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April 10, 2017
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A hunting we shall go

March 28, 2010
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So a sword wielding human was out hunting werewolves and C.H.U.D’s the other night in Washington state was he?

And Felicia Day is gearing up for a tv show were she’s going to become a werewolf hunter, how appropriate with the red hair and all. Quick somebody give her a riding hood!

Hunting werewolves seems to be the theme of what to do with me and mine lately in mainstream media.


Sure not all of us are civilized and socialized wolves who’ve integrated into society. But then, you know, not all humans are generous, honest and tolerate and of right minds either. Differences are expected.

Personally, I think it’s more likely that this sudden interest or resurgence in hunting werewolves again is due to Lycan activity.

I think when you get down to it, if you could be bothered to actually do your homework on the antics of the werewolves of today and the lycans of today, that you’d find, the later is really the problematic kind. Well, more so.

But of course, humans have always been rather rash about these types of things. Reactive and fearful when they should be calm and thoughtful.

New York has developed a good relationship with it’s furry inhabitants I think. You’ll see it in most of the boroughs. The five packs of New York have always strived to have a better life than our ancestors did. We don’t want to go back to the dark ages and bad times for being what we are.

Just because we are.

But it really doesn’t take much to make people fear and to incite, mob mentality if you can find the right audience. Sadly.

Although, this kind of mainstream media attention to the negative of werewolves, isn’t going to help us out at all.

I mean, there are already…unsavoury things and people that operate and seek us out as it is. We have our own way with dealing with those things, without, alarming the wider public. After all, we werewolves look after our own.

And if you coming seeking us out to kill us, do you really think we’ll just let you?

If you humans come deliberately seeking us out, for confrontation and sport. Then you’d better believe we won’t go quietly, and we won’t take it easy on you. We sure as hell won’t start the war, but if you’re going the way of hunting the werewolf, then you should be prepared to be the hunted in return.

Werewolves are not naive, we do not fear and we always, always, fight when challenged, fight when threatened. And you might want to take into consideration, if one pack wolf is threatened in an area, like Seattle, as report recently, then you can be assured, that all packs in that area will take it as a threat against them too.

They won’t send one wolf to retaliate, negotiate or make peace on behalf of them all.

They will fight, as pack, as one. And you’ll have the biggest werewolf army you never imagined gunning for you.

I might have to speak to some of my friends at the U-District pack in Seattle to see if they can give me some goss on what the “real” deal with the Bainbridge sword wielding dude is.

I can’t say for sure, how many werewolf packs exist across the states, but I’m fairly confidante that if we turned into an army and recruited the Lycans too, you’d find the population of these kinds of wolves, about evenly matched with the current human population.

Sure would be a hell of a show to watch.
Hi-ho, hi-ho, a hunting we shall go…

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