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Wolves At The Door

October 14, 2014
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Wolves at the Door_cover 4

The werewolf across the hall from Hooper Parish’s place is hot. So damn hot that Hooper can’t help but pay attention to him so badly that all he wants to do is submit to the Alpha male, Thane Cavello.

But Hooper has issues. One; he hates werewolves, two; he hates werewolf packs, three; he hates lycans and four; he hates himself because he is a lycan. Made by a werewolf after an attack, seventeen years ago. Can he learn to love himself enough to be loved in return? Do you let the wolf that you are define you or the one you could be?

Falling for Thane was always going to be a challenge and a complicating one at that for Hooper to work out.

Add families from both sides of each male to the mix, and secrets are going to get exposed, and love will challenge loyalty because of it. Who do these wolves trust, when it can’t be their own kind and their hearts know no better?

Leaving Hooper with another issue to add to his list; like what does he want out of his lycan life, a pack mate, love, or family?

Wolves Love

April 11, 2014
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Wolves Love

Werewolves and lycans aren’t known for getting along.

You could argue that hostility and hatred of the lycans can’t be faulted. Given, to be a lycan, means as a human you were attacked by a werewolf and survived, only to turn into one of them.

Tatum Lee only knows this existence all too well as a new lycan. It’s only been a few months since she turned and has found herself in a relationship, with of all creatures, a werewolf, Wiatt D’arenberg. But loving Wiatt means, Tatum has to live by the rules of Wiatt’s pack , and it means there’s not much living in it when the Bronx lycan community find out exactly who Tatum is.

She’s either one of them, or she’s not welcome, just like werewolves in the Bronx aren’t welcome. Tatum’s relationship with Wiatt becomes strained as she battles to find her place in her new wolf life, with Wiatt and amongst all the wolves of New York City.

Wiatt finds his thinking pushed as he must confront the reality of the werewolf culture and his own personal happiness with a lycan for his lover. Can Wiatt and Tatum find a way to make a relationship between two very different types of wolves work? Or will they simply be torn apart, by each other and every other wolf that wants to hurt them?

Available at www.smashwords.com in July

Shadow Games

February 15, 2014
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Being a truth-sayer has its moments. For Katelyn Phoenix it would most notably have to be when the man she found herself falling in love with Shadow Demon, Tarin Armadel tried to kill her.

Katelyn doesn’t want to see Tarin’s face again as she reverts to truth sayer form, as a demi-god named Asha to protect her heart from Tarin’s emotional betrayal. Being a truth-sayer has its moments. For Katelyn Phoenix it would most notably have to be when the man she found herself falling in love with Shadow Demon, Tarin Armadel tried to kill her. Katelyn doesn’t want to see Tarin’s face again as she reverts to truth sayer form, as a demi-god named Asha to protect her heart from Tarin’s emotional betrayal.

But Katelyn finds out that the broken hearted don’t get to time out to hide out from life, when paranormal beings think you’re a threat of to them and want you dead. Time won’t stand still for her to figure out if Tarin’s even telling her the truth about how he feels about her.

Forced to team up with Tarin in order to get to the bottom of who wants her dead and why, Katelyn finds out that the paranormal world is far more sinister than it seems and that the shadow demon might be the least of her problems.

A Werewolf’s Xmas sale

December 12, 2012

All Breukelen Girl novels are the same price from 12/12/12 – 21/12/12!  on Smashwords.

Wild LifeLunar Night StandLunar Night StandOf Wolf and MaleReasons

     The Pack RevengePerception growing up werewolf Lycan La Vida Loca

New Moon Rising

January 20, 2011
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“Oh She don’t mind, she got the time, I see the new moon rising.” – New Moon Rising, Wolfmother.

First lunar week of the new year and how times change while things stay the same. I don’t want to be spending it over in Manhattan Maen territory, but I do want to be with my packmate, Paris, the Manhattan Maen werewolf pack leader.

Complications of being a beta werewolf and dating an Alpha werewolf. Complications of my love life. It’s never quite dull. But then, if it was dull you’d just call me me Snooki. And let’s face it, my hair is way better than hers. Werewolf, has perfect hair, that guy in the song, werewoles of London even agrees with that statement.

The moon does its thing for the week and a few days either side of full moon and the werewolves of New York do there’s. It’s how it’s been since as long as I can remember, ever since growing up and going out to the clubs in New York.

It’s a form of control. A way of making sure we’re not ferral werewolves, like there tend to be when there are solar eclipses. Because that’s when shit gets complicated beyond werewolves with feelings of love and jealousy and romance and everything else. That’s when you really want werewolves to exercise their control techniques.

But on a regular full moon night, it’s contained, it’s controlled, and there’s nothing to do with complicated if you know what to expect and how to deal with it. If you leave out all the relationship stuff.

Werewolves in love are a complicated beings.

Let me tell you

June 2, 2010
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Q) I just wanted to know, but if a werewolf dated a non, and are really close, are they allowed to tell their partner they’re a werewolf?

A) Hmmm. That is a tricky question.  Werewolves have been known to date nons (non werewolves ie humans etc) before. Including this werewolf herself.  Of course, that has never worked out for me (but more on that some other time).

Let me tell you, from my own personal experience I have never told any human I’ve dated, that I’m a werewolf. Ever.  In fact the only person I’ve told outside of pack who is a ‘non’ is my friend Aimee.  Who I’ve known for the last five years.

And even that was like a no-go zone.   In the Breukelen Pack, it’s a standing ground rule that you NOT tell nons what you are.  However, this rule has been broken more than once, by at least both myself and my sister that I can think of.

Even though the outcome both times, was eventually, good and recieved as to be expected. We both got reprimanded for our actions.  We broke a basic pack rule.  As decreed by the leading pack Alpha.  The Alpha (wether he’s your father or not) must enforce the law/rules he decrees.So punishment can be varied but must be dolled out.  At least, this is true of my pack.  We’ve both been reprimanded for it.

Ideally, we’d like to be able to tell them.

But it depends on how your Alpha rules on this decision.  If you were in a serious, long term, or close relationship, you might be able to present your case to the Alpha to be allowed to tell your partner that you’re a werewolf.

But first you’e got to have the guts to approach the Alpha on this dicey topic.

Then, you’ve got to have the guts to inform your partner, that you’re a werewolf.

Only the truly brave, enter into this heartfelt territory.

My Wolf

May 28, 2010
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In the dim light of the bedroom, we move together. Silent and eager for reconnection and touch. Outside the shutters, the wind whips the trees and cast elongating shadows into the room, flickered by moonlight.

Paris’s hands on my hips, his breath matching my own, before his mouth finds the skin of my neck and licks along the length of it as I arch further back towards him. Limited time for the good stuff before the shape shifting has to begin. But we were doing the best we can, given the short time span we have to be together like this again.

His hips dig in further, deeper into me as I sigh lightly at the touch of him inside me. Why hadn’t I wanted this before now? How could I possibly be without this? Passion is befuddling if anything. It sweeps you up and lets you coast along and makes you forget all other stuff, like sensibility. Reasoning. Or maybe it just puts it all into perspective. It has no problem drowning you in it, because while you’re drowning, you’re the happiest you’ve ever been. It’s all you know and all you want to consume.

“My wolf.” He growls his voice getting huskier, into my ear, before nipping it with his still human teeth. “My wolf.”

And we keep moving.

His reaction to the words he says outloud is to pick up the pace even more. He likes saying those words and I like hearing them and being them.

When we’d gotten back to Paris’s place, I’d barely been clothed. Paris had pretty much stripped me in the doorway as he was unlocking the front door. Pesky house keys, delaying us, ever so slightly in our rush for gratification, and make up sex. Guess that’s why I was partially covered, by his jacket around my shoulders.

“Your wolf.” I grunt as my body soars and I start drowning in a haze of feelings that fill me. I’m wanted, I’m loved, and I belong. All with this werewolf behind me.

This werewolf is the one I should be focused on, the one that made my insides do flip flops in a good way. The one that made me really smile, the one that would be mine and mine alone.

It’s all he could handle, those two words. The touch of me beneath him, around him, with him. As he throws his head back and howls, a very wolf noise into the dim light, echoing around the room. From a human male body that is making love to me. A howl of joy and possession. A howl of happiness and unity.
A howl for me, because of me.

I’d howl too, but it’s hard when you’re breathless and I don’t want to wake the neighbors, if Paris hadn’t already. Normally he’s the one in control. Not the other way around.

“I want to shape shift with you now.” He mutters tiredly happy, flinging his arm across me as we disentangle.

I roll my head to the side, trying to get my breathing back under control, looking at him, laying on his back. He has a big grin over his face. His eyes closed, his chest rising and falling quickly.

He doesn’t have to.

Paris doesn’t technically, physically or even remotely have to want to shape shift until full moon. That would be the night he couldn’t resist. But he wants to complete this with me. A proper connection, a real reunion of us together. He wants to shape shift because I need to. He wants to do it for me, with me, to be with me in my true form. Because he loves that form, and that wolf as much as he loves the werewolf woman still panting on her back, entangled in the sheets on his bed.

“My wolf.” I mutter back at him.


May 27, 2010
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I’m suddenly feeling nervous again. I start smoothing down my windswept hair and re-tying it back into a ponytail as I walk in smiling at the girl behind the register stamping wrists. She points me out to the bouncer at the very interior entrance who waves me through. They know I’m the Manhattan Maen Alpha’s pack partner. No queuing for me. And bonus points in they’re pay check for them for knowing who’s who in Werewolf world.

I walk inside slowly. Trying to keep my anxiousness at bay.

I stand there, not far from the entrance scoping out the club. Checking out the regular movement of bodies walking and talking, dancing and grinding. I walk a few steps further into the club and look around past the dance floor, at the booths and the glass cubicle rooms. I suppose he could be in one of those, but I’d have no way of knowing since they’re all frosted over. I’d need to ask someone. And I haven’t spotted anyone I really know from the Manhattan Maen pack, that well. I keep walking slowly, slightly transfixed by the heat and movement strobing my vision and senses. It feels better being in here, than it did, being in my room alone.

Then I spot what I came here for. Paris.

He’s sitting at a table surrounded by people. I can’t make out the ones with the back of their heads to me but I can make out Addison, Jules, Wiatt and between Wiatt and Paris is Gabby. I frown as she laughs at something the two brothers appear to be telling her. I feel a stab of jealousy and instantly start to wonder which one of them she’s gotten her claws into. On the other side of Paris is another of his hierarchy, who’s busy watching the girls near they’re table. Trying to chat them up, it appears.

I feel stuck. My throat is thick and I’m beginning to wonder if I should just turn and hightail it out of there, as Gabby leans over to Paris and puts her hand on his, on top of the table as she whispers in his ear.

Oh please, out of all the women and werewolves he could have slept with in anger at me, please don’t make it be her.

Gabby is a bitch.

Right now she’s a bitch in heat who looks like she’s playing both DÁrenberg males. She gets to be at the Alpha’s table, because next to Paris’s mother she’s the only female Alpha in the Manhattan Maen pack, in New York. That has ranking and respect inbuilt with it.

I think I’m gonna leave. But I keep watching like a train wreck that can’t quite stop.

Did he sleep with her? Would he even do that? Paris is not the bastard Conall is. I need to remember that.
Better guy. Best guy. Although he can be a very dark werewolf too.

It’s then that Paris senses me. His head whips around as he ignores Gabby completely and his eyes lock onto mine.

Gabby starts to frown as Paris stands up suddenly and pushes his way out from the table. Her head and the others at the table travel the line of her sight, following Paris’s movement as he walks towards me.

My feet start moving again, fast.

We stop a little short of each other. Not quite touching. But wanting. I can see him reel himself in. Reign in his control again. It’s only then that I wonder if he can smell Conall’s scent on my clothing. It’s not like I showered before I left Brooklyn, after that. There’s probably enough of his trace scent on my clothes to be noticed.


I hope he doesn’t remember Conall’s scent. But of course he would. Please don’t let him think we did anything together.

If I ignore it, will he?

“I wasn’t sure I’d be welcome at your table.” I say lamely pointing to Gabby and the others, who are now, watching us like reality tv show addicts. He knows Gabby and I are not friends of any kind.

“You’re always welcome.” His smooth voice says to me as he looks at me, like he might break from the restraint and control he’s using from not rushing me.

“Don’t normally see Gabby at your table…”

“Well normally you’re there in her place.”

Uh oh. What did that mean? I’d been replaced? She was the pack partner now at least for visual purposes? The blood was pounding my head, rushing through my body with built up speed. Talk about worst case scenario. Was this really happening to me?

“I think Wiatt has a thing for her.”

I nodded my head as if understanding. But not really. I just don’t want her anywhere near Paris.

I can’t help it. I throw myself at him, my arms wrap around him and I’m up on my tip toes, my mouth on his, kissing him deeply. Hard and longingly. I feel himself wrap me up in him and suddenly his mouth is all over me, muttering against my skin about how much he missed me and then his mouth is back on mine and plundering mine and I’m pressing into him, like there is no better feeling in the world than the one I am in right now. Hot kisses scorch my skin and steal my breath and it’s all a heady rush. Eventually, in what seems like forever, we break for air, breathing heavily, looking hotly at one another, holding hands.

“I’m sorry.” I mutter quickly.

“Me too.” He replies.

“I was stupid.”

“Me too.” Paris replies. “I don’t want go through that again.” He says at me softly.

“Me too.” I reply smiling back at him. My heart beat is practically pounding my breast bone with fervor.

“Let’s get out of here, go somewhere more private.” Paris says winding his fingers through mine and whisking me out of there.

Vampires versus Werewolves

February 14, 2010
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So with the release of the new werewolf movie, The Wolfman, the interest in it seems to return to this mythic battle of can werewolves topple vampires for popularity in pop culture.

All because of Twilight.

I growl and groan inwardly at the thought of this.

What is it with popularity that even the werewolves are supposed to achieve?

Twilight is not rocket science, it worked because it has a massive tween/teen audience and it’s not so much about Vampires and mortal beings and other supernatural’s as it is about Love. The big first love of your life. The passion of being consumed by love. Please, tell me what teenager doesn’t at one point have a little dream and happy thought about that? Add to the mix pretty looking people and hello-cha-ching! Start counting your money, no matter how ludicrously weak the story line is.

The rivalry between vampires and werewolves, if you want to call it that is easy to break down. I’ve said it before, Vampires are considered romantic leads. Fans of vampires will look past their undead nature, what it means to lack a soul, a conscience and their manipulative habits. Because the myth of the vampire is ingrained in passion and at some point, they play that passion and that becomes all the fans of the vampire see or want. Add to that the whole, immortality thing and the idea of permanently being with the one you love and being loved for forever in return and that’s all that’s ever needed to sustain the vampire’s popularity. Lovers and fans of vampires can overlook everything else, including the bloodshed and blood thirsty nature of their servitude for survival.

Werewolves on the other hand, have never it would seem, overcome their ruthless beast like nature, their animal self.

They’ve never been given a chance to be imagined as romantic leads (in movies). Sure, Underworld; Rise of the Lycans tried, but ultimately failed, really the story wasn’t about the Lycans so much as it was about the history of the Vampires. As most movies would have you believe werewolf movies are made for terrorizing people, for showing violence, and bloodshed. They’re not designed for showing the wolf as a soft being of feeling.

It’s kind of like the reverse thing with the vampire.

Fans of the werewolf might be able to see all sides to the complexities of being a werewolf, but ultimately the film makers, only see the rough stuff, the exterior, everything but the ability for a werewolf to love or be loved and shown in a romantic light. Although OZ on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sure did do a good job of that with his Willow relationship.

It’s been said that Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula created the intricate relationship of vampire and werewolf together. So maybe we can just blame the dead man for our standing as always being seen as second in this “relationship”.

Because it seems ever since then, in popular culture at least, both werewolves and vampires have been linked, hopelessly together and yet, so completely far apart and opposite from one another. If this is to be believed, then we can also blame Stoker for making werewolves, underlings.

After all, it was he who referred to werewolves as “Children”. One could take that as a slight.

“Listen to them, the children of the night, what music they make.”- Dracula, from Bram Stoker’s novel. Whilst having a vampire, Count Dracula to be exact, was the story of his novel. Which is hugely, gothically, romantic in nature.

Ah, the romance of the vampire is born.

Although I do not see werewolves in popular culture being second place to Vampires, I guess I just see us as being more subtle. Vampires are all about themselves, and being seen, because they arrogantly seem to think, they have enough power of their fans ie. Humans that they are therefore above them in the life-long scale of things.

Werewolves understand the nature of co-existing, by comparison and the why and how for. So you could say, reality is, we’re actually smarter than the vamps, so in terms of longevity, and popularity, who cares?

I guess it depends what you want out of your life. I can tell you what I don’t want. I don’t want someone who doesn’t have a heart beat, can’t feel warm against me, drinking my blood. Ewww.

Besides, popular culture, doesn’t actually represent what those of us of a “animal nature” or “blood thirsty” habit, know to necessarily be true. I sure know that! Read back through my blog and you’ll see that.

Dog Day’s moon

August 29, 2009
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The Kanya Raasi moon, the virgo moon, the sturgeon moon, the green corn moon, dog day’s moon (personal favorite for the irony alone!), harvest moon, fruit moon, and women’s moon, moon when all things ripen.

These are just a few names given to the moon I was born under.

Yep I’m a Virgo werewolf.

My horoscope:
August is an average month for you due to your being born in the Kanya Raasi moon blah blah blah. Don’t expect much virgo girl. Cause that would be stupid.

Stupid horoscopes of indecision and lacking information for motivation. Why do I pay attention to them? Why let what someone else says dictate what I do? The only one who gets a remote say in that, and that would be my wolf.

Cause I’m twitchy, I get suspicious of everyone and everything a week before lunar week when everything’s not routine. When there are differences happening around me.

When you’re a werewolf you can sense changes in people, in particular other wolves, when you’re in close vicinity to them. The wolf senses tune into their blood pulse, heartbeat and fear. You hear it and you can smell it. Parts of mood, that change.

When we’re pup’s were taught how to use our snouts to scent things. There’s a great little game we get taught. Called “what am I?”

Oh the irony.

Anyway, the deal is, items with smells, scents if you will, are hidden from the pup. The pup has to track them, blindfolded using just their sense of scent. You become very fine tuned at it. So much so that as an adult most of us can pick at least ten scents at once when in a crowded situation.

The body omits more than you’d think. You know how people say they can smell “sex” in a room? Well it’s kind of like that, only to werewolves, more obvious. Fear is a distinct kind of scent and sensation all at once.

Add that to the body language and it’s a give away. The only thing you can confuse fear for, is lying. They’re very one and same, sometimes. Interchangeable. Depending on the personality it’s coming off.

I like to think I’m a very good judge of people’s character as a result of this, ability I have. For me, I guess it’s like a secret to my human friends and acquaintances. You could call it like X-ray vision. I’m better at picking up someone’s tell signs at a poker game than any behavioral scientist you see on TV. Helps when you hustle at Poker too.

Which I haven’t done a lot of, or you know, lately, so relax with the moral indignation already.

So something’s up.

Something’s coming along to greet me soon. I can feel the suspense sweeping me up like a dust storm. Whenever I’m around Conall at the moment, it’s just…wiry would be the best word to describe the atmosphere.

Why does he pretend to act like it’s all normal when he knows I’m fine tuned to his senses, the alerts his body sends out to me unconsciously that I can not only pick up so easy but can’t ignore when I notice them?

Guess I’ll have to suck it up and see.
Wait it out.

Meet it head on.

With him if I have to. Because that’s what I do.
Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, its apparently the one that brings all the individual growth signs together to see all sides of the situation for the good of others.

Lunar week. Hmm, should be…intriguing then.

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