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Bleeding Hearts

December 30, 2012
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Bleeding Hearts

Blood will be shed and life will be lost. Hearts will be tested, but will they be broken or ripped out of chests? What does it mean to be a werewolf? What if you can’t be the werewolf you are meant to be? What does that make you?

Doll and Jeremy are “strays”, werewolves without a pack. But they are also survivors. After a year of being held in captivity by an all alpha werewolf pack, they find themselves in Seattle. Amongst another werewolf pack the Seattle Alki.

Get a view of the werewolf world which lives amongst the humans of Seattle. Not all werewolves are the same. There are alpha werewolves who live responsibly through their inherit leadership qualities and abilities. There are alpha werewolves who indulge in abusing those inherit abilities on lesser werewolves. Beta werewolves, are not as highly skilled as alpha werewolves and those without a pack can find themselves likely to be targeted by those stronger, faster, more vicious and cunning than them.

The mentality of pack werewolves versus the mentality of stray werewolves, is through the story of Doll and Jeremy and their struggle to readjust to life with other werewolves again.

Can you they trust the Seattle Alki pack? Do they have a choice? Will trusting the Seattle Alki, alpha Luke Charleston, mean Doll looses Jeremy in the process?

How far will Doll go to compromise herself in order for her and Jeremy to survive? Do either Jeremy or Doll have enough strength in them, to fight the biggest battle of their lives that is coming their way? Can they trust that the Seattle Alki and Luke truly have their backs or is it a case of history repeating, and beating the weaker, lesser beta werewolves?

To find out, check out Bleeding Hearts by Breukelen Girl at Smashwords.com


Vote for your favourite Cover

June 6, 2012
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So a little help please.

Tell me which cover you think I should use for the upcoming serialised novella

“The Pack” launching on June 1

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Cover A

Cover B

War Games

July 18, 2011
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He comes home all bloodied and bruised with claw marks like deep red river gouges fully up one arm. It looks vicious and like it would hurt. I’m sure it does. But the reality is it’s nothing that can’t be shape shifted away. The beauty of the beast with in, it can heal us, repeatedly from almost anything. If it’s not permanent.

Part of me thinks he deliberately gets battle scars. To turn me on of course. I mean without them, clean shaven and all, he’s magnificent on the eyes, with them, he’s just…edgier. What can I say? Does it for me just as much as the clean cut version in the corporate suit look.

As an Alpha whether male or werewolf, he’s been trained to get through the pain and ignore it. It’s from his new training regime. War games. That’s what Paris calls them.

These skirmishes he goes off on with a select group of Manhattan Maen werewolves to some secret location I’m not privy to knowing about. War games that are played out with one team in full tribal, werewolf mode, the other team in full human werewolf mode. He says it’s to tighten up their fighting skills, to hone their warrior wolves. To be alert and ready for any attacks that could come against the pack. It’s smart I guess.

My eyes lazily take in the claw mark up that exposed arm and I make a remark about why doesn’t he put these war games to use with another sparing pack as partners like the Breukelen. I thought it was a logical thing to say. Strength in arms, love your neighbour and all that. Except of course, werewolf packs are very much about themselves. A long time ago before they came to New Amsterdam (New York circa 1600) werewolf packs worked together for survival. But that mentality shifted when the packs did decades ago.

I received a surprised look. Which kind of surprises me. Paris’s expressions are usually very controlled and hidden.

“We don’t want to give our enemy’s a heads up.” My eyes drop away from that claw mark suddenly.

It was my turn for my eyes to go wide.
“Since when are the Breukelen your enemy?” Suddenly not horny anymore.

Werewolves against werewolves. It’s like in house fighting to me. Hardly ever makes sense, when there are other greater enemies to be on guard for. But you’ll never see them coming if you’re not actually looking for them.

“I didn’t say say that!” He’s moving towards me as I’m crossing my arms over my chest. “I didnt’, you’re twisting my words.”

I guess I had a niggling thought buried down inside me that I fucked something up in December. Wether it was us or our pack’s potential alliance, was just a matter of time till I figured it out.

“I’m a Breukelen first and foremost.”

“I know that.” Paris reaches me, his voice softening, his arms on mine. It’s like he accidently let something slip that he wasn’t supposed to.

“So am I included in that we? Because I’m not your enemy unless you make me so.”


November 24, 2010

“Well, now, this is cosy, isn’t it?” I mutter looking back at my sister Bodil. In a club and instead of relaxing and enjoying my night out with my packmate, I’m sitting there stiffly feeling like I have to be on my best behavior.

Bodil just returns the blank stare of someone who doesn’t give a shit, and won’t be baited easily, especially by a younger sibling. Even if I am only like three years younger than her. Like she has more patience than I’ll ever gain. She picks up a shot glass and downs it in one fluid motion.

I sigh loudly and look around us, even as Paris remains quiet, by my side, arm around my shoulders.

We’re being chaperoned. Me and Paris.

Yeah, this whole Gabby got a good shot in on me thing, is like a never ending issue of contention for my pack and how they view Paris and me. Our relationship. I hear there’s debate on whether I should be allowed to continue dating him. Well fuck that shit! I just think my super sister is super pissed, with concern about what happened to me and may have been getting in the Breukelen Alpha’s ear about it.

Part of me get’s it. She’s just being a big sister, looking out for me. Like she’d look out for anyone in our family. But no one’s come up with any real plan for how to deal with Gabby. So far it’s just consisted of keeping a look out for Gabby entering either territory of the Breukelen or the Manhattan Maen. All these wolves seem think similar, that if anything, she’s likely to come back after me.

To finish me off, as they haven’t said out loud to me.

I asked Paris why all the Alpha’s think that’s her only course of action with me. His answer was rather grim.

He said “Because, she’s an Alpha and well, if we view someone as an enemy and we get into something like this with them, we want to be the one to finish the fight off. It’s about pride as much as it is conquering and winning. And in Gabby’s case, she knows she has a big advantage over you, she’s not likely to ignore that if it means she can get what she wants, her revenge.”

Of course, I hadn’t really expected a more uplifting and positive response to the question. Especially since it concerns Gabby.

And I get it, for her, it’s either going to be about getting closure on the matter of me or it’s going to be about her triumphing completing, in whatever manner suits her best. Which could include my death at her paws. It’s hard to say, but the werewolf within most of us, pushes for it’s natural wants to be sated all the time and whilst I’m no Alpha werewolf, I gather, from what I know of them, that they’re werewolf selves, have deeper, darker, secrets and desires that us regular beta wolves do not need to think about contending with. So maybe the hunt and kill thing, is greater in them, hence why everyone thinks, Gabby will come back at me again. Because part of her, the true part of her, won’t let this thing between us slide. She won’t ever be happy until I’m dead.

Every Alpha wolf I’ve asked, Nick, Bodil, Paris, Wiatt, Addison, Booker, Aksel, about what I should expect from Gabby or what they think she’s going to do, has said the same thing basically.

It’s her against me, that much is certain.

Alpha werewolf, against a Beta werewolf, who’s got a pack as an army behind her.

That’s about a fair a fight as it gets.

I look back over at Bodil, who’s watching the movement in the club. Her eyes scanning it, looking for threats, irregular movements to the flow of atmosphere in there.

Yeah, it’d be about as fair a fight as I could make it, if they’d let me fight her.
But they won’t.

I know that. I can see it on Bodil’s face, I see it in Paris’s expression. I see it when the Breukelen hierarchy and the Manhattan Maen try to negotiate the best way to deal with Gabby and to handle me.

It’s a pack situation, now.

But who’s?


November 12, 2010

In the darkness of Brooklyn’s night, we arrive. We’ve barely spoken to each other and that pains me. I don’t want this. Like this. We sit in his car, outside my house.

“You could always stay for awhile with me.”
Paris offers a half smile at me softly. “No I couldn’t and we both know that. But thanks all the same.”
Of course not. There’s work to be done. A werewolf pack to maintain. Punishment to be dealt out, Gabby to be found.
“It’s… I just don’t want you to think that…”
“We revert to what we know.” He says cutting me off and shrugs his shoulders quickly. “It’s what we know in who we are. It’s a safety net. Even us werewolves have them.”
I sigh heavily.
“Yeah, the human side of the werewolf has it. I should be more than…” I wave a hand up and down the front of me trying to figure out what I’m saying. “this.”
His eyes widen and he stares at me, his mouth agape.
“No, don’t do this. Don’t you dare think you’re somehow responsible for what Gabby did.” He says putting my face in his hands. “She knew, damn her, exactly what she was doing to you. And I like you for you. The way you are.”

His lips press into mine and we kiss. It’s like being swept up in moment of escape. And makes me lean into him, cling to him. We part for air and Paris rests his head on my forehead. His eyes closed.

“I hope you like me because I can be strong for you, for us. You don’t have to go after her.” I state somewhat hopelessly. When what I should say is he doesn’t have to go through whatever he’s feeling, thinking of doing, alone. I should be there with him.

I don’t want him to have to go after her. Not because I don’t want Gabby to be reprimanded or punished or called out for what she did to me. But because every time Paris, has to do things like this, in his leadership capacity of the Manhattan Maen, I loose a bit of him. To a very dark place.

I don’t think even he likes going to the darkness that is somewhere, situated in the depths of the wolf’s soul. Darkness is not just an absence of light in the world we live in. I can tell that Paris resigns himself to the fact that he has to at some point. That he will go there.

For us.

For me.

Something Wild

October 31, 2010
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Something wild, this way comes.

A shape shifter.

Looking rather pleased with himself and somewhat hungry all the same. And I don’t think it’s food he’s after. He gives off a certain appeal of assured confidence in how he knows, he turns heads.

Something wild this way comes.

Swagger and swing in his walk and eyes that haven’t left mine. He dances up to me, picks me up and spins me around in a tight hug. My red cape flying out around us. I’m dressed as a take on Red Riding Hood you could say – I’m a redhot Hoodlum.

My red and black ensamble consists of a Red hooded cape, red top, skirt with toy gun strapped to my thigh. Utility belt with some other toy weaponry on it. My hugger, is dressed as John Constantine, from the Hellblazer comics. Only he’s chosen to go the Keanu Reevesmovie version.

Black pants, black jacket, white shirt and tie. If you could call that a costume, makes me think he’s going to church, puts me back down and leans in to kiss me. I turn my head so he gets my cheek instead of my mouth and smile back at him.

Mike would fit right in on the land doing manual labor. Like he’d be equally as in place, modeling in a magazine. Scruffy blonde hair, baby blue eyes and a hint of stubble, seems like the lazy man’s signature in un-groomed, cool.

“Mikey, you’re the only guy I know who would dare do that, to an Alpha wolves’ pack mate.”
Mike looks around us quickly.
Alpha? You’re guy is an Alpha werewolf?” He says sounding a little nervous, his eyes wide.

I laugh. “Yeah, and leader of the Manhattan Pack.”
Mike looks like he’s going to pale or something. He wipes a hand over his mouth.
“Shit. Seriously, you never told me that. Is he here? Is he going to kill me?”

But he’s smiling brightly at me. Of course he dares. He’s a shape shifter, not a werewolf. He isn’t governed by our rules. He doesn’t go for all that structure either.

I laugh back at him.

I met Mikey when we were both twenty one. Holidaying with friends, I ended up at some dank and drug fucked party in the countryside that I couldn’t wait to get away from. But my friends weren’t having any of it, they wanted to stay and try things out. So I was stuck with no way to go back to our lodgings without a massive walk ahead of me.

I figured I was werewolf enough to walk the distance back to our accommodation. What would try and mess with a werewolf?

Only something completely stupid.
So off I went.

I’d barely gotten half way down the first road, when a pick up truck pulled up beside me, offering me a lift back into town. Mikey at the driving wheel. One look and sniff at the scrawny shape shifter, and I figured I had more than a fighting chance if things went wrong. We talked the whole way into town, he walked me to my accommodation, even after the curfew had locked up. Made them open up and made sure I got to my room okay.

After that, we remained friends.

“Seriously babe, you wolves have got to loosen up on the whole, territorial thing. Greeting’s just a greeting. Us shifters do not have such airs and graces.”

I raise my eyebrow at his remark.

“The way you greet women Mikey has been known to be taken as a first, second and last date, all in one. I’m fairly certain you’ve told me numerous stories how much trouble you’ve gotten into over, your…friendliness to the fairer sex.”

Mike scratches his chin and grins back at me, frowning slightly.

“I may have told you one too many stories, when I was drunk. And perhaps, not correctly, I’m not such a bad guy. So uh, where’s this guy you’ve barely told me anything about?”

“He’s parking the car.” I reply.

It has been a long time since we saw each other. And let me tell you, time just agrees more and more with this shape shifter. He might look a little older, but the body has filled out more, the shoulders are broad and strong, he looks content with himself. Not so ill at ease, like he was when we first met, years ago. Before me now is a man that’s more than mother nature intended.

“Parking around here is crap.”

“So shifters are what, better than wolves because you’re what, less restrictive when it comes to greeting old friends, is that what you’re saying?” I ask knowing where I’m leading him with this argument. It’s fun. Like sparring.

“What do you know about shape shifters and their uh,” he waves his hands around searching for a word.
“Culture?” I suggest.
“Lifestyle.” He replies.
“You tried to kiss me on the mouth Michael.”
“Oh, no, you called me Michael, am I in trouble here?” He laughs. “Really didn’t mean to offend. Just wanted a kiss. On the lips.”
“You always want a kiss and that’s what all the other women in here, are for. Besides, we’re too good friends for me to be offended by your flirting.”

He shrugs his shoulders loosely and glances about the place. “Maybe it’s the shape shifter way. To flirt so much. A bit like you wolves and the sex thing.”

“The sex thing?” My eyebrows shoot up again.
He tilts his head down and stares hard at me. “Oh come on, you’re not going to seriously try and deny the whole, sex thing you furballs have going on. How many times have you told me about those Partys and lunar week antics I think you get more than most people get in their lifetime.”
“Hmmm, maybe you don’t quite get it. What it’s like, what it’s about.”
“Well, shifters aren’t like wolves. We’re freer than you guys will ever be.” He smirks and starts guiding me over to the drinks.

“How so?” I ask curiously. He looks at me and purses his lips together before saying “What do you know about shape shifters?” again, cautiously.
“Nothing more than you’ve ever told me really.”
“And right there, should be you’re first clue.” He says as we side up to the bar and grab three drinks. Paris is still, yet to walk into the party.

“What’s that? Don’t believe a word my good friend tells me?”
“No of course not. I tell you stuff, bits of stuff. But not a lot. Nothing major. Cause that’s the shape shifter way. We’re pretty secretive. Helps with the being wild and free.”
“I think you’d be wild, no matter what species you were Mikey.” I laugh, glancing past him, towards the front of the Party.

Paris walks in.

“You know it.” Mike says turning around, following my line of sight.

We both watch Paris stride towards us. Hypnotized by his movement, drawn by his presence, locked by his look. Paris’s garners looks from those around him. It’s like drawing a crowd, without intention. He looks like a regular guy, but the way he carries himself, gives everyone the impression of how not like them he is. My eyes take in the detail of his clothing, the way it moves against his body, how it outlines the man underneath.

Helps that he’s in a Halloween costume. He’s dressed like the assassin from that game, Assassian’s Creed. A look that could not be more him, if he tried. The wolf inside the clothing oozy kick ass presence. Makes me want to start growling low with appreciation for such muscular beauty.

“Whoa. Big fella isn’t he?”

Something wild, this way comes.

“Yeah, I like my wildness contained in werewolf form.” I murmur smiling slowly.

Nature of the Werewolf

April 15, 2010

So this whole thing with the Gowanus Canal Superfund, got me thinking about whether werewolves are environmentalist as such.

Because let’s face it, environment, is important.

It kind of comes back to the nature or nature side of things, that shape your life. And being anything other than 100% human, well that got to have some sort of impact on your being right? I mean, does it make you what you are because you’re not 100% human, because things were different when your lineage came to town?

Our environment could be why the werewolf lineage has a declining birth rate. There’s probably a fair bit more to it than that, but that could be a good starting point for studying on why today’s, modern werewolves are breeding out, it would seem, more and more.

And do you really want to be left with lycans as a result of starved companionship or have an inability to repopulate, find others that are the same as the werewolf?

Whether your environment is green and leafy, a polluted waterway, or a concrete jungle, there would have to be factors, daily interactions, that not only shape our personalities, and wolf culture, but that also play a part on the physiology of the werewolf too. I mean back in the 1600’s, was pollution this bad?

The European packs, had different factors to our ones today. They were living far more in secret than today’s werewolves and were constantly under threat, hunted, all the time. With the intent of extinction, nothing less.

Hence the mass exodus to the land of New Amsterdam aka New York. Over time it became a concrete jungle, where the persecuted hunted packs, had to restart their lives again. In a foreign environment, with all new, surroundings that they had to adapt their werewolf nature too, in an ever changing world. So they adapted too. They changed the behavior pattern, and living habits of their packs, to accommodate them in the new world.

It’s how the werewolves ended up in nightclubs on lunar weeks, rather than roaming the streets wildly, attacking people at random. Granted, not all werewolves adhere to this lifestyle, not all want to. Hence, why lycans exist. I can only think of three kinds of extreme landscapes that you’d probably be hard pressed to find a werewolf in. Ice, ocean water and nothing but, and outer space.

I’m sure there are dessert werewolves, werewolves in the tropics as well as everyday neighborhoods. So you change one thing in our culture, and the whole culture changes, and over time, as the culture changes, and bounces with the impacts of the environment its been placed in, the werewolf changes too.

I mean, I’m sure there are english werewolf packs, that don’t go out roaming the misty moors of nowhere land like in the Wolfman movie, anymore. But once long ago, they probably did. But it’s unlikely to be the way of the new generation now. We become our own person, our own generation at some point in history.

So yes, I think werewolves are environmentalists at least in the most basic sense of the word. Environment is important to us. Whether it’s a countryside or cityscape, like Brooklyn. It matters where we are, to become who we are.

It definitely helps shape us and our views of life and the world.


April 5, 2010
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New York has a very historical gang history to it.
You can probably find a history like this in most cultures I would think. Where there are those that are rich, there are always those that are disadvantaged too, which often leads to a gang culture.

The formation of gangs normally seems to spring from a sense of underclass, and ghetto or slum like areas of lower economic status. Infrastructure that gets left behind because it’s inhabitants are deemed “to hard to handle” or “not worth the effort”.

Eons ago in the same places that exist now, but of a different time, there was Five Points, which is now today mostly the Financial District and Columbus Park in Manhattan, which was one of the most notorious slum areas and some historical records would have you believe, contained the highest murder rate, at one point, in all of New York.

Of course, gangs come from all over; The Bronx in the 1970’s was a hard place to live in, probably why it developed the saying “nothing soft comes out of the Bronx.” Even today, there are still affected areas that need assistance rather than condemnation for the poor and disaffected in rough neighbourhoods in NYC.

So where do the werewolves fit in to the gang mentality?

After all we live as a pack and some people, ill advised, uneducated, naively stupid people – would argue that a pack is nothing more than a polite name, for a gang.

But I would say that they are wrong.

A werewolf pack is essentially, community based and always at the heart of it’s structure, is a sense of survival for it’s wolves.

Originally, gangs were formations of strength, with it seemed a united goal for bettering circumstances of communities. But through much of the seventies and the eighties, that image seems to be quite lost and the idea of gangs have taken on another reinvention.

Werewolf packs do not initiate people into our pack, we do not haze them and they do not get harmed if they leave the pack.

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually leave a werewolf pack. Because you are born a werewolf it does not mean, you can not live your own life, within a pack or not.

However if you choose to leave a pack, you can expect little assistance or advantages that come from being a pack wolf.

Werewolf packs will live in certain areas, as a group. Whilst we hold ideals for all wolves to be governed and guided by, we think very much as individuals and we do not rule the lives of those within our pack with violence or weaponry. That is not our objective or aim. It is not what we the werewolf want.

If anything, werewolves try not to start the fights – at least with external beings outside of the werewolf world.

Werewolf packs were an idea that formed out of a sense for survival, in a time of need.

The Breukelen in some form or another, originally came from Breukelen, Holland, in the 1600’s. This much we know is true.

The Breukelen, are in a sense, part of one big pack that makes up the now present five werewolf packs of New York City. Best it can be told with too much information missing, and not enough salvageable historical documents, back in the 1600’s the European werewolves, did not live so united together. They lived as smaller families and individuals. Looking only after themselves.

However, there is a behavior that seems quite common to most werewolves, we end up seeking one another out, eventually.

So townships, villages and the like would probably ended up with a greater werewolf population than they may have started out with. Werewolves, seek one another out, slowly, banding together. forming, what we’ve come to know as packs.

So in essence, the Breukelen were a large, powerful pack.

In today’s thinking, by the governing werewolf bodies like the tri-state council and the like, most packs aren’t allowed to grow to big in numbers. Which as it turns out, isn’t much of a problem with low and getting lower birth numbers every year.

Something about it getting unruly and hard to handle. But back in the past, this was how the Breukelen and indeed other packs, it seemed may have started out.

I’ve spoken a few times to one of the Breukelen elders, and been told that The werewolf prosecution trials of the 1600s Europe kicked in, that’s when the paranoia started making it unsafe for werewolves. When the idea of packs, was really thought about and challenged.

Religious furor had kept the wars of the 1600s alive but as it seemed peace was yet to completely come upon the low countries of Europe. A new fear washed the land. Man and beast, werewolves.

The werewolves of Europe were escaping an era that was built for bad things to happen. For fear to rule the people of the land and for unexplained differences, to be thought of as evil, and not tolerated. So they fled and went to ground, scattering across the lands.

Those from Breukelen Holland split up. Safety it seemed in numbers, now just signaled you out like a beacon, to be drawn to and investigated. So they split into smaller groups, to survive, to blend in more to society.

They moved to the land of America and settled in to Brooklyn in 1609.

Eventually the other wolves from the pack would gradually join the new life in America.

As they had left scattered, the arrived the same, some landing in different areas. But those that found each other, banded together again to form a pack. Only now, instead of one large werewolf pack, there were five. It was believed, that this was strategically the best way for werewolf packs to form.

Kind of like giving the werewolf what they wanted – other werewolves, but also being smart about it and not keeping all werewolves, in one place. So all werewolves could not be wiped out in one hit. Survival of the packs.

Survival was ensured and the other werewolf packs, could be called upon if need be for help in fighting enemies. So they formed their packs, the Breukelen, the Brown Wolves, the Braganza, Manhattan Maen and Jersey packs.

All the packs were ruled by different werewolves, all taking a different approach to their survival. And so, it has been since then.

So I think the difference between werewolf packs and gangs are quite different. Gang’s seem to have a certain, negative connotation around them. Packs, whilst essentially looking the same in layout, I guess you could say, are not negative.

We are not selfish and we look at the bigger picture and our place in it. Werewolf packs aim to integrate into society, not be a part from it, or stand out above it.

Not seeking retribution or compensation or anything that is owed to them for a hardship of a life.

Werewolf packs, are formed because of the hardship of life, to get through life, with one another, rather than not.

I’d like to think it’s part of the reasoning behind my pack’s motto – Altijd BreukelenAlways Breukelen.

Strength, unity, history, loyalty, love and resilience are words that come to mind from that motto and are instilled in me as I say it, as I live it and live by it.

I heart Brooklyn

September 8, 2009
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Love should make the world go round.

But gravity pulls things down and into the circular motion that sweeps us along. Gravity is like love’s reality. Heavy, hard and slow. Progress can seem inevitable and yet, predictable once you figure it out, or have enough vision to see ahead of you.

You see, after awhile, to survive or progress through life, most people will figure out, that you need to band together with like-minded others. Even if one of them is a werewolf and the other is a human.

I think that’s the real reason the Breukelen should celebrate Brooklyn’s birthday this week. It must be comforting to be surrounded by what you want. Your beliefs reassured, your ways accepted, no wonder there are so many “gods” to do things in the name of or blame things on.

It’s all rather convenient isn’t it?

It’s a bit like why we seek out soul mates, pack partners and others to love. No matter what type of creature you are, we all have the same basic id drives. It’s how you’re made.Some of us are just furrier than others. The Breukelen pack are a mixed pack, we have half breeds, who have one parent from different pack lines, but they align themselves with the Breukelen.

Of course, you might think this is a natural progression from how things used to be. The ways of old, the only information I could find about the old ways of the Breukelen indicated that. The Breukelen of long ago thought to band together with the other packs and travel to New York with and live amongst the humans of New Breucklyn back in 1609.

So maybe hiding in plain sight, together, meant mixing up partnerships from the various packs for the purpose of survival of the species and all that. However, it looks like the other four packs, for some unknown reason, didn’t remain together in New Brecklyn, America. It’s not clear why the packs disbanded and went their separate ways.

Maybe the religious furor that had reigned over everyone in Europe for so long, was still around, even on this new land called New York. I mean back then, in the 1600’s the mentality of those seeking to convert all others to their one religion, and take over their land and rule people accordingly, was not so good. It was a kind of a “It’s better to burn the shit out of everything and destroy, than forgive or forget any kind of mistake.”

You can probably figure out what werewolves would have been considered to be in that world of limitations. Mistakes of man-kind! Abominations of god! The wicked creatures of the devil rising up! Rah, rah, rah!

Problem is, I can’t find any real information on that.

But I can tell you the old Breukelen would become the foundation for the current Breukelen pack.

And we’re still here.

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