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Shadow Boxing

July 16, 2014
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shadow boxing_9

Who knew falling in love with a demon could be so hard on the heart? Katelyn Pheonix sure didn’t when she met shadow demon, Tarin Armadel.

Katelyn has always lead a low life. She’s never had a life full of privilege, prominence or affluence. But she’s always been able to see the truth in other people, it’s always been her gift. Because Katelyn’s not your average human female. She’s a truth-sayer and being one of those is rare and highly, valuable if you want to commit personal espionage on others. Especially when you want to target paranormal beings.

After a failed murder attempt on her life, vampires and bounty hunters chasing her, an assassin targeting her, Katelyn could do with a lucky break.

Pity the truth-sayer god, Asha whom she is the vessel for, has decided the same thing and left Katleyn to fend for herself and her heart, with Tarin.

Without her truth-sayer abilities how does Katelyn know if she can trust her demon lover? Especially when it looks like he’d willingly pair up with his enemies, to enslave Katelyn for his own purposes. But before Katelyn can work out her feelings on the matter, there is the issue of finding out who’s after them and why.

Katelyn and Tarin must face more than their enemies together. They must face up to what they mean to one another, in order to save what they have, together.

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The Werewolf Sermon

April 12, 2010

I’d like to think that going to church and listening to sermons is more about life lessons and getting guidance than actually being told the evils of the world. T. Scott burgess is from the Madison Country Courier is going to preach as he tells us, at his church by asking the unlikeliest of questions – what do vampires, zombies, and werewolves have to do with our walk with God?

I say unlikely because, well, you really don’t see a preacher going on about these three categories of beings most Sundays do you?

But hey, if the bible can be believed unequivocally, given the mythos around the stories involved, then surely, too can a belief in other things, like other types of people.

Although, you might want to hold on to reserving your seat at the sermon in question. Since T. Scott Burgess claims “we are all monsters and we all need blood to survive.”

I’m not sure starting your sales pitch for this intriguing sermon to be was such a good idea by calling your faithful flock of church goers, monsters. Unless of course, you’re using the word monster like Lady Ga Ga does. In an endearing, teasing, cheeky way. But I’m not sure that’s really the case here.

He goes on to state “Werewolves, however, are not necessarily bad when they are human. Their problem is that they do not have any control over themselves when the monster comes out.”
Gee how very big of you to say we’re not bad when we’re in human form, just because we’re a little differently made up to the rest of the human population. Wow, considerate really. Although really, you need to broaden your mind beyond the Hollywood hype of werewolves being monsters who have no control when in werewolf form.
You’re talking about the dark ages here when you state this. Werewolves of today, have come along way, Me and my pack the Breukelen, are proof of this.

I think you would be incredibly naive to believe that the werewolf species can not evolve over time to be more than what it might have started out being. Or more than the limited imagination of Hollywood’s portrayl.

If a werewolf has no control over itself when it comes to after shape shifting to tribal form, then there’s usually a reason for that. It’s rarely if ever (now a days) random and based on a “just because” of what we are, assumption. It’s like saying an epileptic has no control over themselves when they have a seizure. Well duh. But there is a reason for the seizure occurring in the first place right? Something sets it off, maybe chemical imbalance.

Well with the werewolf, it’s more likely to be less biological than that and more outside interference like. If something has influenced the werewolf whilst in human form it can be carried over to wolf form. To contain it’s anger and rage, then yeah, when the shape shift is over, you’re going to be greeted with a raging angry wolf most likely. Or if the werewolf again, in human form is traumatized some how, and must endure an agonizing shape shift, that can affect them too. You see, whilst we are one form or the other, human or wolf, we are essentially still, the same being. Our body and brain carries everything like muscle memory and recognition through the shape shift. It just I guess you could say for lack of a better explanation, alters slightly to accommodate whatever form we are in.

Nobody’s really sure how the whole werewolf deal works. Just that it does and there is a balance in being both parts.

“a werewolf has little or no recognition of what is going on when the monster is out. Their circumstances are out of their control, yet they also crave blood.”
Wrong, wrong, wrong. When in werewolf form, we have the recognition of things, as our animal part would. So sure, we crave blood, it’s a predatory animal thing, an instinctual want. Although, an Alpha in werewolf form, I’m told can differentiate between animal thinking and human thinking. But I wouldn’t know first hand, I’m a beta wolf.

The Preacher continues on with “We are all dirty, filthy, creepy, disgusting monsters, but we do not have to stay that way. Instead, we have the ability to be made whole.”
again, I’d say insulting and belittling your intended human audience isn’t the way to draw an audience in. There is good in humans, as there is in werewolves. I guess the non-religious in me says, I don’t believe because you are born, you are automatically slighted to be born in sin. Which seems to be the tone of the above statement, to rectify yourself through God.

Although really, preacher, you really need to wrap your head around that whole monster concept. I know plenty of werewolves who would argue that being a werewolf, whether spending most of their life in a human skin and shape shifting for a week a month to an animal self, is being more whole than most humans could ever imagine.

We address our baser needs, we balance this. We partake in a sense, in evolution every month that I’d like to think broadens our minds to understanding in tolerance and other things, more than most narrow minded, tunnel vision focused, routine controlled, inexperienced, humans.

Being a werewolf is like being the best you can ever be.
And the best thing about being a werewolf?

Perfect hair.

Wild ones

April 10, 2010

What is is with you humans and your thought process?

That seems to think, werewolves and vampires are closely connected to one another. No, not like that.

I seem to be attracting people to me that want to find some sort of connection between the two. Well, news for you – in case you didn’t read the title of my blog – its at the top of the page – I’m a werewolf. WERE-WOLF. Weirwolf, werwulf.

My life revolves around wolves. Werewolves and they’re antics and association in my life. I don’t know about the vamps and what they’re up to, and I’ve only ever met them through twitter. So who knows what that means?

Probably the same thing in means for today’s contemporary werewolves. We like to be social, we like to be a part of the world, but we’re not without being totally cautious about who we are.

But I am a werewolf first and foremost and I can tell you things that you humans aren’t necessarily aware of happening in your own world,because of me and my kind.

I have enough werewolves in my life to keep me on my toes. There are different personalities and temperaments. I have an ex boyfriend and a new boyfriend who are about as extreme polar opposites as you can get. I come from a leading pack family, that is nothing like the matriarchal family of my boyfriend.

Once a month my world goes animalistic and I have to deal with shape shifting to my tribal form and making that work in my everyday life amongst you humans. There are issues to contend with like losing control, keeping routine, getting into fights, and knowing where your place is and in which pack when you’re really certain anymore of your standing.

I’ll let you know if I run into any other truly interesting people, creatures or beings. Mostly, those that call themselves vampires are well, Wannabe’s. Fake. At least the ones I’ve met have been.

My life is pretty interesting, because of who I am. Because of what I am. A werewolf. You just got to get to know us, to find that out. So, you know, stick around, and hold on tight. My world is a wild ride for the wild ones. Fang bait boy-girls, need not apply.

Vampires versus Werewolves

February 14, 2010
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So with the release of the new werewolf movie, The Wolfman, the interest in it seems to return to this mythic battle of can werewolves topple vampires for popularity in pop culture.

All because of Twilight.

I growl and groan inwardly at the thought of this.

What is it with popularity that even the werewolves are supposed to achieve?

Twilight is not rocket science, it worked because it has a massive tween/teen audience and it’s not so much about Vampires and mortal beings and other supernatural’s as it is about Love. The big first love of your life. The passion of being consumed by love. Please, tell me what teenager doesn’t at one point have a little dream and happy thought about that? Add to the mix pretty looking people and hello-cha-ching! Start counting your money, no matter how ludicrously weak the story line is.

The rivalry between vampires and werewolves, if you want to call it that is easy to break down. I’ve said it before, Vampires are considered romantic leads. Fans of vampires will look past their undead nature, what it means to lack a soul, a conscience and their manipulative habits. Because the myth of the vampire is ingrained in passion and at some point, they play that passion and that becomes all the fans of the vampire see or want. Add to that the whole, immortality thing and the idea of permanently being with the one you love and being loved for forever in return and that’s all that’s ever needed to sustain the vampire’s popularity. Lovers and fans of vampires can overlook everything else, including the bloodshed and blood thirsty nature of their servitude for survival.

Werewolves on the other hand, have never it would seem, overcome their ruthless beast like nature, their animal self.

They’ve never been given a chance to be imagined as romantic leads (in movies). Sure, Underworld; Rise of the Lycans tried, but ultimately failed, really the story wasn’t about the Lycans so much as it was about the history of the Vampires. As most movies would have you believe werewolf movies are made for terrorizing people, for showing violence, and bloodshed. They’re not designed for showing the wolf as a soft being of feeling.

It’s kind of like the reverse thing with the vampire.

Fans of the werewolf might be able to see all sides to the complexities of being a werewolf, but ultimately the film makers, only see the rough stuff, the exterior, everything but the ability for a werewolf to love or be loved and shown in a romantic light. Although OZ on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sure did do a good job of that with his Willow relationship.

It’s been said that Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula created the intricate relationship of vampire and werewolf together. So maybe we can just blame the dead man for our standing as always being seen as second in this “relationship”.

Because it seems ever since then, in popular culture at least, both werewolves and vampires have been linked, hopelessly together and yet, so completely far apart and opposite from one another. If this is to be believed, then we can also blame Stoker for making werewolves, underlings.

After all, it was he who referred to werewolves as “Children”. One could take that as a slight.

“Listen to them, the children of the night, what music they make.”- Dracula, from Bram Stoker’s novel. Whilst having a vampire, Count Dracula to be exact, was the story of his novel. Which is hugely, gothically, romantic in nature.

Ah, the romance of the vampire is born.

Although I do not see werewolves in popular culture being second place to Vampires, I guess I just see us as being more subtle. Vampires are all about themselves, and being seen, because they arrogantly seem to think, they have enough power of their fans ie. Humans that they are therefore above them in the life-long scale of things.

Werewolves understand the nature of co-existing, by comparison and the why and how for. So you could say, reality is, we’re actually smarter than the vamps, so in terms of longevity, and popularity, who cares?

I guess it depends what you want out of your life. I can tell you what I don’t want. I don’t want someone who doesn’t have a heart beat, can’t feel warm against me, drinking my blood. Ewww.

Besides, popular culture, doesn’t actually represent what those of us of a “animal nature” or “blood thirsty” habit, know to necessarily be true. I sure know that! Read back through my blog and you’ll see that.

The gothic nature of our beasts

November 9, 2009
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As the world gears up to handle the hysteria that will sweep teenagers everywhere with the release of the new Twilight movie, New Moon, I’m reminded again – in fact more and more these days, I see media and people asking why are people attracted to vampires, why are they so popular as opposed to werewolves.

One Twitter follower stated, that she thought women were attracted to the notion of vampires because they represented in a way, the knight in shining armour sweeping the woman away on a white horse, but with a hint of danger.

Sorry, but I don’t ever want to meet a dead guy on a white horse, especially if it puts my life in danger, or if his horses name is “Pestilence” and there are three other guys riding horses with him!

Hello end of the world is so much further than “hint of danger”!

I’ve read somewhere else that a journalist believes we all have a gothic side to us therefore gothic equals love and understanding of all things vampiric.

Yeah well, disputing that.

I don’t consider myself to be gothic. The online dictionary, says gothic is:

noting or pertaining to a style of architecture
I may have my bad body days where I might say I feel as bloated as a house, but I don’t think I resemble “architecture” when I say that or when I don’t, on my good days.

pertaining to or designating the style of painting, sculpture characterized by a tendency toward realism and interest in detail.
Well I am very much a REAL person and if by details they mean gossip, then we could be on to something with this one..

pertaining to Goths or their language
I have no idea what a “Goth” in this sense is – let me check the dictionary again. Okay it says A member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era.
Again, way before my time. Also, I don’t speak the Deutschland. I do however know a bit of French, Dutch and the odd Norwegian word or two.

pertaining to the music, esp. of northern Europe, of the period roughly from 1200 to 1450
– um, No.

pertaining to the Middle Ages; medieval
NO, wasn’t born then, and don’t consider myself to be any kind of evil, let alone medieval.

barbarous or crude
Only when drunk. So that’s what, barely ever?

noting or pertaining to a style of literature characterized by a gloomy setting, grotesque, mysterious, or violent events
hmm, sometimes my life might seem to be characterized by a few of these elements, but I don’t dwell in it.

noting or pertaining to the alphabetical script introduced for the writing of
Gothic by Ulfilas

No I do not write like this with that script – I use times new roman font.

being of a genre of contemporary fiction typically relating the experiences of an often ingenuous heroine imperiled, as at an old mansion

hmm, I have heard people call my place a mansion before. But no.

So I don’t think I fall into this love-fest everyone is having with the concept of Vampires.

Yes, I’ve watched the shows, Buffy and True Blood which are great. But I have never once, associated myself with the vampire characters, and I have never once, wanted to be with the vampire characters.

I’ve always seen myself with the human characters because that’s who I live around. Beause I embrace my human side, and enjoy that part of it. That’s the world I’m in.

I think mostly that people want to fall in romantic lust with the undead vampires because they’ve been portrayed by very pretty and charismatic people on TV and screen. Because ‘paranormal’ people, such as yours truly, have something to offer the nons. The fans of the paranormal. They first think of escapisim and some sort of happy little fantasy that measures up to their ideal in their head.

Because it looks like they come from a very exciting and different world. And it probably beats going to an office job five days a week.

Of course, our paranormal lives, might be very normal by nons standards if these so called fans of vampires and werewolves were to be a vampire/werewolf ALL the time. What would they then want to be? – A human?

Oh and aren’t I (and all paranormals for that matter) meant to believe that’s what paranormal beings are striving for thier whole lives? like it’s our ideal?

But it concerns me that people are attracted to blood drinkers, these ‘vampires’ only need blood to survive. And more often than not, as shown in these shows and movies, they get their blood from their loved one. Draining them a little bit more each time its needed of life.

I kind of see that like being in an oddly abusive relationship. “You must give me what I need to survive.” – if vampires are so immortal like, you’d have think they’d figure out a way to get the blood without demanding it of their loved ones after all this time and the time in the world to figure that out.

But again the portrayal of this notion leads us to believe it’s done as an act of love either self sacrificing or not.

I understand the attraction of blood too, because my werewolf, is attracted to it. It’s kind of like, you can take so much out of the evolution scale but blood will always be part of the werewolf.

Doesn’t mean I demand it of those around me, but the animal inside of me is aware of it, and attracted to it, because it’s a predatory thing. Part of the werewolf make up.

Oh and that’s another thing, why don’t people see vampires as predators that are a danger not something that can give you a ‘hint’ of dangerous excitement?

I mean, niave much?

I think the reason people seem to like vampires is because quite simply put, they resemble, according to most folklore and movies and tv shows, humans. Yes, that’s about it. So humans are seen as more attractive and on the level of attraction to other humans than an animal. They think bestiality when they shouldn’t.

Plus, werewolves have been getting a bad wrap for so long, they’ve always been portrayed as “monsters” while the PR machine has been working over time in turning the image of the vampire around into some sort of misunderstood, moody, romantic lead, worthy of its un dead life.

But really if that’s all it takes to make someone like you, then again, its just about how not far, humans have come.

How shallow to like vampires because of their looks and at the same time, use that against werewolves because they loose their human image. But it does not mean werewolves loose their humanity, unlike Vampires.

But as it turns out, Nons are a vain lot (no pun intended) and they’d rather believe in what they can see (looks) and be fooled by these things than true intention. Hence, vampire popularity.Which you would think, in the scale of morals, deep seeded truths, and need for emotional connection, that would count for more than it does, in the image and reputation of the werewolf.

Which seems a likely truth of the gothic nature of our own – vampire, werewolf, human – personal beasts.

From my kind to hers – a heart felt rant

October 9, 2009
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Warning: it had to happen eventually and now it has. Read on at your own peril.
It’s my blog, I’ll bitch if I want to.

Are you kidding me? Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series of teen emo books, was put up for nomination of the literary world’s highest honour – The Nobel Prize for literature? Or am I just reading that article wrong? God I hope so.

I’m speechless.

Actually I’m not. I’m just incensed that this could have been the case! Ever!

Congratulations must first go to the winner – Herta Mueller who was persecuted for her writing under Romanian’s communist regime. I could not be happier that you won. That this prestigious honor /prize retains dignity and above all us, a high standard! Well done Herta.

It’s one thing to be a popular author as Stephanie Meyer is – we get it, she created a craze around her works of fiction and got rich in the making. Built up hype and a strong fan base, but popular fiction writing versus authors who have actually written worthwhile, eye opening commentaries, and stories of life experiences that do not get made into glamorized, Hollywood movies that sell based on pretty pictures of a vague Hollywood actor on the cover of a book…come on!

Some perspective please!
World stories need to be recorded and told as much as popular bullshit fiction (of which I read plenty).

I’m glad that the Nobel Prize for Literature has retained this ideal or awarding social commentary and trying to correct political wrongs, through acknowledgement of authors such as Herta Mueller. Some one has to. It May as well be someone in a high position of respect such as those on this award panel.

Stephanie Meyer’s books are popular and adored by teens, tweens that they are actually marketed too. Kudos to her for hitting her mass market correctly. But the whole “obsession” over the twilight world, and in particular it’s leads, Edward and Bella is insanely mystifying to me. Especially with the movies which are no academy award winning performances.

Hello, can you say wooden? – hand me a stake! Now!

The fact that grown women coo like love struck teenagers of the “teenage” male lead in these stories and even the young actor who portrays him on screen, is so disturbing, all I can think is wrong, wrong, wrong. Predatory behavior on a scale of wrongness I don’t even want to touch.

But what really incenses me about Stephanie Meyer being put in the same category even for an article on the The Nobel Prize in Literature as Herta Mueller is her body of work – the Twilight series of books.

No I don’t mind stories on vampires and werewolves and all that (um, hello, have you not noticed the title of my said blog?) That’s not the problem. The problem is greater than ripping of a concept already created by Joss Whedon (human high school girl falls in love with an age old vampire – Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and adored by millions for the last fifteen years or so. No the problem is greater than that.

The main female lead is a weak, whimpy girl who must wait for her man, who will do anything for her man, who just wants to be with her man. Sounds less like romance and more like a “girls place in the world is by her man’s side” bullshit mantra. Don’t be an a woman who knows the difference between romance, relationship and servitude. Couldn’t possibly have that! In Stephanie Meyer’s world, girl-power seems like a dead and definetly buried concept.

Don’t even get me started on the date rape theme and the whole 1950’s housewife syndrome that is in this book and mass marketed to impressionable teenage girls who are yet to develop a sense of self, let alone an understanding of a broader world than beyond one of “home life.”

Well this werewolf won’t be reading Ms Meyer’s crappy trash any time soon! It would be insulting to my own kind from what I know and understand of the “imprinting” in her books on werewolves.

Just UGH!

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