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Red Riding Hood (Movie Trailer)

December 9, 2010
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Please allow me to share my trepidation with you over the upcoming Red Riding Hood movie. I have to agree with a comment made on you tube for this – Gary Oldman and Amanda what’s her face, should, SHOULD be a good combination for this movie.

But Catherine Hardwicke as director…I’ve already lost faith.

I know scarier and better versions of this tale than this. Here’s hoping it doesn’t completely miss the mark.

Best of the beasts

August 31, 2010
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No need to hold back

July 22, 2010
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Jack and Diane is a John Mellancamp song and it is also, an upcoming movie that heyyouguys.co.uk says

“Jack and Diane tells the story of two teenage girls who meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously.”

I gather it’s a rather sexual movie in nature then, given this description.  

Apparently “Diane must struggle to keep their love alive while hiding the secret that her newly awakened sexual desire is giving her werewolf-like visions.”

And singer Kylie Minogue is going to get it one with at least one of the girls in the film.  Not bad going. 

Only I’m not sure, I get what “Werewolf-like visions” are.

Is this a desperate reach to link sexuality and werewolves?

Or some film maker trying to “re boot” the notion of werewolves to the film going public? 

Trying to out-twilight – twilight perhaps? Hmm.

Got news for you. 

Twilight works because it’s about epic romance. A sweeping scale of ideal epic fantasy. That’s it.  I’d want to hope that Jack and Diane if they’re going to do some sort of pseudo association with werewolves, they would not go down the twilight path of glitter.  I’d want to hope they attempt to give us werewolves a good name.

Well, they are setting the film, in New York, apparently. So there is good source material there, if they know where and how to go looking for it.  If they want the actors to go all method and get amongst the real werewolves of New York.  Or if they could get anyone to talk about our culture. We could act like consultants to them, I guess. 

Still, I’m not sure what “werewolf like visions” means.  I mean, if you want to go littoral on this term.  Are they saying that when the girl is turned on, her mind ticks over to that of a more baser animal and she see’s people through animal eyes, and gets turned on in a violent manner?

That’s not what happens to me.  No, there is definitely only a feeling of potential violence when there’s blood and running and screaming.  Then the animal werewolf in me kind of wants to go hunting.  But most of the time my werewolf is placid by comparison. 

There’s this thing about shape shifting, that we all work very hard to obtain and keep when we’re taught as werewolves grow up.   The mindset of the human you, can affect the mindset of the werewolf you.  So if you’re aggravated and traumatized and upset when you shape shift, then you’re wolf is likely to keep those sensations when your body physically changes. And you come to, in tribal form, like you’re on a rage spree. That’s when stuff is not good.

It’s also partially why we shape shift with partners, or in groups.  If your werewolf comes to in a highly hyper-active state of anger, then there will be other werewolves there to contain the situation of your overly emotional state. Basically, they’ll pull you into line and put you in your place.

Werewolves, we look out for each other.  

Werewolves and lesbians is there a difference? Well I’d want to hope whatever the difference was, it was a positive one, since Jack and Dianne is associating one of the lesbian characters of this movie with “werewolf like visions”.  That term disturbs me. Makes me think the wrong thing. That maybe it’s some sort of euphemism for a way of saying same sex /werewolf sexuality is not normal. Which I’d hate to think was the message being sent out.

I’m assuming that the by saying “werewolf like visions”, that this term more than likely refers to some sort of carnal lust and control issue, when the horny teenager is at her wits end and turned on completely.  Guess they are going down the twilight path, horny, teenager, holding back , werewolf visions…blah blah blah…yawn.

Anyway, I have to get ready for my night out, with my Alpha wolf in the clubs. No need to hold back. Thankfully, I’m not a teenager.

Werewolves Vs Predators

July 21, 2010
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*if you haven’t seen the recent movie Predators, then this a potential spoiler alert for the movie. Don’t read, if you don’t want to know stuff before you’ve seen the movie.*

Predators 3 is basically a mixture and natural conclusion of what would come next, in the Predator film franchise, when involving predators and humans.

The basic storyline for predator 3 is a group of what we think are unsuspecting /unassuming humans at first, are dropped quite literally out of the sky and into a foreign jungle. If they wake up mid free fall, and manage to get their parachute open, they consider themselves lucky to be alive. That is, until they find out the foreign jungle is actually another planet, which is home to the Predators. And that the Predators are hunting the humans.

The werewolves I was with, watching this movie, weren’t cheering the humans on.

They were cheering the predators.

We got a bit noisy.

Pretty lucky we didn’t get chucked out.

We were cheering the Predators on, not because they were hunting humans, but because they were so damn fierce looking and because we wanted to see the predators in battle. Werewolves love to fight and I guess you could say, whilst we city werewolves don’t hunt these days, as there is no need, we are still attracted to the scene of a battle. Especially an epic one between foes. It’s like some basic part of us, that is always just under the surface of our skin.

We like the idea of besting ourselves. Of proving the animal side of us, is there, I supposed, for a reason. And because we don’t tend to hunt like wild wolves do. I guess it’s that same part of us that finds watching a superior being like the predator, hunting, well, quite fascinating really. Especially considering the predators, seem like a hybrid of animal and being, much like a werewolf.

They have the ability to use weaponry – some seriously kick ass weaponry, rather than just relay on animal or self made abilities. Something that perhaps appealed to us all sitting there watching the movie. I mean, in a street fight, in human form, I might not think to automatically arm myself with weaponry initially, but that’s because I wasn’t brought up that way. Being a werewolf has it’s advantages, and we’re taught to use those advantages and to build on our werewolf given skills first. But if it came down to win / lose situation and I had to, I wouldn’t be so proud as to not use whatever weaponry was at my disposal.

Especially if it meant continuing the fight in hand to hand combat.

However, when we shape shift to our wolf form, obviously paws don’t work like hands do. Opposable thumbs. Useful things that they are.

That’s the other exciting part of this film as with the other two. It’s the build up of the stalking and potential dangers of humans v predators. But ultimately, battle for superiority and general survival, comes down to hand to hand combat. You have to get close to the beast to try and kill it.  And most werewolves would probably tell you they subscribe to the theory, you don’t really know what you’re fighting until you’ve got your hands on it.

“повторно один безобразный ублюдок”

English translation “You’re one ugly motherfucker.” – Nickolai, Predators

None of this, sniper shit from 1000 miles away crap. No, to end the game, you have to be in the thick of the fight. And what’s fiercer than a test of who’s the best, weapons, or hands in a close contact fight? Sorry, I’m getting excited even now, as I write this out.

For me, and I think I speak for the various others of my motley movie crew, when I say, there was not enough screen time for the Predators. Too much, wah wah wah, kill me a human going on. Although if I have to sit through a movie, watching Adrien Brody be action man, again, I’ve decided I’m okay with that.

As long as the shirt come off.

Also in Predators 3, we see something not seen before. We are given a glimpse at the types of predators available. There are some sort of what I’d call second cousins removed – hell hounds, there are the regular warrior type of predators we’ve seen in the past two movies, and there is an even bigger, possibly older, version of the warrior predator. It came across to us werewolves as a hierarchy of sorts. Based on age and skilled abilities. The smaller predators we, assumed were youthful warriors, that had to prove themselves, go through a ritual of manhood, if you will, to the older predators. Who in return, hunt those weaker, unworthy or unskilled, younger warrior predators as well as the humans.

Guess it makes me appreciate that I have a good pack and we don’t do that kind of crap to one another.  Also makes me wonder what us werewolves would be like in a different time, and a different place.

In other words, I totally loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Animal logic

July 19, 2010
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“He’s in Town with a Few Days to Kill.

Park. Pull over. And Pray.” – Predator 2

My brother Markus and I recently held a Predator movie marathon in the spirit of getting familiar again with all the Predator movies before we go off and see the newest one of them all – Predators.  Yes, plural.  Put an S on the end and hello, marketing genius!

Predator 2 is again a movie that the werewolves of New York can possibly relate to quite easily.  It’s not all about the bloodshed and killing either.

This time, because it’s set in a city (Los Angeles) and the Predator, has to deal with a different landscape, and personalities encountered in the urban jungle, rather than the environmental jungle, like in the first movie.

As in the first movie, the Predator engages in stalking and hunting it’s prey, by watching the strongest or best, if you will, fighters in a gun fight.  The predator, doesn’t want an easy target, not that it doesn’t collect a few weaklings on the way, because hey, fun and kill ratio.  But ultimately, it wants a worthy competitor, which is why it chooses  Lieutenant Mike Harrigan from the LAPD (Danny Glover) to go one on one with.

A werewolf will willingly go into almost any fight you present it with.  Because fighting to us, is quite natural and well, in a sense of some kind, fun. Sometimes, most of the times. Well, you know, when you’re in human form and you know, you can push the boundaries of your body and you want to.  But really, a werewolf will only fight a worthy, opponent when in wolf form or if they really have to.  There will be some good reasoning behind it.

Like the Predator, we won’t jump into any old situation, or be provoked easily. We have more brains than that, even when in werewolf form.

Again, the attraction for us werewolves to the Predator is one of similarity.  The Predator has to cope in the city environment like we do.  It has to be smart and essentially hide its true self – so it cloaks itself to become invisible.  Werewolves whilst not A) Aliens or B) invisible – but damn, wouldn’t that be cool ? – quite often have to hide our werewolf self from the everyday populace.  Because werewolves roaming the street, all furry and what not, would freak people out.  Freaked out people panic. Panic becomes reaction and then you find bad situations arise.  People don’t think when they’re in a react mode.

Like the Predator alien, when in animal form, werewolves, will be far more aggressive in nature than in human form. If we sense your fear and panic and you run in front of us, we’ll think it means we can go hunting. Namely, you.  It’s animal logic.  It just switches on and it’s hard to see past it and switch if off when your in tribal form and you get the notion of hunting prey, and bloodshed in your mind.

However, there is a disconcernable difference that werewolves don’t share with the Predator. We don’t hunt for fun. At least, not any werewolves I know of.  I know of a Lycan that does, since she once decided to hunt me, all because I just happened to be a werewolf in her existence.  No other real reasoning to it.  If you’ve read my post on that little life experience before, we haven’t lost sight of her completely.

Ultimately whilst we only see one Predator playing games with the human casualties in this movie, we find out in the end, that of course, there is more than one. Which leads me to presume, they hunt as a pack.  Maybe they just split into groups.  Or maybe it’s like a competition between them, each Predator goes their own way and see who gets the most human trophies – body count and skulls.

I haven’t  hunted in a pack formation, because I haven’t really hunted before.  There’s been no need in my life. I’m a city werewolf, growing up in a concrete jungle and dealing with female logic in life, dating, sex, shoes and relationships. That kind of thing, more than enough to work my brain around majority of the time.

But I still feel the urge to hunt, when I shape shift. It could be called a kind of restlessness within.  In particular when I shape shift in the outdoors. Pack hunting is not unheard of with werewolves.  It can be quite useful when taking down a larger enemy or piece of prey that has good defenses.  Whist there is also safety in numbers, there is also strength in numbers and the ability to overpower the prey in question.

The biggest association that attracts most of the werewolves I know, who are fans of the various Predator movies, is the almost indestructible nature of the Predator alien.  We see that in ourselves.  We understand the thought that you can just do the things the Predator does, because you’ve got superior abilities.

Of course, living as humans and sharing the nature of the werewolf means, we can’t flaunt that ability. It’s part and parcel of what restricts the werewolf.

Behind the Eyes

July 16, 2010
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When I announced I was going to go to the movies and see the new Predators movie, I was met by a lot of happy noise over the family dinner table.  Everyone wanted to see the movie.

Is it any wonder really?

Family of werewolves, want to see a movie called, Predators.

To get into the mood for the new movie, it was suggested that we should all re-watch the other Predator movies in this film franchise.  So Markus and I held a movie marathon.

Have you ever sat through an animal movie with a werewolf?

You really should, it’s fun. We all go crazy at certain points in the film.  Get very vocal, growling, howling and whooping it up.

For those who live under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about, Predator was the original movie, that stared Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Guatemala jungle with a special forces team, sent on a rescue mission.  They came across a Predator (Alien) and were hunted by the Predator.

Is it any wonder in the Predator movie, that we werewolves, identify greatly with this first movie.  It’s not so far from a pack movie, there are elements we all saw and recognized easily in it.

There’s a lot of Alpha male bullshit from the humans.  Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Dylan (Carl Jackson) grasp bulging arms when they first meet and attempt to hand wrestle for top dog dominance.  It’s about showing each other they’ve still got it (skills, ego, strength, dicks, whatever) and that one of them, is definitely the top dog and leader over the other.  In this case, it would be Dutch, the hero of the piece, the one who gives the group/ pack of soldiers their orders.

Then there are the soldiers of the movie, not that much unlike us solider wolves in a pack. You just have to watch the scene where you get to see each of the personalities in the Chopper.  It’s the solider with the glasses – Hawkins, who shows you how unsuspecting and deceiving looks can be.  He looks skinny, wears glasses and is the most unlikely of the group to look the part of well oiled, war experienced solider.  The rest are boisterous, full of attitude and have huge muscles.  But it’s Hawkins, the quiet one, who catches whatever is being thrown at him in the chopper, without even looking up or flinching. Showing his super skills and hinting at there’s a reason, he’s with the macho males, earning him a knowing smile from his fellow solider, Poncho.

Werewolves are much the same as this.

You’d never know what we are to look at us in human form. We look normal enough.  But it’s when a petite woman can pretty much lift up the back of a car off the ground or outrun the likes of an Olympic athlete, that you’d probably start thinking differently.  But like the soldiers in this movie, we’re taught to blend in, to camouflage ourselves in society. To survive.

In this first movie Predator, we see a lot of instinct – Billy the tracker – also a werewolf trait – tracking, not only figures out their situation involves more than gorilla warfare soldiers.  But he senses the presence of the Predator and starts to look for it before the others really become aware of what’s going on or what they are up against.

Werewolves use instinct a lot. Especially when in tribal form.  It’s kind of like, the epicenter for how animals think.  They don’t necessarily  just react without reasoning. There’s thought, and there’s instinct ingrained into us. In how to react to other wolves, and how to fight.  As much as there  is knowledge of the culture we live in.  Pack wolves are formidable.

The first movie also takes you the viewer through what the Predator sees.  How it sees, how it hears and how it thinks.  This part of the movie, shows you that Animals (or aliens as the case may be) have intelligence beyond general assumption and thought.  Because beings do not look like humans, does not mean, they do not essentially function or behave in a similar fashion.

The Predator bleeds.  Humans bleed.  The Predator walks upright on two feet. Humans walk upright on two feet.  The Predator uses weapons, the humans use and construct weapons.  The Predator hunts, like any human hunter would hunt. Spying on it’s prey, watching and waiting for it’s prey, until it’s challenged. The Predator, like werewolves, uses it’s environment, in camouflage, higher ground when taking to the trees.

The Predator recognizes the dominant male in Dutch, when Dutch decides to stop running and take it on, one on one.  It is this attitude from the hero, Dutch, that is much like werewolves, when  in human form. We’d rather fight than run, any day of the week.  We believe in attack, rather than defend.  We understand the showmanship of dominance, the importance of displaying strength, whether in numbers of solo.

There is a mentality behind it.

Much like that, hidden ,behind the eyes of a werewolf.


A werewolf at the movies

February 13, 2010
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Okay let’s get the warning out of the way now:

Even a man who is pure of heart
and says his prayers by night
may become a wolf
when the wolfbane blooms
in the autumn moon is bright.

That ought to cover it. Oh and *SPOLER*SPOILER*SPOILER* ahead.

This is a werewolf’s review of the 2010 Wolfman movie.

The new Wolfman movie is not so much a remake of the 1941 original with Lon Chaney Jnr (yes he that was immortalized in the Warren Levon song – Werewolves of London).

Rather it’s a bit of a re-telling.

Either way, it’s still pretty good.

A lot of the original elements are included in the movie.

Larry Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) returns to his father’s (Sir Anthony Hopkins) home – Talbolt Hall, upon the death of his brother. In doing so he meets Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt) the grieving fiancé of his brother. Larry vows to Gwen to find out all he can about the brutally savage and unexpected death / murder of his brother, that everyone in the village of Blackmoor, England says was at the hands of a lunatic or a beast.

In the process of investigating his brother’s death, Larry gets attacked by the beast and thus, becomes the wolfman, under full moonlight.

First of all, I have to say, the fight scene in the gypsy camp, well it kind of had me wound up, in a good way.

Cheering for the werewolf. And to say I got…how shall I put this? Excited?

When the werewolf’s claw, was shown straight through the mouth of a victim, was a major turn on and victory for the werewolf within and onscreen.

I say that it was a victory because, it’s good to see a serious werewolf depiction on screen. A hardcore one you know? None of this light and fluffy, teenage twilight, emo stuff. And none of this poorly produced CGI crap, like in Underworld Rise of the Lycans.

This is the crux of being a beast as any were-creature might tell you.

It’s a duality you struggle with and eventually something’s got to give. Loss of control is usually the element depicted in movies. In the case of the wolfman, I don’t think it’s a loss of control. Poor Larry Talbot isn’t even aware of what has happened to him truly until it’s too late, a sentiment shared with the original movie.

But there is no one to school him or really help him better the wolfman, or understand the wolfman’s needs. So the wolfman has all the instincts of the wolf and hunter thrust upon him. Which once you survive the trauma of the initial attack that made him (a Lycan) and then the shape shift that he goes through, is to be expected.

As his father, Sir John Talbot says to him that is only rules that separate them from being beasts. And he should know.

The urge to hunt and seek prey and blood, resides in all predatory animals.

For a human to carry that, it must like be admitting acceptance to those parts of the soul that make some humans killers rather than all of us. It’s something that just can’t be culled out. Biological make up is what it is, it’s part of the pattern of being something you’re not normally.

In Larry’s case perhaps, of something he’s not meant to be.

He becomes the wolfman (and the make up is BRILLANT) and still retains the semblance of man or human by running around his bloody and torn clothes. Hence the title – WolfMAN not WereWOLF. He’s a humanoid wolf figure who can also run around on all fours when required, like a wolf. So it’s a mixture of beast and man combined.

The Wolfman incorporates elements of the duality in that sense. But it never seeks to struggle or understand either side of it. It’s purely black and white.

Larry wakes up a man in bedraggled clothing with blood on his face and hands, and he roams the forests of Blackmoor as Wolfman, only seeking to kill, with no true reasoning behind it. There is no pattern in his victims, there is no reason given as to why, other than, the power of the full moon.

Yes, the moon is powerful to us werewolves. Of that there is no doubt. But we’ve come along way from being without all control or thought. Which is only glimpsed at the end of the wolfman movie when Gwen is being pursed by the Wolfman and begging it, by calling it Larry to not kill her.

The duality and intricacies of the Wolfman are not the true story here in this film. Which is a shame. There’s far more of a psychological element argued and gone over, in the original 1941 black and white film.

The gore in the film, is gory and I loved it. It’s a very pretty gothic film with some seriously great, iconic images in it. I think that’s why I liked it so much. That and furry Benicio. Mmmm.

And I do have to say, that watching Benicio as the Wolfman turned me on, a hell of a lot more than watching him as the simpering, reserved, held back in his place, Larry Talbot to his exasperating father, Sir John.

This smack down, drag ’em out, knockout fight between elder and younger Talbot is one that will have kids everywhere who’ve ever held a little bit of animosity towards their parents, cheering on. He had it coming.

But which one?

I’m also impressed that the word werewolf was only used twice or so in the film but the references to Lycanthropy – being bit by a werewolf were far stronger, since essentially that is what really happened to Larry Talbot .

The wolfman is a lycan, so there are differences between these two beasts. In why he was so mindless and after bloodshed. As a Lycan, he’s bound to feel a reoccurring sense of rage and bloodshed. It’s quite common for those with Lycanthropy, to act this way.

Larry’s wolfman is not a true werewolf.

I have to say that Benicio makes a great Wolfman. Therefore, I’m happy to honorary baptize him a werewolf in my eyes. You can howl at the Brooklyn moon with me anytime Benicio. ANYTIME. Just say the word.

What’s the word?

Of course.

Monster movie mash

November 19, 2009
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Have you ever sat though a movie marathon of monster movies, with a werewolf?

There’s a theatre here in Brooklyn that’s running movie marathon sessions of “monster movies”. Most people bring along sleeping bags and blankets and pillows and stuff and get really comfortable to watch these sessions.

The upcoming schedule has them playing a werewolf themed sessions.

You’ve got Silver Bullet, Teenwolf , Cursed, Wolf and an An American Werewolf in Paris on the bill for the early session.

I’ve yet to figure out if the owners of the movie house are doing this deliberately or not.
Or are aware of ‘goings on’ around Brooklyn.

New management, so possibly, they’re just naive.

Actually, now that I think about it, probably they do know what they’re doing because after next week, by the look of the upcoming schedule, they’re running vampire themed movies, like Lost Boys, Blade, Dracula, Day Watch and Night Watch in one session, I saw.

The midnight session we’re attending has, American Werewolf in London, Underworld rise of the Lycans, Twilight New Moon and Van Helsing.

I was outvoted by my friends who wanted to go to the second showing of werewolf movies, because, I quote “Hugh Jackman is hot even if the movie he’s in blows.”

I told Davey I thought he had a hair fetish for Hugh Jackman’s sideburns and said “You do realize Hugh Jackman is not a werewolf just because he’s played a character called wolverine.”

Davey told me to shut up and stop ruining his fantasy.

I questioned why any of my friends would subject themselves to the Twilight movie. As they were buying a movie marathon ticket for the full duration…luckily there are toilet breaks between movies. I might have to have one, that goes for 1 minute 80 seconds.

Again, it was Hugh Jackman to the rescue.

I was told that in order to see the three movies we wanted it would just be cheaper for us to buy full priced movie marathon tickets. I asked why we needed to see the first three movies, and was told in no uncertain terms “Classic, Kate Beckinsale in PVC – Hello, and Hugh Jackman, nuff said.”

Like that explained everything I needed to know about my easily persuaded and pervy, furball friends.

Boys can transform, who knew?

June 27, 2009
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Saw  the movie Transformers with Conall. I think he chose it because Megan Fox was in it.

Why she was it, is clearly just to be pretty.  He said I remind him of her.

Great, I think.

Does that mean I’m in competition with uber Hollywood babe or he’s going to the movie cause he wants to see someone like me, doing whatever it was she was doing in that movie?

Or any of them were doing.

There was a lot of running and hiding as far s I could tell.  And Megan in white.   What’s that about?

And while we’re on the Megan Fox fashion, what’s with running around a dessert in ugg boots? I’m guessing that’s not the best choice of footwear for escaping big machine things.

I pointed this out to Conall and he just shrugged his shoulders and said “You’d wear those caterpiller hiking ones that we walked Lake Tahoe with right?”

And it’s then that I realise, Conall’s changed.

He’s been paying attention to my footwear.  Knows it means something to me. This is a big deal!

I was surprised.

He was just smiling, you know, what’s it called when you’ve got your mouth closed but your smiling cause you know something, and you know the other person just got it?

Anyway, that was the highlight of our  date.

Yeah, we’re doing date nights again.

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