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3 Ewoks and Death Star t-shirt

June 4, 2010
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You know, I love it when fans of my blog just send me stuff that I can use it for a blog post.

Werewolves are becoming very popular in today’s culture, after all, we have them in the latest movies – wolfman, twilight and on tv – True Blood, soon to be Teen Wolf, and even on powerfully, accessible, everyday clothing – 3 wolves and moon t shirt.

The 3 moon and wolf t shirt in fact is such a magnet for power and the prowess it gives the wear of it’s haute couture, that it has sparked off several cheap imitations. But this should be applauded, after all, isn’t copycat-ism the sincerest form of flattery – by jealousy??

Like the 3 cat and piano t shirt – totally cheap and not even remotely stylish.

Then there was the “my what busey teeth you have” version with Gary Busey in it. Which I do have to pay some homage to, since Mr Busey, was actually in a decent werewolf movie – Silver Bullet.

But by far the best knock off of the 3 wolf and moon t shirt of awesome has to be this one.
The star wars version with “Ewoks.”

3 Ewok and Death Star t-shirt

Yes, it reminds me of when teddy bears attack and then pose. Who knows the ewoks might be long lost, twice removed, never spoken about at the family reunion cousins to the werewolf.

Then again…I think not.

Although I have to say, Chewbecca from Star Wars is somewhat of an icon for us. I know plenty of werewolves who have a Chewy t-shirt, poster or toy of some kind, of the giant wookie furball. Chewy is my homeboy.

Who created werewolves?

February 19, 2010
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This post is dedicated to Jackob’sCarnival for providing me with such easily, laugh out loud, inspiring stuff to blog about.

If you’re going to write a rant that’s going to be publicly displayed for all to see your righteous anger, you’d want to think you knew your shit first.

But I guess, typing the word WEREWOLF MOVIE into an internet search engine would be a little too taxing. Let’s just stick to giving it to a movie reviewer, from a movie website, who might possibly know more than a thing or two about movies, since it’s his job to review them and write up about them, then someone who goes to see a movie as a one off.

Kayla Patterson clearly wasn’t impressed with the New Wolfman movie when she wrote this to a movie reviewer from Latino Review.

Hey Universal, you just got PWNED. That’s what you get for making a werewolf movie that clearly rips off Twilight. Everyone knows that Stephenie Meyer created werewolves, and now you hacks have been exposed! Good luck defending yourselves in court!!
The full letter can be found here.

Hey Kayla, Universal first made the Original Wolfman movie in 1941. They own the movie. They re-made the movie. So I doubt they’re taking their own company to court for a spanking.

Clearly not everybody knows that Stephanie Meyer DIDN’T create werewolves. She certainly didn’t create me. But if you’re talking in a fictional sense like movies and books – take a look at this, this is just a handful of these, werewolf movies…

First Universal Wolfman movie made in 1941.
1942 – The Undying Monster (another universal film)
1943 – Frankenstein meets The Wolfman (universal)
1944 – Cry of the Werewolf
1946 – She Wolf of London (universal)
1947 – La Belle et la bête (French werewolf movie) Aka Beauty and the beast
1948 – Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (wolfman is in it)
1956- The Werewolf
1957 – I was a teenage werewolf
1960 – La Casa Del Terror
1961 – The curse of the werewolf
1962 – I married a werewolf
1970 -Monstruos del terror, Los
1971 – werewolves on wheels
1972 – Moon of the wolf

Stephenie Meyer born in 1973.

Also before the novels of Twilight were born and published and unleashed onto the tween world movement, there was these classic werewolf movies:

1978 – The Wolfen, Whitley Strieber (Novel)
1981 – The Howling
1981 – An American Werewolf in London
1985 – Teen Wolf
1983 – Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King (Novel)
1984 – The company of wolves
1985 – Silver Bullet
1998 – The Wolf Chronicles by Dorothy Hearst (Novel)
1999 – Bitten by Kelly Armstrong (Novel)
2000- Ginger Snaps
2002 – Dog Solders
2003 – Underworld
2004 – GingerSnaps2: Unleashed

2005 – First Twilight Novel Released.

Stephanie Meyer isn’t the first person to even come up with the concept of romance between werewolves and humans. It’s in plenty of paranormal romance novels, it was even portrayed in Teen wolf and in the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer with werewolf Oz and his girlfriend Willow, all well before the Twilight timeline kicked in.

Werewolves and all their mysteries have been around in actual real life, cultural folklore for decades. I don’t think I’m the only person who sees this kind of reaction and influence on tweenagers and weeps for the future, once I get past the laughing so hard it hurts part.

I love my werewolves (arooo) and my pack, the Breukelen. But even I’m not ignorant enough to assume we’re the only ones or types existing in New York or anywhere for that matter. If Meyer’s novels are all you expect from werewolves, than you’re expectations are not only disappointing (to this wolf), they are extremely low.

The world is a big place made up of lots of differences, but I guess if you never open your eyes or expand your mind to it, you’re probably never going to see it.

A werewolf at the movies

February 13, 2010
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Okay let’s get the warning out of the way now:

Even a man who is pure of heart
and says his prayers by night
may become a wolf
when the wolfbane blooms
in the autumn moon is bright.

That ought to cover it. Oh and *SPOLER*SPOILER*SPOILER* ahead.

This is a werewolf’s review of the 2010 Wolfman movie.

The new Wolfman movie is not so much a remake of the 1941 original with Lon Chaney Jnr (yes he that was immortalized in the Warren Levon song – Werewolves of London).

Rather it’s a bit of a re-telling.

Either way, it’s still pretty good.

A lot of the original elements are included in the movie.

Larry Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) returns to his father’s (Sir Anthony Hopkins) home – Talbolt Hall, upon the death of his brother. In doing so he meets Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt) the grieving fiancé of his brother. Larry vows to Gwen to find out all he can about the brutally savage and unexpected death / murder of his brother, that everyone in the village of Blackmoor, England says was at the hands of a lunatic or a beast.

In the process of investigating his brother’s death, Larry gets attacked by the beast and thus, becomes the wolfman, under full moonlight.

First of all, I have to say, the fight scene in the gypsy camp, well it kind of had me wound up, in a good way.

Cheering for the werewolf. And to say I got…how shall I put this? Excited?

When the werewolf’s claw, was shown straight through the mouth of a victim, was a major turn on and victory for the werewolf within and onscreen.

I say that it was a victory because, it’s good to see a serious werewolf depiction on screen. A hardcore one you know? None of this light and fluffy, teenage twilight, emo stuff. And none of this poorly produced CGI crap, like in Underworld Rise of the Lycans.

This is the crux of being a beast as any were-creature might tell you.

It’s a duality you struggle with and eventually something’s got to give. Loss of control is usually the element depicted in movies. In the case of the wolfman, I don’t think it’s a loss of control. Poor Larry Talbot isn’t even aware of what has happened to him truly until it’s too late, a sentiment shared with the original movie.

But there is no one to school him or really help him better the wolfman, or understand the wolfman’s needs. So the wolfman has all the instincts of the wolf and hunter thrust upon him. Which once you survive the trauma of the initial attack that made him (a Lycan) and then the shape shift that he goes through, is to be expected.

As his father, Sir John Talbot says to him that is only rules that separate them from being beasts. And he should know.

The urge to hunt and seek prey and blood, resides in all predatory animals.

For a human to carry that, it must like be admitting acceptance to those parts of the soul that make some humans killers rather than all of us. It’s something that just can’t be culled out. Biological make up is what it is, it’s part of the pattern of being something you’re not normally.

In Larry’s case perhaps, of something he’s not meant to be.

He becomes the wolfman (and the make up is BRILLANT) and still retains the semblance of man or human by running around his bloody and torn clothes. Hence the title – WolfMAN not WereWOLF. He’s a humanoid wolf figure who can also run around on all fours when required, like a wolf. So it’s a mixture of beast and man combined.

The Wolfman incorporates elements of the duality in that sense. But it never seeks to struggle or understand either side of it. It’s purely black and white.

Larry wakes up a man in bedraggled clothing with blood on his face and hands, and he roams the forests of Blackmoor as Wolfman, only seeking to kill, with no true reasoning behind it. There is no pattern in his victims, there is no reason given as to why, other than, the power of the full moon.

Yes, the moon is powerful to us werewolves. Of that there is no doubt. But we’ve come along way from being without all control or thought. Which is only glimpsed at the end of the wolfman movie when Gwen is being pursed by the Wolfman and begging it, by calling it Larry to not kill her.

The duality and intricacies of the Wolfman are not the true story here in this film. Which is a shame. There’s far more of a psychological element argued and gone over, in the original 1941 black and white film.

The gore in the film, is gory and I loved it. It’s a very pretty gothic film with some seriously great, iconic images in it. I think that’s why I liked it so much. That and furry Benicio. Mmmm.

And I do have to say, that watching Benicio as the Wolfman turned me on, a hell of a lot more than watching him as the simpering, reserved, held back in his place, Larry Talbot to his exasperating father, Sir John.

This smack down, drag ’em out, knockout fight between elder and younger Talbot is one that will have kids everywhere who’ve ever held a little bit of animosity towards their parents, cheering on. He had it coming.

But which one?

I’m also impressed that the word werewolf was only used twice or so in the film but the references to Lycanthropy – being bit by a werewolf were far stronger, since essentially that is what really happened to Larry Talbot .

The wolfman is a lycan, so there are differences between these two beasts. In why he was so mindless and after bloodshed. As a Lycan, he’s bound to feel a reoccurring sense of rage and bloodshed. It’s quite common for those with Lycanthropy, to act this way.

Larry’s wolfman is not a true werewolf.

I have to say that Benicio makes a great Wolfman. Therefore, I’m happy to honorary baptize him a werewolf in my eyes. You can howl at the Brooklyn moon with me anytime Benicio. ANYTIME. Just say the word.

What’s the word?

Of course.

Suburban Mystery

October 15, 2009
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Funny thing happened on the way to the mall.

Well not ha ha funny.

But you know, something ‘unique’ happens, something out of the ordinary and you just get all these little thoughts sparking in your head and you know you just wouldn’t get them for no real reason at all…yeah, well if that makes sense, then so will this..

I was roller skating down the street when I saw something on the ground. Natch, I braked before it, intending to bend down and pick up the silver object on the sidewalk.

Only a guy, in front of me, coming from the opposite direction, whom I think I may have momentarily startled by my sudden breaking, right in front of him, did it for me.

We stood separated by about four inches of space.

The startled surprise look swept over and off his face and he looked down, at first, I thought at my groover-licious new skates, (have to wear them in a bit) and then I realized he’d seen the same small object of shiny joy on the sidewalk that I had. I think only, maybe he thought I’d dropped it in my sudden haste to break before it.

Funny how you can stop on a dime when you know how to. Ha ha.

He reached down and picked up the well and truly flattened coin. He held it out before himself, between us in his flat open palmed hand. We both looked at it. Wasn’t a dime. It was a quarter.

What’s that saying? Find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.

He looked from the quarter to me and nodded his head, moving his hand further towards me. He hadn’t said a word at this stage. Then again, neither had I. I smiled at him thinking what a nice guy, he wants to give me what by finders rights, should be his luck for the day.

Besides, judging by his smell (mostly of the stinky uncleaned human variety) and slightly rough, unkempt attire, I’d say he could’ve done with the quarter more than me.

I nodded my head at him, and looked from the coin to him again. He smiled back at me and I picked up the coin from him.

He nodded his brunette head again, quietly, still not saying a word and he moved to the right, I moved to the left and we went around each other. Back on our way to wherever the other one wasn’t going.

I turned in a semi circle to skate backwards briefly, looking back at my silent citizen, when I noticed the back of his jacket. I swear my mouth dropped open.

It had a wolfman design on it.

Like the T-shirt I’d bought awhile ago at the Noho flea market.

I skated back towards him, because curiosity had a grip on me. It’s a bit of suburban mystery this wolfman thing (Fast becoming my obsession)

You see, this wolfman design in New York, it’s not terribly common and yet it just pops up at different places and something about it makes you notice it. Well, I keep noticing it, out of all the street art around. It’s like I now have this uncanny ability to spot this wolfman design whenever I’m out amongst any busy wall of grafitti. Probably cause my mind goes looking for it!


This got me thinking, I mean, I think I’ve only ever seen it, in areas populated or frequented by werewolves. I don’t know that any of my friends have seen it firsthand. I mean, I know people who’ve talked about the wolfman and the mythos around who might be doing this graffiti art and why. I remember hearing conversations about it, but it’s like I’m the only person I know out of my circle of friends who’s actually seen this design. Or is that just because I pay more attention to my surrounds than my fellow packmates?

So is the wolfman symbol a friendly, yet silent bit of advice to Nons?
A warning of what to look out for?
Or just art?
Someone building a neighbourhood name for themselves?
Someone trying to do some sort of “viral”promo for that movie that’s due out soon of..yeah, you guessed it..The Wolfman. Studios would try for that street cred. Hmmm…

This design looked like the one on my t-shirt.
Actually it looked exactly like stencil street art. Like an earlier version of my t-shirt because it was all monochrome in white. But you could still make out exactly what it was an image of. No signature, no tag, no name or writing on it.

You know, like someone has cut out a stencil of the wolfman, walked up behind this poor dude, who lets be honest, looked a little homeless, and spray painted it on the back of his only jacket.

Just as my silent good luck buddy was about to turn around, I stopped and sped back off the way I’d been heading. I mean what was I going to do? Freak out the nice homeless guy who’d given me the lucky coin? Cause I was curious over some vandalism on his jacket. That maybe he didn’t even know was on the back of his jacket, or maybe he did and it didn’t bother him.

He’d probably think I was mugging him for the jacket! Because I was already roller-stalking him!

Suburban myth revisisted

July 8, 2009
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Noho market find

Noho market find

Here’s a pic of the Noho market T-shirt I was talking about…

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