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August 24, 2010
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Full moon night and I’m sitting at a table in a club, surrounded by Alpha Werewolves.

We’re drinking shots and they’re playing a sexual game of temptation. They’re trying to push each other’s buttons, not because they want one another.  They’re just doing it for amusement.

As the night goes on, the moon rises higher in the night sky. And as it gets closer to full moon, when the moon is completely full and at it’s highest point in the sky, us werewolves become more affected.

So what’s that like?

Well, I’m a Beta wolf so I guess you could say I feel things easier than the Alpha’s.  I’m more sensitive by full moon night as it were.  I’m already sweating, continuously just from the heat radiating from their bodies around me.  Also from being surrounded by so many Alpha pheromones in the air.

I’m roasting in my own body heat and my hormones are  making me squirm.  I’m constantly needing to touch, rub, or press some part of me against my packmate, Paris.

Another round of shots and the laughing starts again and it becomes  Jules turn to do whatever he can to get the pack’s thoughts racing and their libido’s amped up as we all watch each other to see who will react to whatever he does.

Dirty jokes, flashing body parts, suggestive imagery, and asking other wolves, those dancing, those not attached to those at these tables, to do things, put on a show or two for us.

I’m already out of this game. Paris is still in, but he’s got it extra hard, no pun intended because I keep crawling into his lap, or kissing him, or putting my hand up his shirt.   The others at the table don’t have partners on top of them, with them, doing what I’m doing. But then Paris is the Alpha pack leader, so they all expect to him to put in a damn strong showing in this weird little game they’re all playing.

So me pestering him, is considered average.  No different as it were to them without the extra pressure of a horny packmate trying to distract them.

Temptation is all about getting a reaction, an honest, unstoppable reaction out of fellow wolves.   There comes a point where something appeals to us, to the baser nature of our sexual beasts and eventually a spike in temperature, a facial tic, a pick up in heart beat, that continues on, gives away to each of us, who has just reached their peak of patience.

And still Paris holds out, even as he’s dared to bite me.  Not hard, not like I’m food, but  with his werewolf fangs all the same.  Each of them seem to think I’m going to be his undoing. They each keep trying to use me to get to him.

But while I’m doing things to him, and enjoying them. I’m deliberately doing it in a way that gives better views to someone else at the table, or I share a look with one of the others.   Kind of using what they’re trying to get me to do to him, to them.

We all hear the instant heart beat pick up and sense a spike in reaction as I arch backwards, my throat full exposed, my head dropping back, giving the boys opposite me,  a full view of the mounds of my breasts.

There’s a heavy sigh.  All eyes fall on Wiatt. He bows his head.

“I’m out.” He says softly, before making his way out from around the table and heading straight towards the dance floor, scouring for an available wolf.

Addison looks at us, and back out at Wiatt as he’s suddenly surrounded on the dance floor by near naked wolves.

“Oh screw this, or rather, I’d like to screw them.” He mutters at us a, downs his shot and heads out to the dance floor for some real play before we all have to shape shift.

Jules looks out at us and back at the semi naked bodies, writhing and dancing and looking joyous in their abandonment of clothing and sexual liberation.

“Oh to hell with this.”

Paris and I smirk at him, and he’s gone and we’re left alone and together.

“Paris for the win.” I mutter kissing him, and running my hands through his hair.

“Pack animals, sometimes they need to remember why I’m the Pack Alpha here.  I’ll never let anyone use you against me. Ever.” He says softly before we kiss.


Shadows and Darkness: Werewolves & love

May 25, 2010
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The walk home ended with the ex boyfriend and I on the front stoop of my family home. Again. Talk about De ja Vu. The moon was higher in the night sky but our front stoop was encased in shadows and darkness. A cool camouflage refuge. But refuge from what?
What was it exactly I was feeling?

“Remember us making out here, all hot heavy?”

I was somewhat great full for the darkness around us. I didn’t want Conall to see the flush creeping up into my face. Well, he could probably figure it out, sense my feelings, possibly feel the heat of my blush even three meters away from me. Werewolf sensory perception and all.

I remembered. How could I forget? When Conall and I were together it was always intense, hot and heavy. Always. Who can forget that sensation when you’ve had it for as long as we had?


If we were still together, we’d be making out right now. Doing all kinds of naked fun things in the dark. He was standing opposite me just staring at me. My legs felt like betraying me, and not letting me move. I felt…a little lost. My nerves were racing and I’m not sure why. Conall stepped towards me then. He probably was listening to the maddening beat of my heart going crazy.

I put up a hand, taking a step back from him. Okay the nerves, the picked up pulse of my heart beat was anxiousness. I got that now. Conall made me nervous, not nervous excited. Just nervous anxious.

He smirked at me.

“You’ve already pushed your luck in walking me home.”

“Have I?” He asked smiling brightly.

Great, I’ve just stoked his ego. What werewolf doesn’t like a challenge? Wrong wolf to try that on. Not that I’m trying! Damn it!

“I’m calling it a night.” I said shifting towards the front door. Conall moved so swiftly it was like the lightest touch of disturbance in the air and then he was between me and the door, and I was caught out. Pressed against him, his hands on me, holding me there, to him. Feeling the heat and sticky sweat seep from his body to mine.

I had no idea he could move that fast. He’s never been that fast before. Probably I’m just off my game. Not focusing on things, confused, upset mind and all. Of course, I guess it’s mostly my own doing, the upset. Werewolves can sense moods, sense spikes in pulse and hear heartbeats, and see through darkness like we’ve got night vision goggles on. Of course, you kind of have to concentrate on that stuff to really make it work for you.

“What do you think you’re..”

My words were cut off as the front door swung open and Conall staggered backwards, right into my older sister, Bodil.
Letting me go instantly as we both regained our balance.

“Oh hey,” Bodil replied casually standing directly in the doorway, eating a cold piece of pizza, looking at us. “thought I heard scampering and look, there you are Conall Wakely.”

My eyes widened and I glanced from Bodil to Conall. Her tone of voice told him she didn’t approve, if he didn’t get her words. She never really had. I guess being older than me, she’d been wiser. Seen what a real cad he was. Took me longer to figure it out when we were together.

“Bodil.” Conall replied straightening himself out and stepping back a few steps from the doorway.

He wouldn’t get into a fight with my sister. One it would look so bad in the whole trying to impress me stakes. And Two, she’d kick his ass to dust. She was after all, the reigning dominance fighter in all of New York.

“Good to see you again.” He said with a nod of his head and taking a few more steps backwards, away from her.

It isn’t like my sister is scary looking. She’s not. She’s the complete opposite of scary looking. Gorgeous, tall, dark hair, dark eyes and an athletes body’ with curves. But she has a well earned reputation for being an amazing fighter and Conall’s seen her in action. That’s something to be scared of.

“Go.” She said widening the door for me to go into the house. I went straight in and didn’t look back. I only sighed relief when I heard the front door latch close. Bodil’s eyes drilled into my back, even in the darkness of the foyer I could feel her stare. I turned around to face her, wasn’t the first time my sister had come through for me, and it’s unlikely to be the last.

“Thanks.” I didn’t know what else to say. Her expression was a mixed one of puzzlement and anger back at me.

“There was a delivery for you, I put it in your room.” She said pushing off the front door and walking back in the kitchen direction. I sighed again, somewhat relieved she wasn’t going to get into whatever that was on the front stoop with me and Conall.

“Thanks, so uh, what are you doing here?” I asked casually trying to make good the small bit of tension I was sensing. I didn’t want her mad at me.
Like ever.

“Raiding the fridge.” Bodil replied walking out into the kitchen.

I shrugged my shoulders and headed off to my bedroom, my hand reached around the wall and flicked the light switch on. On the nightstand next to my bed was a beautiful, large bunch of flowers.

Now I get Bodil’s pissed at me face. I could see the square of the card in the bouquet of mixed flowers. I wonder if she read it. I picked it up and pulled it out of it’s quaint little square envelope.

“Manhattan is not the same without you here. I’m not the same.
I miss you. I know you need space. But please call me.


I sighed and flopped down on my bed.

Okay now I feel like a total heel. My head hurts, and my body aches and it has nothing to do with shape shifting and everything to do with werewolves and love.

Lead you astray.

August 30, 2009
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Conall and me are going through some weird patch of I don’t know what at the moment .

So what do I do? I choose the easy way out and pretend like everything is normal. And I start going a little insane in the process. Building up my own version of events my very imaginative mind.
A bad thing to do.
Paranoia and Jealousy over the unknown.
Talk about a downfall if ever there was one.

I was at Hotel Le Bleu on saturday night, I actually went there with my girlfriends, needing to get my head trip away from all consuming mental thought of Conall.

I ran into my sister’s friend Booker and his friend Paris. Aimee’s eyes lit up instantly. I felt like patting her on the head and saying, down girl, down, put your tongue back in your mouth. But both males are good looking.

Booker’s got a girlfriend and Paris is quite beautiful with his dark hair and midnight blue eyes. Jeans that moulded to his sculpted butt, outline what one imagines was very hard, rock hard, shapely thighs.

I started…watching, I mean, really, watching, certain parts of his body. Like the way his mouth moved. The way his hands gestured. Aimee should have knocked sense into me. But she was probably too busy drooling over Paris also. Especially when I was staring at the way his tongue darted out and around his mouth. It was momentary but it was obvious I’m sure. Guess that’s what Booker laughed at as he gave me a look. That probably said “poor girl, he’s so out of your league.”

So anyway, this little thing I had with Paris. I mean, I was doing to Paris. Well you know…not doing but, imagining, and indulging. The looking but not touching, the talking to him but pretending I wasn’t flirting. The keeping a distance from him that was socially acceptable even when it looked like he was moving in slightly closer to me at times.

I believe this is what’s called stupidity, temptation, or danger or all of the above.

I mean, he was just being nice and talking to me for the first time. Had no idea what was going on in my one-track mind.

Most people say fantasizing is harmless. But when you’re in the wrong frame of mind to start with, I doubt that’s the case. So just as I’m thinking, I really need to calm my body down and possibly find a quiet place for some “me” time, who should turn up at the rooftop bar, but Conall Wakely.
Boyfriend of the hour.

Turns out he’d rung Janie and asked if she knew where I was cause he kept getting my voicemail. I’d decided to leave my mobile at home. Didn’t want to turn into a nightmare who calls her boyfriend when she’s drunk and says all manner of shit she shouldn’t.

He saw Paris and Booker first and spoke to them first, and then my mind kicked into overdrive. I started watching Conall and Paris talking together, and thinking boy-girl-boy. Girl-boy-boy. How hot would that be?

Paris is a werewolf too, from the Manhattan Maen pack. So then I start thinking, about this fact, three werewolves together. We’re all highly sexed, and we’re all highly capable of taking a lot of rough and tumble. I’m thinking sensations heightened threefold….Lunar week could wreck me if this were to be the case.

Ah fantasy, it seriously just sneaks up on you doesn’t it? Leads you astray and into areas you never thought to go.

I shook my head, wondering how I went from paranoid girl to sexual beast girl.

Told you things get topsy-turvey when there’re not normal before Lunar week starts up. Conflicting the two halves of myself, a bit like common sense and sensuality battling one another, want versus control. And then some.

Maybe the human side of me has a stronger need for love and affection than I’ve ever given it credit for. I focus so much on the werewolf and keeping all that is her at bay, sometimes it’s easy to forget there’s more to me than that.

I headed off to the ladies room, and that’s where Conall caught up with me. Pushed me into a stall, locked it behind us. I didn’t even hear him sneak up behind me. Didn’t sense him, because I wasn’t paying attention. So wrapt up in my own thoughts on things.

He shot me a cheeky grin and flitting glances, quickly up and down my body. He didn’t say a word. Because he was suddenly too busy lunging at me and sucking my earlobe before his lips made their way to my neck and around to the hollow of my collar bone.

I would’ve liked to moan.

But he put a hand across my mouth and pressed it down.

I had to be a good girl.

Okay maybe we were getting back on track again. Returning to normal for the wild mix of our relationship.

He dropped down before me and let his hand go from my mouth. Trusting me to keep my noises silent.

My head hit the stall wall a few times as I opened my mouth and refrained from noise. Do you know how much control is involved in silence when your body is raging with sensation?

A heatwave rose in my stomach. A fire that burned a path inside my gut, making me blood aflame with nothing but his name on my brain.

I think I started to sink, my knees literally started turning inward, but he pushed back against them. Holding me upright, letting me feel the strength of his hands on me. Keeping me standing.

Where he wanted me.
How he wanted me.

I don’t know how long we were there. I just know we were there and we were making up for some sort of lost time, and apology and that we are better than alright, now.

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