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Target locking werewolves

August 19, 2010

Just so you are aware, I’m thinking of making it my mission to get onto the front of Freshly Pressed – the homepage of WordPress.com – the site that my blog is on.  Now I warn you because there are many things a werewolf can do and is likely to do, but I’m not sure that you’re ready for my obsession with wanting to be featured on Freshly Pressed.  

I mean, an obsessed werewolf, do you know what that’s like?

Do you?

We get fixated on these things, that become our targets, and then we just won’t let go.

But there you go, I’ve warned you and that’s what counts. If it does, at all. Warnings, I mean, what’s the point to them, they’re usually to lame or vague or late to be of any particular use to the person who needs them right?

Target locking werewolves, also known as obsessed werewolves, are in fact, quite common throughout the werewolf culture.  We tend to become rather obsessed with love and the object of our affections. Werewolves love hard (most of the time). 

Why do you think my ex boyfriend is still hanging around me like an odour that just won’t scrub off me, no matter how much I want to be clean?

But also, it seems, I’ve targeted a UK werewolf vibe.   After writing my last post “Bite first, Chew Later.”  I’ve discovered  that a conference on female werewolves is being held in September, in Manchester, England.

Is this were the werewolves are, I hear you ask?

Not from what I can gather, it’s a conference put on by nons, university geeks, to “discuss the figure of the female werewolf in art, literature and culture” .

Maybe I should put my hand up and ask to be a contributor to their conference hey? Make a guest apperance perhaps?

Then, again, maybe not since they seem to keep saying  “the female monster” a lot on the blog promoting it. And I take issue with the word monster being used in conjunction with the term werewolf.  But hey, that’s just me, your every day, modern day werewolf from Brooklyn.



January 26, 2010
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I think I found my happy place.

Everyone should have a happy place like this.

It’s under fresh cotton sheets, in the crook of Paris’s arm. Our bodies touching and the warmth that flows from him, keeps me heated too. His heart beat is like a persistent soundtrack in my ear as he plays with my hair, brushing his fingers along the top of my head. The morning light streams into the room, through the not quite tightly shut wooden slates.

Hmm, I don’t want this feeling to end, feels like comfort.

He’s trying to convince me I need to stay in Brooklyn for awhile, while he deals with Black Dog in Manhattan.

I turn around, out of the crook of his arm, lean on my arms and face him. This is not the way I want to start my morning, after finally, getting him back to his place, after the whole Black Dog thing. By the time we’d gotten back, I was more than in need of release and shape shifting wasn’t going to take the edge off that kind of need. In fact, it can make lunar lust worse, some times, especially during lunar week. Like it’s not hard enough to get through in one raggered piece.

He pulls me in closer to him. So we were touching, again skin on skin. Pushing the sheet down off my back, so my lower back is exposed he walks his fingers across my body. Sliding his hands down to cup my bottom.

I can feel his body responding, already recovered from our first round, ready to go again.

“It’s this thing with Black Dog.” Paris sighs heavily. “He saw you at Crescent the other night and I think he liked what he saw.”

For now, it appears, Black Dog is happy to leave the Manhattan Pack alone. His hands move my legs apart as I lay, half on his body, looking back at him. His fingers brush over sensitive skin and I move my thighs further apart.

“His eyes, they bleed red, when he’s….excited. He calls it blood lust. Never really told us why it happens or what it means, But I’m pretty sure it means attraction. It happened after he spotted you. He probably sees this as an opportunity to mess with me and mine.”

Blood lust.

I’ve heard of this before. It’s not a common trait in most werewolves these days. I think it is the one thing that kind of has been weeded out of the werewolf lines through the generations. Not sure how. But I think it’s more common in other paranormal beings than it is in werewolves.

Only I thought it always kind of resembled another emotion, that of rage.

I can’t help but feel cold inside after that thought. Even with Paris’s hot touch on my body.

Suburban Mystery

October 15, 2009
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Funny thing happened on the way to the mall.

Well not ha ha funny.

But you know, something ‘unique’ happens, something out of the ordinary and you just get all these little thoughts sparking in your head and you know you just wouldn’t get them for no real reason at all…yeah, well if that makes sense, then so will this..

I was roller skating down the street when I saw something on the ground. Natch, I braked before it, intending to bend down and pick up the silver object on the sidewalk.

Only a guy, in front of me, coming from the opposite direction, whom I think I may have momentarily startled by my sudden breaking, right in front of him, did it for me.

We stood separated by about four inches of space.

The startled surprise look swept over and off his face and he looked down, at first, I thought at my groover-licious new skates, (have to wear them in a bit) and then I realized he’d seen the same small object of shiny joy on the sidewalk that I had. I think only, maybe he thought I’d dropped it in my sudden haste to break before it.

Funny how you can stop on a dime when you know how to. Ha ha.

He reached down and picked up the well and truly flattened coin. He held it out before himself, between us in his flat open palmed hand. We both looked at it. Wasn’t a dime. It was a quarter.

What’s that saying? Find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.

He looked from the quarter to me and nodded his head, moving his hand further towards me. He hadn’t said a word at this stage. Then again, neither had I. I smiled at him thinking what a nice guy, he wants to give me what by finders rights, should be his luck for the day.

Besides, judging by his smell (mostly of the stinky uncleaned human variety) and slightly rough, unkempt attire, I’d say he could’ve done with the quarter more than me.

I nodded my head at him, and looked from the coin to him again. He smiled back at me and I picked up the coin from him.

He nodded his brunette head again, quietly, still not saying a word and he moved to the right, I moved to the left and we went around each other. Back on our way to wherever the other one wasn’t going.

I turned in a semi circle to skate backwards briefly, looking back at my silent citizen, when I noticed the back of his jacket. I swear my mouth dropped open.

It had a wolfman design on it.

Like the T-shirt I’d bought awhile ago at the Noho flea market.

I skated back towards him, because curiosity had a grip on me. It’s a bit of suburban mystery this wolfman thing (Fast becoming my obsession)

You see, this wolfman design in New York, it’s not terribly common and yet it just pops up at different places and something about it makes you notice it. Well, I keep noticing it, out of all the street art around. It’s like I now have this uncanny ability to spot this wolfman design whenever I’m out amongst any busy wall of grafitti. Probably cause my mind goes looking for it!


This got me thinking, I mean, I think I’ve only ever seen it, in areas populated or frequented by werewolves. I don’t know that any of my friends have seen it firsthand. I mean, I know people who’ve talked about the wolfman and the mythos around who might be doing this graffiti art and why. I remember hearing conversations about it, but it’s like I’m the only person I know out of my circle of friends who’s actually seen this design. Or is that just because I pay more attention to my surrounds than my fellow packmates?

So is the wolfman symbol a friendly, yet silent bit of advice to Nons?
A warning of what to look out for?
Or just art?
Someone building a neighbourhood name for themselves?
Someone trying to do some sort of “viral”promo for that movie that’s due out soon of..yeah, you guessed it..The Wolfman. Studios would try for that street cred. Hmmm…

This design looked like the one on my t-shirt.
Actually it looked exactly like stencil street art. Like an earlier version of my t-shirt because it was all monochrome in white. But you could still make out exactly what it was an image of. No signature, no tag, no name or writing on it.

You know, like someone has cut out a stencil of the wolfman, walked up behind this poor dude, who lets be honest, looked a little homeless, and spray painted it on the back of his only jacket.

Just as my silent good luck buddy was about to turn around, I stopped and sped back off the way I’d been heading. I mean what was I going to do? Freak out the nice homeless guy who’d given me the lucky coin? Cause I was curious over some vandalism on his jacket. That maybe he didn’t even know was on the back of his jacket, or maybe he did and it didn’t bother him.

He’d probably think I was mugging him for the jacket! Because I was already roller-stalking him!

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