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10 Reasons To Go Werewolf

February 14, 2014
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Dating can be tough, so for those who like their romance of the paranormal kind I thought I’d give readers a guide as to how to pick the perfect werewolf pack mate.

1. Clayton Deanvers – Bitten

If you like a tough guy who broods but softens up like butter
when you’re with him. Then Clay, is your werewolf.
Often naked, often angry and at almost all times highly restrained, he will not go against
the orders of his pack leader or lover.


Likes: Brooding in the nude
Dislikes: Any male in love with Elena

2. Peter Rumancek – Hemlock Grove

How can you not love a werewolf who’s very surname is pronounced something close to “Romantic” – (am I the only who picked up on that?) Maybe that’s why we can see Peter isn’t afraid of his emoitions. Peter knows how to handle the scrutinty of intrustive and mistrusting humans in a small town and still be in grossly in touch with his werewolf self.


Likes: being a free gypsy spirit
Dislkes: Being run out of town and his human lover dying

3. Hayley Marshall – The Originals

The first female werewolf to make my list – rare because female wolves on TV seem to be rare. The TV world seems to think werewovles are a mainly male genre. Hayley should give them and you something to think about. She’s gorgeous, a trendy dresser and a serious kick ass fighter when it comes to protecting herself and her cub. If a knocked up werewolf female is your kink, then head on down to New Orleans to hit on Hayley if you dare.


Likes: Unabtainable, moody vampire males named Elijah.
Dislikes: Witches, Klaus Miakelsen, anyone trying to kill her

4. Logan Jonson – Bitten

If you’re after a classy werewolf, then look no further, Logan puts the class into classy. He’s hot in a very cool, calm and elegantly classy, understated way.

Likes: Helping others
Dislikes: Failing to help others

5. Ruby – Once Upon a Time

The epitome of the sexy version of Red Riding Hood with a twist.
Need I say more? The hood just adds to the sex appeal of this cursed werewolf.

ABC's "Once Upon a Time" - Season One

Likes: Her new life
Dislikes: Granny bossing her around, being cursed and out of control

6.Dyson – Lost Girl
Although considered a “wolf shifter”, If you like your werewolves lean, blonde, slightly celtic and 1500 years old
give or take a century, than Dyson may be the werewolf for you. He works as a homocide detective and he’s highly entrenched in a very mythical culture.


Likes: Succubus
Dislikes: Lauren

7. Elena Michaels – Bitten

If you ever liked Buffy The Vampire Slayer but wanted Buffy to turn werewolf then you need look no further than Elena. Skinny, blonde and beautiful, she has a voice that is almost hauntingly an exact mimic of Buffy. She dresses sharpley, takes no shit and kicks butt.


Likes: Sex, a lot of it
Dislikes: Shape shifting, being torn between two worlds – Toronto and New York

8.Alcide Herveaux – True Blood
If you like your wereolves red hot then Alcide is as hot as werewovles come.


Likes: Being ripped
Dislikes: Not getting the girl

9. Peter Hale – Teen Wolf

If you like your wereloves with a touch of psychotic about them
then Peter is the werewolf for you. He can do creepy psycho with ease. Might have something to do with having been burned alived and locked in a “longterm facility” Who can say?


Likes: Upsetting the status quo, being the alpha
Dislikes: Loosing digits

10. Jeremy Danvers – Bitten

Jeremy is the kind of werewolf you could take home to your family to meet. That was if he thought humans and werewolf relationships could work. At first look, Jeremy appears an unlikely alpha leader. But once you get past the stereotype of alpha werewolves being all muscle on muscle, naked, angry and agressive males, you can see why Jeremy is the alpha. He’s smart and highly protective of his own.


Likes: Art, his pack and way of life
Dislikes: Mutts challenging his authority


The perils of dating a vampire lover (or why you should go werewolf instead)

July 31, 2012

So in rather public celebrity news of recent happenings, you may have heard of vampire lover Kirsten Stewart rather humiliating, got found out for cheating on vampire poster boy Rob Pattison and how they’re relationship seems to have since gone the way of a staked vampire, something like dust.

And whilst the chatter surrounding the demise of their relationship and all that it entails, plays out through hearsay and suggestive photographs taken in the media and second hand voices, rather than those involved themselves, one thing has become apparent to me – You can’t date vampires. They’re more than just no good for you. They fuck shit up and not in a fun way.

After all the final instalment in the upcoming vampire movie of mega proportions of teen wackiness – Twilight is due out soon. And now she (K-Stew) has possibly screwed all that up. The whole Bella and Edward thing- whilst I don’t get it or care too and am ashamed of women-kind of wanting to, the end result is, this franchise, movie, is built on the epic love of those two characters.

And it’s further enhanced by K-Stew and Rob Pattison following through in real life also. Audience backlash coming? Hmm, hard to say. More than likely Twi-hard audience members will forever live in the celluloid rather than face any kind of fragile romance in reality.

So now would be the time for the werewolf dating agencies of the world to step up and start marking the werewolf as the ideal romance mate.

Now, if it’s the fur that’s going to be an issue you for you, I can assure that you’ll only get to see it when the wolf comes out. Being a werewolf means being a hybrid being, so yeah, we get to play human almost all of the time. How do you think our race has survived for so long?

And if you don’t think Werewolves can be as appealing as vampire(wannabes) then here are a few Hollywood werewolves that cover a bit of something for everyone:

Alcaide – True Blood

Now if you’re after a hot, hard bodied, Alpha male, Aclaide is the werewolf for you. He’s as passionate a lover as he is a fighter. He’s so damn hot, he sizzles. Also, he is the king of werewolf abs.

Likes: Working out, Sookie Stackhouse, hunting.

Dislikes: Vampires, fangtasia, badly run werewolf packs, being told what to do.

Derek Hale – Teen Wolf

If you’re after intensity in your werewolf relationship with a dominant Alpha male, than maybe you should leave a calling card for Derek. He’s all about contained anger, brooding and getting what he wants out of everyone and everything. So if you’re up for being told what to do and controlled, then you know, uh, go for it, you doormat.

Likes: being bossy, being in charge, biting males on their lat muscles, fighting.

Dislikes: Getting shown up. Werewolf Hunters, the Kanima or any creature that is a threat to werewolves in general.

Scott McCall – Teen Wolf

Less alpha, and more beta wolf, Scott has a good heart and is a friend who will do everything in his power to protect you. When he’s not being distracted by the idea of having sex. So if you’re after a purely “physical” werewolf relationship than Scott might be the werewolf to wear you out. The boy has got stamina.

Likes: running through the woods at night, sex, growling, lacrosse, hanging out with his BF, Stiles.

Dislikes: walks on the beach, werewolf hunters, day light, anything to do with Derek Hale.

Jacob – Twilight

Technically as I’ve been told, Jacob is actually a “shape shifter” yes, they are different to werewolves.  Still he does go the way of the wolf when he shifts.

Jacob is all about being shirtless, all the time. Think abs. Think smooth skin and pretty. Possibly the most good-boy wolf ever. He IS the kind of wolf you could bring home to your mother.

You’re right….there is something wrong with that.

Likes: taking his shirt off.

Dislikes: putting his shirt on.

Oz – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Now if you can appreciate red heads – which clearly the R-Patz lovers of the world can, and if you don’t mind being small of stature, then give Oz a look up. He’s incredibly funny with his dry sense of humour and slightly odd personality. Yes Oz is the alternative werewolf, so not mainstream, he dropped out of college and most importantly, he plays in a band. He plays guitar.

Likes: music, red heads, witches, most things.

Dislikes: Another person’s scent on his mate.

George – Being Human (UK)

George isn’t as soft and cuddly as he might first appear. Whilst he comes across as a beta werewolf, possibly even an omega (depending on your point of view), due to his lone pack presence and upbringing in the werewolf world, George is anything but easy. He works much like an ogre, in layers. He is particularly loyal to those he cares about and will fight to the death (theirs or his doesn’t really matter) for all he loves and holds dear. So don’t cross him or underestimate him.

Likes: Odd housemates, being British, werewolf sex.

Dislikes: Vampires not named Mitchell, most vampires in general, not being able to control his werewolf tendencies.

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