooms, actually they’re rather sparse. Basic but clean and strong and nice enough if you don’t need the luxuries. There’s usually a king size bed on one side of the room, an en-suite and that’s about it. So should a wolf get caught short, too close to a shift to leave a club, or maybe they don’t want to leave the club in time, they can book the room for the night.

What would the point be to putting us in a hotel room? You see a shift can be rather, well what’s the best word to describe this…volatile? If you’re alone when you shape shift it’s not like the movies where you drop to your hands and knees and stay still in one place and scream. You move, thrash, rock and shake. Your body spasms automatically and jerks you about. So there’s a fair bit of movement happening when a shape shift kicks in. It’s easier and smoother when you’re with other werewolves and less prone to coming too and destroying a room on sight.

It’s kind of like sensory memory – if you have a routine, that you stick to, your werewolf gets used to it too. You figure out what works for you and it becomes your religion. Because there is no worse feeling than lack of control. It’s like having all sense of freedom taken from you. Because you can’t be you in which ever form you find yourself in.

It’s interesting though that Shakira chose a “she wolf” however to be her songs darling. Makes me wonder if she thinks all werewolf females are so domestically docile as her songs suggests. Because really, not the case.

Werewolves have adapted to being urban creatures. So finding ourselves in an urban environment, like a nightclub room or a house, is common place enough now. Once upon a long ago time, there would have been werewolves who expected forests and landscape to sense as they came too. But now, you’re talking about a few generation that have conditioned they’re werewolves to accept and expect an urban landscape as they’re natural ground to be in.

Oh and what’s with the “coming out, coming out, coming out” lyrics in the song? Am I supposed to gather it’s about the woman deciding to be herself? Or is Shakira talking about the “werewolf rainbow connection”?

Cause that is a whole other deal of scene for another blog post, people!


Two for one

September 27, 2009
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There is a duality involved in being me.
Two lives lived at once by the one and same person.That is a constant for me and now, I’ve possibly made it the same for Vargr. Like some kind of stupid, irreversible, two for one deal.

I don’t mean like all those freaks on twitter. I mean, there’s a constant struggle of being me, and who I am to those around me.

I’m supposed to be the golden child of the family. The caring one. But I haven’t spoken to my father, the Alpha, about Vargr. I don’t know how to and now, it seems worse because time has elapsed. So not very golden of me.

I’m supposed to be a responsible Breukelen pack wolf. But my actions could be considered the opposite of that.

Perhaps there is a duality in all of us really. I mean, I know people who would say they are a different type of person when in their work environment, then when at home. It’s what’s required of them. It’s just how it is.

But for me it’s a little more involved than that. For a few days each month, I’m asked, to accept, major differences in me. Differences that are driven by a powerful force within me, that doesn’t want to listen or adhere to the human side of me.

This is the thought that runs through my head as I gear up for another lunar week, fast approaching and I find myself in the company and bed of my pack partner Conall Wakely, again, on most nights. With my mind wondering occasionally to a boy called Paris and the mugger Vargr who I bit.

There is a security in knowing who you are.
There is an unshakable certainty if you have the self-belief and the knowledge to accept all there is about you.

I grew up a werewolf. I always knew I was a werewolf. My loving parents explained it to me as soon as I could speak. So it got ingrained me, and I grew up knowing with certainty that this is what I am. So when my first shift took place, I understood why it was happening to me.

But what I am, does it make me who I am? I think that’s debatable, after all, Vargr mugged me. Is a criminal, a mugger but that doesn’t help me figure out any less who he is, his name or who he is as a person.

I have nothing to go on, other than he was in my neighborhood and he didn’t know I was a werewolf. Otherwise, I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t have picked on me. Still, maybe he thought he’d risk it. No, I’m pretty sure he’s just a criminal who saw a prize catch in the chance to rip me off.

It’s not like the police record would necessarily have him on file either. I mean mugging, seems petty and small time doesn’t it? Doesn’t mean he’s been caught before.

So that’s all I have to go on. I mean, it was dark, and I didn’t get a good look at him and there was nothing distinguishing about him. I remember the direction he ran off in. But there’s nothing around there to indicate where he would have gone or why. I have no trail on Vargr’s where-abouts, no clue as to who he is.

So how can I prepare him for who he might become, or more correctly, what – a Lycan.

The upcoming lunar cycle, will bring about the first lot of symptoms in his body, if I infected him with my bite. From what information I can gather, it takes roughly two lunar cycles before a shift will kick in for a Lycan. Before they go full moon furry.

Being born a werewolf, it’s a little different. The body has to adjust to grow into it’s form, so shape shifting usually hits us around puberty. Like getting through puberty itself isn’t enough to deal with and high school on top of all that…Sheesh.

So Vargr can expect to feel all manner of odd next week. But that still doesn’t help me find out where he is, or who he is. I mean, it’s unlikely this guy would go to a hospital to check himself out and if he did, well let’s just say it’d be a bad move.

Werewolves don’t really need healthcare most of the time, but when we do require medical treatment, we don’t just go to normal hospitals or clinics for obvious reasons.

Besides, the symptoms that Vargr is likely to experience, which will feel quite extreme in itself, wouldn’t be something he alone couldn’t get through, if he knew how to remain calm and not fight them.

If he knew what to expect, and had someone with him, to help his transition.

Which would be my responsibility to do if I was going to be responsible Breukelen werewolf and try and make things as right as can be, considering what’s happened already.

Bite me

September 16, 2009
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Ahhh, so angry at myself. It’s stupid really. But of course, it had to happen.
I got mugged.

Yeah, fancy that, being mugged in New York. Like it’s unheard of. I mean really. Even a local’s fair game.

Of course, the mugger shouldn’t really have picked me. I mean, I didn’t just roll over and give up my handbag and contents. No way. I gave the creep as good as he was trying to give me. I struggled and I fought him and I think I may have bit him, which is probably why he THEN pulled the knife out on me. I let go of everything and pretty much flew backwards, against the wall. Pressing myself into it.

I don’t condone violence, and I enjoy life a great deal.

In all likely-hood the knife was probably only made of stainless steel. But one can never tell and I’d rather not be so freak’n close to one that’s pointed at my eye socket.

So I lost my Chloe handbag and everything in it, including my Ipod, my cell phone, wallet with money, credit card, drivers license, all that crap that you know I have to now go and cancel and get re-issued. Of course cancelling all the credit cards and stuff is a hassle, it takes forever for them to be sent back out to me and I have no cash to live off that I can access. So annoying.

But I can get over the inconvenience of that. It’s the biting bit that really has me worried.
What is the one thing a werewolf should not do to a (Non) werewolf?

Okay there are several things, but biting is up there.

You see the deal is with all my snappy teeth and ferocious growl to boot, it should have been enough to freak that guy out and scare him off. Granted I’m only a beta, so I can’t do the shape-shift just your teeth till they look like sharpened canines trick like my sister Bodil. I mean that is freaky and totally scary when her human face smiles at you menacingly with wolf teeth. Kind of gives me chills thinking about it.

I didn’t leap at him and rip half his throat out, but the inclination was there. Just under the surface of my initial panic and anger. My wolf wanted in on the fight. So apart from having to fight the urge to shift to werewolf form, I had to fight the creep off and somewhere in the struggle I lost focus and concentration and well, bit him.

A girlie reaction I guess you could call it.

Problem with a bite from a werewolf, is not like a “love bite” or a hicky. It’s not dainty. You don’t get left with two perfectly small puncture wounds and a bit of drool on your neck. Well you don’t when you’re actually in wolf form. A bite from a werewolf is more like “allow me to rip your shoulder open and sink my teeth into your tendons” kind of bite. The I love meat bite.


But I bit him and chipped my tooth, in human form. Not Wolf form.
I’m not sure where that lands me in the scheme of things.

I spoke to my sister Bodil about it all. She “didn’t” encourage me to report it to the Police, because she like me is unclear about what could happen to the mugger if my bite takes hold. She unlike me, has never bitten anyone.

She pointed out, that the fact that I chipped my tooth and the guy screamed before pulling out the knife, also probably indicated I bit down, extremely hard, maybe to the bone.

Werewolf teeth, fucking hardcore.

You want to know how strong my bite is, the pressure of my jaw on his shoulder? Just read a first hand accounts of those who have survived werewolf attacks. Not that I was attacking him. I was fighting him in defense. Anyway just go looking for police records of such ‘suspicious violent attack’ under the freedom of information act. It’s all there, if you know what to look for.

Of course, the problem with biting is, it’s the most common way of “turning” someone into a werewolf. The problem being twofold.

One, packs have laws against this.

Two, reason being, Lycanthropy comes from a bite, as opposed to those who are born werewolves. Lycanthropy is considered a diseased form of the werewolf gene, passed more than likely through blood and all that. Somehow it gets mutated in a Non-werewolf body. So potentially, this mugger, could be a werewolf in the making. Thirdly, and hardly least of all, biting and “infecting” a Non is has consequences for the wolf involved, pack punishment is never lite.

Great. Just fucking great.

Of course, I was kind of in shock after the dude grabbed my bag and ran off. So I didn’t think of this till later. Much later, like it was so late, there was no way I could pick up his scent and trail him. So I couldn’t tell him and even if I could, would I? Would he believe me? And if he did believe me, I’m sure he’d have just used that knife on me. Only, maybe fatally. But maybe I could’ve warned him. Told him to look out for symptoms.

There are those doctors in the know, who think lycanthropy is treatable. But
I think you have to get it in the early stages of it’s development. It can take awhile to surface, there are so many symptoms that unless you know what to look for, you might pass it off for other regular ailments.

But I’ve never heard of anyone being “cured” of being a werewolf.

Werewolves are a bit like the marines. Once a werewolf, ALWAYS a werewolf.
No part time gig. Ah crap.

I haven’t told my Alpha yet. Too freakn scared.

Did I forget to mention that that out of recorded werewolf attack cases, reported to police in the U.S, only 20% of victims survive the initial attack, and less than 5% survive the initial first moon, shape-shift?

So if he dies from my bite, I’m a murder and if he survives from my bite, chances are 50/50 that in about two months time, he’ll be a changed man. Not only that, but if he does become a werewolf – I’ll have created a criminal werewolf. Enhanced strength and speed for bullying and mugging people. Well technically he’ll be a Lycan if he goes furry. That’s what turned werewolves are called. And he won’t be welcome in a werewolf pack. They generally don’t allow Lycans in. Either way it’s not good at all. No, not good.

I got to find this guy.

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