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The werewolf heart is a beast

January 30, 2013
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Beasts of Burden

My name is Bg Sommers and I went up to Seattle to catch up with my good friend, and fellow beta werewolf, Sonny Charleston. That was all. But as usual, a night out on the town wouldn’t be a night out if trouble didn’t follow us around and bring me more attention than I can handle. A rather dangerous looking alpha werewolf, called Paris D’arenberg ha his sights on me.

I know my heart’s in trouble, even before the end of the night. Even before I start thinking about my so called relationship with my pack mate Conall Wakely back home again. But is my heart willing to be taken and not by just anyone?

Returning to Brooklyn after a mind opening weekend away, I have to come face to face with all aspects and werewolves, of my love life. In order to find true happiness, I’m going to have to make some personal decisions and risk my heart in the process.

Would a truly fearless werewolf try and unburden the beast that is her werewolf heart? I’ve got to conquer what my heart truly desires, to find real love.

Read Beasts of Burden – Beasts of Burden out on Smashwords now!


Teen Wolf : A werewolf’s review

August 7, 2011
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I started watching the new Teen wolf series. But then my life took over from me and I haven’t had all that much time for television since then. I think I got about four episodes in and decided I liked it, however formulaic it was. So here’s the start of my review on it, at least it’s characters.

Suprisingly, the best part of the new teen wolf television series for me is probably what was the worst part of the original teenwolf movie of which this show is based on.


Scott aka teen wolf’s best friend. In the movie, he’s too cheesy, too over the top, and quite frankly about as annoying as can be. However, Dylan O’Brien who plays Stiles in the series, is spot on perfect. I find him to be the right combination of humour and anxious teenager. I actually think he steals pretty much every scene he’s in because his acting is so seamlessly part of the character. Shockingly, I love this new styles character.

Teen wolf himself Tyler Posey, is doing a fairly good job of holding up his own as a confused, teenage beta wolf. Having been there (so to speak) and done that myself, I’d have to say I can relate to a lot of what he’s going through. Growing up is usually like navigating a gauntlet course of life, throw in the mix growing up werewolf and it just doubles the danger of the gauntlet and ups the stress and pressure on the teen to cope with being a werewolf.

Lunar nights become a whole new world to us. As Scott /teen wolf is finding out when he wakes up thinking he’s gone on a killing spree and finding out about the whole structure of the Alpha male and pack to him.

Yes we all have our little issues to sort through growing up, but being a teenwolf is a wee bit different to the average teenager in normal life.

The annoyances for me in this show are the popular kids. Clichéd to the hilt and barely worth believing as characters. I know the role of popular kids in teenage social structures is to be beautiful, athletic and mean. But the characters in this, like Lydia, bring a whole new meaning to the word shallow. Like, cardboard cut-out empty, shallow.

Also, can somebody answer this for me, the opening shot of the school says class of 1985 – clearly an homage to the original film, but then all the kids in this series seem to have technology and fashion from our time. So am I watching an alternate 1985 timeline? Or is that something?

Tyler Hoechlin who plays Derek Hale is a new element into the teen wolf world but an obviously needed one when adpting this film premise into a tv show. He reminds me a lot of Angel from Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as he first appeared. Moody and chiseled within an inch of his life. Mysteriously appearing, brooding and then disappearing again only to cryptically menace teen wolf later.

I’ll try and review more of the series and give you a werewolf’s perspective on a werewolf tv show. When I have some more time!

A hunting we shall go

March 28, 2010
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So a sword wielding human was out hunting werewolves and C.H.U.D’s the other night in Washington state was he?

And Felicia Day is gearing up for a tv show were she’s going to become a werewolf hunter, how appropriate with the red hair and all. Quick somebody give her a riding hood!

Hunting werewolves seems to be the theme of what to do with me and mine lately in mainstream media.


Sure not all of us are civilized and socialized wolves who’ve integrated into society. But then, you know, not all humans are generous, honest and tolerate and of right minds either. Differences are expected.

Personally, I think it’s more likely that this sudden interest or resurgence in hunting werewolves again is due to Lycan activity.

I think when you get down to it, if you could be bothered to actually do your homework on the antics of the werewolves of today and the lycans of today, that you’d find, the later is really the problematic kind. Well, more so.

But of course, humans have always been rather rash about these types of things. Reactive and fearful when they should be calm and thoughtful.

New York has developed a good relationship with it’s furry inhabitants I think. You’ll see it in most of the boroughs. The five packs of New York have always strived to have a better life than our ancestors did. We don’t want to go back to the dark ages and bad times for being what we are.

Just because we are.

But it really doesn’t take much to make people fear and to incite, mob mentality if you can find the right audience. Sadly.

Although, this kind of mainstream media attention to the negative of werewolves, isn’t going to help us out at all.

I mean, there are already…unsavoury things and people that operate and seek us out as it is. We have our own way with dealing with those things, without, alarming the wider public. After all, we werewolves look after our own.

And if you coming seeking us out to kill us, do you really think we’ll just let you?

If you humans come deliberately seeking us out, for confrontation and sport. Then you’d better believe we won’t go quietly, and we won’t take it easy on you. We sure as hell won’t start the war, but if you’re going the way of hunting the werewolf, then you should be prepared to be the hunted in return.

Werewolves are not naive, we do not fear and we always, always, fight when challenged, fight when threatened. And you might want to take into consideration, if one pack wolf is threatened in an area, like Seattle, as report recently, then you can be assured, that all packs in that area will take it as a threat against them too.

They won’t send one wolf to retaliate, negotiate or make peace on behalf of them all.

They will fight, as pack, as one. And you’ll have the biggest werewolf army you never imagined gunning for you.

I might have to speak to some of my friends at the U-District pack in Seattle to see if they can give me some goss on what the “real” deal with the Bainbridge sword wielding dude is.

I can’t say for sure, how many werewolf packs exist across the states, but I’m fairly confidante that if we turned into an army and recruited the Lycans too, you’d find the population of these kinds of wolves, about evenly matched with the current human population.

Sure would be a hell of a show to watch.
Hi-ho, hi-ho, a hunting we shall go…

21 grams of moonlight

March 19, 2010
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I read an article the other day from the online newspaper Fortean Times that screamed “Where have all the werewolves gone?” as it’s headline.

My first thought was rather automatic – Twitter, dude, twitter. We’re social creatures as well as, creatures of the moonlight and supernatural world. You’d be surprised who you can find lurking around in the twitter-verse.

But then the article’s sub heading-tag line thing kicked in – Did the arrival of Darwin’s theory of evolution put paid to wide-spread belief in half- human creatures?

Then I really, felt the need to speak back to this article. On behalf of the half-breeds.

Assistant Professor, Brian Regal states – there are no werewolf-hunting organisations. So – where have all the werewolves gone?

First of all, if you were part of a werewolf hunting organisation (and I seriously hope your NOT) do you think this would be a publicly advertised organisation? think about it for a moment.

Werewolves like the Breukelen pack and Manhattan Maen, the Bronx Brown wolves and the like, are well integrated into today’s society. Which speaks volumes for the love and understanding that people give us. We’re a part of it and we do our part. Just because we’re a werewolf, doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to live our lives in the open with the rest of society.

Secondly, if there is an organisation for such hunting, don’t you think by publically announcing said organisation that would in fact make the organisation in question, perhaps, a target for retaliation from those they were hunting – the werewolves? It wouldn’t be a smart move.

Werewolves are not idle creatures, as much as Taylor Lautner and co might make us look that way. Hunters are not ones for grand standing, unless something gets in their way. They have the mindset of being focussed and intent. So they don’t necessarily need to be an organisation as such. Just a collection is enough.

Besides, those who are werewolf hunters, well lets just say, they ain’t like your average duck shooting, deer hunter. No it takes a whole other devious mind set to go after a werewolf.

We have been known to be sport and in some cases, are still considered as such. Not everyone likes us. Not everyone believes in the legends, and almost all who hunt my kind, have a reason that is always, in their mind, justified to their cause, or action, as more than casual sport.

Regal, goes on to say that various social ideals put to rest reality’s existence of the werewolf due to, mainly, Charles Darwin’s theory on natural selection.

Well clearly Brian, you don’t get out much. I’m still here, and believe me, I know plenty of werewolves, and they know plenty of werewolves and whilst we might not go running around the streets in full tribal form, snapping at the jaw and howling at the moon, it doesn’t mean we haven’t become more savvy in our own existence.

Seriously, think outside the square dude. Past lives have paved the way in our history for changes in our dealings with our animal nature. Give us some credit for ingenuity and street smarts.

Besides, Darwin wasn’t exactly the most unbiased man to talk on the subjects of werewolves, since he was probably a Lycan to begin with. Didn’t you read my previous post on this?

The article goes on to write about theological debates over whether the human soul could become bestial.

First of all, you’re assuming all humans, are given a soul. Just one soul.

Secondly, you don’t know what a soul, is, literally/physically what is this concept that we all carry from birth?

Thirdly, when a werewolf shape shifts, to its tribal form, it’s like opening the door for the animal side of them to come to the front. Everything changes and blends, one to the other and gives us the end result of whatever it is, that makes that werewolf up individually.

So if humans have souls, is it not fair to think that animals too have souls?

Otherwise how do you explain the social nature and personality of many domesticated pets, like cats and dogs? Is this dependence on humans because of their souls too? Surely it’s not just behavioural because if you take out the human concept, they act, as if they were us, on some level, which contributes to their co-dependant existence with us.

So if animals have souls, does that make them beasts? and by beasts or saying a soul becomes bestial is that implied evil? Werewolves are not necessarily evil as most beasts are not. More often than not, they are misunderstood or feared.

So what if the werewolf, as a hybrid being, in fact has two souls? That of the human half and that of it’s animal nature?

Or if not, then surely the soul given to humans is far more advanced than given belief. Perhaps it’s purpose is to ‘provide’ its integration into Werewolves, lycans and shape-shifters and other beings, not 100% human.

It could be said, that when human souls truly become bestial, they are the ones that turn out to be the psycho serial killers, leaders with unlimited power. Those that see genocide of races and people for death for just being, like Idi Armin, Stalin and Adolf Hitler, who come, very much from the human world.

Or do we refer to bestial in it’s simplest form, that is to say, just an animal soul, doing what it must as any soul must, to survive and exist?

So do beasts, werewolves, get their 21 Grams of worthiness – ie, a soul, bestowed upon them too? Or is that just moonlight we feel course through us on a full moon?

Well if the werewolf is part human and we’re all given one from creation/birth then you’d have to imagine that it is there. Which would mean, the body found a way to handle the human and the werewolf and co-exist in the one body.

Regal goes on to write, towards the end of his article, “Admittedly, this thesis about the demise of the werewolf has its flaws. Darwin and evolution did not banish belief in werewolves completely”.

Of course not. Darwin was a smart man, although it doesn’t take a genius to know you shouldn’t piss off a werewolf or it’s pack if you expect to live a long life!

To quote David Bowie “Is it any wonder, I reject you first?”

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