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The Werewolf Olympics

August 1, 2012
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So you might have noticed this thing called the Olympics is on at the moment.  It’s likely to have taken over a lot of TV viewing time if you’re into it.  Of which I am.  I love the idea of one global event built on positivity to unifying our world to celebrate achievement.

Okay, but here’s the thing about “our world”, the yours and my world. They are rather different.  In case you don’t know me or haven’t read the title of my blog, or any of my books, you might be shocked to know I’m a werewolf. Yep. Werewolf.   Thing is, I’m not the only one around and the other thing is, we live amongst YOU, the humans of the world all the time.  Hiding in plain sight, looking as human as you do and letting Hollywood mislead you with the ideas on werewolves only be creatures of make believe.

So, are there any werewolf’s competing in the 2012 Olympics?  I don’t know.  How would you tell?

There’s a full moon over the Olympic dates on the 2nd August, so the obvious need to shape shift might give any Olympic Werewolves away  As might the howling in the Olympic Village, although with the amount of bed hopping and nation building relations going on there, it might not sound that out of  place.

I think you’d have to do some sort of random testing of teams. Maybe a silver medal test; Official tester to suspect werewolf Olympian: “Here hold this would you? And tell me how much you want this silver medal hanging around your neck.”

You could expect the werewolf to have a fairly bad reaction to the silver medal.  Although the 2012 Olympic silver medals are made up of 92.5% silver, with the rest being made up of copper.  Whilst not 100% Silver, I got to tell you, that whole 100%silver thing, it’s a myth anyway.  92% silver, still enough to hurt a werewolf. A lot. So you’re bound to get a reaction of some kind, depending on the werewolf in question. Some of us are more sensitive to this metal than others.

And would being a werewolf at the Olympics be defying the Olympic Athletes Oath? Would it be cheating?

“In the name of all the competitors I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a sport without doping and without drugs, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our teams”

Well I don’t think that being an Olympic werewolf would be defying this oath. But there is an argument to be made for the spirit of true sportsmanship. After all, werewolves are predisposed to have far more superior genes than non werewolves, humans.  We have speed like Jamaicans, healing abilities like ….like…quick name me a great healer, and we have strength like weightlifters on an average day.  We can leap like we’re Carl Lewis and that’s all before we start training for the Olympics.

But having superior abilities isn’t cheating if you’re not enhancing them chemically with drugs or doing anything illegal against the games rules. I mean, that’s the point to the Olympics right there, to find out who has the superior abilities. To test yourself and push yourself to compete against the best (ie the superior) athletes in the world.  So how would competing against a werewolf being any different to that?

Hmm, maybe we need to have an independent werewolf athletes represented competing under the Olympic flag.  It could work, given that independent athletes are allowed to compete under the Olympic flag if they are not represented by a country that is yet affiliated with the IOC (International  Olympic Committee) or dissolved countries – those that once were known as something then changed and are not affiliated or can not be included for affiliation with the IOC.  I guess it just depends on where you come from.

And what events would you expect the Werewolves of the Olympics to excel in?

I think we could lay money on boxing, weight lifting and sprinting, maybe even marathon running.  I don’t see us doing to well at swimming or equestrian though, us with animals, it’s not a good mix.  I think we’d put a good show in for kayaking and rowing and suck at cycling and diving.

And table tennis, well, that’s just any man’s land really.

I’d like to give a shout out to @ManWolf13 whose Twitter Monster Olympics inspired this post.


June 13, 2011
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So between all the writing and editing of the writing I’m trying to do for you guys, I sometimes hang out or should that be, get distracted by twitter. And it was one such distraction that lead me into a weird little six word foreplay event with Wolfboy. Over 2 days. He put together our posts on his blog Wicked Thoughts here.
You should check out the exchange.
Very cool, in a hot kind of way.


Now back to me

October 13, 2010

Greetings and salutations, welcome one and all, to my blog.

Incase you didn’t know what this blog in particular is about. Here’s a hint – look at the title of it, at the top of the page.

It’s called “A Werewolf Blog in Brooklyn”. So that might give you some clues as to what I write, rant and talk about on this blog from time to time. Might.

I write about different werewolf related topics that are happening/being reported/discussed etc in the world, as well as goings on in my own life. Still, keep in mind that title – A Werewolf Blog in Brooklyn. Because pretty much everything on this blog, is related back to the words in that title and that subject matter at hand – remember I said I write about werewolves? Ok, good.

So I find it quite interesting out of all the things people search for on my blog and to find my blog and the like, then, given the overly heavy werewolf content of said Werewolf blog in Brooklyn, that people would search for “How to Retweet on Twitter” Because I maybe mentioned it once, in my twitter stream, which is linked to my blog – A Werewolf Blog in Brooklyn.

So not.

I tweet a bit here and there. I talk to my tweeps on twitter as well as through A Werewolf Blog in Brooklyn.
But I don’t GEEK OUT with tech shit. I can grasp twitter things, as much as anyone else. But you won’t find me writing an entire blog post about how-to-retweet-on-the-new-twitter-because-I-mentioned-it-once-in-my-twitter-stream-that-is-linked-to-A-Werewolf-Blog-in-Brooklyn-my-own-personal-blog!

No you won’t find that here.
At all.

So if you’re looking for technology solutions, and GEEK tech crap, again, I take Old Spice Man’s lead and say:

“Hello internet explorers, now look at what you’re searching for, now back to me, Now back at what you’re searching for, now back to me. Sadly, you’re not a Tech Geek and neither am I, But if you stopped using old girlie scented bodywash and switched to Old spice you could be, a little more like me, Not tech but all werewolf, and you COULD find werewolf related topics on my blog.

Look down, back up, in your browser, where are you? You’re on my blog: A Werewolf Blog in Brooklyn, because the lure of werewolves is just that powerful. Could you smell me like me? Doubtful.

But what’s that in your hand? Now Back at me, it’s a mouse. Click it in your search engine explorer, type Werewolf Blog, A Werewolf Blog in Brooklyn or even Breukelen Girl and you’re sure to come across me. Now back to the blog topic at hand, it’s about that thing you love – weird oddities on the internet, wait, no, diamonds, no, wait, Werewolves. That’s right, werewolves.

Anything is possible in my world and probably also with the power of Old Spice too, except finding out how to re-tweet on new twitter on my blog, because that shit’s boring and it ain’t me, not a tech blog, go elsewhere for that Geekdom.
I’m on a horse. ”

The Storming off the Shoe Shop

July 14, 2010
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July 14th is an important day in French history. It’s Bastille Day.

Which is the history of basically how France came to be, what it is today. They rebelled against their monarchy and government and stormed the Bastille prison which held various political prisoners, it was this act, which was seen ultimately as the symbol of uprising for the new nation of France.

In a nutshell.

So I guess, I really should have picked a different day to go shoe shopping at Barney’s. Because, you know, werewolf territory. To be more precise, Manhattan Maen pack territory. Where a certain bitch faced werewolf by the name of Gabby lives, resides and is an all around pain in my existence, whenever we met. The Manhattan pack have french connections. My Pack, The Breukelen – Dutch. Some of them, still speak the language. Alas dear readers, I chose quatorze juillet to do a spot of shoe shopping on.

Now, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but girls and shoes are like air and water – essential. Sex and the City does have a lot to answer for in making girls addicted to the joys of female footwear. I like shoes. New shoes, pretty shoes, designer shoes. All kinds of shoes. Shoes make me happy. There is no real reasoning behind it, other than, sometimes they make me feel taller, or sometimes, they’re just attention grabbing cool.

Hence my Twitter pic.

I decided to do the sale at Barneys in New York. What I really should have brought along with me, other than my handbag, iphone and a bottle of water, was my battle gear. Sure werewolves aren’t known for the need of protective armor / clothing when fighting. But I’ve yet to see Gabby go feral on my ass and reality is, I really don’t want to. Because in a fight, a real, sanctioned, werewolf fight, little miss Alpha would pummel me into a puddle of pawed mess.

Of course, I ran into her at the Barneys shoe sale. She probably lives there.

I didn’t realize at first, because I wasn’t really concentrating on anything other than the delightful vision of footwear surrounding me, that Gabby was in the same vicinity as me. Footwear is like heaven to a girl. Very distracting and instantaneously makes you feel warm and fuzzy, on the inside. Not so unlike being a werewolf in animal form on the outside.

Gabby had turned around from the shoe display I was looking at. I had picked up a cute as, Lanvin quilted red leather mary jane shoe. Of course, it was at that moment, like she must’ve had her werewolf senses working, that she swung back around and saw me, holding the Lanvin and looking at it.

“That’s mine.” Was all she said. Like it was all she needed to say. Like it was her god given female right to stake claim to quite possibly, the cutest shoe in the entire store.

Because I was holding it.

I was just curious about the Lanvin, I didn’t actually intend to buy it. It was out of my price range. But since Gabby had shown interest in it, I was not going to let her know that. I felt rebellious, like the French, what can I say?

I was in the spirit of the day.

Bastille Day.

Bitch on Gabby day.

Then again, you should be aware as I should have remembered too – nothing comes between a girl and her shoes.

“Finders keepers, losers weepers.” I replied smiling at her, and checking out it’s size, with great fascination, against my own foot. Her face went the color of the shoe. Which was ruby red. The Lanvin was my size exactly.

“I saw that shoe first, and I’ve already tried it on.” Gabby blurted out, seemingly flustered by my unfazed attitude and grip on the Lanvin. Damn, that meant we were the same shoe size. Looked like we’d share more than an passing interest in the Manhattan Maen Alpha in common.

Hmmm, what would those French people do in a situation like this? I held the Lanvin by the heel and turned slightly as if planning to walk off with it, and look at other shoes.

Answer: Negotiate.

Well, look like you’re kind of coming to some sort of agreement, I mean, that’s what the Bastille thing started off from..let’s get together and talk our problems out…

“I don’t see your name on it, I don’t see you holding it. But I do see a sale price tag on it…”

I suck at negotiating. Maybe I just wasn’t trying. Of course, we all know, now, how Bastille Day came about. The talking thing didn’t really work for them and it wasn’t going to work for us. Probably because neither of us cared to make it work.

“You’re on Maen territory now, my territory, I don’t have to play nice.”

Hello? When had she ever with me?

Hate at first sight for us. Some werewolves just can’t handle the love of others. Like me and Gabby’s pack leader’s kind of relationship love.

I laughed lightly.

Gabby growled at me under her breath, it was audibly low. But it was loud enough for me to pick up on. Seemingly no longer flustered and ready to fight me for the footwear I so preciously held out of her reach. But there was no way she was going to start an all out wolf bitch fight with me in a public place.

Or such a holy land as the female shoe department.

Over a shoe.

Trying explaining that to your pack leader.

We’re not allowed to openly “wolf out” in front of the public.

It’s just not good manners really.

“It’s the only one in my size left and I saw it first. Give me the shoe…”

She was so easy to bait and yet I was getting so bored of having her in my face.

I smiled at her, and held up the shoe. “Or you’ll do what, exactly?” I asked raising my eyebrows and her quick to ignite, temper. “Look around you, we’re on neutral ground. You can’t do shit to me without risking your own reputation within your own pack. And how would that go down again? Oh right, it wouldn’t” I said throwing the shoe at her chest – hard.

It bounced off her but left a little red angry mark from where the heel had hit skin, before she’d grabbed it. The mark was fading before she stormed through the shoe section, towards the nearest counter. Credit Card at the ready to buy her prize. “You can’t carry off red anyway.” I muttered walking away and heading off to Macy’s department store instead.

21 grams of moonlight

March 19, 2010
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I read an article the other day from the online newspaper Fortean Times that screamed “Where have all the werewolves gone?” as it’s headline.

My first thought was rather automatic – Twitter, dude, twitter. We’re social creatures as well as, creatures of the moonlight and supernatural world. You’d be surprised who you can find lurking around in the twitter-verse.

But then the article’s sub heading-tag line thing kicked in – Did the arrival of Darwin’s theory of evolution put paid to wide-spread belief in half- human creatures?

Then I really, felt the need to speak back to this article. On behalf of the half-breeds.

Assistant Professor, Brian Regal states – there are no werewolf-hunting organisations. So – where have all the werewolves gone?

First of all, if you were part of a werewolf hunting organisation (and I seriously hope your NOT) do you think this would be a publicly advertised organisation? think about it for a moment.

Werewolves like the Breukelen pack and Manhattan Maen, the Bronx Brown wolves and the like, are well integrated into today’s society. Which speaks volumes for the love and understanding that people give us. We’re a part of it and we do our part. Just because we’re a werewolf, doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to live our lives in the open with the rest of society.

Secondly, if there is an organisation for such hunting, don’t you think by publically announcing said organisation that would in fact make the organisation in question, perhaps, a target for retaliation from those they were hunting – the werewolves? It wouldn’t be a smart move.

Werewolves are not idle creatures, as much as Taylor Lautner and co might make us look that way. Hunters are not ones for grand standing, unless something gets in their way. They have the mindset of being focussed and intent. So they don’t necessarily need to be an organisation as such. Just a collection is enough.

Besides, those who are werewolf hunters, well lets just say, they ain’t like your average duck shooting, deer hunter. No it takes a whole other devious mind set to go after a werewolf.

We have been known to be sport and in some cases, are still considered as such. Not everyone likes us. Not everyone believes in the legends, and almost all who hunt my kind, have a reason that is always, in their mind, justified to their cause, or action, as more than casual sport.

Regal, goes on to say that various social ideals put to rest reality’s existence of the werewolf due to, mainly, Charles Darwin’s theory on natural selection.

Well clearly Brian, you don’t get out much. I’m still here, and believe me, I know plenty of werewolves, and they know plenty of werewolves and whilst we might not go running around the streets in full tribal form, snapping at the jaw and howling at the moon, it doesn’t mean we haven’t become more savvy in our own existence.

Seriously, think outside the square dude. Past lives have paved the way in our history for changes in our dealings with our animal nature. Give us some credit for ingenuity and street smarts.

Besides, Darwin wasn’t exactly the most unbiased man to talk on the subjects of werewolves, since he was probably a Lycan to begin with. Didn’t you read my previous post on this?

The article goes on to write about theological debates over whether the human soul could become bestial.

First of all, you’re assuming all humans, are given a soul. Just one soul.

Secondly, you don’t know what a soul, is, literally/physically what is this concept that we all carry from birth?

Thirdly, when a werewolf shape shifts, to its tribal form, it’s like opening the door for the animal side of them to come to the front. Everything changes and blends, one to the other and gives us the end result of whatever it is, that makes that werewolf up individually.

So if humans have souls, is it not fair to think that animals too have souls?

Otherwise how do you explain the social nature and personality of many domesticated pets, like cats and dogs? Is this dependence on humans because of their souls too? Surely it’s not just behavioural because if you take out the human concept, they act, as if they were us, on some level, which contributes to their co-dependant existence with us.

So if animals have souls, does that make them beasts? and by beasts or saying a soul becomes bestial is that implied evil? Werewolves are not necessarily evil as most beasts are not. More often than not, they are misunderstood or feared.

So what if the werewolf, as a hybrid being, in fact has two souls? That of the human half and that of it’s animal nature?

Or if not, then surely the soul given to humans is far more advanced than given belief. Perhaps it’s purpose is to ‘provide’ its integration into Werewolves, lycans and shape-shifters and other beings, not 100% human.

It could be said, that when human souls truly become bestial, they are the ones that turn out to be the psycho serial killers, leaders with unlimited power. Those that see genocide of races and people for death for just being, like Idi Armin, Stalin and Adolf Hitler, who come, very much from the human world.

Or do we refer to bestial in it’s simplest form, that is to say, just an animal soul, doing what it must as any soul must, to survive and exist?

So do beasts, werewolves, get their 21 Grams of worthiness – ie, a soul, bestowed upon them too? Or is that just moonlight we feel course through us on a full moon?

Well if the werewolf is part human and we’re all given one from creation/birth then you’d have to imagine that it is there. Which would mean, the body found a way to handle the human and the werewolf and co-exist in the one body.

Regal goes on to write, towards the end of his article, “Admittedly, this thesis about the demise of the werewolf has its flaws. Darwin and evolution did not banish belief in werewolves completely”.

Of course not. Darwin was a smart man, although it doesn’t take a genius to know you shouldn’t piss off a werewolf or it’s pack if you expect to live a long life!

To quote David Bowie “Is it any wonder, I reject you first?”

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fan poetry

January 12, 2010
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One of my twitter fans wrote this to me, when I was having a bad day:

We live in a world of the natural
We rub shoulders with the physical
day after day
until the unseen realm
seems unreal

by 1967_Mustang

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The gothic nature of our beasts

November 9, 2009
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As the world gears up to handle the hysteria that will sweep teenagers everywhere with the release of the new Twilight movie, New Moon, I’m reminded again – in fact more and more these days, I see media and people asking why are people attracted to vampires, why are they so popular as opposed to werewolves.

One Twitter follower stated, that she thought women were attracted to the notion of vampires because they represented in a way, the knight in shining armour sweeping the woman away on a white horse, but with a hint of danger.

Sorry, but I don’t ever want to meet a dead guy on a white horse, especially if it puts my life in danger, or if his horses name is “Pestilence” and there are three other guys riding horses with him!

Hello end of the world is so much further than “hint of danger”!

I’ve read somewhere else that a journalist believes we all have a gothic side to us therefore gothic equals love and understanding of all things vampiric.

Yeah well, disputing that.

I don’t consider myself to be gothic. The online dictionary, says gothic is:

noting or pertaining to a style of architecture
I may have my bad body days where I might say I feel as bloated as a house, but I don’t think I resemble “architecture” when I say that or when I don’t, on my good days.

pertaining to or designating the style of painting, sculpture characterized by a tendency toward realism and interest in detail.
Well I am very much a REAL person and if by details they mean gossip, then we could be on to something with this one..

pertaining to Goths or their language
I have no idea what a “Goth” in this sense is – let me check the dictionary again. Okay it says A member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era.
Again, way before my time. Also, I don’t speak the Deutschland. I do however know a bit of French, Dutch and the odd Norwegian word or two.

pertaining to the music, esp. of northern Europe, of the period roughly from 1200 to 1450
– um, No.

pertaining to the Middle Ages; medieval
NO, wasn’t born then, and don’t consider myself to be any kind of evil, let alone medieval.

barbarous or crude
Only when drunk. So that’s what, barely ever?

noting or pertaining to a style of literature characterized by a gloomy setting, grotesque, mysterious, or violent events
hmm, sometimes my life might seem to be characterized by a few of these elements, but I don’t dwell in it.

noting or pertaining to the alphabetical script introduced for the writing of
Gothic by Ulfilas

No I do not write like this with that script – I use times new roman font.

being of a genre of contemporary fiction typically relating the experiences of an often ingenuous heroine imperiled, as at an old mansion

hmm, I have heard people call my place a mansion before. But no.

So I don’t think I fall into this love-fest everyone is having with the concept of Vampires.

Yes, I’ve watched the shows, Buffy and True Blood which are great. But I have never once, associated myself with the vampire characters, and I have never once, wanted to be with the vampire characters.

I’ve always seen myself with the human characters because that’s who I live around. Beause I embrace my human side, and enjoy that part of it. That’s the world I’m in.

I think mostly that people want to fall in romantic lust with the undead vampires because they’ve been portrayed by very pretty and charismatic people on TV and screen. Because ‘paranormal’ people, such as yours truly, have something to offer the nons. The fans of the paranormal. They first think of escapisim and some sort of happy little fantasy that measures up to their ideal in their head.

Because it looks like they come from a very exciting and different world. And it probably beats going to an office job five days a week.

Of course, our paranormal lives, might be very normal by nons standards if these so called fans of vampires and werewolves were to be a vampire/werewolf ALL the time. What would they then want to be? – A human?

Oh and aren’t I (and all paranormals for that matter) meant to believe that’s what paranormal beings are striving for thier whole lives? like it’s our ideal?

But it concerns me that people are attracted to blood drinkers, these ‘vampires’ only need blood to survive. And more often than not, as shown in these shows and movies, they get their blood from their loved one. Draining them a little bit more each time its needed of life.

I kind of see that like being in an oddly abusive relationship. “You must give me what I need to survive.” – if vampires are so immortal like, you’d have think they’d figure out a way to get the blood without demanding it of their loved ones after all this time and the time in the world to figure that out.

But again the portrayal of this notion leads us to believe it’s done as an act of love either self sacrificing or not.

I understand the attraction of blood too, because my werewolf, is attracted to it. It’s kind of like, you can take so much out of the evolution scale but blood will always be part of the werewolf.

Doesn’t mean I demand it of those around me, but the animal inside of me is aware of it, and attracted to it, because it’s a predatory thing. Part of the werewolf make up.

Oh and that’s another thing, why don’t people see vampires as predators that are a danger not something that can give you a ‘hint’ of dangerous excitement?

I mean, niave much?

I think the reason people seem to like vampires is because quite simply put, they resemble, according to most folklore and movies and tv shows, humans. Yes, that’s about it. So humans are seen as more attractive and on the level of attraction to other humans than an animal. They think bestiality when they shouldn’t.

Plus, werewolves have been getting a bad wrap for so long, they’ve always been portrayed as “monsters” while the PR machine has been working over time in turning the image of the vampire around into some sort of misunderstood, moody, romantic lead, worthy of its un dead life.

But really if that’s all it takes to make someone like you, then again, its just about how not far, humans have come.

How shallow to like vampires because of their looks and at the same time, use that against werewolves because they loose their human image. But it does not mean werewolves loose their humanity, unlike Vampires.

But as it turns out, Nons are a vain lot (no pun intended) and they’d rather believe in what they can see (looks) and be fooled by these things than true intention. Hence, vampire popularity.Which you would think, in the scale of morals, deep seeded truths, and need for emotional connection, that would count for more than it does, in the image and reputation of the werewolf.

Which seems a likely truth of the gothic nature of our own – vampire, werewolf, human – personal beasts.

Once upon a long ago…

October 23, 2009
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I got sent a link to the Wolfman trailer by @booklover73 on Twitter and it got me thinking about the tale of The Wolfman I was told as a child.

Since it’s almost Halloween seems appropriate to share it, so gather round gentle readers, and read along to this dark tale.

Once upon a long ago, there was a land in chaos.

In the United Provinces of the Spanish Netherlands the king of the land, was not pleased with his kingdom. He believed to rule his kingdom properly, everyone must follow his rule under, his god. He wanted the people of the provinces to have one god only.

The people of the seven provinces had always lived good lives. But when they told the king they did not wish to follow his god, they made him mad. The King formed armies of men in silver who were dispatched to make the people, listen to his decree. When they did not, they often met with death at the end of a sword, or were hung.

The people lived in fear of the kings silver men.

The men in silver were many, and always travelled as large groups on horseback. They carried swords, and they never left a village standing. Their arrival always signaled that death would follow to those who opposed the king.

But there was one village the silver men came to, that history would prove, to be different to the others they had conquered.

In the province of Uterecht, most of the villages had heard of the warring these men were bringing across the lands. A man named William, had spoken to them, told them of what it meant to fight the kings’ rule. William formed many friends, who rode with him across the provinces spreading the word of what was coming to those who did not do as they king wished.

The villagers of Maarssen, knew they could save their own village if they sought the council of their neighbors the Breukelen for help. They knew it would not be long before the silver men visited the town and burned their houses for not following the King’s decree of one god for all.

The village of Breukelen was also a small village, filled with families, farmers, blacksmiths and women who made the finest patterned materials of silk and wool. They like the Maarssen were a happy village, who were happy to live their lives from day to day, doing as they always had.

After speaking to the elders from Maarssen they decided the best way to save their villages from ruin and keep their people alive was to join their defenses.

The war of the silver men, was always moving closer to them, every day.

Together they sought out their surrounding neighbors for help in protecting the lands they lived on and their people.

They formed groups of messengers. Each group with a member from the Maarssen and the Breukelen was told to ride to a village and seek their support for the war.

The villages were spread wide and far.

The evening two of the messengers reached a village, but it was already too late.

Every house in the village burned. Bodies lay slain in the streets and pierced through pitchforks as a warning to those who rode through, of the might of the kingdom’s silver men.

Flames burned crops of wheat. The night sky was so blackened from the smoke of many fires, that the stars could not be seen for three whole nights. Instead of sunlight for those three days, ash rained down from the darkened sky.

Few animals managed to escape being slaughtered. Horses ran scared through cobblestone streets. The cattle of farmyard animals, whined so loudly that it was said the messengers thought they were crying and screaming at the same time, as they stampeded the nearby lands in confussion.

But one man, was found alive in the village.

On his knees, he wept.

He wore a fur across his shoulders, and a helmet with a wolf’s head on it. He held a younger man, in his arms, his eyes closed, blood staining his clothes.

“He was my brother.” The Beserker told the messengers.
“He fought the soldiers. He tried to stop them from coming into our village. We are peaceful he told them. We have artists here. Artists do not need to seek god or war. We have taverns with mead that you will be given all night. Beds for you to rest in as long as you need. But the soldiers did not care. I could not get to him, before they drew their swords and cut him down. A woman screamed and then they began burning our homes, killing our people.”

The messengers listened to the weeping Beserker. They offered to help the Beserker bury his brother, so he could be at rest. The Beserker, was so angry by the thought of parting from his brother, he yelled at the messengers:

“I will ruin the fires of the one god and king in blood and love. When the moon is next full, I shall walk amongst those who seek to destroy us as a man. By nightfall they will only see the beast of their creation, an animal that abhors mankind, and only seeks to fuel his revenge through their death. I will tear them apart with my teeth and cut open their flesh. I curse their life if it can not be this way for them as it is for me!”

The messengers, tried to help calm him down. But he would not be parted from his dead brother nor listen to the messengers who told him to join their cause. The Messengers realized there was nothing further they could do and left.

It is said that after three nights of falling ash from the sky the darkened smoke cleared and the full moon was able to be seen.

The messengers continued to form their alliances with the villages, and fight the silver men’s armies. Reports came in from far and wide of a lone creature, not unlike a wolf but some said more like a man, seeking out only the silver men and those they protected under the king’s rule. These people would be found dead, their throats torn, their hearts missing, with only claw and teeth marks on them. It was often said that wild animals, wolves in particular had attacked them.

But those two messengers always thought that this was the Besersker’s curse to carry as the Wolfman, forever seeking his vengeance, yet never satisfied.

Two for one

September 27, 2009
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There is a duality involved in being me.
Two lives lived at once by the one and same person.That is a constant for me and now, I’ve possibly made it the same for Vargr. Like some kind of stupid, irreversible, two for one deal.

I don’t mean like all those freaks on twitter. I mean, there’s a constant struggle of being me, and who I am to those around me.

I’m supposed to be the golden child of the family. The caring one. But I haven’t spoken to my father, the Alpha, about Vargr. I don’t know how to and now, it seems worse because time has elapsed. So not very golden of me.

I’m supposed to be a responsible Breukelen pack wolf. But my actions could be considered the opposite of that.

Perhaps there is a duality in all of us really. I mean, I know people who would say they are a different type of person when in their work environment, then when at home. It’s what’s required of them. It’s just how it is.

But for me it’s a little more involved than that. For a few days each month, I’m asked, to accept, major differences in me. Differences that are driven by a powerful force within me, that doesn’t want to listen or adhere to the human side of me.

This is the thought that runs through my head as I gear up for another lunar week, fast approaching and I find myself in the company and bed of my pack partner Conall Wakely, again, on most nights. With my mind wondering occasionally to a boy called Paris and the mugger Vargr who I bit.

There is a security in knowing who you are.
There is an unshakable certainty if you have the self-belief and the knowledge to accept all there is about you.

I grew up a werewolf. I always knew I was a werewolf. My loving parents explained it to me as soon as I could speak. So it got ingrained me, and I grew up knowing with certainty that this is what I am. So when my first shift took place, I understood why it was happening to me.

But what I am, does it make me who I am? I think that’s debatable, after all, Vargr mugged me. Is a criminal, a mugger but that doesn’t help me figure out any less who he is, his name or who he is as a person.

I have nothing to go on, other than he was in my neighborhood and he didn’t know I was a werewolf. Otherwise, I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t have picked on me. Still, maybe he thought he’d risk it. No, I’m pretty sure he’s just a criminal who saw a prize catch in the chance to rip me off.

It’s not like the police record would necessarily have him on file either. I mean mugging, seems petty and small time doesn’t it? Doesn’t mean he’s been caught before.

So that’s all I have to go on. I mean, it was dark, and I didn’t get a good look at him and there was nothing distinguishing about him. I remember the direction he ran off in. But there’s nothing around there to indicate where he would have gone or why. I have no trail on Vargr’s where-abouts, no clue as to who he is.

So how can I prepare him for who he might become, or more correctly, what – a Lycan.

The upcoming lunar cycle, will bring about the first lot of symptoms in his body, if I infected him with my bite. From what information I can gather, it takes roughly two lunar cycles before a shift will kick in for a Lycan. Before they go full moon furry.

Being born a werewolf, it’s a little different. The body has to adjust to grow into it’s form, so shape shifting usually hits us around puberty. Like getting through puberty itself isn’t enough to deal with and high school on top of all that…Sheesh.

So Vargr can expect to feel all manner of odd next week. But that still doesn’t help me find out where he is, or who he is. I mean, it’s unlikely this guy would go to a hospital to check himself out and if he did, well let’s just say it’d be a bad move.

Werewolves don’t really need healthcare most of the time, but when we do require medical treatment, we don’t just go to normal hospitals or clinics for obvious reasons.

Besides, the symptoms that Vargr is likely to experience, which will feel quite extreme in itself, wouldn’t be something he alone couldn’t get through, if he knew how to remain calm and not fight them.

If he knew what to expect, and had someone with him, to help his transition.

Which would be my responsibility to do if I was going to be responsible Breukelen werewolf and try and make things as right as can be, considering what’s happened already.

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