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Shadow Boxing

July 16, 2014
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shadow boxing_9

Who knew falling in love with a demon could be so hard on the heart? Katelyn Pheonix sure didn’t when she met shadow demon, Tarin Armadel.

Katelyn has always lead a low life. She’s never had a life full of privilege, prominence or affluence. But she’s always been able to see the truth in other people, it’s always been her gift. Because Katelyn’s not your average human female. She’s a truth-sayer and being one of those is rare and highly, valuable if you want to commit personal espionage on others. Especially when you want to target paranormal beings.

After a failed murder attempt on her life, vampires and bounty hunters chasing her, an assassin targeting her, Katelyn could do with a lucky break.

Pity the truth-sayer god, Asha whom she is the vessel for, has decided the same thing and left Katleyn to fend for herself and her heart, with Tarin.

Without her truth-sayer abilities how does Katelyn know if she can trust her demon lover? Especially when it looks like he’d willingly pair up with his enemies, to enslave Katelyn for his own purposes. But before Katelyn can work out her feelings on the matter, there is the issue of finding out who’s after them and why.

Katelyn and Tarin must face more than their enemies together. They must face up to what they mean to one another, in order to save what they have, together.

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Truth and Honesty

June 13, 2014
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I don’t like hurt.

Especially the emotional kind of hurt. It does something to the body. Leaves marks on your soul. It weighs on you and damages part of who you are, in tiny fragments that sometimes heal, but forever leave an invisible scar. It doesn’t feel good and it takes too long to make sense of and get over.

The thing is, some people, are brilliant at emotional hurt. They can manipulate and deceive and impact that thing in you that will cripple you badly. They’re the ones who like hurt, hurting others.

Humans can never wrap their head around the logic of that motive. But the reality is, it’s like a sensation, a high, a good feeling, a normal impulse for them to hurt others. A natural response. An instinct. It’s in their nature and they can’t fight it.
Don’t get me wrong; I don’t need to be wrapped in cotton wool. I’ve never really led a charmed life. It’s been rough all over and if all you know is rough, then all you know to do is roll with it, survive it. Which is what I’d been doing for years. I’ve been doing the best I can. Anyway I can. Anyway that suited me and helped me and got me what I wanted out of this life.

Hurting someone like me, with my ‘talent’, gift, ability whatever you want to call it, it’s more than hurtful. It’s more than a passing thing if it’s done right. It’s damaging. Blindingly damaging. It’s like taking all your feelings, and perceptions and everything you have at your disposal and putting them off line. It changes your insides and remakes you.

It’s why I’ve always been a loner. I learned long ago, that I couldn’t do my thing, I couldn’t read people; get their truth, if they ruined parts of mine. It’s why I’ve never had a relationship. Never allowed myself to feel all those things, that so many people take for granted in being human. Love, passion, desire, want and need, trust and companionship.

Those things are the downfall of someone like me. They counter more than they feed. I don’t want to lose a part of myself to that, because it happened once before when I was young and it wasn’t good, it was bad, very bad, and not just for me. The truth can hurt, and it can set you free, but at what expense?

People don’t know where that saying came from and it’s probably a very good thing, because if you saw what I could set free, from within me, you’d be beyond scared. You’d be cowering before me.

I know what lies inside me and it isn’t good. Nobody can see it, because nobody knows to look for it. To think of it. Because the truth is, what you make of it and nobody makes much of me, because that’s the way I like it.

Guess that’s a form of deception, an odd thing for a truthful person to do. Maybe I’m not as pure as my abilities might make me seem. After all, I use them by giving them to the person who’s willing to pay the right price.

Does that make me an honest soul?

Shadow Games

February 15, 2014
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Being a truth-sayer has its moments. For Katelyn Phoenix it would most notably have to be when the man she found herself falling in love with Shadow Demon, Tarin Armadel tried to kill her.

Katelyn doesn’t want to see Tarin’s face again as she reverts to truth sayer form, as a demi-god named Asha to protect her heart from Tarin’s emotional betrayal. Being a truth-sayer has its moments. For Katelyn Phoenix it would most notably have to be when the man she found herself falling in love with Shadow Demon, Tarin Armadel tried to kill her. Katelyn doesn’t want to see Tarin’s face again as she reverts to truth sayer form, as a demi-god named Asha to protect her heart from Tarin’s emotional betrayal.

But Katelyn finds out that the broken hearted don’t get to time out to hide out from life, when paranormal beings think you’re a threat of to them and want you dead. Time won’t stand still for her to figure out if Tarin’s even telling her the truth about how he feels about her.

Forced to team up with Tarin in order to get to the bottom of who wants her dead and why, Katelyn finds out that the paranormal world is far more sinister than it seems and that the shadow demon might be the least of her problems.

MotherF*cking Snakes on Teen Wolf

July 24, 2012
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Teen Wolf, Episode 7.

Huzzah, I made it this far.

So we start of the episode with the kanima (lizard monster ) killing the husband of a couple who are living in a trailer in the woods. We can see that there is indeed another mysterious figure somehow involved in controlling the kanama

But then if this kanima is killing people, how can it be Jackson? Because Jackson is at the police station looking smug as Stiles and Scott are getting served, a restraining order against them for kidnapping and locking up Jackson in the last twenty four hours.

So maybe it is Lydia who is also a kanima, and that’s why she passed the previous poisoning test. Because at this point in time, we don’t know where Lydia is, unless we believe the writers are sticking to the last episode, which means she’s at her house getting harassed by strange new boy.

But why would we believe the writers of this show?

Scott’s Mum is ripping Scott a new one and it’s well past time for that. It was getting very hard to believe that she didn’t have a freaking clue about what her son has been up to so late at night and failing so badly at school.

Cut to Derek and his pack of newbie werewolves who are itching to go after the Argents rather than be locked up for the upcoming full moon. Yes, apparently we’re back on a full moon, even though there was one a few episodes ago. I’m not getting the time line in this show, the episodes appear to connect based on a daily dealings but then to say a month has passed because the next full moon is coming…ahhhh.

Derek argues with Issac about how they HAVE TO FIND THE KANIMA. Blah, blah, blah, tenuous link and reasoning why.

You’re werewolves mother fuckers, you don’t have to do shit! And Derek seems more and more like a whimp than an alpha when he talks about the kaiama or the Argents – what a waste.

And now it appears it’s the next day and Allison is passing secret messages to Scott and Stiles in the Library and surprise, surprise, we’re being led onto the path of the kanama is supposed to be a werewolf but it can’t be until it’s past issues are resolved. And what if that has something to do with Jackson’s biological parents??

Well the writers will probably let us know it’s an “either or thing” in an episode of two from now.

Cut to man of the hour and Jackson is in the science lab and looking at various creepy crawlies in a large glass display. But he seems particularly fascinated with the one housing the snakes. And here’s were shit gets interesting, Jackson opens up the lid of the glass display and picks up a snake.

Watching in fascination as it slides over his arm and and around his neck and up into Jackson’s mouth. Jackson closes his eyes as the snake goes completely into his mouth! If you’ve ever had a dirty desire to know what Jackson might look like giving fellatio, this is the scene to pay attention to.

Just as he finishes swallowing the live snake whole, a teacher walks into the room and asks Jackson if he wants to discuss his paper. Jackson appears to be a little stunned. I’m guessing cause he feels overly full or he’s secretly a vegetarian who’s just broken his food vow.

Scott’s taking up a make up test at school and his mum is “cleaning” aka raiding his room at home for clues on why her son is in so much trouble with the law and school. Mum finds something she wasn’t expecting. A 12 pack of ribbed condoms. Only one is left. So that answers the virginity question from the previous episode. Cherry – Popped.

And we’re back on Allison who is tracking Jackson, who walks into the boys locker room. Allison is about to go in there when camera boy who is obsessed with her walks out and starts immediately flirting with way too much ease at her. Clearly not reading the “She’s just not that into you signals” Allison is giving him with one her one word answers and looking anywhere but at him looks. She agrees to go on some sort of date with him on Friday night just to shut him up and get him away from her.

Allison walks into the boys locker room upon hearing an awkward sound made by Jackson. She calls out to him and he responds. Allison walks around in the locker room and walks in on a naked Jackson showering. She blushes and turns away. Jackson seems fine with it. More than fine as he goes into predator mode and comes over to her and insists they talk then and there.

As Jackson continues to intimidate Allison, he heartbeat races and Jackson can hear it and so it appears, can Scott from between who knows how many walls and bits of structure in the highschool between the science lab and the boys locker room.

As Scott bursts in Allison tries to tell him, she’s okay but Scott is not having any of it and finally we get to see something interesting, a fight between Scott and Jackson as they beat the crap out of each other and the boys locker room. As they spill out into the corridor, Erica restrains Jackson and Stiles restrains Scott. But not before Scott’s teacher from the make up test, busts them all.

As they’re getting busted, camera obsessed with Allison boy notices someone’s backpack spilled open on the floor and clearly feeling the need to riffle, picks up the tablet that is exposed from the back pack and starts to turn it on and view whatever is on it.

REALLY? we’re going with this tenious link? EVERYBODY FACE PALM NOW!

Of course he reads the info about the kanama that Allison has on there and of course, downloads it to email for himself. Invasion of privacy much? Before handing it back but the teacher grabs it off him. Everyone then gets detention.

Scott’s mum rocks up to the school and talks to Allison’s mum about their kids. Allison’s creepy mum delivers a great line about a girl with low standards going after Scott.

Back in the library Stiles is theorizing that Camera boy is Jackson’s controlling kanama master. When Jackson’s suddenly gets up needing to go to the bathroom, because he seems to have some pain from behind his eye.

As he goes to the little boys room, we watch as a snake, pushes it way out of Jackson’s eye socket spurting blood everywhere and horrifying Jackson who’s very much aware and awake of the whole thing happening! yay!! Scott is called to the principles office. But quite frankly I don’t care for the end of the episode, because it’s delivered far more in this episode than it has so far in the whole season, that’s been well worth watching.

I shall however, continue to finish the rest of the episode, in my next post 😉

Monsters & Virgins

July 23, 2012

Back on Episode six of Teen Wolf, drink in hand, here’s hoping I can finish this damn episode this time.

There is a new Jackson storyline developing, and it’s not about how perky his nipples are when he’s topless. We’re being dropped hints.  About Jackson’s adoption.   After all he’s never said I love you to his parents in eleven years.    Grandpa Argent seems to have a “connection” to Jackson’s monster beast.  And we’re given another pertinent camera shot of Grandpa Argent taking his medication.  Anyone thinking, Grandpa’s a monster too? And the medication helps keep the monster at bay?


Oh and now, Alison’s mum has infiltrated the school as a teacher. Creepy, annoying and I am so drinking.  Mommy dearest, your hair and pale skin is just freaking me out…and the fact that you just threatened your daughter by saying “as long as your strong we won’t have to kill a sixteen year old boy.”

Nothing like parental guidance…..and death threats.

Oh and now Allison is quoting the Art of War. A book I really, really like. I’d like her to stop quoting it now.  Right NOW.  I beginning to like Allison, less and less.  A tear escapes down Jackson’s face as he’s still locked in the back of Sherriff’s van that Stiles has him in.

Oh my god, now the product placement in the show has begun. Scott and Allison in a car, snuggled together and Allison asks Scott to put on the Radio and use “Pandora.” Where’s the rest of my drink? Damn I’ve already finished it.   She just needs to turn to the camera and say how much a month it is for useage. Snicker.

Our Romeo and Juliet lovebirds are talking about being together longer than high school and meanwhile as they’re making out in the car, Jackson is shifting in the van.  Music is getting more and more dramatic and suddenly, Jackson is free and Allison is no longer quite so….virginal and neither is Scott.  I think.

Monsters and virgins, how very gothic indeed. Almost like a proper Horror homage in a way….

Stiles busts out sleeping love struck in the back of  their car and our intrepid trio of Allison, Stiles and Scott then decide it is time to tell their parents about the shit that is going on.  Because it is getting beyond their control.  Who knew teenagers felt so much responsibility?

But of course, I doubt that will actually happen. Still, here we go, Stiles is about to tell him his dad and oh no….there’s Jackson and his dad and his dad is a lawyer and Stiles dad is pissed.

Blah! How god damn boring.

Oh and we’re on Allison and Lydia now and Allison is doing what she does best and ignoring the needs of her best friend.  But hey, at least her best friend gives her what she needs instead. One way relationship much? It turns out Lydia can translate archaic latin and Allison wants those book pages from the beast book the Argents have, translated.  That guidance councellor got it wrong (or did she? ) when she said the Jackson monster seeks a friend – the word is master.   Allison looks up the camera all big brown eyes and says(about Jackson) “he’s being controlled.”

The end of the episode.  Seriously is this whole season going to be about Jackson even though it’s called Teen Wolf?  Finally, I have made it to the end of episode 6.  That was an epic.  Not the episode, the annoyance factor.  I don’t even know if I have it in me to see the rest of the season out.

Thriller Vs Teen Wolf Pt 2

July 20, 2012
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Continuing on from My last post on Teen Wolf

Antics ensue in the science classroom as Erica and Issac attempt to get near Lydia in order to kill her.  Erica slides her slutty hand up Scott’s thigh trying to either seduce Scott or make Allison jealous.  Or neither, just mess with him.

The class have to constantly swap around lab partners, so Scott and Stiles and Allison attempt to protect Lydia and keep the two nasty beta werewolves away from her.

Of course, one of them ends up with her and secretly tests her by feeding her the venomous poison on a crystal, that was the science experiment in the class.  Lydia, unlike Jackson, passes the test and does not fall to the ground paralysed.

Lydia visits the guidance councellor again and finds herself subject to inkblot tests.

Yes actual inkblot tests. What is the purpose of these on a highschool student? I have no idea.

Lydia bored with the inkblot tests and her guidance counceller by the looks of it insists that every picture looks like a butterfly, until the councellor puts the last image down on her desk and says “Funny, I would’ve said that one looked like a wolf.”

Of course, what the writers might be hinting at by having Lydia answer Butterfly for everything is the damn obvious.  Butterfly’s are symbols for “Transformation”.

Ohhh, does the guidance councellor know something she’s pretending she doesn’t? Unless the guidenece coucellor is secretly a hunter, than no. The inkblot does in fact look like wolf’s head.

Cut to our intrepid trio who are trying to figure out how to save Lydia who doesn’t know she needs this kind of saving, since overly square jawed and intese staring eyed, Derek Hale has it set that Lydia must be killed.

Scott, Stiles and Allison want to prove Lydia isn’t a monster to Derek. Allison produces a small, single handed cross bow from her school bag.  A melodramatic moment passes between Scott and Allison.

What’s the point to a single action crossbow if you can only take one shot and have to re-load? Not very efficient for when you’re in a bind and lets face it, Allison, you’re bound to be in a bind.  You’ve had monster chasing you for fucksakes.   It’s Allison who suggests they might find proof of Lydia’s none monster-ness in the beast book her family keeps.

We next see her go to the guidenece concellor seeking a translation on a latin page from the book on the monster.  How she knows the guidance councellor can translate latin, is again, not explained. We’re just supposed to think that all French-candians can do this as the guience councellor is French-candadian.

As the guidance counciller starts reading the page and stop starting, Allison asks as weird and nervous as can be for someone attempting to not act weird and nervous. Insisting mysteriously that the gudience councellor translate it all then and there.

Turns out the message is, on a full moon the  monster is at its peak and like a werewolf it too hunts for company.


Scott goes to seek out Derek to stop him from going ahead with his plans to kill Lydia.  But it’s Derek who reveals what we the viewers and Scott and Stiles already know – Derek’s not going to be the one to kill her. The beta wolves – Erica and Issac are.  Scott looks on completely shocked! Even though he along with Stiles got the idea that Erica and Issac were going to kill Lydia back in sciene class.  Or what was all the chair hopping to protect Lydia about in the classroom?

Not to bright Scotty boy.

Scott has a fight with Jacob who is standing protectively by Derek’s side on the Lacrosse field.  Derek starts mentioning the word “Shape Shifter” in reference to himself and the other werewolves instead of calling them werewolves.


Derek then drops the bombshell that perhaps the monster is Lydia because sometimes when you’re a shape shifter, the shape reveals “who you really are”.  Ohhh, so Lydia’s ugly on the inside is that what we’re saying?

At this point, I’m beginning to think it’s not her.  Mainly because Lydia acts superficial on purpose, but I don’t think she has an ugly soul.

Dramatic music plays quickly and loudly in the this scene as Derek and Scott have a very verbal disagreement. But I’m too distracted by the mole on Scott’s pointy chin to pay much attention to it.

Jackson, Allison and Lydia and Stiles go to Scott’s house in an attempt to protect Lydia from Erica, Issac, Jacob and Derek.

Weird photography student s now friends with Jackson and Danny (the openly gay guy at school). They are in the library and Danny is going over the footage of Jackson, the three of them are trying to figure out who edited and looped the footage of Jackson.

Who had access to his house to do that?

Photography boy is also intrigued to find photos taken of Scott on the Lacrosse field are messed up because the flash reflects of Scott’s eyes.  Later on in school he suprises scott by snapping a photo of him and finding out even without the flash, the same thing happens.

Like really? Do we need this added into the show, what is the purpose of what we already know having been shown it before in another episode?  As Scott runs through the school he is accosted by the Lacrosse coach who wants to know why the protective padding they wear is ripped up.  Scott finds out it’s Danny’s padding and finds him the library.

Meanwhile Jackson pulls Lydia aside demanding the key back to his house. Lydia lies and says she doesn’t have it.   Scott confronts Danny about the Lacrosse pads and Danny says someone else who was wearing them, owes him new ones.  But before we can find out who that someone is, Scott is told to get to his house pronto. Out the front, readying for the kill, are Derek’s pack.  As Danny looks at the Lacrosse pads, he missed the footage on the computer screen of  Jackson that shows him sitting up in bed with eyes glowing.

“Cause this is THRILLER, THRILLER IN THE NIGHTTTTTT, and no ones going to save you from the beast that’s about to strike…” Oh wait I’m watching Teen Wolf. Right, back to the show.

Turns out Lydia wasn’t lying about not having the key, has no clue about the video tape that Jackson thinks she edited.   Lydia is upset as only a girl can be when she reveals that she’s wearing the key around her neck and hands it back to Jackson.

Symbology people – it’s the key to her heart! AWWWW. She then cries and says “I hate you, I hate you so much” to Jackson. Downstairs Allison and Stiles are wondering what to do.  Allison is on the verge of calling her dad to come rescue them, but that will mean revaling where she is!

Oh no, that would give away to her dad what he already suspects, that she’s dating Scott!  Tense, drama!  Upstairs, Jackson kisses Lydia and as she sweeps her hand across his neck, we see – dunt dad a darrr…reptilian monster skin pulsating.

So  then really, it was Jackson who made Lydia immune! Jackson killed issac’s dad because he knew how he picked on Issac and the other lacrosse player/mechanic, I have no idea about.

Downstairs, Issac breaks into the house and a fight with Stiles and Allison ensues. Upstairs, Lydia runs out into the hallway just as it looks like Jackson is shape shifting.  Allison runs up to inform a niave Lydia – who is the only person in this scene, who doesn’t have a clue that werewolves exist, to stay put.  Lydia runs back into the room she was in with Jackson- Surprise, he’s not there! But the window is open.  Lydia runs to another room and does THE MOST SENSIBLE thing anyone under these conditions can do.

She rings the police.

Meanwhile, Allison is facing off against Erica. Who is trying to taunt her about going after Scott.  Allison holds her laser sighted crossbow out at Erica, and fires at her.  Erica catches the crossbow and says “You didn’t really think that would work did you?” To which we reveal, a big Allison smirk and she says “Actually I did.” The arrow Erica caught is covered in the reptilian poison. Erica falls to the ground.

Cut to Erica and Issac being thrown out of Scott’s house and we’re about at the end of the episode. Oh wait, no there’s more.   Derek does a s speech about how Scott is the Alpha of his own pack (Stiles, Allison and his friends) and then the reptlian monster is seen crawling over the roof.  Lydia comes out of the house and says “Will someone please tell me what is going on!”

And I endorse her fucking right to know because this show has gone weird. Officially.  I mean, it’s supposed to be about Teen Wolf but the central story of this episode was not about Teen Wolf and barely in fact had him in most of the episode.  This season so far has been anything about actually being about Teen Wolf.

So I’m with Lydia on this one.

To which Scott mutters “It’s Jackson.” The reptilian monster thing, in case you can’t keep up.  So the whole venom test thing – was just a fake out on the audience.  Done deliberately to make us think it was Lydia not Jackson when in fact it was the other way around. It’s not explained, but at this point. I really don’t want it to be.  Because that would take far to much time out of my life, that I’m clearly not getting back from watching this crap.

Reptilian Jackson scampers up to a parked car and puts his claw on the window, and is met by a gloved hand in response.  Reptilian Jackson seems to be horrified by this, he scampers off and the car drives away.

Leaving us with the big message “TO BE CONTINUED…”

Really? Why?

Why put to be continued up there, when we know there will be a sixth episode?


Thriller Vs Teen Wolf Part 1

July 19, 2012

Welcome to a tv show called Teenwolf.  Where’s it’s premise is based on an 1985 movie by the same name. About a teenager who finds out the hard way, that he’s a werewolf.

Or is it?

Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 5. Yeah, they made it this far. How is anyone’s guess.

I can’t help but begin to wonder now after the first opening sequence to Episode 5 of the second season.

Before I get into it I have to point out my BIGGEST and the MOST OBVIOUS annoyance of Episode 5.  Episode 4 Left us hanging with Scott getting very gruesomly stabbed by Allison’s grandfather. We were left to think he was actually bleeding out before hoping in the family car with his mum.

This is not acknoweldged, answered, followed up or anything in Episode 5. IT’S RIDICIOULUS THAT IT’S NOT!

The first story of the episode is about Jackson, lacrosse star player, werewolf wana be  and all around chiselled jaw sports jock.

He’s attempting to bench prench, way beyond his human capabilities. But of course, the thing Jackson doesn’t realise is he’s on this show to be emasculated and therefore frustration sets in when he can barely get through a heavy set of weights without his friend, spotting for him and lifting the weights off him.  We also discover Jackson has super enhanced hearing.


Enter Erica, who grabs Jackson and takes him off to meet his would have been his maker, Alpha, Derek Hale.  Derek wants to know if anything happened to Jackson on the night of the full moon.

Or should that be fool moon? I prefer in this show to think of it as the later.

Jackson denies anything happening to him. But Derek, being the psycho scary ass that he is, refuses to believe Jackson and says very cryptically – “You know Jackson you’ve always been a kind of snake.  Every one knows that snakes can’t be poisioned by their own venom.”  And proceeds to ensure a drop of the reptilian monster’s venom falls in Jackson’s mouth.

By this stage, I’m thinking the reptilian monster from previous episodes is.

Perhaps It’s Lydia.  She was attacked first. And the reptile monster recognises Stiles.  Lydia hangs out with Stiles all the time now.  The mechanic at the auto shop was attacked and killed and he previously played on the Lacrosse team.

We don’t know this yet, but I’d take a wild guess and assume that he might be Lydia’s previous boyfriend.  As for why Issac’s dad was killed, random. He was an assehole he had it coming. No real reason other than that.

As Jackson lays paralysed on the floor, Derek looks at him and says “You’re still a snake Jackson, you’re just not the one we’re looking for.” Hello Jackson was Lydia’s boyfriend in season 1.

Are we making connections yet? Or am I just going down the path the writers want me to?

Before we hit opening credits of sexiness, Issac, hovers over Jackson and says “There’s one other thing you have to do for us.  Well, for me.”  Which means he has to recant his story that he told to the police officers about Issac and his father agruging before Issac’s father was murdered.

Why? Just so Issac can get back into highschool.

For those familiar with the TeenWolf movie. I know I’ve already lost you. And quite frankly, it was to be expected.  Here is a TV show that has literally nothing to do with the movie it was based on!

Other than taking the title name: Teen Wolf and some of the character names; Stiles, Scott. There is nothing else in common with the movie that this TV show was adapted from.  In the movie, Scott aka Teenwolf played basketball, his love interest was called Boof and he wasn’t bitten by a werewolf, it was family genetics.

But semantics aside, obviously a movie to tv adaption requires something to make a tv show get through a season. Like a plot, a story arch, and a world created around this character – Teen Wolf.

Or does it?

The opening sequence of this show, before the credits is all about another character on this show!

And you might be of the opinion that it’s a one of thing, or it’s okay to learn about other characters in this show, but the more this show progresses into season 2, the more there is of other characters and for me, less of Teen Wolf himself.

And the show is called TEEN WOLF.  Maybe it should be called Tease Wolf.

As we return from the credits into the obscurity of whatever the concept of this tv show is, Stiles and Scott become accosted by Jackson in class who plants my idea that Lydia is the reptilian monster in their heads. And that Derek’s beta wolves, now also highschool students again, are going out to kill Lydia later in the day.

Why they think they have to return to being highschool students to complete this mission is beyond me, since most of the action in Teen Wolf, happens at night when all the teenagers are freely running around woods and quite often, an unlocked school grounds.

Scott asks Stiles if he believes Lydia is the monster and Stiles, bless him replies that he does not think it’s her.  Because the monster looked at him and he saw pure evil.  Lydia looks at him and he only sees half evil, 40% on a good day.

My love for Stiles grows with every episode of this muddled up concept of a show.

During a classroom exercise we see Lydia go into a dream about herself and some very spiral writing on the black board that is being written by the Alpha werewolf who attacked her.

As Lydia freaks out, he comes up to her and blows some white powdery substance in her face.  This snaps us the viewer back into the present day classroom where Lydia has written all manner of words on the blackboard to a math question, backwards.

Stiles, ever the resourceful sidekick, snaps a photo on his phone of the writing and with the photo capabilities of his phone, reverses the image which shows us, Lydia has written “Someone help me.” repeatedly over the blackboard.

Already my review at this stage is at 1000 words and we’re not even half way through the episode.


Continued in Part 2.

Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode Pack it up, pack it in.

July 14, 2012
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Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 2.

Pack it up, pack it in, let us begin…

Open to random school kid – Issac who was attacked in episode one, at home with Dad around family dinner table.  Given that we are barely introduced to Isacc in first episode, this is not the most stimulating of opening scenes.  But the purpose of it soon becomes clear.

Dad is an abusive asshole and Issac is hopeless.  Until a bit of glasses is thrown in his face just under his eye socket.  His father says “it’s your own fault you know.” And it’s after this that we see Issac’s wound miracously heal right before our eyes.

Issac freaks out and runs away with dad following close behind. Jackson is Issac’s neighbour and succinctly sums up my feeling on this when he says “freaks”.

Enter a dark alley to find Issac’s bike abandoned in the middle of it.  Dad calls out Issac’s name a few times.  After a while we see a shape. Presumably a transformed Issac, comes charging straight at his dad. Or is it?

A-hole dad runs for his car and locks himself in, but what’s a car to a supernatural who can rip the door of it’s hinges? Nothing that’s what.   The door flys off the car and bastard dad is then gruesomely killed. Excellent, he had it coming.

Open to sexy credits.

Cut back to Scott and Allison, they  are leaving coded messages on her car window by writing on the window and blowing on it to reveal what is written.  They continue to date in secret working on the “are you sure you weren’t followed principle” as a sure fire way that this romance isn’t doomed from the start. Teens, they are so smart.

Cut to the highschool principal leaving the school very late at night (when everything happens) and we see him bundled into a car to face Allison’s red headed mother and brunette hunting father with goons.  She insists in a direct way of torture, with some sort of electic shocking device that he step down from his job. The Principle’s scream means he concurs.

Next day – Stiles whilst relegated to absoultety being a nobody in first episode is back to being the sidekick in this episode delivering some of the best lines of  humour.  When asked what the problem with Scott is – when he is extreme tackling team mates in lacrosse practice, Stiles answer their coach with “He’s (Scott) failing two grades, he’s socially awkward and if you look at his jaw closely it’s kind of uneven”.

Thank you Stiles for providing me with laughs and something worth watching in this TV show.  What Scott is actually trying to do is scent out the new werewolf he can smell who we all know is Issac. Two werewolf lacrosse players at the same highschool. Awkward.

Lydia returns to school and steps through the school door to find the entire student body has stopped moving and is staring at her.  I mean, everyone. Only in the movies, does this bullshit of an entire student body do this.  The fakeness of the scene and the drawn out wide out looks from Lydia, trying to regain her sense of self are just way over done and takes longer than necessary for viewers to get the point to the scene.

Werewolf politics start entering into the episode when Issac the newly turned werewolf is hauled off to the police station after being informed of the death of his father.  Scott and Derek have a little chat with Derek stating what I’ve been saying all along about his doomed romance.  “You’re going to loose her anyway.”  Scott states “I’m not part of your pack. But I want him (Issac) out.”  Yeah that’ll work, making a demand on an Alpha werewolf. Good luck with that Scott.

During the school day Scott and Stiles deliberately get themselves sent to the principles office to check up on Issac.  This is when shock we find out that Colonel Tai, Allison’s militant werewolf hating grand dad is now the principal of the school. And he’s aware of who Scott is. Oh no.

As the evening approaches, Jackson hires a video camera of newly introduced freakazoid camera student who secretly seems to have a thing for Allison.  What is with this chick? Is she dipped in honey? It’s not like it’s an all boys school.  Jackson sets up his video camera to point at his bed, as he waits the night of the full moon to see himself transform.

It’s night fall when Derek and Stiles go to the police office to rescue Issac before the hunters can kill him with Wolf’s Bane.   In the car as they plot how they will infiltrate the police station, you can see that the writers had a moment of wanting to play with the need to create homosexual jokes again between Derek and Stiles.  Since they delivered once so beautfilly in the first season.  But they fail to live up to the hype and it falls flat.

Stiles is found out by a fellow cop who has half an arrow, that Allison shot into his leg when trying to delay the cop from getting to the police station.  Yeah I know. There is just so much of this crap to get through.

When Stiles tries to rescue Issac and is dragged kicking and screaming towards the cells were Issac is being held.  But Issac’s cell door is open and he is wolfing out.  Issac attacks the cop but not long before Derek goes all Alpha on his ass.  Letting rip a howl that not only makes Issac cower in shame but totally un-wolfs him turning him back into issac again.

Where is Scott aka Teen Wolf when all this is going down? Why he’s at Issac’s house being locked into a deep freezer to stop him from wolfing out and rampaging on the night of the full moon.  As if.  Well he seems to think he needs the control.

Allison is locking him up with chains in the freezer.  Once he’s snugly locked in, Allison then wonders off into the house, only to be scared by some growling thing that has glowing eyes and likes to hide in the shadows.  Oh yay, a monster.

The mysterious growler makers her scream whilst picking up a kitchen knife “Come on then!”

Scott trapped in the freezer, upon hearing Allison’s screams goes into a frenzy and breaks out of it come and rescue her. So what was the point to be locked up and chained in again? and why did you think a freezer would hold you when you knew you could break it apart like kindling?

He runs into the kitchen and they look at the mysterious growler and we find some sort of reptilian looking ace on a furry body that scrambles up the wall and onto the roof.  I’d take a guess and say it’s Allison’s grand dad who’s the monster – because there is a brief scene, where we see that he takes some sort of medicine.  And what’s the point to that?

Regardless, I’ don’t really care because by the end of the episode I was left with a sense of how completely over done it was. It’s like the creators of the show were trying far too hard to introduce to many elements into the series.  It came across as how much can you pack in in an episode and what is the purpose of that again?

Werewolf instinct

January 13, 2010
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After hearing “Werewolves instinctively go after that which they love the most” The other day, this statement got me thinking about what that meant or could mean.

Of course, it was said by humans who were in no way inclined to be werewolves themselves. I didn’t get lupine in their scent. So the statement coming from those that aren’t what they talk about, could be seen to be ignorant. Kind of like, you know, you can’t say that’s the truth of the matter, unless you’ve lived the truth of the matter.

At first, I took this statement to mean, that werewolves will ‘attack’ those they love the most. As in your loved ones, boyfriends, girlfriends, family and anyone who means anything to them.
As if that makes sense!
Hurting the ones you love the most to show what? That you care? Care enough to rip their throats out?
Please. A little dignity.

I took this statement to mean, that it was a rouge werewolf, one who could not control itself under moonlight, and in it’s loss of control it some how only sees or targets people it loves (ie recognizes) to attack and kill.

It could be said that this is type of reaction is indeed a reflection of who we truly are. That’s of course, complete bullshit, unless you buy into the old time marketing campagain of the werewolf image that has long, ‘dog’ed us.

We do not project the monster from within, even after taking wolf form, because it’s not a reflection of who we are. We have needs, baser needs when in werewolf form, but that doesn’t make us all that different to the rest of the animal kingdom and just because you’re labelled “a predatory animal” that doesn’t make you a monster. It just means we won’t be stood on or roll over for anybody. Werewolves, know how to survive.

Nobody truly reflects who they are to the outside world right? I mean, if they did, then why use make up, cosmetic surgery?

But people, we’ve come along way from the dark ages of werewolf persecution and scalping trials of the 1600’s. But the werewolf image is still more monster than any other supernatural being since.

So then I thought, what if they mean this statement in a good way?

Go with me here, let’s just assume those speaking were playing nice and tolerantly to my kind.
Because it’d sure make a change of pace.

Anyway, so what if this statement meant, that werewolves, instinctively go after that which they love the most, in a protective sense. I mean, you’d be hard pressed to find too many random attacks from werewolves these days. We aren’t mindless animals you know. When we shape shift, we still have a mind, an animal’s mind as much as we still have the instinct of our wolf shape and the predatory hunt.

And most creatures know, who’s top of the food chain and automatically who not to fuck with. I’m happy to say werewolves command respect in that sense. Do not fuck with the werewolves and they will not kill you. Simple really.

Werewolves are pack animals, they do not live alone. They do not work alone, they do not isolate themselves on lunar weeks or full moon nights. We instinctively go to what we know. We work with familiarity and routine. We adapt to circumstance. We protect those that we love and we will fight to the death, to ensure our pack survives.

Now if these people, had known that, their statement might make a lick of sense. But I’m guessing, they didn’t know that. Or they really just don’t have a clue about modern werewolves. Which got me thinking, they’ve heard to many kids stories. Like the most famous of them all, Little Red Riding Hood.

That ‘fairy tale’ has been told so many times, and changed, that nobodies really sure who started it or why or weather it’s got truth to it or it’s pure fiction.

There are a few popular versions that the Breukelen tell it as. Apparently they all have different meanings, that’s why there’s so many versions.

But I’m going to tell you a version, I was told of that fairy tale, only the Breukelen don’t call it Little Red Riding Hood.

We werewolves call it The Ravening Red Wolf. So stayed tuned for Part 2 of this post.

Werewolves are not pets

November 12, 2009
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Okay I need to clarify something I’ve said before in various posts on this blog.

Werewolves are not monsters.

When I say we – werewolves are not monsters, I mean to say, we’re not mindless and without reason.

As many a movie might have you believe. It’s odd, the movies seem to go for the scare factor, make us the big scary, fury, thing that will not just go bump into the night into you, but will bite you as well. Novels however, in more recent times, seem to put us in a more genuine light, whilst focusing it might seem, on our animal nature and issues of romantic entanglement.
Hands up who hasn’t been there.

Notice how both my hands are down?
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and wrote the postcard back home.

So when I say werewolves are not mindless monsters, that’s not to say we’re completely cute and furry either.

You can’t just walk up to us and pet us when we’re in our tribal form. Most likely cause we’ll react like any animal – suspiciously, if not defensively and probably bite your hand right off. Yep, through the bone and then we’ll probably drink the blood, bury our snout in it, while you run around screaming the last of your breath out.

Werewolves are not pets, you don’t get to have us for the holiday season then dump as at the pound after that. You can not control us. You can not take us home with you and train to do circus tricks.

We are beasts, animals, at least in part.

So please, for the love of Loki, don’t believe the hype when the latest version of those twilight things come out. I mean, they’re only make believe. And they make me believe that whoever was doing the so called special effects on that film, didn’t have a fucking clue when it came to werewolves.

We are a proud race, no matter what pack you find yourself from.
Our heritage is distinguished and our culture is ancient.
We are absolute warriors when in a fight for blood and life.

Just ask the Braganza Pack who recently tried a thing or two on Breukelen turf and got handed their furry butts back to themselves on stretchers for the animal hospital rescue squad.

Even not in werewolf form, I could still smack down most things, if I was any good as a fighter.

But in werewolf form, I am damn near unstoppable, and fairly, it has to be said, indestructible.
But that isn’t to say I am without thought or reason.

I may not retain my memories of my time in my tribal form. But I have been around others when they are in werewolf form. I’ve seen the way they think. The way the werewolf sizes up it’s prey, their surroundings. You can see the werewolf calculating, going on their survival instinct on what they need to do for whatever reason.

So whilst we can be the fiercest fighting machines in the uber-animal kingdom, we are not just wildly rampaging the cityscape, attacking people.

At least, not without true purpose.
There’s always some dumb reason to fight.

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