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Vogue Sandy, you’re in fashion.

January 18, 2013

New York is a busy city of bright lights, big dreams, and unlimited glamour. It is a city that is known for it’s fashion, it has it’s own iconic t-shirt – you know the one, it says I heart NY. It’s got iconic shopping stores that are sought out, like Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdoff Goodman. It’s become a TV fashion icon through shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.

So how is it, that doing a Vogue, fashion shoot in New York City, could be considered “offensive” as suggested by the Guardian Newspaper, or“incongruous” as described by the Huffington Post? Because Vogue magazine have decided to do a high end fashion shoot based around Hurricane Sandy.

Let’s try to remember that the New York Marathon that has been running for over forty two years, decided to not to go ahead after Hurricane Sandy. Out of respect, for those affected by it. As the Marathon, traditionally runs through all five boroughs.

So is it a problem that pretty people, want to appear to be paying homage to the style icon of a city, through demonstrating their creativity the only way they know how? By wearing high end fashion and looking beautiful against the non glamorous side of life in New York?

The Vogue photo shoot incorporates models in fashion, from designers like Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, in ball gowns positioned with industrial workers and first responders, like the coast guard and the fire department.

The apparent intention of the editorial fashion shoot was to pay homage to New York’s unsung heroes, and those that are clearly a backbone, to a city that is dependent on people like them. The intention of the photo shoot is clear, as each page that features a photo, features a quote form a first responder worker and it is aiming to raise funds for the Hurricane Sandy relief.

The juxtoposition that seems to create the offense is putting something pretty against the memory of something horrible. It’s there that there is something that creates the idea of insensitivity. Because hardship is not pretty, and survival is barely glamorous. Exploitation is easy to cash in on and hard to justify. So the question is where the line into offense stands or why Vogue had to do a photo shoot like this.

Renowned Photographer Annie Lebowitz who shot the photos is hardly known for doing ordinary photos, and big things are expected of her, each time she does her stuff. The photos themselves, do not appear to be offensive in a traditional sense of the word. But the concept of the photo shoot, is what is at question.

But if you’ve ever watched an episode of America’s next top model, you’d know that the fashion industry is in general, nuts. They do all manner of weird shit to make themselves relevant, to get noticed, to give themselves a sense of artistic merit and justification for showing the world what clothes look like. Because in the end, when you take away all the metaphors and adjectives and the like, it really is just a form of catalogue advertising for clothes. But it’s clothes that most of the general population, can’t afford or won’t wear.
Ballgowns worth thousand of dollars, are not what one dresses in to go and pick up a paper, most of the time.

The people most affected by Hurricane Sandy are unlikely to be the prime target audience for these photos to be seen by, yet these photos are in a way representative of them and what they have seen and gone through. So does that mean Vogue has a right to come into their world?

I’ll admit the more I think about the photo shoot idea, the more weird it gets. It wouldn’t be any better a concept if they’d put non models in the fashion and did the shoot. It would be more compelling but draw just as much cynisism. Which leads me to again, like most of the media question why they had to do it.

Because when I think of why someone would do this and then pass it off as an homage of sorts, and see the name Vogue, all it makes me think of is people, who live in a bubble of a world that isn’t anywhere nearly as involved in the extra’s who played background to the models and their poses in the fashion shoot.

A world of existence that isn’t remotely real or connected to the true emotion and heart of what a disaster like Sandy means and feels to those affected by it. A world that is representive of excess and luxury, everything Hurricane Sandy, isn’t.

Kind of like, the shoe thing. You know, they were high heeled shoes but the rest of us walk in trainers or boots, so how could you walk in anyone who lived through Sandy and was affected by it’s shoes? Not that it’s what they’re trying to do. No Vogue isn’t actually trying to do photo journalism. So again my thoughts fall to why? Their argument would likely be, they’re trying to help out the only way they know how, or the best way they can.

The oddity of the photo shoot has garnered it plenty of attention which should in fact, work in favor of fund raising. The idea that it is Vogue who have done this, makes me at least, think of cashing in on a situation with a notion to be current.

It doesn’t make me think it’s sincere in it’s efforts, so much as just trying to make their February issue, important and therefore, high in circulation. It’s not the first time Vogue have tried to somehow be current affairs credible and it’s unlikely to be the last.

But the idea of something as insensitive as fashion, that isn’t marketed at the general masses, that is in fact, about as elitist as can be from it’s Haute Cotoure designer labels and price tags, being linked to the everyday person, is where the divide and the disgust in this idea lies.

The fashion industry and fashion itself, is quite often a big slap in particular to women and the image of them and that’s not new. So Vogue shouldn’t be so damn shocked that people are feeling that slap from the concept of their photo shoot. Got to wonder what Carrie Bradshaw would make of it.

I for one, agree that it’s in bad taste, wether you’re Vogue or not. An online dictionary definition of Vouge states “the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time: “the vogue is realism” – freedictionary.com/vogue.

That definition makes Vouge seem like their photo shoot idea, is every kind of wrong and lacks a fair amount of cultural sensitivity as well as realisim in the reality of this situation.


The 4th of whatever

July 4, 2010
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Wonder Woman is getting rebooted. Twilight has become a “saga” and there is a new hot dog eating champion and some guy blew off his hands with fireworks.

Yeah the world I come from isn’t weird at all, when you look at all these headings.

Makes me glad I’m a werewolf on this fourth of July. It’s odd to think that my strange little world of fur, paws, fights and various issues is more sensible than the one I frequent daily amongst all the nons.

Of course, not everything is hunky dory normal. Well, I guess it depends on your version of what is normal anyway. I have a more open mind than most, since I kind of need to balance between two worlds. Human and werewolf alike – it’s a bit like being Taylor Lautner and occasionally having to wear a shirt in Twilight, so you don’t steal the entire show. Werewolves are after all, natural show stoppers.

Let’s see, first of all there’s the fact that Paris, Addison and I found an interesting little secret in the Appalachians. Turns out, it might have become some neutral territory of sorts, for lycans and shape shifters. We literally stumbled across the scent of a lycan there, an unknown lycan and went searching.

Werewolves do not like lycans being in their territory, it’s rarely ever good. But most of the time, lycans go out of their way, to stay out of our way, when in our territory. They’re sneaky and some would say, stealthy too. I prefer to use the term under-handed and manipulative. They usually don’t stay long in pack areas. Because it’s not healthy or wise for them.

I guess they’re like the street smarts of the supernatural animal world. They make do with whatever they must do, to get to whatever they want to.

And nobody ever stopped to think about it before, or pay the idea much attention, but the Appalachians the perfect area for lycans, shape shifters and whatever else goes bump in the night, to hide out. Sparse and unassuming, natural mountain range close to a major city. There’s enough space there for all of us to hide and hang out in, if required, without directly getting in to any Alpha or pack’s way.

Which is why, for now, Paris has decided to just monitor the situation. There’s not point to getting hot headed and attacking something without knowing fully well what you’re really getting yourself into.

I think it’s an interesting development, because I never really thought lycans all that smart. But then I guess I underestimated them. And because werewolves, are so involved in being werewolves and being werewolves in front of other werewolves, It’s easy to see how we lost sight of all the other things, that fringe on our werewolf world. Like lycans and shape shifters. Of course, it could be considered hard to keep a track or abreast of these beings, when they kindly, too kindly, if you ask me, keep to the shadows. So they can’t be monitored or learned up on by our kind.

Part of me thinks, that’s kind of smart. The other part of me is weary, the werewolf part. Thinks it means, that the lycans, the shifters, and others, are up to something.

A bit like Gabby really. Alpha bitch from the Manhattan Maen pack. I do not know what her agenda is and it’s beginning to shit me. I mean, other than she likes to play games with me by insulting me, flirting with my packmate and being an all round bitch whenever I’m around. She’s always and I do mean, always, being overtly sexual, playful, flirtatious with Paris.

Even when she’s hanging off his brother, Wiatt’s arm! What’s with that?

I keep wondering if she’s looking for a head to head confrontation with me. Because you know what? Compared to her sly manners, I think I’d like the chance to show her that a beta wolf like me can do a lot more than she thinks I can. After all, I attracted her pack’s Alpha, and she didn’t. If she keeps going on the way she is, with me, something will give and I can’t deny my claws won’t be sharpened and ready.

See a regular bitch fight over a guy. Far more normal than today’s headlines. Who’d have thought it?
Okay our bitch fight will literally include claws, and hair pulling will be more like fur shredding, but it’s pretty much the same thing.

Then there’s the regular annoyance that is Conall in my life. After our little pack intervention into the vargr situation, he seems to think this now means, I need him, and that we’re friends and on speaking terms or something.

He keeps texting me to tell me stuff, like, that there’s a fourth of july party on at so and so house in Red Hook. Or that he and his friends are going out for drinks at wherever. Like do I want to join them? Persistance was never a Conall trait before we broke up. And the way he words the messages, makes me think I’m the one being forgiven!! But I don’t see that I did anything wrong in the first place, to be forgiven for!

See just a regular girl, getting her head around, the male species.

The spurned, angry, werewolf species, but still…almost the same thing, right?

Who created werewolves?

February 19, 2010
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This post is dedicated to Jackob’sCarnival for providing me with such easily, laugh out loud, inspiring stuff to blog about.

If you’re going to write a rant that’s going to be publicly displayed for all to see your righteous anger, you’d want to think you knew your shit first.

But I guess, typing the word WEREWOLF MOVIE into an internet search engine would be a little too taxing. Let’s just stick to giving it to a movie reviewer, from a movie website, who might possibly know more than a thing or two about movies, since it’s his job to review them and write up about them, then someone who goes to see a movie as a one off.

Kayla Patterson clearly wasn’t impressed with the New Wolfman movie when she wrote this to a movie reviewer from Latino Review.

Hey Universal, you just got PWNED. That’s what you get for making a werewolf movie that clearly rips off Twilight. Everyone knows that Stephenie Meyer created werewolves, and now you hacks have been exposed! Good luck defending yourselves in court!!
The full letter can be found here.

Hey Kayla, Universal first made the Original Wolfman movie in 1941. They own the movie. They re-made the movie. So I doubt they’re taking their own company to court for a spanking.

Clearly not everybody knows that Stephanie Meyer DIDN’T create werewolves. She certainly didn’t create me. But if you’re talking in a fictional sense like movies and books – take a look at this, this is just a handful of these, werewolf movies…

First Universal Wolfman movie made in 1941.
1942 – The Undying Monster (another universal film)
1943 – Frankenstein meets The Wolfman (universal)
1944 – Cry of the Werewolf
1946 – She Wolf of London (universal)
1947 – La Belle et la bête (French werewolf movie) Aka Beauty and the beast
1948 – Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (wolfman is in it)
1956- The Werewolf
1957 – I was a teenage werewolf
1960 – La Casa Del Terror
1961 – The curse of the werewolf
1962 – I married a werewolf
1970 -Monstruos del terror, Los
1971 – werewolves on wheels
1972 – Moon of the wolf

Stephenie Meyer born in 1973.

Also before the novels of Twilight were born and published and unleashed onto the tween world movement, there was these classic werewolf movies:

1978 – The Wolfen, Whitley Strieber (Novel)
1981 – The Howling
1981 – An American Werewolf in London
1985 – Teen Wolf
1983 – Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King (Novel)
1984 – The company of wolves
1985 – Silver Bullet
1998 – The Wolf Chronicles by Dorothy Hearst (Novel)
1999 – Bitten by Kelly Armstrong (Novel)
2000- Ginger Snaps
2002 – Dog Solders
2003 – Underworld
2004 – GingerSnaps2: Unleashed

2005 – First Twilight Novel Released.

Stephanie Meyer isn’t the first person to even come up with the concept of romance between werewolves and humans. It’s in plenty of paranormal romance novels, it was even portrayed in Teen wolf and in the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer with werewolf Oz and his girlfriend Willow, all well before the Twilight timeline kicked in.

Werewolves and all their mysteries have been around in actual real life, cultural folklore for decades. I don’t think I’m the only person who sees this kind of reaction and influence on tweenagers and weeps for the future, once I get past the laughing so hard it hurts part.

I love my werewolves (arooo) and my pack, the Breukelen. But even I’m not ignorant enough to assume we’re the only ones or types existing in New York or anywhere for that matter. If Meyer’s novels are all you expect from werewolves, than you’re expectations are not only disappointing (to this wolf), they are extremely low.

The world is a big place made up of lots of differences, but I guess if you never open your eyes or expand your mind to it, you’re probably never going to see it.

From my kind to hers – a heart felt rant

October 9, 2009
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Warning: it had to happen eventually and now it has. Read on at your own peril.
It’s my blog, I’ll bitch if I want to.

Are you kidding me? Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series of teen emo books, was put up for nomination of the literary world’s highest honour – The Nobel Prize for literature? Or am I just reading that article wrong? God I hope so.

I’m speechless.

Actually I’m not. I’m just incensed that this could have been the case! Ever!

Congratulations must first go to the winner – Herta Mueller who was persecuted for her writing under Romanian’s communist regime. I could not be happier that you won. That this prestigious honor /prize retains dignity and above all us, a high standard! Well done Herta.

It’s one thing to be a popular author as Stephanie Meyer is – we get it, she created a craze around her works of fiction and got rich in the making. Built up hype and a strong fan base, but popular fiction writing versus authors who have actually written worthwhile, eye opening commentaries, and stories of life experiences that do not get made into glamorized, Hollywood movies that sell based on pretty pictures of a vague Hollywood actor on the cover of a book…come on!

Some perspective please!
World stories need to be recorded and told as much as popular bullshit fiction (of which I read plenty).

I’m glad that the Nobel Prize for Literature has retained this ideal or awarding social commentary and trying to correct political wrongs, through acknowledgement of authors such as Herta Mueller. Some one has to. It May as well be someone in a high position of respect such as those on this award panel.

Stephanie Meyer’s books are popular and adored by teens, tweens that they are actually marketed too. Kudos to her for hitting her mass market correctly. But the whole “obsession” over the twilight world, and in particular it’s leads, Edward and Bella is insanely mystifying to me. Especially with the movies which are no academy award winning performances.

Hello, can you say wooden? – hand me a stake! Now!

The fact that grown women coo like love struck teenagers of the “teenage” male lead in these stories and even the young actor who portrays him on screen, is so disturbing, all I can think is wrong, wrong, wrong. Predatory behavior on a scale of wrongness I don’t even want to touch.

But what really incenses me about Stephanie Meyer being put in the same category even for an article on the The Nobel Prize in Literature as Herta Mueller is her body of work – the Twilight series of books.

No I don’t mind stories on vampires and werewolves and all that (um, hello, have you not noticed the title of my said blog?) That’s not the problem. The problem is greater than ripping of a concept already created by Joss Whedon (human high school girl falls in love with an age old vampire – Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and adored by millions for the last fifteen years or so. No the problem is greater than that.

The main female lead is a weak, whimpy girl who must wait for her man, who will do anything for her man, who just wants to be with her man. Sounds less like romance and more like a “girls place in the world is by her man’s side” bullshit mantra. Don’t be an a woman who knows the difference between romance, relationship and servitude. Couldn’t possibly have that! In Stephanie Meyer’s world, girl-power seems like a dead and definetly buried concept.

Don’t even get me started on the date rape theme and the whole 1950’s housewife syndrome that is in this book and mass marketed to impressionable teenage girls who are yet to develop a sense of self, let alone an understanding of a broader world than beyond one of “home life.”

Well this werewolf won’t be reading Ms Meyer’s crappy trash any time soon! It would be insulting to my own kind from what I know and understand of the “imprinting” in her books on werewolves.

Just UGH!

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