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Twilight Saga installment 4: The Razzies

January 10, 2013
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The Razzies are out.

The golden raspberry of shame has its eyes set on the worst of what Hollywood offers up as apparently, movies.
It makes me laugh to say, that out of the ten categories for nominations: including; Worst picture, Worst Director, Worst Actress, Worst Actor, Worst Supporting Actress, Worst Supporting Actor, Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Screenplay, Worst Remake Rip-off or Sequel and Worst Screen Couple. Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part 2, scored 11 nominations. Yep, twice in one category for Worst screen couple. Because it/they are just that bad.

That would be because Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob the wolf, is paired up, so to speak, with Mackenzie Foy, the baby of Bella and Edward with the stupidest name ever imagined, who he imprints on when he first sees her. Yeah, that was almost as boring to type out as read. And far more creepy in a ‘don’t touch me’ kind of way.


Taylor also got a Razzie for worst supporting actor in the same movie. So clearly, he really didn’t give all that much support as the category of his nomination would suggest. Maybe it just came down to who had the better abs and a whole lot of Jealousy. Maybe R-Patz is a secret voting member of The Golden Raspberry Foundation and rigged the votes to stack against Taylor because he was just soooo jealous. And because he’d been nominated for so many other things himself because of his association in the Twilight Saga.

Maybe I have too much of an active imagination in that being the true story behind this. Either way, it’s hilarious.
The media release from the Razzies made their feelings on Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2 and Taylor Lautner and co, pretty clear when they said “The ultimate installment of the inexplicably successful series focuses on Shirtless Werewolf Jacob and his creepy relationship with the daughter of Sparkly Vampire Edward and Gloomy Goth Gal Bella. Together, the four face a final showdown that will determine the fate of Romantic-But-Boring Monsters everywhere.”

The worst part of this is, when I look down the Razzie list of nominations, it’s like a perfect list for “hate-watching” as opposed to B-grade movies (there’s a big difference). You know, “hate watching” is when you watch a movie or a tv show that should by alights have all the potential to be amazing and brilliant and somehow fails miserably despite it’s pretty production and casting.

The success of Twilight I have to admit has baffled me for a long time. I could never wrap my head around how girls think it’s okay to be walked over and used and made to change who they are. But I put that down to just me being well, better than Twihards.

Maybe that’s why the Twilight saga movies (and books) have been so successful, because it’s actually about the hate-watching and the addiction of it. Which actually makes more sense to me than saying Twilight is about an Epic Romance (please, I think I was just a little bit sick in my mouth) – because Jacob seems to be addicted to wanting Bella from what I can gather. So does Edward. And Bella him. It’s like the perfect formula for hate-watching/reading.

Oh my god, my blog post on twilight is turning into hate-watching-reading-posting. It’s brilliant! The winners of the Razzies will be announced the day before the Academy Awards. I would love it if the Twilight cast turned up in person to accept their awards. Like Halle Berry did for Catwoman.
Now that, would be the ultimate in hate-watching-blowing-raspberries.
We can only hope.

Bg’s Xmas Wish list Part 1

November 28, 2012

You know the song, and the line “He’s making a list and he’s checking it twice, going to find out

Who’s naughty or nice.”  Well, I’m pretty sure I know what category I fall under and I decided to make my own xmas wish list, it’s rather incomplete but I can update it before xmas, so here goes:

1. Less Kardashians it’s how you’ll achieve peace on earth

2. The end of all that is Twilight – if anyone can pull this off, surely it’s the big guy!

3. For K-Stew to be ripped apart by a werewolf

4. For R-Patz to turn into said werewolf and rip K-Stew apart

5. For tickets to the public viewing of said werewolf ripping apart to be made available to moi (see no 3,4 &5 for clarification)

6. For women to realise that 50 shades of grey is incredibly LAME and appreciate the men they have got!

7. The death of Anastasia Steele. Preferably by Patrick Bateman – now that, would be worth reading! (see no 6 for clarification)

8. For teenwolf to make sense again. Please.

9. Stiles. Gift-wrapped on my front door on xmas day.

10. If Stiles from Teenwolf can not be obtained, please feel free to substitute with Dyson from Lost Girl (see no 9 for clarification).

11. A werewolf Lego fighter figurine. Awesome.

12. A blue suit like the one in “Gangam style” video clip. I could so rock that.

13. The destruction of reality TV shows and the dead heads who put themselves on them

14. Firefly back on TV as a continuing TV series

15. More Brad Pitt endorsing Chanel Perfume advertising. It’s a public service we say thank you Mister Pitt

16. Hurricanes to fuck right off

17. Politicians to lock their fucking egos up and just do their jobs

18. For people who do the whole “Like this if you believe in this dude / if you don’t like this you have no heart” on facebook to be raptured off the face of the earth and transported to a poorly performed star trek convention for the rest of their natural lives

19. No more Bieber / One direction records to be played anywhere near my ears. EVER AGAIN.

20. No more pop stars as movie stars movies (YOU ARE NOT ACTORS JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN IN A MUSIC VIDEO!)

Breaking up with Teen Wolf

August 23, 2012

Dear Teen Wolf,
It was bound to happen sooner or later, the signs were there from the start of season 2. I ‘m just not that into you anymore.

So our relationship break up really if you think about it, was inevitable. Because truthfully there is only so much crap one werewolf can deal with in a one sided relationship, like ours had.

You just kept on ignoring pretty much everything I was trying to tell you to make you a better tv show. And worst of all Teen Wolf, you neglected my needs.You went dark side but it was off in the realms of weirdville. Quite frankly Teen Wolf, you got selfish. You indulged in this fantasy bullshit about the Kanima, and you forgot, almost entirely what you were about.  You weren’t true to yourself and in not doing that, you lost my interest too.

But you haven’t only affected /neglected me, it’s worse than that. You hurt others too. Other viewers and even characters on your show were put into emotional warfare.

You became obsessed with your nemesis Jackson. And for what? I still haven’t figured that out yet. You wasted your own potential and you expected your best friend Stiles to save the scene/day with his sharp wit and perfect timing. And more than that, Stiles came through, time and time again.

You kept ensuring you were still involved with Derek Hale, but honestly, how could you not see you’d surpassed his Alpha-ness? You neglected your studies to the point that your mother started paying more attention to you, when really, your all about being a secretive soul. Also a stupid one. You were smarter than this in Season one.  Or at least, you seemed so.

You let your school friends follow your lead and go down the wrong path with Derek. Dragging them into an under world they weren’t ready for or fully aware of. Nor we’re you, so it was a bit like the stupid leading the stupid. And your choice in girlfriend, where do I start on her? How about she over acts for one thing. When she’s not over acting, she’s turned into this big eyed watery, overly emotional clingy girl who like you isn’t too smart when it comes to dealing with and dodging parents.

Haven’t either of you figured it out yet? You live in an adult world. Your just teenagers, even though you don’t really act like teenagers a lot of the time.

But despite the tenuous hold you had on me for eight episodes, you finally did it. You gave me a reason to break ties with you completely in episode 9. And quite frankly, I think we both knew, it was about time.

Do you even now what you did to me?

You insulted me. You offended me. You turned me off you. You insulted females.  Do you know how you did it?  The opening scene of episode 9 with Lydia.

All of season two you’ve turned a vapid pretend airhead who’s actually a terribly smart girl, Lydia, into a complete fucking loon. But I dealt with that.  You’re efforts to make her unstable have been shitting me for a long time. Because despite all the other crap that was thrown into season two, and whilst I was in fact being turned off most of the main characters in this show (save Stiles) I was beginning to like Lydia. A lot. And beginning to feel that you weren’t giving her character a fair chance to prove how completely fucking misunderstood and over looked she is by all.

I could see the silent steely strength in her, so why couldn’t you?

You attract a certain type of crowd Teen Wolf and I think it’s fair to say that they’re probably teenagers and I’d take a guess and say a lot of them are female. given the amount of pretty and eye candy on your show.

So I doubt I’m the only female who tuned in to episode 9 and whose first reaction to the opening scene of Lydia in the shower, that then became Lydia in a dream at high school, where all her peers watched and cheered for Lydia, who was then attacked and by the alpha (Peter Hale), was internal horror.

I switched my TV off, that’s how I reacted to this scene.  I couldn’t make it through this scene and as a result I can’t watch you anymore.  There was never love there for you Teen Wolf, but now whatever small amount of like there was, that’s gone too.  The thing is it’s not that Lydia is a character on a TV show getting attacked and harassed by an alpha male.  You’re scene implied much more than that. It implied rape. It kind of  implied gang rape,  with the crowd just watching as only one woman in the otherwise mass, cheering crowd that where chanting Lydia’s name, sobbed  away in the crowd while Lydia was dragged literally through the mud screaming.

You’ve put me off you.  I thought maybe you could be better than this, but you’ve proven you’re not.  And quite frankly Teen Wolf, I’ve more than given you a chance to get your shit together and  I’m better than you and that means, I don’t need to watch you. I don’t need to know what’s going on in your world.  I don’t need to know these characters.  Or to watch you destroy them.

And if I’m being perfectly honest with you  Teen Wolf, I was only doing it for my blog posts. Yeah, that’s right, I was using you.

Please stop giving werewolves everywhere a bad name by making us as pathetic as anything that comes out of the world of Twilight. Just stop. You really need to.

So it’s over, you’ll go on apparently to what looks like season 3 and I’ll find something else to watch on TV, that’s likely to be better than you ever will be.

The perils of dating a vampire lover (or why you should go werewolf instead)

July 31, 2012

So in rather public celebrity news of recent happenings, you may have heard of vampire lover Kirsten Stewart rather humiliating, got found out for cheating on vampire poster boy Rob Pattison and how they’re relationship seems to have since gone the way of a staked vampire, something like dust.

And whilst the chatter surrounding the demise of their relationship and all that it entails, plays out through hearsay and suggestive photographs taken in the media and second hand voices, rather than those involved themselves, one thing has become apparent to me – You can’t date vampires. They’re more than just no good for you. They fuck shit up and not in a fun way.

After all the final instalment in the upcoming vampire movie of mega proportions of teen wackiness – Twilight is due out soon. And now she (K-Stew) has possibly screwed all that up. The whole Bella and Edward thing- whilst I don’t get it or care too and am ashamed of women-kind of wanting to, the end result is, this franchise, movie, is built on the epic love of those two characters.

And it’s further enhanced by K-Stew and Rob Pattison following through in real life also. Audience backlash coming? Hmm, hard to say. More than likely Twi-hard audience members will forever live in the celluloid rather than face any kind of fragile romance in reality.

So now would be the time for the werewolf dating agencies of the world to step up and start marking the werewolf as the ideal romance mate.

Now, if it’s the fur that’s going to be an issue you for you, I can assure that you’ll only get to see it when the wolf comes out. Being a werewolf means being a hybrid being, so yeah, we get to play human almost all of the time. How do you think our race has survived for so long?

And if you don’t think Werewolves can be as appealing as vampire(wannabes) then here are a few Hollywood werewolves that cover a bit of something for everyone:

Alcaide – True Blood

Now if you’re after a hot, hard bodied, Alpha male, Aclaide is the werewolf for you. He’s as passionate a lover as he is a fighter. He’s so damn hot, he sizzles. Also, he is the king of werewolf abs.

Likes: Working out, Sookie Stackhouse, hunting.

Dislikes: Vampires, fangtasia, badly run werewolf packs, being told what to do.

Derek Hale – Teen Wolf

If you’re after intensity in your werewolf relationship with a dominant Alpha male, than maybe you should leave a calling card for Derek. He’s all about contained anger, brooding and getting what he wants out of everyone and everything. So if you’re up for being told what to do and controlled, then you know, uh, go for it, you doormat.

Likes: being bossy, being in charge, biting males on their lat muscles, fighting.

Dislikes: Getting shown up. Werewolf Hunters, the Kanima or any creature that is a threat to werewolves in general.

Scott McCall – Teen Wolf

Less alpha, and more beta wolf, Scott has a good heart and is a friend who will do everything in his power to protect you. When he’s not being distracted by the idea of having sex. So if you’re after a purely “physical” werewolf relationship than Scott might be the werewolf to wear you out. The boy has got stamina.

Likes: running through the woods at night, sex, growling, lacrosse, hanging out with his BF, Stiles.

Dislikes: walks on the beach, werewolf hunters, day light, anything to do with Derek Hale.

Jacob – Twilight

Technically as I’ve been told, Jacob is actually a “shape shifter” yes, they are different to werewolves.  Still he does go the way of the wolf when he shifts.

Jacob is all about being shirtless, all the time. Think abs. Think smooth skin and pretty. Possibly the most good-boy wolf ever. He IS the kind of wolf you could bring home to your mother.

You’re right….there is something wrong with that.

Likes: taking his shirt off.

Dislikes: putting his shirt on.

Oz – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Now if you can appreciate red heads – which clearly the R-Patz lovers of the world can, and if you don’t mind being small of stature, then give Oz a look up. He’s incredibly funny with his dry sense of humour and slightly odd personality. Yes Oz is the alternative werewolf, so not mainstream, he dropped out of college and most importantly, he plays in a band. He plays guitar.

Likes: music, red heads, witches, most things.

Dislikes: Another person’s scent on his mate.

George – Being Human (UK)

George isn’t as soft and cuddly as he might first appear. Whilst he comes across as a beta werewolf, possibly even an omega (depending on your point of view), due to his lone pack presence and upbringing in the werewolf world, George is anything but easy. He works much like an ogre, in layers. He is particularly loyal to those he cares about and will fight to the death (theirs or his doesn’t really matter) for all he loves and holds dear. So don’t cross him or underestimate him.

Likes: Odd housemates, being British, werewolf sex.

Dislikes: Vampires not named Mitchell, most vampires in general, not being able to control his werewolf tendencies.

Watch out for boys named Jacob

December 11, 2010
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So apparently, werewolves are cool again. Or you know, still. Because parents are naming their babies after werewolves. No, I’m not kidding.

Apparently someone thought it worthy enough to write a brief article on this trend. So how do you know if a kid is named after a werewolf?

Well the give away is in the popularity of the name and apparently, wether it’s associated with..wait for it…wait…you know I’m going to say it…..Twilight!!

Yep talk about taking a great big leap in authenticity and sense. Since Jacob is a werewolf in the twilight movie, and his name is one of the most popular in the 100 popular male babies names, it must be true. I mean it’s not like the name Jacob has ever been popular before Twilight came along right?

Oh wait.

in 2007 Jacob made it to No #17 in the popular boys names list
in 2006 Jacob made it to No #21
in 2004 Jacob made it to No #14
in 2002 Jacob made it to No #15
in 2001 Jacob made it to No #11
in 1999 Jacob made it to No #12

Are we seeing a pattern here?
Jacob was actually more popular BEFORE twilight!

Do the people that wrote that inane bit of dribble, realise the name Jacob has been around since the biblical era and been popular way before Twilight ever decided to surface in Stephanie Myer’s imagination? Remember people, Twilight came out in 2005.

And by the way, Jacob is just a name. It’s not a “Werewolf” name as such. It doesnt mean werewolf. It’s a biblical name that means “held by the heel”.

And if a kid is named Jacob, doesn’t mean he’s either A) going to turn into a werewolf or B) like the Twilight movie or C) like girls coming up to him and comparing him to Jacob from Twilight.

I already feel sorry for the Jacobs of the world having to have been associated with that crappy article to begin with.

Imagine, no werewolves.

December 10, 2010

Imagine no werewolves – Can you if you try?
What would you prefer, a child is given as a toy – a fake machine gun for Christmas, or a Jacob doll from Twilight?

Granted, the options are not good out of those choices, mainly because Jacob is associated with “Twilight”. But apart from that, a male doll that looks like a human, even though the character it represents in the Twilight movies is a werewolf, surely, that would be the better option for a toy. Than say handing out an imitation war weapon.

I could be wrong with my thinking, but really, is a doll so offensive to give as a gift to a child. I mean, it’s a TOY, an inanimate object that a child is going to play with and get some enjoyment out of. That’s all. Nothing more. Children do not think like adults think.

I really don’t think the doll is going to corrupt a childs soul, virtue or moral upbringing. But there are those that might think this way. The Sally Ann, A Salvation Army centre in Canada refuses to give away, Twilight or to be fair, Harry Potter toys that are donated to it. Citing that these toys are not in line with the Salvation Army’s Christian principles.

The donated toys that fall under this category of not acceptable, aren’t even sent on to other charities to hand out. They’re thrown away completely. Because donating them to other charities, would be see by The Sally Ann as supporting those toys, and thus, negating their Christian belief system.

I’d like to say to The Sally Ann, if you can hand out fake machine guns to children and not have them realize the violence associated with the weaponry, or the destruction that the real guns, they are based on cause, surely a Jacob doll is okay to hand out too.

Do you honestly think the kiddies will understand what a werewolf is? What it means to be a werewolf? Clearly the answer is yes, but they won’t grasp the idea of war or personal violence with guns. Even though it’s more likely children will see personal voilence in their lifetime and even war, rather than a werewolf.

The original article for this was printed on the 8th of December 2010 in the Toronto Sun.
The 30th Anniversary of John Lennon’s death.

“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…”

No need to hold back

July 22, 2010
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Jack and Diane is a John Mellancamp song and it is also, an upcoming movie that heyyouguys.co.uk says

“Jack and Diane tells the story of two teenage girls who meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously.”

I gather it’s a rather sexual movie in nature then, given this description.  

Apparently “Diane must struggle to keep their love alive while hiding the secret that her newly awakened sexual desire is giving her werewolf-like visions.”

And singer Kylie Minogue is going to get it one with at least one of the girls in the film.  Not bad going. 

Only I’m not sure, I get what “Werewolf-like visions” are.

Is this a desperate reach to link sexuality and werewolves?

Or some film maker trying to “re boot” the notion of werewolves to the film going public? 

Trying to out-twilight – twilight perhaps? Hmm.

Got news for you. 

Twilight works because it’s about epic romance. A sweeping scale of ideal epic fantasy. That’s it.  I’d want to hope that Jack and Diane if they’re going to do some sort of pseudo association with werewolves, they would not go down the twilight path of glitter.  I’d want to hope they attempt to give us werewolves a good name.

Well, they are setting the film, in New York, apparently. So there is good source material there, if they know where and how to go looking for it.  If they want the actors to go all method and get amongst the real werewolves of New York.  Or if they could get anyone to talk about our culture. We could act like consultants to them, I guess. 

Still, I’m not sure what “werewolf like visions” means.  I mean, if you want to go littoral on this term.  Are they saying that when the girl is turned on, her mind ticks over to that of a more baser animal and she see’s people through animal eyes, and gets turned on in a violent manner?

That’s not what happens to me.  No, there is definitely only a feeling of potential violence when there’s blood and running and screaming.  Then the animal werewolf in me kind of wants to go hunting.  But most of the time my werewolf is placid by comparison. 

There’s this thing about shape shifting, that we all work very hard to obtain and keep when we’re taught as werewolves grow up.   The mindset of the human you, can affect the mindset of the werewolf you.  So if you’re aggravated and traumatized and upset when you shape shift, then you’re wolf is likely to keep those sensations when your body physically changes. And you come to, in tribal form, like you’re on a rage spree. That’s when stuff is not good.

It’s also partially why we shape shift with partners, or in groups.  If your werewolf comes to in a highly hyper-active state of anger, then there will be other werewolves there to contain the situation of your overly emotional state. Basically, they’ll pull you into line and put you in your place.

Werewolves, we look out for each other.  

Werewolves and lesbians is there a difference? Well I’d want to hope whatever the difference was, it was a positive one, since Jack and Dianne is associating one of the lesbian characters of this movie with “werewolf like visions”.  That term disturbs me. Makes me think the wrong thing. That maybe it’s some sort of euphemism for a way of saying same sex /werewolf sexuality is not normal. Which I’d hate to think was the message being sent out.

I’m assuming that the by saying “werewolf like visions”, that this term more than likely refers to some sort of carnal lust and control issue, when the horny teenager is at her wits end and turned on completely.  Guess they are going down the twilight path, horny, teenager, holding back , werewolf visions…blah blah blah…yawn.

Anyway, I have to get ready for my night out, with my Alpha wolf in the clubs. No need to hold back. Thankfully, I’m not a teenager.

Twilight, Meet The Vuvuzela.

July 1, 2010
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3 Ewoks and Death Star t-shirt

June 4, 2010
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You know, I love it when fans of my blog just send me stuff that I can use it for a blog post.

Werewolves are becoming very popular in today’s culture, after all, we have them in the latest movies – wolfman, twilight and on tv – True Blood, soon to be Teen Wolf, and even on powerfully, accessible, everyday clothing – 3 wolves and moon t shirt.

The 3 moon and wolf t shirt in fact is such a magnet for power and the prowess it gives the wear of it’s haute couture, that it has sparked off several cheap imitations. But this should be applauded, after all, isn’t copycat-ism the sincerest form of flattery – by jealousy??

Like the 3 cat and piano t shirt – totally cheap and not even remotely stylish.

Then there was the “my what busey teeth you have” version with Gary Busey in it. Which I do have to pay some homage to, since Mr Busey, was actually in a decent werewolf movie – Silver Bullet.

But by far the best knock off of the 3 wolf and moon t shirt of awesome has to be this one.
The star wars version with “Ewoks.”

3 Ewok and Death Star t-shirt

Yes, it reminds me of when teddy bears attack and then pose. Who knows the ewoks might be long lost, twice removed, never spoken about at the family reunion cousins to the werewolf.

Then again…I think not.

Although I have to say, Chewbecca from Star Wars is somewhat of an icon for us. I know plenty of werewolves who have a Chewy t-shirt, poster or toy of some kind, of the giant wookie furball. Chewy is my homeboy.

Who created werewolves?

February 19, 2010
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This post is dedicated to Jackob’sCarnival for providing me with such easily, laugh out loud, inspiring stuff to blog about.

If you’re going to write a rant that’s going to be publicly displayed for all to see your righteous anger, you’d want to think you knew your shit first.

But I guess, typing the word WEREWOLF MOVIE into an internet search engine would be a little too taxing. Let’s just stick to giving it to a movie reviewer, from a movie website, who might possibly know more than a thing or two about movies, since it’s his job to review them and write up about them, then someone who goes to see a movie as a one off.

Kayla Patterson clearly wasn’t impressed with the New Wolfman movie when she wrote this to a movie reviewer from Latino Review.

Hey Universal, you just got PWNED. That’s what you get for making a werewolf movie that clearly rips off Twilight. Everyone knows that Stephenie Meyer created werewolves, and now you hacks have been exposed! Good luck defending yourselves in court!!
The full letter can be found here.

Hey Kayla, Universal first made the Original Wolfman movie in 1941. They own the movie. They re-made the movie. So I doubt they’re taking their own company to court for a spanking.

Clearly not everybody knows that Stephanie Meyer DIDN’T create werewolves. She certainly didn’t create me. But if you’re talking in a fictional sense like movies and books – take a look at this, this is just a handful of these, werewolf movies…

First Universal Wolfman movie made in 1941.
1942 – The Undying Monster (another universal film)
1943 – Frankenstein meets The Wolfman (universal)
1944 – Cry of the Werewolf
1946 – She Wolf of London (universal)
1947 – La Belle et la bête (French werewolf movie) Aka Beauty and the beast
1948 – Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (wolfman is in it)
1956- The Werewolf
1957 – I was a teenage werewolf
1960 – La Casa Del Terror
1961 – The curse of the werewolf
1962 – I married a werewolf
1970 -Monstruos del terror, Los
1971 – werewolves on wheels
1972 – Moon of the wolf

Stephenie Meyer born in 1973.

Also before the novels of Twilight were born and published and unleashed onto the tween world movement, there was these classic werewolf movies:

1978 – The Wolfen, Whitley Strieber (Novel)
1981 – The Howling
1981 – An American Werewolf in London
1985 – Teen Wolf
1983 – Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King (Novel)
1984 – The company of wolves
1985 – Silver Bullet
1998 – The Wolf Chronicles by Dorothy Hearst (Novel)
1999 – Bitten by Kelly Armstrong (Novel)
2000- Ginger Snaps
2002 – Dog Solders
2003 – Underworld
2004 – GingerSnaps2: Unleashed

2005 – First Twilight Novel Released.

Stephanie Meyer isn’t the first person to even come up with the concept of romance between werewolves and humans. It’s in plenty of paranormal romance novels, it was even portrayed in Teen wolf and in the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer with werewolf Oz and his girlfriend Willow, all well before the Twilight timeline kicked in.

Werewolves and all their mysteries have been around in actual real life, cultural folklore for decades. I don’t think I’m the only person who sees this kind of reaction and influence on tweenagers and weeps for the future, once I get past the laughing so hard it hurts part.

I love my werewolves (arooo) and my pack, the Breukelen. But even I’m not ignorant enough to assume we’re the only ones or types existing in New York or anywhere for that matter. If Meyer’s novels are all you expect from werewolves, than you’re expectations are not only disappointing (to this wolf), they are extremely low.

The world is a big place made up of lots of differences, but I guess if you never open your eyes or expand your mind to it, you’re probably never going to see it.

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